I’m BACK!! ^^

I'm back copy

Yes, I AM BACK!! Well, kind of, hehe! Thing is, I’m finished with my exams and interviews and psychological now so it means I have some free time on my hands once again and of course since getting back to Akiko’s is my top priority (I’ve so missed blogging!! >_<) I hope to be quite active here in the coming future!

However, here’s the catch-I haven’t yet decided how to make my comeback at recapping dramas since most of them are already halfway or almost totally finishing their run. Maybe I’ll pick up a series from the oncoming April numbers! If not, there’s still time for me to go back and reminisce about some of the old dramas I’ve managed to catch up on! Although, I’ll be back on track with mine and Raine’s recapping of Sungkyungkwan Scandal ASAP! More that you’ll be seeing at Akiko’s will be random posts about anything and everything! I’ve had loads to think about in this hiatus time and there’s so much I wanna go on and rant about! Either way, I hope its good fun that’ll keep you entertained!

Ah, it’s good to be back, hehe! See you around! Ja Ne! 😉


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  1. Welcome back Mariah! I completely forgot to post that. I saw this the other week but I’m so busy lately that I forget a lot of things! Sorry about that 😛

    • Arigatou!! ^^ Hehe, no worries about forgetting and being busy-I know cause even I’m swamped these days cause of wedding preparations and babysitting the little munchkin at home! See you around !! 🙂

  2. Ditto… welcome back! You have been missed!

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