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Arang and the Magistrate Episode 10 Recap

Eun Oh comes one step closer to realizing his feelings for Arang run deeper than they both realize and the revelation that their time is limited probably gives him the shove he needs to think things over and know exactly what he feels even if he may not say it out loud just yet. Arang may have told him not to harbor feelings for her but the girl isn’t too far behind him in caring for him, even though she’s yet to realize it. The Gods finally drop a hint about the big bad but that just begs a million mysteries more left to be solved. As for Joo Wal, seems his mind is wavering but one can never be too sure about what he may or may not be thinking. My favorite in this episode? That we get loads of Eun Oh-Arang moments!

As for Arang recaps, so far I’ve decided to continue with the recaps and hopefully will go with them till the end! If there’s any change, I will post here!

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