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Story I – Chapter V [Part I]

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Galleran’s fears of what may come to pass because of the nights events were not unfounded yet even he was unable to imagine the true extent of the dilemma that was to befall their little town. The restlessness in the air was chilling-it spoke of droves on the move and with thunderous intentions and Galleran knew that this time, it would be near impossible to try and maintain the peace between hunters and demons if things were to escalate. Unfortunately, the bait that had been laid down was too sweet for either side to resist. A chill ran down his spine as he worried how ‘he’-the man he’d asked Daniel about, would react to things. He clung to the hope that he would simply let matters be even as his heart kept warning him it was already too late. The silence on his end had always simply meant that he was patient and waiting for the right moment. And as Galleran’s heart kept warning him, at that moment that very person was deciding it truly was time to return.

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