Arang and the Magistrate Episode 11 & 12 Highlights

Sorry for the late post guys but I actually saw the episodes today-Yup, a whole week later on the day that the new episode is airing! Things have been crazy on my end, but in a good sense because I became an aunt last weekend and hence was unable to get to anything at all! Even now, I’m swamped with studying and babysitting so I cannot promise the next recaps will be out on time or even out. I’ve not made a final decision yet-I love Arang and have loved recapping it so I want to continue but let’s see which way the tide blows!

Eun Oh’s background:

Episode 11 reveals the background of Eun Oh’s confession in Episode 10-that he almost died but came back to life. In 11, we find out that Eun Oh wasn’t much wrong on that account-he did actually die and was brought back to life for a purpose. And since he was brought back to life by Jade himself, this gives strength to the belief that Eun Oh is perhaps ‘that child’ Jade and Hades refer to as their ultimate weapon.

Mu Young is riddled with mystery ever since he saw Eun Oh fight the evil reaper and vanquish him so goes looking for the fan with the symbols. Interestingly, he shows more curiosity about the hairpin Eun Oh gave his mother. Mu Young and Eun Oh are hence drawn to blows, each one unwilling to concede info to the others. All Mu Young relates in response to Eun Oh’s questions is that he knows both items belonged to a monk and Eun Oh agrees-they were given to him by his teacher in the mountains who revealed they can be used to kill ghosts. More than that however, the mystery still remains.

On the other hand, Eun Oh finally draws out of the shell of denial and faces his feelings for Arang, knowing full well he will get hurt in the end because she has to leave but not wanting to let that stand in between them anymore. When Choi’s minions kidnap Arang and by mistake Bang Wool as well, Eun Oh runs to their defense. Once there, he fights off the men until one of them holds a knife to Arang’s throat, threatening to slash her if Eun Oh fights back. Arang cries and shouts at him that she’s fine-he knows she’ll be fine and urges him to fight but Eun Oh refuses to fight back, taking blow after blow. She cries at him to fight-she’s fine and he knows it, but he still refuses to hit back until she is safe. Aw awww awww!!!

While trying to run away once Eun Oh is back into the fight, Arang and Bang Wool are accosted and the men try to kill Bang Wool but Arang steps ahead and dies in place of the shaman. At that moment, Eun Oh screams at her limp body, lightly touching her cheek and watching her wound heal itself in moments.

As if finally having made up his mind, he moves in for a kiss. She wakes up and asks in a whisper what he’s doing, not buying his answer-“Just giving you breath so you wake up quickly!” and promises not to let it go later when she’s regained her strength! True to her words, she punches him in the stomach for it later on when she’s finally got her strength back. But after it all, in a quiet shaky voice, she thanks him for saving her and perhaps more so for sparing her the pain of death again.

Background of Mu Yeon:

As said, Mom is not the one who’s totally evil but rather, she has been possessed by the soul/spirit of Mu Yeon, sister of Mu Young. She was originally a fairy who was thrown out of Heaven-must be some crime the girl committed because at that time, contrary to Hades’s advice, Jade had not sent her to hell but rather simply evicted her from Heaven. So now she’s the one who’s been on the killing spree for centuries, killing up pure girls and taking their souls. Moreover, Mu Young finally receives confirmation that Mu Yeon is the one responsible for everything.

Joo Wal’s hesitation:

After having saved her life before by killing the minion who was about to stab her, Joo Wal then decides to follow through on Evil Mom’s words and kill Arang. He knows Mom will take over her body and Arang will cease to be Arang and reasoning that she will never be his anyway, he moves in for the kill. Only, once there, he finds himself unable to stab and kill her, knowing full well that even if he were to stab her, she would live again. It’s like a replica of what Eun Oh did-he’s unable to inflict any pain on her even if it may be negated onwards. Just because it will be erased later on does not justify the act and that is exactly why he cannot bring himself to hurt her. His own behavior amazes and confuses him-why is he like this? How could he not stab her?! When he returns, brimming with questions, Evil Mom puts it in focus for him-it means he has developed feelings for Arang and fallen in love with her, which she says is simply useless.

Arang’s Past as Lee Seo Rim and Eun Oh’s confession:

In these episodes, we finally get a glimpse into the world of Lee Seo Rim, the girl that Arang once was. From the beginning, Arang has always called Seo Rim as another person and it’s one of the things I loved about her. She’s undaunted by her lack of a past even as a ghost. She’s a new person as herself-as Arang and she clings to that throughout the series. Yes, she’s curious about her past and how she ended up as she was but she refuses to let that bring her down to a damsel in distress. Rather, she’s someone who will take her fate in her own hands and look at the bright side of things, making the best of what she has.

Joo Wal tells Arang the engagement was arranged by Seo Rim’s family and that he never laid eyes on his bride and hence did not have any attachment for her and says the same must be true for Seo Rim-there’s no way she would have seen him and formed an attachment for him. “Like me, she would have no reason to keep me in her heart.” And that admission alone from him seems to crush her. She thinks to herself, “What am I?” referring to Seo Rim as herself for the first time!

Moreover, with the recent events pointing to the Choi Household as the one responsible for all the evil going on, she is sent into a contemplative state. Who exactly was she? Why did her father give her betrothal into such a household? Eun Oh finds a diary of Lee Seo Rim in her room and after much deliberation and noticing Arang’s offbeat mood, he hands it to her, telling her all her answers are in that diary. Was she someone who just did as she was told? Turns out Lee Seo Rim wasn’t so different either-she was the one who fell head over heels for Joo Wal once she saw him and had asked her father to arrange the betrothal and hadn’t been daunted by Joo Wal’s lack of correspondence in their courtship. There was Arang’s spirit and impishness in her former self.

Moreover, reading Seo Rim’s diary, which is rather poetic and sentimental sends Arang into flashbacks of her former life-she remembers the meeting where she’d seen Joo Wal and felt her heart beat the same way Seo Rim’s did. As she tells Eun Oh later-Seo Rim had truly loved Joo Wal and thought of it as a once in a lifetime kind of love. Now that she’s read the diary and remembers the meeting, Arang can feel her heart beat the same way Seo Rim’s did for ‘that Young Master.’ This admission of hers  brings pain to Eun Oh who tells her, “Arang. Last time, you said you were you, and Lee Seo Rim was Lee Seo Rim. But now, I’d like it to make sense.”

Arang refuses to hear another word he says, knowing full well what lies ahead but afraid to face it. And yet Eun Oh is undaunted and faces her later yet again. He doesn’t know why he’s feeling this way and the consequences of it all-he’ll think about them later but for now. “You told me not to like you… but I…” she cuts him off again, asking him not to say anymore but he finishes his sentence undaunted, “…will like you, Arang.” Awww. He asks her to be honest-it’s what she does best.

Unable to face it just yet, she tells him, “What does that matter to us now? Do you want to know my honest feelings? I will say it then, without spinning words. I don’t feel the same way you do. So don’t be that way, either.”

But he’s not put off either and grabbing her wrist, he pulls her closer telling her this is their last chance.

I LOVED this scene where Eun Oh confronts her about his and her feelings-it’s obvious the two care for each other but he’s more eager to own up to it than her. For her, things are so jumbled and chaotic that she’s unable to cope with emotions especially those of loving Eun Oh and wanting to be with him, for her limited time in the world to not be so limited. If she allows herself to think about him in that way, which she already does to an extent, it means she will openly admit to the desire of wanting to linger in this world and have her happy ever after. Eun Oh meanwhile has already lost his mother-the other most important person in his life and knowing he will lose Arang too he wants to cherish the moments they do have rather than to let the chance slip by. And that instant where his expression turns to one of resolve and he just moves in for the kiss?! That’s such an aching description of the way the heart works-he knows she’ll be alright, he sees her wounds heal and his mind tells him she’ll be up any minute but he can’t stop his heart from worrying about her and in that moment, his guard totally slips and he finally decides to let it all go and like he tells her later-he’s decided to think of the consequences later. For now, he will simply like her. Show, You. Rock. My. Heart!


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