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Hurt (Wound) – Heartless City OST by Kim Yong Jin (김용진) – Lyrics and Translation


I freaking LOVE this song! It is just PERFECT with the drama and the way it plays in the background is just ooooohhhhh! And they have finally released it so I’m doing a happy dance every time I listen to it! 😀

To listen to the song or read the lyrics, go here. Translation is below in the post.

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Comments – Heartless City Episode 10


Hello again guys! Finally I’m back with the comments! Once again, man, this show is just pure awesome! Sure, it lacks a bit in places and there’s some things you just have to take on faith at times, but what this show does best is to make you forget those little moments of errors because it has got so much better going on that you just can’t look away from the awesomeness! 😀

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Heartless City Episode 10 Recap


Now this is what you call DAEBAK! Damn, it’s beyond daebak! There’s just no words to describe how much I am enjoying and LOVING this show! Another episode which brings characters face to face with the consequences of their choices and gives us another great twist that changes the power play once again!! Calling comes for both our main characters-Soo Min and Park Sa though it’s more devastating for the latter who finds his solid beliefs and long built work come crashing down. For Soo Min, it’s just a rude awakening of how dangerous the world is that she’s jumped into but for Park Sa, it’s eight years of work that comes crashing down like dominoes.

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Heartless City Episode 9 Recap


Another stellar episode where we finally get more of the back story on our favorite bromance couple-Park Sa and Soo! It’s so consistent with what we’ve seen of Soo so far and despite being everything one would have already expected, it’s got its own fresh charm that makes it all the more appealing and light hearted! And since we also get some of the rumored ‘steamy’ moments between out OTP, who could ever be complaining about anything!

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Heartless City Episode 8 Recap



Caption for the Photo: How truly lonely is the path Shi Hyun/Park Sa walks!

I finally got to the episode! Yesss! Unfortunately, my recovery has gone back to square one thanks to a out of town visit today where I had to act as the designated driver. Consequently, I am back to drinking loads of tea! The weekend does look like a good prospect for resting but there’s a traditional wedding coming up starting Friday and I might find myself having to go there too. I’ll just keep my fingers crossed and hope to get whatever rest I can! Besides, flu always completes its course and I’m so hoping mine has decided it’s time is done and over! Once again, apologies for the delay, but hopefully, the post will make up for it, especially the lengthy comments section! I went a little crazy doing that! 😉 😛

This was one hell of an episode and I have literally loved every minute of it! The face off has come so much sooner than I expected and it gives us a wonderful peek into Park Sa’s life that goes beyond the surface and explores the relationship between him, Jin Suk and Safari ever more. The ending scene had me wanting to cry-there’s so much going on behind the simple chat between him and Safari and it is just heartbreaking to see the badass Park Sa helpless and confronting the end! *Heartbreak*

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Delay in Heartless City Episode 8 Recap

Hello everyone who’s following the Heartless City Recaps I’m doing. Unfortunately, I’ve come down with a bad case of flu n fever and hence right now, I’m resting up in bed. I didn’t expect it to turn this bad, but now I know that most likely (like 99.9% likely) I won’t be able to watch, let alone recap the episode today. I’m feeling too weary to even attempt it. Hence, the recap will be late, and I can’t say for sure how late! I promise to get on it as soon as I feel the slightest bit better! Till then, sorry for the delay folks!

Heartless City Episode 7 Recap


Oh this is one good episode in many ways! We finally get a meeting between our OTP that is longer than 30 seconds and is sweeter than I could’ve imagined! It’s such a light and happy note that for a moment, it makes you forget the drama you are watching! On a darker note, the stakes are now growing higher for Park Sa because it seems like he’ll now have to deal with fights within the house as well as taking out the enemy outside. Eight years and poor guy’s still got loads to do…

Ah, Enjoy the recap folks! ^^

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Story I – Chapter V [Part II]

For all previous parts, go here

For Chapter V, Part I, go here.


Uther’s news as they sat face to face on the breakfast table just confirmed Ian’s worst fears. The boy’s family was already in an uproar trying to locate Su Ae and the only reason they hadn’t found her yet was because Ian had redone his spell last night and Uther hadn’t volunteered any information to them. But the fact that they were the best hunters of their generation was not soothing either and sooner or later, they would find something. Coupled with the fact that the town would soon have many new visitors trying to locate Su Ae too, the situation seemed to be heading from bad to worse. As Ian tried to wrap his mind around the scenario and Annie tried to make sense of things by connecting the dots, silence reigned supreme. It was only broken when Annie rose to retrieve the coffee pot and pour Ian more coffee before she sat down next to Uther and voiced her queries.

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