Heartless City Episode 4 Recap


And I thought Episode 3 was intense and had revelations-whoa, this is taking things to a whole new arena and putting even more people into the power play! Finally we have the true answer to who Park Sa is, and it is one you would have least expected! It makes you both hopeful, and fearful for him and his future!

Episode 4 Recap:

Kyung Mi and Park Sa stare at each other in shock as they both recognize each other. And a series of flashbacks start that show the history between the two.

A young Shi Hyun was being dragged to the orphanage despite his protests where a number of children welcome him. Kyung Min is the first to approach him and she gives him a paper necklace. He smiles slightly at her.


Later, as he’s leaving, Kyung Mi watches him and he asks if she’d like to come but she refuses. She waves at him as he heads away and meets his aunt. As his aunt is driving him away, he keeps looking back at the road and his aunt wonders if he forgot something. He shakes his head with a smile. Much later, he leaves a gift for Kyung Mi in the mailbox. She smiles as she retrieves it. It’s a pony. Years pass and she repeats the ritual every time she passes the mailbox but doesn’t find any gift there.


One day, some guys and girls accost her but she doesn’t give in to their demands. She tries to leave but they start hitting her instead of letting her pass. As she lies there taking the beating, Shi Hyun comes along and saves her.


He asks her if she’s alright but she doesn’t reply as a tear streaks down her cheek. He reaches out to touch her face but she pushes his hand away and walks away from him. Going ahead, she turns back to see if he’s following. When he does come after her, she hurriedly turns and starts walking again.


And he follows with the most adorable smile EVER!


As she sits in a pojangmacha, she looks around to see where he is and if he’s coming. Her face falls until he shows up, at which point she starts drinking soju and offers him some too. He simply sits there watching her and stops her when she reaches for a third glass, offering her beer instead.


Haha, she spits it out the moment she drinks it and he bursts out laughing at her. She warns him not to laugh at her-he just showed up out of nowhere having been out of contact for three whole years and hence she’s angry. He wonders if she’s not happy to see him, telling her he’s happy to see her. Aww. He then gives her something and she wonders what it is. He tells her it’s something she needs and hands her money. She jokingly wonders how much it is and gives it right back.


Slowly, he starts telling her about his mother and mutters that she never abandoned him, not even for one second. Kyung Mi wonders why he’s telling her that-“Should we cry about it together?” she retorts but by the time he mentions about his father-that he never knew who it was, he turns to see a tear fall from Kyung Mi’s eyes. Softly, he wipes it away and wonders if she never wants to find the parents who abandoned her.

He declares he wants revenge on his father but she points out he doesn’t even know who it is. “My father… is the world. The world who made my mother like that!” He tells her to smile, because when she smiles, the world will smile with her and smiling at her, tells her to smile, she looks pretty like that.


One day he takes her to see a house and she squeals in excitement all over it. He laughs at her excitement and she’s surprised to see a child’s drawing hanging from the wall. He tells her he kept it cause he wanted to find a house that was the same as the one in the house but is sorry that he was unable to. She jokingly retorts that the reason he couldn’t find it must’ve been the lack of money and he somberly promises to get it for her someday. He tells her to start living there and do her best hereon before he turns to leave.


As he’s leaving, she tells him she made a decision-she’ll become a police officer. He doesn’t reply. The day comes when she wears her uniform to the orphanage after becoming a police officer-Soo Min is also there and she dials Shi Hyun’s number but he hasn’t been picking up yet. Soo Min wonders who she’s calling and asks if its her lover. Kyung Mi thinks for a moment before shaking her head, it’s not like that.


As she and Soo Min are walking away, Shi Hyun is standing below and watching them leave. He mutters, “Congratulations!” before he throws away his phone where she’s ringing and drives away.


Back to the present, Kyung Mi is stunned to see him there and asks what he’s doing here.  He calls her by her name. In the distance, a sniper is aiming at them and reports to someone on the phone, asking how to proceed. He takes aim.


With a baffled expression, Kyung Mi asks him if he’s Park Sa. Park Sa’s expression is stunned as well and realizes how this must look to her. He begins, “Kyung Mi ya, Oppa is…” but his sentence is cut short when a bullet hits Kyung Mi straight in the head and she falls to the ground, dead.


At headquarters, Assistant Commissioner Min arrives and the police search out the area, looking for Kyung Mi and Park Sa.

Park Sa stands there frozen for many moments. He takes a step forward to approach her but a bullet pierces the ground near his feet. Hyung Min hears the shots. Park Sa falls to the floor, facing Kyung Mi and still seems to want to go to her side even as more bullets hit the ground near him. He finally takes cover behind a crate.


He turns to look at her again and again, lying there lifeless and anguish is written all over his face but he’s powerless to go to her side however much he wishes it.


He’s still there when Hyung Min arrives with some following officers and finds Kyung Min’s body on the ground. He watches as Hyung Min cradles her, begging her to open her eyes and hold her, crying in despair. Suddenly another bullet is fired and hits Hyung Min on the shoulder. Hearing the sound of the firing, the officers crowd around him and drag him away from Kyung Min.


Soo Min heads out with her friend and at home they engage in chitchat and her friend wonders what they’d have done in life without Kyung Mi. At the very moment, Kyung Mi’s colleagues witness her being taken away in a body bag. In the morning, Soo Min hears the result of her police entrance exam test and rejoices that she’s passed.


At once, she calls up Kyung Mi to let her know, but the phone is attended by one of her colleagues, who break the truth to her. In a daze, she walks through the hospital lobby until she comes to the room where they’ve kept Kyung Mi. She cries in grief and clings to her until they take Kyung Mi away and they have to pry Soo Min away from her.


A grave environment is also seen at the funeral where Soo Min collapses in sobs by her Unni’s grave and Assistant Commissioner Min watches from afar. His superior, the man who had met Safari comes by and wonders why they sent a woman on such a dangerous job anyway. He tells Min to run any future plans by him first before implementing anything and he’ll pass the word to their superior but Min tells him he’ll pass it on himself.


In the hospital, Hyung Min finally becomes concious again. As soon as he wakes up, Hyung Min changes out of the hospital gown and heads out. As he exits the hospital, one of the officers stops him to tell him something. I think he says that Kyung Min was expecting and says that she mustn’t have known or she wouldn’t have undertaken such a dangerous mission. (I’m not sure though) Hyung Min sits there, unable to hold back his grief and sobs.


Hyung min visits her grave and places the ring he wanted to give her there. He wanted to give it to her in a cool manner, but never got the chance. Thinking back to her last words to him, he breaks down into tears and mutters, “I’m sorry!” He touches her picture as he breaks down from grief.


At home, Soo Min is packing her mourning clothes when she receives a package delivery. Opening it, she finds a new mobile phone in it. It spurs a flashback where Kyung Mi had lost temper at her for losing her phone. She had scolded Soo Min and told her to rise above her hate for her parents and do things for herself rather than in hatred against them. Stop ditching classes, picking fights with friends, getting drunk, she tells Soo Min. If she wants to survive in the world, she has to strive for it. At present, in the phone, she’s recorded a message for Soo Min and had it packaged in case she were busy herself and couldn’t deliver it herself. What makes it worse is that it’s Soo Min’s birthday today.


A car pulls up at the graveyard and Park Sa emerges. Clutching a bouquet of flowers, he approaches Kyung Mi’s grave but stops to see Hyung Min there. Instead of approaching, he stops at an earlier grave and places the flowers there. As he sits, he imagines talking to Kyung Mi.

On the other end, Hyung Min promises her, “Kyung Mi, I promise. I’ll catch Park Sa myself. No, I’ll kill him myself.” Park Sa continues. “I’m sorry. Now I’ll have to fight with that person whom you loved!


At the police station, Assistant Commissioner Min watches Jin Suk sitting in the interrogation room. He remembers an old meeting with her, where she’d run after him and asked him what he’ll do for her if she does as he asked? At those words, she’d burst into sobs and he’d looked away guiltily. Now, he approaches her and mutters, “Long time no see!” Needless to say, she’s not happy to see him and mutters just that! Just then, another officer enters to interrogate her so he leaves.


Assistant Commissioner Min meets his superior who asks him about Park Sa. Min claims he has heard it for the first time just recently and hence knows nothing about the man. The man passes along new orders that Jin Suk is to be transferred to prison. Jin Suk is taken away just as Min returns.


Soo Min tries on her uniform and mutters that she looks like Kyung Mi and exclaims her happiness at it. Just then, Hyung Min comes and she curtly tells him to come in. He’s brought her Kyung Mi’s bankbook and seal and says she wanted her to have it. Soo Min calls him ahjussji and wonders if he feels wronged that he couldn’t protect her. She mutters that more than that, he must feel the pain that she’s no longer there, same as Soo Min is feeling. And so she vows to finish what her Unni had started and asks for his help. Park Sa was the one who killed her sister and she wants to take revenge for that, same as him. Since she’s officially a police officer now, that allows her to do it. Hyung Min rejects her idea though, calling it naïve.


At the police station, Hyung Min is accosted by a fellow colleague who accuses him of having thought catching Park Sa more important that Kyung Min’s safety. This officer seems to have had a soft spot for Kyung Mi. A fight breaks out until a woman shows up with a camera. She later has dinner with one of the officers who tells her a little about the situation.


Jin Suk is brought out to see Hyung Min and she repeats that she was wronged. Hyung Min wants to ask who was the person who needed the 3 kilos of drugs-the person behind her. He promises a deal to let her go. She passes the paper to him, writing ‘Appa’ on it as a joke. Hyung Min smiles that he wasn’t sure of something until he got here but now he is. The person behind her, the person she’s trying to hide is Park Sa but it won’t work. Because he will catch and kill Park Sa-Hyung Min tells her. She laughs in his face, “You’ll NEVER be able to catch him!”


Hyung Min visits the scene of the shooting once again. Taking a sniper rifle, he heads around the area, looking for the place from where the shot could have been made. Once he’s there, he can imagine what must have happened and how. Sitting himself in the exact same place, he loads the rifle and takes aim. He easily knocks out the package in his colleague’s hands. Seeing how easy the task is, he wonders to himself, “Why’d you let me live?


As he drives that night, he thinks back to Soo Min’s words. Currently, Soo Min is with her boss at the convenience store who offers her words of sympathy and a drink. Moments later, she’s unconscious. He drags her to the storage room and prepares to have his way with her but she manages to wake up and fights him off. Shaking and trembling, she runs out but before heading out, she empties his cash register. Bastard deserves it!


Hyung Min gets the call when he’s on the road and heads to the police station. Turns out, the owner has made a case of assault against Soo Min and claims she hit him and stole away his money. Quietly, Hyung Min gives Soo Min a drink, she asks to be let go. He asks why she did it and tells her she might be removed from the police force for this offense. She cries at him-why won’t anyone listen to her or believe her? All they have to do is look at the camera footage and they’ll know she was telling the truth. But unfortunately for her, as Hyung Min tells her, the bastard turned off the cameras before he accosted her.


He gives her the option to let the charge remain and use it for good or pick a fight and win her freedom. If she does the former, he’ll have the perfect cover to send her undercover like she wants-to avenge her ‘Unni’. Holding out the keys to her handcuffs, he tells her that she has a choice-she has to live as a criminal and catch her sisters killer, or as a police officer who might not get the chance.

She makes her choice-criminal it is. As she sits in the cell, Hyung Min imagines Kyung Mi there telling him he can’t do this to Soo Min. He argues that this is all he can do but Kyung Min warns her Soo Min can’t do it-what if she dies? Hyung Min vows he won’t let that happen but the Kyung Mi in his conscience asks him if he’s really not just waiting for something like that to happen again. As Kyung Mi cries, he mutters that he’s sorry.


In the morning, Soo Min asks for her phone call. Hyung Min visits her boss in the hospital and threatens him into giving up the case, showing the drugged bottle as evidence against him. He then takes his case to Assistant Commissioner Min who takes time to think it over. Finally, he asks what kind of person Soo Min is before giving his approval. Once again, Hyung Min vows to catch Park Sa.


He visits Soo Min and tells her the preparation is done. Once again, he asks her if she can really pull it off? Until she catches Park Sa, she will have to live as a criminal. She says she can and so she is taken straight to jail. Once showered and changed, she’s locked up with Jin Suk and a few others. She remembers Hyung Min’s words that Jin Suk is the person who can take them to Park Sa.


Outside a church, Park Sa sits in casual jersey shirt and a baseball cap, looking at the necklace Kyung Mi had given him on their first meeting when he feels someone near, Instinctively, he cocks his gun and turns, only to come face to face with his own younger self. His younger self asks him what he thinks he’s doing and with tears, he replies, “I don’t know. I don’t know!” Taking his head in his hands, he cries.


As Assistant Commissioner Min drives home, he gets a call. Park Sa meanwhile takes a sniper rifle and goes up to the roof of a building in an amusement park just as Min walks in. Min stands in a corner, looking around as if waiting for someone until the lights go on and he gets another call.


It’s Park Sa, who’s aiming straight at him through the rifle and asks him-Why did he send Kyung Mi there? Min says he would never send Kyung Mi there, and Park Sa knows that! Park Sa demands to know who killed her then but Min has no answers and tells him the police is currently doing an investigation into it. That answer isn’t enough and Park Sa fires a warning shot at him, wanting to know more.


Assistant Min panics and tells him he understands his heart but he has to think this through. He reminds him to choose his move carefully-if he kills Min now, the truth that he’s undercover and that he’s a police officer will die with him. OMG! What the-?! Park Sa keeps his aim, torn between wanting satisfaction and knowing his predicament. Min reminds him again-he’s a police officer and has always been so. Park Sa starts shouting in frustration as tears stream down his face. Taking off aim, he pulls the gun back and silently cries.




OMG! Park Sa is an undercover agent?! He’s not just a gangster, he’s an undercover agent! And Min is the only man who knows! This is both good news and bad! Park Sa being undercover gives a whole new angle to everything he’s ever done, but we already have an inkling that Min is a shady person and to think that he’s the one who’s behind the scenes for Park Sa has me uneasy. I guess this means the informant/officer Park Sa killed in the beginning of the series was also Min’s order. On second thought, Park Sa/Shi Hyun is a very smart guy and it’ll be an interesting question to ask why he’d stay undercover for so long until Min had him convinced he was a good person. Yet, is it true or did he fool Park Sa?

And man, he’s been at it for eight long years! Looking at him through the new light now, you can that the eight years of acting out the bad guy, being the bad guy, becoming a bad guy has certainly left its mark on him! And he’s all alone in it. He’s even more pitiful than Hyung Min. And here’s my bone of contention with Min-why let Hyung Min fester vendetta if he knows Park Sa is good and couldn’t have done that? Maybe he can’t let the secret out n tell everyone, sure, but there’s other ways of making sure Hyung Min gets off the ‘I’ll kill Park Sa’ vehicle and instead of letting his rage and revenge fester, try n work him so he knows that something is fishy and Park Sa is NOT Kyung Min’s killer.


On the danger of sounding repetitive, I HAVE to say: I am LOVING Park Sa’s character just so MUCH! The guy didn’t smile, didn’t break a sweat in the three episodes we saw him, was always cold, calculating and calm and yet here we see him break down into sobs and suffer from anguish at losing Kyung Mi! And I can see a hell of a lot more potential and backstory behind Park Sa going undercover and then facing off against ‘Safari’.

As expected, Hyung Min has lost his reasoning and he is totally driven by revenge, except its aimed at the wrong person and I can see Hyung Min resist the idea that he might have it wrong. He’s ignoring the fact that Soo Min is a novice, someone who’s literally had almost no contact with how harsh and bad the world can be and he’s sending her straight into the dark corner of what can be considered hell. He can ease his conscience all he wants to assure himself that he can protect her but Kyung Min’s voice of reason in his conscience is right-he won’t be able to do it and is probably trying to recreate the same thing so he can protect Soo Min and absolve himself of his guilt.


The whole ‘I’ll get revenge cause I’m part of the police now’ by Soo Min was too quickly done. Just passing the exam doesnt make her fit for such a duty and its disturbing the way Min and Hyung Min are ignoring that fact and gave in to her request and Hyung Min’s own agenda in it so easily. That’s the only qualm I have with this episode-this part was a little too superficial and forced. Still, since the series itself is such a wonderful surprise, these little shortcomings aren’t bothering me much!

Heartless City, please keep blowing me away with your awesomeness until the very end and do make that an amazing and happy ending too!


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  1. thank you for the recap. I usually do not watch these type of drama but this one just totally reeled me in especially JKH.. I love it that he is not your typical bad guy with good heart that have too much conflict and unable to do anything.. Park Sa is totally badass with everything that he does. He is so ahead of everything else I was also wondered why he stayed as underling for so long.. I am hoping as the drama continue, the writers will not make Park Sa into a softy (if you know what I mean). I love the cruel, cold-hearted with touch of loyalty Park Sa at present.. so please do not turn if into something else once he started his love with Soo Min.. As for officer Hyung Min, I have no love for him nor pity (sorry.. he represent authority but he does not act like one)…
    I am looking forward to your recap for ep 5 and 6.. thank you very much again.. enjoy your recap very much..<3

    • Good to hear you enjoy the recaps! I have a ton of fun writing them cause this drama just is THAT good! There’s no good or bad, just everyone’s perspective and shades of grey! And its a wonderful feeling, watching the story gradually unfold and rooting for Parksa!

  2. exquisitemelody

    SO surprised with the ending!!!! Really didn’t see that one coming. Makes the story even more juicy and contorted…LOVE IT.

  3. This keeps getting crazier and crazier. I know some people were complaining about how being a cop doesn’t make what Park Sa is doing right, unfortunately deep cover ops, does have cops doing things that make them just as bad as the baddies 😦

    Park Sa isn’t stupid, so how much does he really believe Min? I think he’s only fallen for something once and that’s when Safari stepped in and poor Soo got knifed. Other than that, he knows when things are setup elaborately.

    It was really cute to see the flashbacks of our orphans. He and Kyung Mi did have a nice relationship. If things had turned out differently, they might have actually gotten together.

    As for Soo Min. I know she worshipped her unnie, but the police academy acceptance and her desire to join the force even more to go after Park Sa does seem a little odd. She actually doesn’t seem like the police officer type.

    • newkdramaaddict

      And let’s not discount the fact the just because Hyung Min hides behind the cloak of a police officer, the abuse he is allowed to do is totally unacceptable in my eyes; choking a suspect, beating the crap out of them and then shooting them while interrogating? He really is one step away from being a gangster himself. And that’s why I love this drama! All lines are blurred.

      • I know, it really hits home about the lines between good and evil not being black and white. There’s all this grey area inbetween. I can handle Park Sa…but Hyung Min is fast losing control and becoming someone I don’t think his believed Kyung Mi would approve him, especially now that he’s dragging Soo Min in with him. Well…she wanted to help, but not under the guise of a criminal 😛

      • That’s what makes Hyung Min the baddie in my eyes-he’s abusing his powers and rights. Nothing gives him the power to use people as he wants for the sake of personal vendetta-he doesn’t even care whether Park Sa is guilty or not! He’s just decided it has to be so and is willing to ignore the voice of reason lest it bring him back to reality! At least Park Sa’s personal vendetta-to avenge his mother is part of the overall goal and he’s working to catch the bad guys-Safari and Busan without sacrificing unnecessary people or catching them in the crossfire!

    • Yup, sometimes undercover cops end up doing most of the dirty work for the very guys they’re wishing to capture but that’s the irony of it-they have no choice because it is the only way to make sure the real baddies pay for their crimes! And I’ve no issues with Park Sa-cop or no cop n whether it justifies what he’s doing. As a baddie, I loved his prowess cause he was the best baddie out there, and as a cop, I understand that he must’ve also gone through hell to be where he is today. He spent eight freaking years making sure he could get to the place where he is now and capture Safari and Busan. That would have been no easy ride and as I said in one of my comments for the recaps-this is the life Park Sa chose, and he’s living it the best way he can, happy with it! He’s got NO heart of gold and that’s what makes this show even more realistic. Who would believe a do gooder would be at the top affairs of a mafia gang? He protects what is his and what he cares for. Beyond that, he doesn’t care. And that’s what allows him to be who he is.

      The new interactions we get to see show that maybe Hong Ki isn’t such a bad guy either, but whatever his motives are, no one knows! I like his and Park Sa’s interaction in the beginning of episode 5-it reveals a lot! When you’ve seen it you’ll know! Like you said, it shows Park Sa isn’t an idiot and gives me hope that Hong Ki isn’t that bad after all. Oh, and don’t even try to logically examine Soo Min as an undercover cop-that was beyond odd but it’s one of those moments where you close your eyes and forget you even saw it that way! 😀 😛

      Hope I didn’t go off topic in the beginning! I just want to say Park Sa isn’t a good guy and if he were, he’d never be where he is today, but neither is he a bad guy who just mindlessly uses violence. The only times we’ve seen him be violent is against bad guys who could help him reach his ultimate goal-capture Safari and Busan.

  4. newkdramaaddict

    I am SO glad you are recapping this! Totally freaked out with the ending! I had to back up and watch it twice! Unfortunately, even though I was sadden with her death, the girl had a bad habit of putting herself in dangerous situations. So her death was not a surprise; however the circumstances of Soo Min going undercover makes no sense at all. Hell, realistically I don’t think it’s done! But this is this moment when we allow the writer poetic license or just dismiss common sense. We will see what happens next but this is definitely my latest crack drama!

    • yeah why Soomin of all people? she doesn’t know anything about that life. Her sister who knew more and has been a cop for a long time died so easily. This drama is intense and fast but for this particular part, I feel like they could have stretched it just a little bit more. Hyungmin just threw Soomin to the wolves. I guess she just has to learn as she goes. Soomin’s going to have to be a smart and strong girl in order to take all this in while being careful to not blow her cover.
      Its been a long time since I’ve watched a drama this interesting and just plain cracktastic(if that’s even a word). I am praying that this drama continues to be great.

    • Lol, sending Soo Min undercover is like sending the coffee vendor guy to act as a barista in a high class hotel! 😛 It’s totally unbelievable-the girl hasn’t even had any training as a police officer, what can you expect of her, but they jsut had to go with it. I think the writer is a bit at fault here-they wanted to show a happy go lucky Soo Min first who transforms and becomes responsible after her ‘Unni’ dies but they messed up a bit! Thankfully we’re seeing a strong side to Soo Min now that she’s in jail! 😀

  5. Thank you so much for these recaps. my favorite site dramabeans is not recapping this drama unfortunately so these recaps are very much appreciated. Thank you again. Btw are you korean?
    Idk why but i was bummed about Park Sa’s revelation. I liked the idea that he was a bad guy. This is a whole new ball game now. before i rooted for him but never feared for him just cuz he was smart and cool but now i am definitely rooting for him and hope he wont get his cover blown. I hate feeling vulnerable for this guy. idk maybe its just me…
    i was surprised by nam gyuri’s acting… not bad but her face still scares me.
    In the previous episode we saw a lot of police brutality and not that I condone violence but it felt pretty darn satisfying that at least they were vicious criminals that was acted on. that other guy thought everything was a joke until the cop shot him in the leg.
    and omg the fact that the sister died so early in the ep shocked me. the previews fooled me and i love that. i too like the fact that there is a gray area when it comes to the good and bad guys of this drama. black and white is boring and so overdone. im sorry for this long post its just that i am completely invested in this drama..

    • Hehe, I;m loving this drama so recapping it is quite the pleasurable job! 😉 And no, I’m not Korean! 😛 Rather, I’m Pakistani! 🙂

      N I understand what you mean-as a baddie, the stakes would have been so much higher and the conflicts so much better but this gives hope for a more positive ending so I’ll take it as it comes. Besides, I love Park Sa, so I’ll accept anything as long as I get to continue cheering him on, hehe! 😉 I’m also loving the badness in this drama! black n white has become outdated now-those conflicts have been explored as long as they could be, n grey gives the chance for so much more!

      No worries about the long post, I’m glad of it! It’s a great way to interact n share our thoughts over the drama!

    • I was also a bit disappointed with the revelation that Park Sa is undercover agent. I like it better if he’s really the bad guy. I mean, bad guy as hero doesn’t happen that often in Kdrama land.

      • That would’ve made the drama so original with so many new ideas and concepts to utilize but it would have also narrowed the potential for a happy ending. Plus, making him a cop is putting him in new perspective, trying to defend his actions and all and put him on a ‘moral good ground’. Personally, I’d loved to have the story with him as baddie, but this excites me too. At least I can dream of a happy end! 🙂

  6. can u translate the preview

    • There’s some parts in the preview that I don’t understand that well but it goes like this:

      Hyung Min is referring to the absence of a phone record-something about it being switched on but there being no record of any kind.
      Officer: Are you really sure Park Sa is the one who did it?
      Park Sa: First of all, we have to rescue Noona.
      Soo: Did you just ask me to rescue Lee Jin Suk?
      (I don’t understand Soo’s part when he’s talking to the convict-whatever he orders her, he’s telling her to make sure to do it well and end it)
      Hong K (to Park Sa)i: You’ve now become a target for the police. There’s no time now! We have to catch Safari and Busan as soon as possible!
      Park Sa to Chung Mo: Long time no see, hyung!
      Park Sa to Hong Ki: The person who killed Kyung Mi and tried to kill me, it could possibly be a police officer.
      Park Sa to Soo: If something bad happens to me, Soo, please don’t come to my side (means help me, rescue me). I’m begging you.

  7. OMG. I never expected this to happen. A baddie who is an undercover agent. A good guy trying to avenge a fake bad guy. So who’s the enemy here? And here I thought this was just a simple crime drama. This episode has definitely proved me wrong. Even Special Affairs Team Ten S2 can’t beat this show. It kinda got a bit boring after episode 2. The week Heartless City was released, my interest for that show plummet through the ground. Oh, how sad, cause I love S1 whole-heartedly. And I just realised Nam Gyu Ri is the main lead. Somehow her being the main character never even entered my mind Hahahaha XD

  8. Oh, I agree, Please no SH birth secret! (although I wouldn’t be surprised) Thanks for your thoughts, I’ve been thinking Commissioner Hong-ki was shady since the beginning but it’s hard to be sure!

    • The way they hinted at his dad in this episode makes it even more likelier! But seriously, the series is already so much better without another birth secret thrown in! >_<
      Hehe, can't wait for the next episode! ^^

      • Maybe there is no birth secret and Shi Hyun knows that either Min or Kang is his father!? Only guessing here but it’s possible right?

    • newkdramaaddict

      There is little or no boundary between good and evil in this!

  9. I keep getting the commissioners mixed up! But are both Commissioner Min Hong-Ki and Commissioner Kang Min-seob “shady”?

    • After rewatching the episode I think both are “shady” for their own reasons. I think the boundary between good and evil is blurring in this drama anyway. 🙂

    • Both are shady-Min Seob more because we know his loyalty lies with the enemy but Hong Ki because you cannot be sure which side he’s part of! He had that officer killed in the beginning, then there’s the part where no one but him knows Park Sa is undercover! Why keep it so mum n why let Park Sa take the blame for Kyung Min? Park Sa’s a smart kid, so let’s hope his faith in Hong Ki isn’t misplaced! N i so hope his being part of Jin Suk’s past does not hint at him being part of Shi Hyun’s too!

    • Me too. From the sub I used, it says Min Hong-gi is Director. The shady man who met Safari *Kang Min-seob?* is Deputy Commissioner and then there’s the Commissioner also whom I think Min Hong-gi trust more than the Deputy Commissioner.
      So, I’m wondering who’s the guy that Min Hong-gi met during the lunch scene when they talk about Lee Jin-sook? Ahh all those men looks similar to me.

      I’m also confused why the Police and Prosecutor Office seems so antagonistic towards each other? Not to mention Prosecutor Ahn and Hyung-min’s father looks shady as well.
      This drama is a good exercise for brain, huh. 😉

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