Drama Recommendations – Main Haari Piya [I lost, Beloved] (Urdu Ongoing Drama Series)


Yup, you read it right. The series is ‘Main Haari Piya’- which literally translates as ‘I lost, beloved.’ This is currently one of the series that is constantly on my radar and I’ve done my best to stay updated on it-catching episodes as least once or twice a week. It runs Monday-Friday for half an hour and so far, has completed 69 episodes. The end, as I can feel, is quite near since many of the setups are already tying up nicely.

The story revolves around three different families but the main characters are three sisters-Nighat, Parisa and Taaliya. They have a brother and an old father, who is quite confident about his upbringing of his children and takes pride in them. The second family is their aunt, her son-Salman and daughter. The third family is from a rich background- Zawal and his parents. Zawal’s cousins-Aiza and Saadi are much source of the antagonism throughout the series.

The first thing that drew me into the story was the OST of the drama when I heard it on the television once and saw its video-it is good! My curiosity was piqued so I went online and checked it out once again. There, I just fell in love with the song! So much so that I wanted to see the series even though I’d originally brushed it off. I’ve put up the video and song below, so do take a look at it even if you can’t understand the lyrics. I’ll add lyrics below too, as much as I can translate them.

The video focuses on all three sisters in turn-first is Nighat, the eldest, then Parisa and at last Taaliya. For Nighat, we see the loneliness and sorrow she’s always a part of since she’s passed the society’s standard of marriageable age and is ‘on the shelf’ since it seems she shall be alone for life. For Parisa, we see the three men in her life who want her – Salman, Saadi and Zawal and the lyrics lament the loss of her love-Zawal while the video overplays the constant presence of Aiza in their lives. In Taaliya’s part, you see her and Saadi together, whom she had loved but who takes advantage of her, leaving her sad and broken.

Listen n enjoy below!

Song Lyrics:

I am the ash of wet wood,

Why do you try to revive my fire by blowing on me?

Those flowers that wilted on my wrist,

Where did you bring them from?

Drape a cloth of sunlight over me,

Then I shall truly know,

I lost Beloved,

I lost, I lost, I lost Beloved,

I lost, I lost, I lost Beloved,

I lost…

(Parisa) That which I hadn’t even truly gained yet,

I lost it today,

O river, come and cry on me,

I already went and cried over you,

Now bury me in yourself,

Then I shall truly know,

I lost Beloved,

I lost, I lost, I lost Beloved,

I lost, I lost, I lost Beloved,

I lost… I lost…

(Taaliya) Drowning out all the lights (I don’t really know this line for sure)

You only burn yourself,

When the night eats up the sun,

You bathe in the remaining sunlight (I’m not sure about one word here)

Now bury me in yourself,

Then I shall truly know,

I lost Beloved,

I lost, I lost, I lost Beloved,

I lost, I lost, I lost Beloved,

I lost… I lost…


The series revolves mainly around Parisa and Zawal, who get married at the beginning of the series. Although Parisa is loved by Salman, her cousin, she rejects his suit in favor of Zawal’s. Another person who is against this marriage is Saadi-who studies with Parisa and likes her. While all seems happy to Parisa and her family, unknown to them, Zawal and his family have secrets from them. They are revealed slowly throughout the series-the reason why Zawal would always run to be by Aiza’s side, why Saadi kept a steady and sneaky friendship with Taalia, promising her his love and marriage. Parisa loves Zawal wholeheartedly and is expecting their first child when she learns that Zawal was already married before he married her and that Aiza is his first wife. The only reason he married her was because Aiza could not have kids. The whole situation was planned out by Aiza and Zawal’s mother and kept a secret from his father.


Parisa’s life is shaken at this discovery yet she has no one to share her sorrows with as her family already have enough trouble on their hands-her brother becomes a fugitive and is killed by the police and her younger sister is still in touch with Saadi, whose motives are unclear except that he and Aiza are planning something together. She resigns herself to her situation-clearly she still loves Zawal. By the time Parisa finds his secret, Zawal is also in love with her and realizes that his love for Parisa is much deeper than what he felt for Aiza. Aiza is brought back into their lives but she can’t bear having Parisa still a part of Zawal’s life.


Saadi takes advantage of Taaliya and he and Aiza use that as leverage to get Parisa to divorce Zawal. Faced with losing her love or condemning her sister and family to shame, Parisa chooses the former and leaves Zawal. Zawal does his best to try and stop Parisa, knowing he cannot live without her but is unable to know the exact reason behind her decision and has to let her go. Despite knowing it is inevitable, Parisa is shaken the moment Zawal gives her the divorce papers she demanded and leaves.


Yet not all is lost between them because Zawal, knowing Parisa must have another reason for her demand, never signed the divorce papers and confronts Aiza about it. Aiza denies the charges and for some time, their life progresses at a truce. Despite her best efforts, Aiza cannot draw Parisa out of Zawal’s heart. Meanwhile, Salman finds out about Taaliya’s past after they are married but Taaliya vows to be faithful to him and win his heart. Things turn turbulent between them when Saadi returns, this time truly regretful and wanting to win back Taaliya. However Taaliya chooses Salman and Saadi goes away, but not before revealing the truth to Zawal.


One of the positive aspects of this series is that despite being a typical story, the characters are not passive-they do not let their circumstances belittle them and that more than personal gain, loyalty and happiness for their beloved’s holds much more significance. Moreover, Zawal is the most pleasant surprise in this case, mostly because he is not one to try and dance around his emotions or hold on to his beliefs stubbornly. He thinks logically and follows his heart and gut, even if the whole world around him is cursing him for it. He’s not blind to Aiza’s behavior and thoughts-yes, he loved her once, but she was not his true love nor his true partner and he only realizes that once he has Parisa by his side-the woman who is selfless in her love for him. And the reason Aiza loses Zawal’s love is not because of Parisa but her own shortcoming-however much she loves, or loved Zawal, she was always too self centered and selfish to truly give herself or her love to him. Even Parisa is not perfect though, and that makes it all the better. She may not be a perfect person, may disregard those around her at times, especially Saadi and Salman in harsher tones than they deserve but when she does love Zawal, she loves selflessly and puts her love above all else in her life. Overall, the drama delivers its intended story and message quite well. While it is not a remarkable drama by any standards, nor a memorable one, it is well made and wrought with emotions that make the ride worth the time.

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