Drama Recommendations – The Princess Man [Review]

Princess Man

I caught this drama a while back while studying. It acted as the perfect buffer from the continuous drag of books and data and while I was expecting it to be good because of people’s recommendations to- that included Raine from Raine’s Dichotomy, I didn’t expect it to blow me away the way it did. Yes, it had some major flaws and glaring discrepancies in its story, but what it had and delivered, left me floored! While I already loved Moon Chae Won, this drama made me fall head over heels for her once again! This series is well-acted, well written and moreover, it’s thought provoking and that is something not every series can do! *SALUTE*

There are so many things about The Princess’s Man that I absolutely adore and have spent many an hour rewatching and enjoying. First off, I love the characters-from Se Ryung to Kyung Hee and Seung Yoo! While the romance was one of my favorites and the emotions and drive that it led to was one I absolutely adore, the best thing about the drama wasn’t the main couple-rather it was the relationship between Se Ryung and her father, Grand Prince Suyang, and on the second level, the relationship between Se Ryung and Kyung Hee. It’s like watching a house of dominoes, where the collapse of one causes repercussions across so many others. It starts with one little thing, but leads to so much more!


What struck me the most were the dialogues and emotions that underlined these relationships. Kyung Hee and Se Ryung practically grew up as sisters and truly loved each other so, yet the enmity between their parents due to Se Ryung’s father’s greed puts them on opposite ends of the scale-a balance they cannot overcome that easily. I love Kyung Hee’s dialogue when she first confronts Se Ryung to end her relationship with Seung Yoo and the latter finds it hard to believe that her father would possess such greed.

“Apart from you and me, it’s an enmity the whole world knows about.”

Moreover, Kyung Hee’s every effort is for the sake of her younger brother who is crown prince but too young to understand and manipulate the world. And although her efforts turn out to be in vain against the evil nature of Suyang, it allows her the chance to find her own true love and support through the rough and tough times. Best of all, in the end she and Se Ryung are there for each other and their bond grows stronger through every arduous minute. And most brave of Kyung Hee is to allow her husband to sacrifice himself in the hopes to save Seung Yoo with the hope that he may be the end of Suyang’s evil reign.


Se Ryung falls in love with Seung Yoo just as he falls in love with her, mistakenly believing she is the princess he is supposed to marry. And when Suyang learns the truth, he uses it to wipe out Seung Yoo’s whole family. Before Seung Yoo can recover from the shock of having lost his loved ones, he comes face to face with the truth about Se Ryung as Suyang’s daughter. And in that moment, you can see his whole world collapse around him. Same is for Se Ryung who comes face to face with her father’s evil nature and duplicity and finds herself the pawn used to kill an innocent family and countless in the greed for more power.


Wonderfully though, the writers use this scenario to the best advantage and show the courage a young girl can possess. Se Ryung is such a hearty and happy go lucky girl that you feel her grief with every breath she takes.Her world has just ended around her because her father murdered the family f the man she loves and moreover, has forced power from the rightful heir to the throne. Still, she does not lose heart and resign herself and the others around her to a despicable fate. She rebels against every act of her father and puts her own life on the line to save Seung Yoo’s. I love the girl’s courage in placing a sword to her own throat, ready to take her own life if need be. And the way she transforms from a sheltered and starry eyed girl to one who defies the father she once told, “I am happy to have you as my father!”


And it’s that one sentence that keeps nagging at Su Yang even as he goes deeper and deeper into hell, doing the worst and leaving bleeding bodies in his wake. He remembers the way Se Ryung-his favorite daughter, i must add, had told him that and how she now deplores what he does. The way she loses respect for him makes him rethink his actions. But still, his daughter’s love alone is not enough to get him to stop his one way track of attaining the throne he has always coveted.


This is one reason I adore the love story in this drama-Se Ryung is a woman gives it her all. Her strength and her principles as a righteous woman make me love her evermore! When a girl openly spurns the father she once loved and thought righteous, it takes a lot of courage and a strong heart. And Se Ryung, a kind hearted and generous girl finds that courage not only because she’s fighting to keep Seung Yoo alive, but also because she believes her father is wrong and wants to stop him from taking away what is rightfully someone else’s.

“There is only one princess of this nation. And her name is Kyung Hee!


Another reason I love Se Ryung even more was when she approaches Seung Yoo when he’s locked up in jail and when she saves his life by taking an arrow in her back for him-quite literally. Even though she knows he hates her now that he knows the truth about her, she approaches him in jail and tells him, “Survive. Survive and come back, so you can take revenge on me and my family.” And when she takes an arrow in his stead to save his life, that got me right here in my heart! It’s a sacrifice she’d gladly give for the one she loves, and that’s exactly what endears me to her. Her love is about giving her everything,.


In case you’re thinking I’ve already let out the whole story, worry not. There is so much more that happens and moves you that what I just related was like the tip of the iceberg. I’ve left so much out that you need to go and watch the drama for yourself to feel it. Although the ending is bittersweet (NOT tragedy, so definitely watch it lest you avoid it thinking its tragedy) and the series somewhat lags and drags in the latter part, it is still worthwhile and deserves a watch. This isn’t just about the Princess (Se Ryung) and her man (Seung Yoo), but about so much more-from a father-daughter relationship to a relationship between two sworn sisters. You don’t just cry for the lovers that were separated, you mourn the loss of righteous and innocent men, of lost relationships and sacrifices of loved ones. For me, the drama was an emotional train ride, and one I will definitely go through again and again, simply to feel the emotions and love that I felt through it. If you want a watch where you can relate with the characters, stand by their choices or mourn their loss and feel like it was something worthwhile, you HAVE to watch The Princess’s Man.


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  1. The princess’s man feels much more than relaxing, too good to have adventurous time!

  2. Aha! You’re back!

    I didn’t watch this series per say but heard many good things from people. I might watch it later when my list of dramas decrease a bit. hee!

    • Ah, it is good to be back and great to see you here!! ^^
      Oh you should see it when you get the chance. It does drag, and at times the acting falls short-mostly on PSH’s brooding scenes(I used the FF button) but its well worth the overall setup! Whats best is that we get a brave n saasy heroine! And I loved the way she stood for her love and her principles-not everyone does that, and certainly not in kdrama land! Its my kind of girl, what I’d like to see in a character! 🙂

      P.S. Give me some drama recommendations too! I’m gonna start Lee Soon Shin but otherwise, no kseries seems interesting and haven’t a clue about taiwanese/jap! 😛

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