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Drama Recommendations – Doctor Who [BBC Series 2005-ongoing Review]


“Doctor… Doctor Who?” These are my most favorite words and I repeat them around like a mantra every now and then when I’m possessed by the Doctor Who spirit!

To be honest, this is the kind of series that I would never have approached under normal circumstances. My first reaction is always that I run away from any such series-Sci-fi, aliens, time travel are so not my cup of tea. But thankfully, at one point of time I was so bored that I decided to test the waters of Doctor Who. After all, the IMDB ratings were good and I liked the poster that was displayed there. And so I put the series on download and kept my fingers crossed.

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Drama Recommendations – North & South [BBC Series Review]


The BBC Series produced in 2004, comprising four episodes is a total delight to watch. This is a story that is sure to delight any romantic, any lover of old age stories and all the Pride and Prejudice lovers out there. It was by chance that I downloaded this series and once I started, I marathoned all four episodes in one night-regretting the headache in the morning, but not the blissful and loving aftermath of the series that was left behind. In the end, just to sate my curiosity and revisit the North & South vista, I read the original book by Elizabeth Gaskell.

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Drama Recommendations – The Princess Man [Review]

Princess Man

I caught this drama a while back while studying. It acted as the perfect buffer from the continuous drag of books and data and while I was expecting it to be good because of people’s recommendations to- that included Raine from Raine’s Dichotomy, I didn’t expect it to blow me away the way it did. Yes, it had some major flaws and glaring discrepancies in its story, but what it had and delivered, left me floored! While I already loved Moon Chae Won, this drama made me fall head over heels for her once again! This series is well-acted, well written and moreover, it’s thought provoking and that is something not every series can do! *SALUTE*

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A Werewolf Boy – Movie Review :]


Werewolf boy, or as the Korean title goes 늑대소년 is a truly wonderful and heartwarming story of love, coming of age and in some aspects, fantasy. I downloaded the movie just for one reason-Song Joong Ki, and expected to have a good time watching but was so pleasantly surprised when I ended up glued and hooked to the screen for two hours straight! And needless to say, I watched it again right after finishing it. It’s now a part of my collection, going to be stored in my hard drive for a long time now.

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I’m BACK!! ^^

I'm back copy

Yes, I AM BACK!! Well, kind of, hehe! Thing is, I’m finished with my exams and interviews and psychological now so it means I have some free time on my hands once again and of course since getting back to Akiko’s is my top priority (I’ve so missed blogging!! >_<) I hope to be quite active here in the coming future!

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