Arang and the Magistrate Episode 13 Recap

So Eun Oh finally gets true to his feelings but Arang, facing the reality of their separation more keenly than ever is unwilling to respond even though her own heart mirrors his. But it’s fun watching Eun Oh turn over a few leaves in other matters as well due to his relationship to Arang. Finally the master begins to see the world with eyes that do not simply watch and ignore. As a character, we see leaps in Eun Oh and ones that totally make you love him even more.

Episode 13 Recap:

Eun Oh confesses to Arang that he doesn’t know why he’s feeling this way and the consequences of it all-he’ll think about them later but for now. “You told me not to like you… but I…” she cuts him off again, asking him not to say anymore but he finishes his sentence undaunted, “…will like you, Arang.” Awww. He asks her to be honest-it’s what she does best.

But she refuses to be honest to her feelings and tells him, “What does that matter to us now? Do you want to know my honest feelings? I will say it then, without spinning words. I don’t feel the same way you do. So don’t be that way, either.”

As she moves to leave, he grabs her wrist and he pulls her closer telling her this is their last chance. Is that really the way she feels? Tears brimming in her eyes and with a shaky voice, she still says yes. Eun Oh lets her hand go and with a pained smile, accepts her answer.

The next morning, he is his cheery self and goes to the market to bring her new shoes. The market people thank him for making their town a better place to live and giving them a place they can go and ask for help. On his return, he finds Arang outside his room. Giving her the shoes, he puts them on her himself and commends himself on his excellent taste. At Arang’s hesitation, he tells her not to be afraid at his gestures anymore and set her heart at ease. “I said I would send you to Heaven and that’s the only thing I’ll do.” He tells her she has to look pretty when she goes there and asks what it is she wants to do or eat or someplace she wants to go before that- “This oraboni will do it all!” Her answer-food; she wants peaches everyday and for him to eat his three meals since she is only fed once he eats.

Lord Choi meanwhile gets the news that Arang is alive and that makes him remember the time Evil Mom once told him of the existence of such a being. It also makes him recall seeing Arang at the Magistrate’s place years ago and remembers her as the daughter.

Joo Wal, who has gone to see Arang, stands outside her room for hours even though he knows she is not there. Watching him are the Bangs who wonder at their Young Master’s behavior.

Bang Wool finds the purpose of the Talisman-to block the heavens. It works two ways-keeping the outside out and inside in, meaning nothing inside can escape while nothing outside can go in. Arang remembers finding no ghost in the Choi house which means someone is using those ghosts for something. Although unsure of how its related, Arang pieces the puzzle together that the demon they met in the cave is related to the talisman. Eun Oh instructs Bang Wool to make a counter talisman.

Arang admits that she is afraid of finding out the truth about her death now. Eun Oh tells her not to be afraid. Whatever the truth, “You just have to go to heaven… I said I’d send you there, didn’t I?” Awww. Bang Wool tells them it’ll take her some time to get  the talisman done so Eun Oh decides to take the direct approach-Arang said she was a good lookout, didn’t she? He tells her there was a strange place in that house and it’s time to check it out.

Mu Young meets Jade again and tells him he is up for the task-to stop Mu Yeon, even though it means to kill her. Jade says he took too little time to think it through but Mu Young says he doesn’t need it-being a reaper means cutting all emotions all connections to anything. Jade disagrees, “Worries and suffering are not always bad because they help you obtain certainty!” However, he still hands over a dagger to Mu Young, telling him what he needs to do-stab her straight in the heart once. And it must be done since it can only be used once. Mu Young wants to know why only he can kill Mu Yeon. “Blood. Only the strength of the will to cut the ties of blood can kill her.”

Mu Young and Mu Yeon come face to face when Eun Oh and Arang go to the Choi House to investigate. Eun Oh instructs Arang to stay outside and heads inside himself but Mu Yeon senses her presence and comes out, wanting to see her. Here, we see the reason Mu Yeon was evicted from Heaven and what she’s out to do. Turns out, she wanted to be human and hence started possessing dead people’s bodies. Mu Young had chased her down and brought her back.

She taunts him now-this is all because of him! The Jade Emperor had a way to make her human but he refused so she had to look for her own way. Yet Mu Young ruined it all for her and this is how she became. She further taunts him for allowing Jade to throw her out of Heaven but he argues that he thought it was better than rotting in hell. He calls her out on her ambition but she shrugs it off-so what if she wants to live forever? Mu Young takes out the dagger and she goads him further, stepping into its path and daring him to stab. And however much he claimed otherwise, at the moment, he is unable to bring himself to kill her. With the words that they will meet again, Mu Yeon leaves.

Eun Oh enters Evil Mom’s lair but finds nothing. Yet his fan starts vibrating and through that, he discovers the underground passage. When he tries to open it by hand, it won’t budge so he takes out his fan and slashes it through the air in a cutting motion-that opens up the passage. Going down, he sees the red jars and tries to pry one open but it won’t budge. In the end, he simply decides to take one along. Ha! Love that!

Outside, Joo Wal arrives moments before Mu Yeon and seeing Arang there, he panics and tries to get her to leave, asking her not to come again. Unfortunately, Mu Yeon arrives and even though it means Arang is outed, he still pushes Arang behind himself as if wanting to shield her from Mu Yeon. He pleads with her not to move from his side. Actions speak louder than words, ya know! Joo Wal, I likes likes! Mu Yeon sees Arang and introduces herself as Joo Wal’s aunt. She literally checks Arang out and invites her to come over sometime. With a creepy smile, she heads back in. Joo Wal’s shoulders sag in relief.

Once she’s gone, Arang asks him to release her hand which he’s been gripping really hard all this while. Unfortunately, Eun Oh witnesses it from a distance. Joo Wal excuses himself with a shaky voice and heads inside after Mu Yeon. From the distance, Eun Oh watches Arang and Joo Wal watch each other. He finally approaches Arang, asking what she’s doing and she says nothing. The pained look in his eyes is just heartbreaking.

Joo Wal gets an earful from Mu Yeon who realizes Joo Wal doesn’t intend to give up Arang to her. She tells him the reason she chose him was because his ambitions were always different than other people’s-rather than money and riches, he wanted a home, food and someone to call mother. She gave him all that-now how dare he try to take away what’s hers! Lol, hers?!

At home, Arang touches the red jar and notices how cold it is. She can’t place the feeling exactly but it feels strange. However, Eun Oh isn’t really listening to her and puts the jar to a side, lying down to sleep and tells her he’ll take it to Bang Wool tomorrow. Arang argues that Bang Wool might not know what to do with it since she’s not even a real shaman. Eun Oh doesn’t reply and she turns to leave. He calls out to her, “Arang, I can endure you not looking at me. But you looking at someone else… isn’t so easy to endure.” Aww! *sniff sniff*

She lingers outside his room while he opens his eyes once she’s gone and sighs.

In Heaven, Mu Young is denied another chance at going after Mu Yeon. Hades stalks away in anger and Mu Young asks Jade if the person to do it now is Eun Oh since he has the Emperor’s stuff! Yesss! I knew it! Please tells me it is Jade who was his mountain teacher too! Surprisingly, the Jade Emperor gives a straight answer-Yes. Mu Young guesses that since bloodline is required, that means Eun Oh’s mother is the vessel Mu Yeon is using.

The next morning, Eun Oh heads to Bang Wool’s place alone, not accepting Arang’s offer to accompany him. There, he shows Bang Wool the jar and asks her to find out about it. Bang Wool initially throws a fit when she can’t feel the weird energy Eun Oh is feeling, thinking Eun Oh is showing off but cools off immediately and apologizes. He tells her they’ve no time to waste and wants her to figure it out quickly.

Meanwhile, Arang is given royal treatment by the Bang trio. Their purpose-find out who she’s decided on between Eun Oh and Joo Wal. Haha, poor guys – what a dilemma!! Arang catches sight of Dol Swe and runs after him to ask him not to be so hard on Eun Oh and apologizes. She knows he’s angry but Eun Oh values him a lot and when he does that, it upsets Eun Oh. Dol Swe says its all because she bewitched Eun Oh but she says Eun Oh is simply helping her out since she asked for a favor.

“That’s why I am saying he has been bewitched. He’s totally changed. My master doesn’t do that stuff. Because someone asks for a favor, he isn’t a master who does it. My master doesn’t even care this much (holds up fingertip) about other people’s business usually but now he is like this.

Arang hangs her head, unable to answer and turns to leave. A few steps away, she turns back and tells him not to worry. She’ll be leaving for the afterlife soon so he should just bear with it for now. “I’ll definitely return your young master!” Awww.

Dol Swe feels bad at her parting words and turns back to find Eun Oh standing there. Eun Oh takes Dol Swe and tells her the truth-Arang is the previous magistrate’s daughter, the person who’s corpse Dol Swe guarded with his life when Eun Oh asked him to. Now she’s back for a purpose and as a person so Eun Oh is helping her out. Dol Swe is flabbergasted-how could she become a person? Eun Oh tells him, “Like you said I changed. I wasn’t bewitched by a ghost nor I am not hurt anywhere… for the first time, I worry about someone else and not me… These days there is something that I feel… that you are a hundred times better than me.”

Poor Dol Swe is surprised-what has come over his Master?! Eun Oh tells him a person like Dol Swe should have become magistrate-someone who knows how to treat others humanely. Dol Swe tells him not to spin any more words, he can understand what he means and won’t be mean to Arang anymore! Once he leaves, Eun Oh sighs and outside, Dol Swe looks at his Master’s window and muses that his Master’s first love is a ghost. Then he thinks back-that means Eun Oh can see ghosts! So the rumors about him as a kid were true?

Eun Oh gets an update from the Bangs about Choi’s background although he does it under the guise of starting to be friendly with Choi. The Bangs tell him the man was originally from Hanyang but eventually settled in Miryang and the reason for his being ousted from Hanyang was Eun Oh’s father. That is news to Eun Oh. Also, any lord that lives in that house always seems to do well.

Joo Wal is sitting in his room, staring at his table of food laid out in front of him when Mu Yeon’s words ring in his head-he sold out his soul for a warm meal. Angered, he overturns the table.

In her room, Arang sits listlessly, finally deciding she can’t take it anymore and heads out, wanting to approach the Choi household and investigate it herself. Eun Oh rushes into her path to stop her, offering to go instead but she won’t budge. Finally he bursts out, asking her to listen to him for once. But she shouts back right at him-why has he been avoiding her all day? Why won’t he look her in the eye? Why all day…

He answers, cutting her off, “Because I don’t know! I don’t know what to do. I promised that I’d put your heart at ease, but that’s not so easy to do. I barely pushed it all down, but you… you were looking at him. When I saw that, the heart I had pushed down started to quake, everything turned upside-down, and I couldn’t keep it at bay any longer. That’s why… I began to regret that night… Even if you said we couldn’t, I should have argued. When you said you didn’t feel the same, I shouldn’t have believed you so easily. Even if you said that was how you honestly felt, I should’ve ignored it; I should’ve convinced you! But… I can’t do that. I promised I’d send to you to heaven, so how can I lose face and turn back now?! That’s why… because I don’t know what to do. Damn it. Why is it so complicated!?”

He turns around without waiting for her reply and walks away. Arang is left standing there staring after him with a heavy heart. Outside, Joo Wal approaches the magistrate’s office and runs into Eun Oh as he’s exiting. Seeing Joo Wal go inside, Eun Oh backtracks.

Joo Wal approaches Arang and after the usual pleasantries, asks her to accompany him for a little while. Before she can respond, Eun Oh speaks up, refusing Joo Wal’s offer. Joo Wal points out he’s asking Arang. Arang looks between the two as Eun Oh gets into Joo Wal’s face-“Can’t you hear me? I said I can’t let you do that! So get out!” And I say, Ooooh lala!!


So Mu Yeon and Mu Young finally come face to face and you can witness deep emotions between the two, especially Mu Young that totally give a refreshing arc to their story! Mu Yeon may be the evil person here, but it’s surprising to see that her journey also began with a simple desire that one may not expect from her-to be human. For a fairy and hence immortal creature to wish to become mortal, it makes you sympathize with the girl who started down that path and understand the monster she has become. Knowing the background and then seeing the difference between her and Arang, one feels much deeper emotion when hating her or even being frightened of her.

Eun Oh-I just love his confrontation to her at the end-his emotions are so deep, raw and so connecting that you hurt with the guy. The way he admits he doesn’t know how to approach her, how to go back on his words because he’s unwilling to let go of her, it just hits you right in the heart. When you love someone, it’s all about their happiness and their comfort and here, he knows she’s stalling because of her fear of leaving and he’s unwilling to let that deter him or stop them from being together in what little time they do have. I’m loving seeing Eun Oh with his emotions always on his face and his heart on his sleeve and I hope Arang reciprocates soon so we can see him be happy!

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