Arang and the Magistrate Episode 10 Recap

Eun Oh comes one step closer to realizing his feelings for Arang run deeper than they both realize and the revelation that their time is limited probably gives him the shove he needs to think things over and know exactly what he feels even if he may not say it out loud just yet. Arang may have told him not to harbor feelings for her but the girl isn’t too far behind him in caring for him, even though she’s yet to realize it. The Gods finally drop a hint about the big bad but that just begs a million mysteries more left to be solved. As for Joo Wal, seems his mind is wavering but one can never be too sure about what he may or may not be thinking. My favorite in this episode? That we get loads of Eun Oh-Arang moments!

As for Arang recaps, so far I’ve decided to continue with the recaps and hopefully will go with them till the end! If there’s any change, I will post here!

Episode 10:

Eun Oh runs out, intending to go after Arang and Joo Wal when a little boy comes over to him, begging him to save his father who is being beaten up at Lord Choi’s. Eun Oh tells Dol Swe to go instead but Dol Swe points out the flaw in his plan and the boy clings to Eun Oh’s leg. Eun Oh simply tells him to go and ask for help elsewhere but a few steps ahead, he stops and turns back. Yesss!

Arang and Joo Wal are walking away when she notices all the passing villagers bow to Joo Wal. Before she can comment on it, Joo Wal asks what her relationship with Eun Oh is and she sputters out a lie, “Oh? Oh! The teacher is the daughter, and temporarily put in his care. I mean, the magistrate’s teacher is supposedly my father… No, I mean, IS my father.”

Joo Wal comments that she and Eun Oh seem close but she’s quick to issue a denial to it, citing that she’s just here for a bit since her father borrowed money from Eun Oh and she’s the collateral so she and Eun Oh are not close at all! Ha! Joo Wal simply smiles at her response and it’s a sweet genuine smile. She asks what he meant by needing her help but he simply smiles on.

Meanwhile, Eun Oh is dressed in his Magistrate’s garb again and on the way to Lord Choi’s with Dol Swe. Dol Swe gripes about having to go with Eun Oh and makes more comments about Joo Wal and Arang looking chummy which makes Eun Oh scowl.

Arang and Joo Wal arrive at a dressmakers shop where he has brought her for having new clothes made for her and the help he needed-her measurements for the clothes. She asks why he’s doing this but he simply smiles. The shopkeeper starts measuring Arang and she remembers the time Eun Oh had done the measurements for her, sighing. The shopkeeper notices the sigh and her exclamation so she explains-she once went through a lot of trouble to get new clothes, to look good for someone. The woman tells her to throw away such a man-a true man would bring her clothes even if she were never to ask.

The shopkeeper further tells her Joo Wal has never brought a girl out to be fitted for clothes like this and wonders what is up with him. I’d say it’s half evil Mom and half Joo Wal’s own self-the good part! She tells Arang if a man is worried for a woman and feels bad for her, it means he is interested for her and will end up falling for her. When the shopkeeper measures her neck, Arang turns around, imagining Eun Oh measuring it instead, startling the poor shopkeeper.

Both she and Joo Wal take to the streets for a stroll next where she eyes all the foodstuff with such open interest Joo Wal follows her and asks if she wants something to eat. She devours snack after snack while he pays. When she comes upon peaches, she takes three in a row. Cutie!

Eun Oh arrives at Lord Choi’s who asks him how dare he come here, or does he really have no work to do? Eun oh tells him he’s been following a missing person’s request and his search has led him here. “What do you mean no work?”

Choi says he is questioning the man for a crime and is not done with his investigation yet but Eun Oh’s not one to let go so easily. If it’s a crime, Eun Oh’s the one who should be doing the questioning, not Choi. Besides, by going behind Eun Oh and conducting his own investigations, Choi is going against the King’s laws aka in treason. Choi is left fuming but orders the man to be released.

Dol Swe helps carry the man away while Choi’s servant makes a comment about his birth which angers Eun Oh and he punches the man. Having caught the gist, Dol Swe comes to his Master’s aide and is ready to beat the guy up when Eun Oh stops him. Once Dol Swe’s gone, he reminds the man he said he wasn’t to be trifled with and leaves with a final warning. As he leaves, Choi warns him from behind that being the Magistrate won’t be easy but Eun Oh simply leaves without a word.

Once he’s gone, Choi kicks his slave for causing this embarrassment and orders him to empty the storeroom at the government office first thing tomorrow, who knows what Eun Oh may do next.

Outside, Dol Swe recognizes the man as one of the people hovering around the Magistrate’s office. He tells Eun Oh the reason-turns out Choi has been paying the village’s taxes but charging the people high interest on it behind the scenes. The men had come to the Magistrate hoping to ask for help, thinking he might be sympathetic to their plight but either they heard rumors he wasn’t so friendly after all or they were afraid of going against Choi so they didn’t speak. Eun Oh’s about to leave when he thinks back to Choi’s words and turns to Dol Swe-go and spread around some rumors.

Next thing we know, Dol Swe is watching worriedly as the government storages are opened up and people are told to take ration from there. Haha, Eun Oh glares at him. People bow to him in thanks and he waves them off. Dol Swe comes up-that’s Choi’s stack! How could they just give it out? Eun Oh points out it’s not Choi’s but rather the magistrate’s storage. Dol Swe argues that this was all tax payment but Eun Oh reminds him they already set all that aside-means they took out the actual cost of the tax and are returning the rest.

“You know (what will happen for doing this), don’t you? YOU KNOW, but you’re still doing this! What happened to the young master who ignored injustice? Don’t get involved and cause headaches! Don’t mess with Lord Choi!”

The Bang trio meanwhile is just arriving after spending the night out drinking and all gripe about the new Magistrate-blaming Bang Wool for bringing it on them but muse that they can now do as they want. Just then, they notice the people walking away with rations around them and realizing what it means, run inside. Behind them, Bang Wool is running up, hoping she’s not too late already.

The Bang trio see the empty storages and ask Dol Swe about it. Dol Swe tells them it seems Eun Oh is serious about being the Magistrate so they should just give up. The gripe that Eun oh has no right to touch the storages-they’re Choi’s and insult Eun Oh. That gets Dol Swe riled up-how dare they insult his master?!

Both turn around to see Eun Oh standing there but he leaves without a word. He heads back to his room, remembering Choi’s words-his own subordinates won’t obey him. Dol Swe meanwhile, beats up the Bangs since they called him a ‘slave’s slave!’ He tells them that is the word he hates the most and “You can insult the young master all you like, but I will not tolerate you insulting ME!” Haha!

A flashback shows him being beaten up on the orders of a lord who’s three sons are standing nearby-beaten up by Dol Swe. The man calls Dol Swe out on being a slave’s slave and how dare he raise a hand to a nobleman. A small Eun oh watches on helplessly and Dol Swe finally gets up, sending his attackers sprawling-he tells the lord this fight wasn’t about Eun Oh and not to blame him and what he hates the most is being called a slave’s slave. Carrying Eun Oh, he heads away, telling them to bring it up with Lord Kim if they have anything more to say!

Dol Swe storms up to Eun Oh-they should leave this instant! Why do they have to put up with such insults but Eun Oh just waves him off and goes riding. Meanwhile, Bang Wool is being chased off the property by Bang and DolS we saves her, warning Bang not to mess with her or he will break his back. Ha!

Eun Oh rides away on his horse, remembering Choi’s degrading words, his mother’s obsession with her vengeance and how as a child he was always alone and helplessly running after her. He comes to a standstill finally and stares at the landscape beyond, still brooding.

Joo Wal and Arang are still walking around and she eats some more. When she sits down to eat, a beggar comes by her side but she ignores him until something catches her eye, right behind him. She extends her hand out and Joo Wal and the beggar watch-there’s no one there. Except, a ghost is there and watches baffled as Arang offers the food to him. Haha! She then gives some to the beggar by the side and they both run off, the ghost turning back to wave at her. She waves back and Joo Wal wonders who she’s waving at.

Joo Wal comments on her healthy appetite and she mutters it’s become a habit now. She’s never sure when she’ll eat again so she eats a lot. She makes up a story with her father’s context, “Back then even though I ate and ate, I was hungry… Oh, That was a long time ago when my father went wandering around and neglected me…” And that reminds her, she starved because of Eun Oh yesterday! “That magistrate! If he’s not hungry, does he think nobody else is?”

But that puts her in a worrisome mood-what if he didn’t eat all day today? What if he faints?! Aww, so cute! Said person is riding back into the village at the moment.

As they walk back, Joo Wal says he will send the clothes with someone but she asks him the reason he’s having them made for her. He says he just wanted to do it. She tells him she followed him for a reason, to ask him something but she’s not ready to ask it just yet. Thanking him for the day, she promises to pay him back with interest. He laments that they were unable to see the flowers since it is late now but she tells him, “You have to go at night to enjoy it.”

But that reminds her of Eun Oh again and she starts worrying about him again- “He didn’t faint, did he?” Just then, Eun Oh rides up to them. Arang wonders where he’s coming back from so late and Joo Wal says he was just escorting her back home but Eun Oh simply holds his hand out to Arang, “Let’s go!

Arang takes his hand, bidding Joo Wal thanks for the day and telling him to be careful on his way home, “There are lots of crazy guys around after dark!” He simply smiles at that but the smile vanishes once Arang and Eun Oh are out of sight.

Arang and Eun Oh are out on a ride- “Just to get some air!” Eun Oh says and asks if she asked what she wanted to ask. She wonders why he looks so deflated and tells him she couldn’t ask him yet. He asks why and she tells him Joo Wal brought her clothes. WHAT? He asks sharply. She says what she wanted to ask was, “Look here! Did you do this for your fiancee Lee Seo Rim? If you didn’t, what is the reason you are doing this for another girl?” But the moment she opened her mouth, she was afraid. Eun Oh comments, “With you feeling jealous of your own self, I can see why.”

She says she’ll probably ask next time but he balks at that-why meet again? He can’t even remember her! She tells him, “Lee Seo Rim is Lee Seo Rim. I am me!”

She muses that the reason Joo Wal got her clothes is probably because he likes her-and that makes things easier for her. But that’s an alarming bit for Eun Oh and he bursts out what?! Arang wonders what’s wrong with him and he mutters, “Worried! I’m just worried about you! I don’t know what he is planning but he isn’t sincere! That you will cry and bawl, because that might happen, that’s why I am worried.”

He stops the horse and they both get off so she approaches him then-does he like her? Someone told her that a man showing concern means he is interested in that person and likes her. Eun Oh simply sputters a “What?!” and says it doesn’t necessarily mean the person likes her but she tells him not to like her. Eun Oh repeats his denial, “I don’t like you!”

She drops the bomb, “I only have two full moons.” He wonders what she means and she explains her deal with Jade-if she can’t get the truth by then, she is going to hell. If she does, she goes to heaven. “If I am going to go anyway, I want to go to heaven so I have to find the truth of my death.

She turns away with a half smile, in a chirpy mood and walks away while he stands there, reeling from the news. Some distance away, she turns back for a moment, expression somber but not seeing him behind, she turns and starts to walk away.

Eun Oh reels from her words and runs after her, catching her arm and turning her to face him. He demands to know why she’s only telling him that now. She says it didn’t feel important. “It’s not important? Don’t you feel anything?!” She tells him whether she feels anything or not, it’s her business, not his-why is he being so angry! Eun Oh simply grabs her hand and walks away with her.

Joo Wal is in his room when he gets a visit from Evil Mom. She’s in her adoring mood towards him and says she expected him to come but since he didn’t, she got curious for news. She says the task must not be easy and asks if there is some other person in the girl’s life-he’s always known what’s coming when he’s brought girls before, she says. Joo Wal says it doesn’t seem so and Mom asks him to hurry up the whole thing. That night, Joo Wal broods over those words as he looks at Arang’s poster he had made of her in a guard’s uniform and remembers how he’d met her that time.

Dol Swe and Bang Wool wait at the Magistrate’s Office  for Eun Oh to return so she can claim her share of the ration. Both sit nervously until she asks him why he’s suddenly talking to her in jondae (formally)? He stutters at first but then speaks up, “Actually… that time… your lips…” That sends her in a frenzied panic and gathering her things, she declares she has to go now but once outside, realizes she forgot her book and goes back for it.

Dol Swe spies Eun Oh and Arang but his question of where they went goes unanswered as a broody Eun Oh simply goes in without a word. Arang watches him go. Dol Swe asks her whats wrong with Eun Oh but she says, “That’s what I want to say! You must have a hard time with him as your Master too!

Bang Wool catches sight of Eun Oh from the side and thinks she’s seen him somewhere but then mutters, “It can’t be!” She then spies Arang and Dol Swe coming in and hearing Arang’s voice, thinks she recognizes it. Bang Wool and her meet eye to eye but Arang walks away, not talking to her. Dol Swe tells Bang Wool to be careful on her way home and promises to make sure she gets her share of the ration.

Eun Oh spends a restless night thinking over Arang’s words about only having two months. He mutters to himself, “That bad girl! Why only tell me now!” Arang as well spends a broody night-she didn’t say it because it was unimportant, it was unimportant!

In heaven Mu Young goes over his encounter with watching Eun Oh vanquish the red reaper and wonders at the signs on his fan-how could a human have the power only reapers do? He thinks the fan is the answer to it all.

Lord Choi steams and tells his man to bring him Eun Oh’s neck this time-no need to chase him away!

The next morning, Eun Oh has dark spots under his eyes again-poor guy couldn’t sleep all night. Dol Swe comes in with his clothes from the day of the fall-all cleaned up with the talisman he found as well. Dol Swe asks that the storage be opened for one citizen who was left but Eun Oh’s in a hurry and rushes out. Poor Dol Swe cries, “How can you do this to me?!” hehe. Eun Oh goes and wakes Arang up, calling her amnesia once again.

The Bang trio sit together and muse that this is indeed strange now. Lord Choi should have unleashed his wrath by now-over the villager incident and the handing out of his ration but he’s to quiet. One says it’s got to be the calm before the typhoon strikes.

Dol Swe visits Bang Wool-who is practicing Arang’s voice and wondering where she heard it before, haha! Dol Swe brings her pork and rice, saying this is all he can do for her but Bang Wool throws a fit over him talking to her formally and tells him to not do it anymore. However, he thinks she means bringing her the pork and rice and begins to head away crushed when she shouts out at him, “Just act like you were before! Be crude and rough!”

Haha, that stops him mid track and he turns back-what did she just say? But she hurriedly covers her mouth and says it was nothing before rushing out. That brings the smile back to Dol Swe’s face and he’s back to being gruff and rough.

In Heaven, Jade is arguing with a fairy about increasing the fire beneath a pot she has going while she declines. He argues that the medicine she’s making wouldn’t be much effective but she keeps on refusing. Jade finally turns away when Hades comes. Hades has come to ask him when he’s going to tell Mu Young the truth-that the person behind everything is Mu Yeon! Ah, so it is Mu Yeon!

Hades says he can’t watch seeing Mu Young so tormented and what bothers him most is that they know it all but can’t do anything about it. Jade points out they can’t do anything while she is in a human’s body. Hades thinks what Jade has planned is not going well-after all, when will Arang find the truth about her death since she’s busy around other stuff and will forget about the deadline but Jade argues- she’s doing very well now.

At the moment, the child in question is… back at the dressmakers shop? With Eun Oh! Haha, jealous boy sure does act well! Even the seamstress wonders what Arang’s deal is-yesterday it was Joo Wal, today it’s Eun Oh! And she clucks clucks when Eun Oh directs her on how to take the measurements, hehe! Arang gives him a glare. Once they’re done, he pays the seamstress over to get the clothes done by tomorrow and then taking Arang’s hand, off they go.

She says there’s no need for more clothes for her, she already has clothes being made for her. He starts at that reminder but then coughs, “So what if he has them made? You’re not going to wear them!” She reminds him that’s up to her. After all, since when did a Sato who saw ghosts see into people’s hearts?! Hehe, Eun oh marches back to the dressmaker and pays her to cancel Joo Wal’s order.

Arang wonders why he’s being like this and he tells her, “Heaven… I am going to send you there. So don’t go to some innocent guy and try to bewitch him. That guy will just end up pitiful!” Arang watches him with a touched look and Eun Oh walks away, tsking at the person who’d fall in love with a ghost that has just two months to live. Hehe, that is YOU, you know.  They walk off together.

As they walk up the mountain, she asks him again where they’re going and he tells her, “I told you I’d send you to heaven!” She’s not too convinced and thinks he’s probably trying to throw her away. “Am I bothersome?” He replies, “If I throw you away, are you gonna stay lost? You’d just find me again!”

She tells him she remembers her experience of going to the afterlife, “It was warm, quiet and peaceful. For a short time, I thought it’s not bad to die. But only for a short time. After that, I was dropped and spun around… and then there was a skeleton ghost protecting hell. It was like getting the illness and then the medicine, illness then medicine!” She tells him of meeting the pervy brothers and says that the next time she goes, she wants to take another route there!

Eun Oh looks around and wonders where ‘it’ is and she tells him to tell her what he’s looking for and she’ll help him but he suddenly stops and declares he found it- ‘Heaven!’ It’s a field of wildflowers. Aww, he brought her to her favorite thing-flowers! She declares its different from heaven-there are no old fogeys around but he tells her to remember the sight well and tell the old fogeys to make her like this.

As she sits with a flower behind her ear, he chuckles and tells her she reminds him of someone. He then relates a story from when he was young-there was a girl who would always have a flower behind her ear and he would always listen to her and no one else but one day, she stopped coming and he wondered why. Yet one day she appeared to him again, this time as a ghost and told him she was a virgin ghost. Okay, I hate to be asking this in the middle of everything but being a virgin ghost means mom had a hand in her death, no? Poor Eun Oh!

She asks him how he started seeing ghosts-was it from birth? He says it was after he fell seriously ill once and almost died. After that, almost like something opened he could see ghosts. At first he was so scared he did everything the ghosts asked but that gave rise to rumors in the village-the concubines son could hear, no, see ghosts! His father threw his strength around then and stopped the rumors. Not only that, he added Eun Oh to the family registry. He says matter of factly but with such a flat voice that it’s lucky to have a father like that.

She asks him if that is what a father does? “Does he block everything bad? Why wasn’t Lee Seo Rim’s father able to block that?”

He tells her not to look at her with such pity and feel sorry for him. She asks what he means to do after finding his mother.

“I’ll ask her what I meant to her.”

She wonders if that is all and he adds that after that, he will go and live with her far away-just the two of them. She asks if it’ll be the just the two of them and he agrees-just the two of them.

Arang: “When you find your mother, I’ll probably be in heaven, won’t I?”
Eun Oh: “You’ll probably be in heaven.”

They just look at each other and Arang smiles at him.


So the cat is out of the bag and Mom has been officially introduced as Mu Yeon but seriously, that just gives rise to a hundred other questions, hehe! One thing: Mu Yeon being Mu Young’s sister would mean she’s been around for ages, right? And the 400 years ago soul issue was also because of her right? But then again, Mom was always going on and on around Eun Oh about revenge against ‘that person’ for killing them all-his grandfather, grandmother, uncle and all. What was that about? Is it from her short life as a human or from the long time-in which case the uncle would be Mu Young, won’t he? This also gives strength to the fact that the Evil person whom Jade and Hades talk about-Mu Yeon, may be be totally Mom but rather that she’s been possessed. I like the Mom is evil herself angle better though-gives more tension to the Eun Oh-Arang-Mom arc but let’s see! Anyway, my mind’s simply twisting around all the facts so I’ll let em rest until Wednesday!

I love watching Arang and Eun Oh together-they are totally adorable and a perfect match! Arang’s worry over Eun Oh does not just stem from a habit, as she would like to think but is rather because she too is becoming attached to him more meaningfully than she would like to acknowledge. A poignant scene in this one was the way in which she cheerfully tells him about her impending death two moons away but once she’s away, she turns back as if hopeful of seeing him there. And the way she smiles at him in the very end, after he tells her that she would probably be in heaven by that time, it’s just heartening-like she’s assuring him she’ll be happy and well there. Girl, you’ve got my heart! Oh, n I just loved the way she gave food to that meek ghost in the back!

Eun Oh! I love the dynamics with this guy-he’s got so many layers and there’s nothing about him that doesn’t surprise. The back story was a good addition-something I’ve been wanting to know more about and it gives you even more reason to doubt he’s just another regular guy. What happened when he was young and fell sick how? And his words, “as if something opened” when defining how he could see ghosts were poignant. I wonder if his father doesn’t have more presence in his back story with his mother than we know-after all, his father did go to a lot of trouble to add him to the family register AFTER he realized Eun Oh could see ghosts. I doubt his father was someone like Lord Choi or Joo Wal are to Evil Mom-she’d probably have killed him before leaving so what was he to her?

Most of all though, I am interested in Eun Oh’s teacher in the mountains because it is obvious that guy was the one who taught Eun Oh all he knows-especially fighting. The way he simply jumps into a fight against even the evil reapers without blinking shows he was rather confident of winning the fight and the result is the same-he slits the man’s throat without hesitating. How much does Eun Oh know about good and bad in the world of spirits and ghosts?

And sending her to Heaven! Dude, you just floored me there! That is like the bestest gesture ever he could make towards her. It’s accepting the inevitable-that she won’t be here for long but more than that, it’s accepting that he cares for her enough to want to do that especially for her. Knowing she’s bound to leave, he’d rather spend the rest of his time with her together. And taking her to the wildflower field-telling her he’s taking her to Heaven-that was just LOVE! Heaven is always defined as a beautiful place-a place you’ll love, a place of your dreams and he remembers what she loves-her dreams, her wants-to be a flower or a butterfly and he takes her to that very place. A place where there’s just flowers n butterflies all around for as far as the eye can see.

I think that gesture was two fold for him-to set his own mind at ease by bringing her to the place that makes her happy and to take her mind off the fact that she’ll die like this. After all, showing her this was like saying-this is where you will be headed, your happy place, so don’t worry and just be happy!

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    Still feeling guilty for opting out of this collaboration. You’re awesome for continuing!

    Eun Oh looks dashing in his Sato’s outfit. 🙂 His blue robe also matches her.

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