Drama Recommendations – Doctor Who [BBC Series 2005-ongoing Review]


“Doctor… Doctor Who?” These are my most favorite words and I repeat them around like a mantra every now and then when I’m possessed by the Doctor Who spirit!

To be honest, this is the kind of series that I would never have approached under normal circumstances. My first reaction is always that I run away from any such series-Sci-fi, aliens, time travel are so not my cup of tea. But thankfully, at one point of time I was so bored that I decided to test the waters of Doctor Who. After all, the IMDB ratings were good and I liked the poster that was displayed there. And so I put the series on download and kept my fingers crossed.


Another lucky coincidence was that instead of putting up episode 1 of Season 1 for download, I ended up putting Episode 1 of Season 5 on download. It was quite a surprise when I ended up watching that episode. My first thought was to wait until I got the other seasons downloaded-besides, there was no rush but since I had nothing else to watch, I decided to go ahead and ‘test the waters’ and then decide if I wanted to download more and see the series.

The episode wasn’t anything that special, but it had some of my most favorite moments, great humor and of course, it had Matt Smith as The Doctor! Needless to say, humor was one of the reasons I loved that episode and decided to see more! As quick as I could, I downloaded many episodes of season 1 and read more about the ‘Doctors’ online when I realized the first season’s Doctor wasn’t David Tennant. Somehow, I wasn’t that taken with Eccleston as the Doctor and only watched a few episodes of the first season. Instead, I skipped the rest and went straight on to season two! After that, boy, was it quite the ride! David Tennant as the Doctor took my heart!


The whole premise of ‘Doctor Who’ revolves around the alien ‘Doctor’, only known by that name, who is a Time Traveler from Gallifrey, a planet that no longer exists and he is also known as the last of his kind. The Doctor travels through all of time and space and usually with a human companion. He considers humans as the most intriguing race he has ever seen and let’s face it, what’s an adventure without a partner, even if it means you end up in loads of danger each time!


Ecclestion, Tennant and Smith are the ninth, tenth and eleventh Doctor respectively and currently, Matt is filming the seventh season since the series started its rerun in 2005 and has just found himself a new companion after years and years of solitude and self exile after the loss of his previous companions. Of the three doctors, I like both Tennant and Smith a lot-they’ve contributed to the character of the Doctor in so many ways it is always a pleasure to watch them don the role. Yet, I am partially biased towards Smith as the best Doctor since he has that extra spark and mischievous and adventurous gleam in his eyes that you associate with the Doctor. Moreover, the humor and character he shows is just so perfect you can’t imagine a better doctor ahead of him. Personally, I so wish Matt would just continue for a loooooonnnnnnggggg time still as the Doctor, but I know his run might be nearing its end soon, seeing how his predecessor’s trend was.

doctor-who-matt-smith g

Anyway, back to ‘The Doctor’-being the adventurous Time Lord, he travels through ‘all of space and time’ in his trusted time machine, the TARDIS (which I think is a beauty, by the way, especially the new look they gave it with Matt!) and often ends up helping someone or the other on his trips. And yet, he is not exactly the humble hero one may idolize him to be, and time and again, we find him at crossroads where we really cannot call him a true hero. The biggest benefit of his having companions is also that his ‘dark’ side is kept in check. Some of my favorite episodes hinge on this very concept-how the ‘darkness’ in the Doctor is brought forward.


Of course, the companions are also another factor in themselves and most of them are fun to watch. There’s only a few that ended up making an impression on me though-Donna and Amy and Rory. I did not like Rose-maybe its a personal bias but I didn’t enjoy her stint as the Doctor’s companion and was relieved when she left. Martha came next and although she was fun and had some very good episodes with the Doctor, she was unable to leave a lasting watermark. She didn’t come off as well as she should have. When Donna followed, I sighed, thinking I won’t enjoy her much either but contrary to my expectations, time with her was more than just passing fun and I liked her. Most of all however, I LOVE and totally ADORED Amy and Rory. They truly were perfect companions for the Doctor in every manner. Most of all, they were his best friends! Watch the series and you’ll know why, or wait for more posts by me and you’ll have quite the adventure with them!

1312880409-4aoldoctor-who Power of 3 - Amy Rory Doctor

This is a series which is a definite watch if you love humor and for anyone who has seen the BBC Series Sherlock will have a pretty good idea of what kind of humor they can expect. Plus, BBC series always deliver on story and depth and Doctor Who is no exception-rather it is a very good example of it. I’ll also be posting reviews of my favorite episodes soon, so keep checking back and enjoy the ride in the TARDIS with the Doctor! Right now, I’m counting the days till 30th March when the Doctor returns once again! *wills time to fast forward to the 30th*


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  1. I can’t wait to see what they have in store for the 50th anniversary of Dr Who! Every time someone linked to Dr Who is on TV, the interviewers try to get them to spill the beans and they will plead innocence that they know nothing! Lol!

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