Heartless City Episode 3 Recap


Whoa! This story just hit the roof and in such an exciting way! I knew Park Sa and Kyung Mi would know each other from before, but damn if watching it wasn’t a surprise! Park Sa’s face-there’s such an interplay of emotions that for a moment, you simply forget that man is the fearsome Park Sa who just beat up a woman and so many men without breaking a sweat! Needless to say, this drama is bringing out surprises one after the other! And finally, Park Sa and Soo Min come face to face and it brings a slight smile to our baddie’s face-for the slightest moment! *squealing in glee over what’s to come*

Episode 3 Recap:

We see Uncle Safari-as Park Sa calls him meet up with Hyung Min’s boss and lays out his demand-make sure the police catch Park Sa. At the police station, Hyung Min is confronting the fake ‘Eun Soo’-Do they really think the police won’t know they’re being fooled? The woman keeps up her ignorant act when said boss arrives and slaps Hyung Min for his violent behavior. Back in his office, he ignores Hyung Min’s claim that the woman is fraud with a ‘Do you have any evidence?’ and tells him to make sure he catches Park Sa.


Once Boss is gone, Kyung Min comes in and tells him they’re still going on with the plan. It doesn’t matter much that Eun Soo is a fake person, but this is their best shot at catching Park Sa and finding out who is behind Jo Oh as well. This time, he doesn’t argue with her and the police moves out for their mission. Once in the car, he hands her a GPS disguised as a lipstick and tells her not to worry-wherever she is, he will definitely find her!


At home, Soo Min wakes up to find a lavish breakfast left for her by Kyung Min as an apology for misunderstanding her the other day. At the same time, Jin Suk checks out the sample sent by Safari’s minion- Lee Ppal and gives him the go ahead for the deal.


Ppal worries whether Park Sa will really come but Safari tells him not to worry-by now, Park Sa will have realized that something is up and if not for anything else, he will definitely come to save his ‘maknae’ aunt! Park Sa sits in his office contemplating things when Jin Suk’s man alerts him to what his aunt’s been up to.


At the designated hotel, the police stake out the place and Kyung Min gets ready to move in as per the plan. Hyung Min tells her she can even give up now if she wants to-to him, she’s dearer to him than the task of catching any guy. She kisses him in response and tells him once they’re done with this job, they should get together with Soo Min for soju. With a smile, she leaves and turns back for one last glance. Man, this never bodes well for characters and damn if it isn’t already feeling like a goodbye forever!


Inside, Kyung Min is accosted by a waiter just after a short washroom stop who leads her down the hall to a room to meet the person she came to see. Hyung Min and the others settle just outside but hearing Kyung Min asking where they’re headed on the microphone alerts him that something’s wrong. When they enter the room and find it empty-Kyung Min and the waiter left by a hidden side door. Doing some quick thinking, Kyung Min leaves lipstick marks on the walls for Hyung Min to follow.


The man leads her straight to Chung Mo who laughs to see her, exclaiming that he still can’t believe it. Kyung Min remembers him from Hyung Min’s presentation about Jo Oh’s gang members. At the same time, Ppal calls up Jin Suk who says she’ll lay down the terms for the meeting but Safari isn’t bothered. He instructs Ppal to call Chung Mo to make sure he’ll bring their ‘hyung- soo’. Chung Mo, however, smashes the phone on the wall. Hmm, someone’s not too keen to follow the plan! And that doesn’t make Safari happy. Chung Mo completes his sentence- ‘he still can’t believe it’s like this’.


Chung Mo asks Kyung Soo for the drugs but Kyung Min insists she’ll hand them over to Park Sa herself. She’s not deterred by his soft threats. Except, things turn crowded when Hyung Min and his man almost catch up with them. The baddies are alerted by Hyung Min’s partner thoughtlessly firing at one of the bad guys which gives them incentive to run. Once a bit in the clear, Chung Mo confronts Kyung Min-why did the police come? She gives him the sample in her bag and confirms that it’s the drugs-as pure as could be. He threatens her and she warns him-if he does kill her, he won’t ever find that package. Hyung Min catches up to them just as they’re making their getaway in a car.


Tracking Kyung Min’s GPS, Hyung Min follows them. Meanwhile, Chung Mo’s driver sends out a message to someone when Chung Mo deviates from the plan. The deal was too sweet, he says, unable to believe Safari’s promise of giving him Park Sa’s place. Kyung Min asks what he’s harping about but he doesn’t elaborate any further. Listening in on their conversation is Hyung Min. Suddenly, however, the driver stops the car and rushes out. Before Chung Mo and Kyung Min can react, a truck comes barreling into the car from a side road. Hyung Min hears the crash but by the time he reaches the site, the car’s nowhere to be found and Kyung Min’s GPS lipstick is lying on the ground. He makes a frantic call to have Kyung Min’s phone call traced but Safari, taking her and Chung Mo away, takes the battery out of her phone, shutting it down. She’s taken to a room and dumped on an old mattress, bloody and injured from the crash.


Safari takes up Jo Oh’s method of discipline and starts beating up Chung Mo for his insubordination. Chung Mo begs for mercy and Safari gives him one last chance-when he tells him what to do next, he’d better listen! Just then, Jin Suk calls up Ppal and gives him an hour to catch up with her in a hotel. Safari sends in the man who was acting as Chung Mo’s driver.


And so comes the necessary shower scene– Kyung Ho just got back from the army so they HAVE to show his abs, ne? Ah, the unwritten kdrama rules! And yet that tattoo at the back is somewhat blurred out-they spent five hours to do it just for that one session! As he exits the shower, he gets a call from Jin Suk’s man. Time for some action. This time, he heads out alone but his car is stopped by an oncoming car. It’s SOO! Yaaaaayyyyyy!


Soo wants to know how Hye Su died and Park Sa thinks back to the day-Chung Mo stabbed her, but Park Sa was the one who left her there bleeding to death. Soo asks him again and again but Park Sa tells him it doesn’t matter and to get some more rest. Soo wants revenge though, and I can’t wait till he comes face to face with Chung Mo next! He tells Park Sa not to go-he can smell something fishy and moreover, he does not trust Jin Suk! Park Sa argues that he still has to go to know who caused all this but Soo mutters snidely, “Wasn’t it Jin Suk Noona?” Park Sa says nothing but continues on his way.


On his way, he has another flashback to his early days as a kid with Jin Suk and Safari. An ahjumma had accused him of stealing money from him and his aunt had helped him get out of the mess and then later on found the money in his pocket. She’d handed it back to him and told him he’d done well just as Safari came up n they had all had fun running around in the rain.


As Safari sits in wait, he decides to make things easier for the police and sends Hyung Min a text from Kyung Min telling him the location of the deal at the hotel. Park Sa sits in the lobby, watching his aunt head upstairs. He receives confirmation of her room and decides to head upstairs. “If I was Safari Ahjusshi, I’d definitely be watching from somewhere!” However, once on the said floor, he doesn’t exit the elevator. “He’ll be outside!” He realizes and heads back down.


The man comes to deliver the drugs and is shown into the room. Jin Suk’s man, as per Park Sa’s orders, walks away then. From outside, Safari watches with a chuckle as the police head in. He’s hence taken by surprise when he sees Park Sa walking out. It isn’t until Park Sa’s halfway down the road when he realizes the police just went past him and turns back, as if to head inside when a car comes straight at him. Ducking out just in time, he sees Ahjusshi driving and a smile creeps onto his face. It’s the ‘Gotcha!’ smile and man, it works!


Just as Hyung Min pulls up to the hotel, Ppal and fake Eun Soo are preparing to leave but Park Sa shoves Ppal out of the car, takes the driving seat and heads after Safari. Fake Eun Soo watches him shiftily. Upstairs, the man decides to have his way with Jin Suk but when the police raid the room, she’s beating the hell out of him with her shoe. Ha, not so helpless after all! It isn’t until the police team reconvenes and mutters that this was too easy that Hyung Min makes the connection with the car he saw leaving with fake Eun Soo.


Park Sa chases Safari on the road but is forced to stop because of a wrong turn caused by an oncoming car. Chuckling, Safari leaves and fake Eun Soo decides to take action-by stabbing Park Sa in the gut! He’s surprised, needless to say, but manages to beat her up. He’s about to question her when he hears sirens in the distance and walks away.


Soo Min is studying as she clerks at the shop when the door chime signals the arrival of someone. Without looking up, she mutters a welcome but gets a gun shoved in her face as a masked man asks for money. She refuses to hand it over just as the door opens again and Park Sa walks in. He takes in the scene without blinking and proceeds to picking out what he needs to buy.


Picking up some stuff, he heads to the counter and tells the man to move aside n let him pay. The man does move aside but is bothered by Park Sa’s lack of fear and casual manner and turns the gun on him. That annoys Park Sa who knocks the guy down in two moves. The man makes a hasty retreat while he clenches his teeth against the pain. He turns back to pay and passingly notices Soo Min’s still shocked expression. He asks how much it is, pays her with another check and walks off, but not before she notices his bloody shirt. Thinking quickly, she approaches him as he leaves n gives him a packet of medicine, saying it seems he might need it.


He thanks her and leaves but stumbles outside. Watching him, Soo Min darts out and approaches him, asking if he’s okay. Instinctively, he takes out his knife and confronts her with it bluntly, “What’s with you?” She ekes out that she just came because he looked badly hurt. Turning away, he gathers his stuff and tells her its not something she should get involved with so easily, and without fear. With that, he walks away.


Hyung Min arrives in time to see fake Eun Soo being carried into an ambulance and demands an unconscious her to reveal where Kyung Min is. The police officers there have to restrain him to get her away. Meanwhile, Soo (My first thought: HE’S BACK AGAIN!) parks the car on an abandoned bridge and stands outside while Park Sa sits in the backseat and stitches himself up. At the end, he literally burns his own skin to disinfect it.


As he and Soo drive away, he notices the bandage on his hand-the one Soo Min gave and it brings a slight smile to his face. He turns to Soo, who didn’t notice and then rips off the bandage, telling Soo to find out which hospital the woman is. Hospital Visiting time!

Soo takes out the guard at her door while Park Sa confronts the woman. He warns her to give an answer he’d like, or he’ll make things worse than she can imagine for herself. He says everything with a deadpan serious expression and his low voice just makes him all the more scary. His question- “Where is Safari?”


Soon, Hyung Min gets the call that fake Eun Soo has disappeared. He moves in to interrogate the guy they caught in the room with Jin Suk. The guy seems pretty undaunted by the threat of a gun at him until Hyung Min comes in and already in a foul temper, shoots him in the leg. Hyung Min’s colleagues are surprised while the man finally trembles in fear and decides to cooperate, naming the location where Chung Mo is.


Soo and Park Sa are heading there right now with Fake Eun Soo and Soo warns her that she’s truly dead if they don’t find Safari there. Meanwhile, Chung Mo and his team is about to move out. Once outside, Kyung Min sees this as a chance to run away and hitting her guards, starts to run. A pretty futile attempt, considering there’s more than a dozen men standing around and that’s exactly what Vhung Mo thinks as he tells his men to catch her. However, she’s just halfway across the yard when there’s an onslaught of cars from the other end of the road.


Out from the cars come Park Sa, Soo and his men from the opposite end. Kyung Min, caught in the middle, watches as the men behind her size up the men in front and the men in front do vice versa. A nod from Park Sa, and the fight between the two sides begins. Kyung Min manages to move to the side just in time and hides out of sight.

Chung Mo and Park Sa stand on the opposite side and watch the fight unfold. Park Sa watches as Chung Mo heads to the side and towards another abandoned building, looking to escape. He follows, but so does Kyung Min who noticed Chung Mo leave.


At the same time, police start raiding the building they were in before. It’s hilarious how they raid a room to find a bunch of gangsters, all beaten up and bloody, tied up. The only thing missing is a bowtie, hehe! Kyung Min manages to get inside the building but gets caught by Chung Mo. While he’s still deciding what to do with her, a noise draws their attention to the side.


Park Sa has arrived, and with just a few blows, he takes out the three men with Chung Mo. Chung Mo fires close to him and taking Kyung Min hostage, warns Park Sa to stay away or he will kill her. Meanwhile, Hyung Min and his men hear the shot and head out to find the place it came from. At the police station, Assistant Commissioner Min arrives to oversee the raid.


Park Sa tells Chung Mo she’s a person who has nothing to do with him so go ahead. Chung Mo knows Park Sa enough to know the threat isn’t going to work so decides to fire on him again instead. Kyung Min elbows him instead and runs towards the back. Taking the chance, Park Sa knocks the gun out of Chung Mo’s hands and turns to hit him again and again. All this while, Park Sa has been in the dark and hence Kyung Min has not seen his face.


Chung Mo starts begging Park Sa to let him live when Kyung Min cocks the gun behind him and warns him not to move. When he turns back to her, Chung Mo takes the chance to run away. She asks him if he’s Park Sa but he curtly asks who she is instead, as he takes a step forward.


She shouts at him not to move and introduces herself as Lee Kyung Mi, a police officer. Her name sends Park Sa into shock and he steps forward, until his face is in the light and he can see hers clearly.


Kyung Mi is even more surprised to see him as she ekes out, “Shi Hyun Oppa?! Why are you…” Unconsciously, she lowers her gun as they both stare at each other.



What an ending! it throws so much more into the loop and most of all, you get to see the gangster Park Sa show some wonderful expressions! What’s one of the amazing things about this drama is how human Park Sa is. He’s totally badass-he didn’t have any qualms about leaving Hye Su to die nor does he abstain from violence if its the path to get what he wants. Rather, he totally uses it to his advantage-as he did with fake Eun Soo. You see his soul as black then-he’s always so calm and collected and in charge even when threatening someone or when using that violence himself-the way he stops Eun Soo from ringing the nurses bell or takes out Chung Mo’s men. But there are little moments when you see beyond that; little moments when his emotions come to surface-when going after his aunt, when thinking back to Soo Min’s words and when meeting Kyung Min. It’s like watching two sides of a coin, except the darker side has spread wider. It makes for an even more interesting story as to how Park Sa, or Shi Hyun, as his real name is, became what he is today. And make no mistake, while some may call him Shi Hyun-his aunt and Kyung Min, he’s definitely Park Sa now and it’s a choice he seems to have made for himself and is happy to live by.

I LOVE that this isn’t just some story about a gangster with a heart of gold or a person who’s misunderstood as evil while he’s as kind and pure as can be at heart. No, Park Sa isn’t that. He’s exactly as the package suggests-a cold hearted, ruthless and cruel gangster who cares nothing beyond his own sphere. If that were Soo Chung Mo held hostage, Park Sa would definitely have heeded his threat, but with Kyung Mi, whom he supposed to be someone else and someone he didn’t know nor care about, he isn’t worried about an innocent getting caught in the crossfire and dying. He totally lives by the words he quoted to Soo-“If you don’t want to die, then you have to kill!


I’m loving how Park Sa is always abreast in the game with Safari. While Safari may have the advantage of experience and rank, he still can’t beat Park Sa because Park Sa is shrewd enough and knows his enemy well enough to know what he may be planning and hence never falls into his trap. Catching Safari or defeating him, however, would be a totally different matter and that is where Park Sa still lags. He has to up his game if he wants to get equal with Safari or get one over him. Still, the show is doing a good job of progressing to that and I hope it works out for Park Sa soon.

I don’t think it’ll be a surprise if Kyung Min is to die in this scene. I saw the preview for the next episode-which made me all the more anxious! and I’ve little doubt this is the point where Kyung Mi gets killed. Moreover, Park Sa’s anguished face in the preview intrigues me. Moreover his words are testament to the fact that however black his heart is and however much he is Park Sa, he’s not heartless and it adds such a wonderful dynamic to him! I’m looking forward to see more of this side of him when he and Soo Min get together!


Hyung Min-I feel heartbreak for him. He’s going to lose the last person that was his and is helpless to protect Kyung Mi despite everything. But I’m loathing how this is going to break him and send him off the wrong path. Moreover, it’ll be a man to man vendetta now more than anything else. While Kyung Min was alive, he didn’t care about catching anyone if it meant something would happen to her, but now that she’s gone, there’s no stopping his vendetta against Park Sa himself.


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  1. Thanks for your awesome recaps! 🙂 I’m loving every minute of this show.

  2. Aww.. Why did I read your recap before watching the episode ? Why ?! ><
    I really didn't expect Kyung Mi and Park Sa to know each other. I need to know whats happening next. (even though I don't want to see Kyung Mi die, and the following heartbreak. =/ ) I think I'm just going to read your recap of episode 4, who cares about spoilers. XD

    Thank you for this great recap ! =D

  3. I’m so happy you’re recapping this one! It’s so intense. Thank you! 🙂

    • Hehe, I am LOVING it too! Just my type of drama and it’s been ages since I saw such a good one with this kind of story so I’m really happy to be doing it too!! ^_^

  4. Love your recaps but is there something wrong with your layout? All the HTML elements are being shown :/

    • Hey! Thanks a lot for letting me know, I just saw it n yup, the problem was on my end!

      hehe, Episode 4’s recap is also done,except for a few of the beginning scenes-m waiting for the episode to download so I get screencaps n can finish n then post it! Keep your fingers crossed! ^_^

      • Yeah, no problem. It’s my duty as a reader to do so. So you watch the dramas without having the need to wait for English subtitles right? So lucky…. 🙂

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