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Heartless City Episode 1 Recap


It’s been ages since I loved and anticipated a crime drama this much! Seriously, who doesn’t want to see the baddies get outsmarted and outworked by one of their own? And if the baddie is as hot as Park Sa, there’s no way you’ll not enjoy watching him! The way he carries himself-that clean and spotless look in the suit, that aloof and thoughtful air and the soft way of speaking makes him seem more dangerous than if he were shouting or dressed to the T’s as a gangster. The best part-even the baddies have to call 911-or 119, as it is in Korea to try and get rid of him!

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Drama Recommendations – Main Haari Piya [I lost, Beloved] (Urdu Ongoing Drama Series)


Yup, you read it right. The series is ‘Main Haari Piya’- which literally translates as ‘I lost, beloved.’ This is currently one of the series that is constantly on my radar and I’ve done my best to stay updated on it-catching episodes as least once or twice a week. It runs Monday-Friday for half an hour and so far, has completed 69 episodes. The end, as I can feel, is quite near since many of the setups are already tying up nicely.

The story revolves around three different families but the main characters are three sisters-Nighat, Parisa and Taaliya. They have a brother and an old father, who is quite confident about his upbringing of his children and takes pride in them. The second family is their aunt, her son-Salman and daughter. The third family is from a rich background- Zawal and his parents. Zawal’s cousins-Aiza and Saadi are much source of the antagonism throughout the series.

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