Arang and the Magistrate Episode 9 Recap

Who can resist such a sweet and innocent smile? Not Eun Oh! Or me for that matter, hehe! Theres just something so endearing about the girl whos always taking matters into her own hands, even if it means confronting reapers who smell dangerous from miles away or just another person from her past. Arang’s never one to back down and she’s always got logic and guts, even if she’s being naive and trusting! Arang, I love thee! ^^

Episode 9:

Lord Choi makes his way to the Magistrate’s office and offers to fix up his ‘shabby’ living quarters. Eun Oh says he’ll manage his own place himself, no thanks but Choi goes on and says he came at the request which Eun Oh is fast to put down saying, “It was a summons!”

Eun Oh gets straight to the point-who is Choi to butt into an official investigation and order up evidence covered or destroyed-the grave covered, the house destroyed. Choi defends his choice-it’s not a murder scene but rather a mass grave for something that happened a long time ago and people know all about it. Digging it up and looking into it is simply reopening old wounds for the people and to stop people from being hurt again, he ordered it closed.

Eun Oh doubts it was for the people’s sake and rather for Choi’s sake himself and says as much. He simply looks on when the Bang trio nod their heads in affirmation of Lord Choi’s claim, knowing better than to believe them. Using an old adage, he calls him the fox playing with the tiger while the tiger’s away. That gets to Choi and he fumes.

Just then, Joo Wal and Arang walk up. Choi has his own trick up is sleeve and bursts out laughing, controlling his temper and turns the words back on Eun Oh, claiming he’s more like the fox using the tiger’s powers-after all, he is the illegitimate son of Lord Kim with a daughter of a rebel. That angers Eun Oh into silence, as he balls his hand into a fist and realizes Arang has heard as well. Choi, I so hope Eun Oh pays you back tenfold for this today *angry fist*! Unfortunately he keeps on going, laughing about what the world has come to and how Eun Oh can play all he wants but in the real world, it won’t make a difference because he’s without any power.

Flustered at seeing Eun Oh like this, Arang turns to Joo Wal and asks that they leave now and walks away. Eun Oh watches her leave, his expression falling even more. Outside, Joo Wal apologizes to her, saying he doesn’t know why his father came here. Arang however, is absent minded, her gaze tearing back to the Magistrate Office’s walls. Joo Wal keeps on speaking to her, not realizing her mind is elsewhere. Finally, Arang stops and turns to him, “Legitimate or illegitimate-everyone person is the same! Do you know what it means that they’re the same? Eventually you die and you and I end up the same!” She leaves and he starts at her words, as if startled into thought by her words.

Inside, Lord Choi is still in his happy spree, asking what Eun Oh is going to do now, advising that a filial son would give up to save his father’s face. After all, who would respect him now? When Eun Oh looks at the Bang trio, they turn their heads away defiantly, no longer respecting him. Choi tells him he’s leaving with that advice. Eun Oh fumes and rises to argue when Arang walks in through the gate, “Look here, you old fogey!” Haha, now that name is a perfect fit here!

She rails straight at him, literally getting into his face! I love that! What’s so wrong about being illegitimate-who’s to say it’s bad and who made up these rules anyway, she demands to know! “I know that Jade Emperor old fogey a bit, and he doesn’t make such childish rules!” Choi begins to rail back at her but she keeps on going-So where is it that such legitimate persons such as himself come from? She uses pun by mixing up the words for illegitimate birth with directions (the first is suh chul and the second is suh).

“You look down on illegitimate birth (Suh-chul) people so it can’t be the west (Suh)! Where is it? East, north, south? Where do you have to be born to be higher and more precious than all other people?”

Choi is totally fuming but unable to come up with a comeback and she goes on, telling him it’s because it’s a ridiculous notion anyway and he sputters that he’ll kill her. She smirks and tells him to go ahead and kill her-only it’ll be his hands that hurt and offers her head. Choi angrily raises his fist to strike but Eun Oh grabs his hand while Joo Wal moves forward and pulls Arang back. Ah, when did he come back?

Choi stares at Joo Wal, wondering what he’s doing here. Joo Wal doesn’t respond and Eun oh’s gaze travels back and forth between Joo Wal and Arang. Surprised at Joo Wal’s gesture, Arang looks at him but then turns to Eun Oh. The Bang trio looks at each other-what is going on?! Haha! Eun Oh refuses to let go of Choi’s hand, him and Joo Wal busy in a glare down when Joo Wal asks him to let go-he will take his father back. Eun Oh finally lets his hand down and Choi snaps at him but Joo Wal shouts at him, “Let’s go!”

He turns to Arang and promises to return some other time for their outing missed out today. In a huff, Choi leaves, followed by the Bang trio and Joo Wal. Outside, he rants at Joo Wal who ignores him and he leaves, muttering that he won’t let these guys off.

Once they are gone, Eun Oh and Arang turn back to each other, clearly looking for what to say. Finally, Eun Oh speaks up first and in his usual manner tells her she just has to move and cause an accident! What was the need to butt in! She counters that unlike someone, she can’t hold it in when she sees an injustice. He repeats her puns, telling her she actually spoke so ignorantly he couldn’t hold it in and watch patiently. She retorts that it’s not because she’s ignorant-you have to counter stupidity with stupid logic against ignorant people!

He turns to go but turns back and asks where she was going with Joo Wal and she tells him she couldn’t go because of him. “Should I go now and find out?” He totally deflects at that, snapping that she doesn’t even know the rules of conduct between a man and woman even though she’s grown up. Why’d she go around chasing him and tells her not to go anywhere.

She goes further and tells him to just live according to his status without worry over legitimacy and illegitimacy. “There are plenty of smart people of illegitimate birth!” He heads off to his room and she calls out after him with a smile-he was looking handsome in the Magistrate’s uniform! Once he’s gone, she sighs and heads away. Inside, Eun Oh sits dejectedly.

Lord Choi takes his complaints to Evil Mom. Joo Wal is running around with a girl-does she know that? He even brought her to the house yesterday and rails that he, Choi, has done so much to take care of and protect Mom. Will she just keep watching? She tells him to leave-she’ll take care of matters herself.

Joo Wal comes home that night and sits in his room, going over Arang’s words earlier about everyone becoming the same after death. Choi instructs his spy to gather some men and teach Eun Oh a lesson-no mistakes tolerated.

Dol Swe wonders why Bang Wool didn’t appear in the market today and walking up to her house mutters that he isn’t the kind to go looking for a person up to their house but since it’s a matter of his master, he has to persevere. Oh yes, you do! At the moment, Bang Wool is presenting a dish of kimchi to her gods, lamenting the absence of other side dishes but she needs money for that. She flashes back to her kimchi scene with Dol Swe and hangs her head in mortification, jumping back when she sees Dol Swe actually by her side, causing him to coil back with a scream. Haha. He asks why she’s screaming so she tells him he startled her and asks why he came to see her.

In his room, Eun Oh is still in that same posture while Arang is worried in her room. She finally heads back to his room and seeing his shoes still outside, pokes a hole through the screen wall. Seeing him sitting with his head hanging, she goes back into worry-he must be so troubled too! Except, a close up of Eun Oh reveals the sound of snoring-he fell asleep like that. Haha!

Dol Swe and Bang Wool make their way to the Magistrate’s Office and he leads her to Arang’s quarters. He wants her to tell him for sure if she is a ghost or a gumiho, promising a feast for her gods in return. He calls out to Arang but she’s not there and heads off in search for her. Once he’s gone, Bang Wool worries about and tries to contain her heart’s fluttering. Arang comes up from behind and recognizes Bang Wool, approaching her with a smile.

Except, Bang Wool thinks she is the other woman Dol Swe talked about and starts sputtering off question after question which is totally out of context, while being in context otherwise-are you still hanging around here? She’s already gotten enough so should just leave now! Batting those pretty eyelashes and pretending she can’t hear and doesn’t know won’t work since “he asked me to get you away from him.”

Arang listens to it all and in the end wonders what she’s talking about. But before she can reply, the Bang’s happen to pass by and recognize Bang Wool, chasing her out. Dol Swe arrives in time to hold them back and help Bang Wool get away. Arang watches them all with a roll of her eyes like-what is going on?!

On the bridge, Hades and Jade are still at their game except, Hades is in no playful mood. Jade comments that the game is no fun since Hades is scowling so much. Hades tells him to imagine he lost one of his fairies and Jade answers, “Scowl! As much as you want, scowl!”

That riles him up even more-when is he going to tell Mu Young, he asks Jade. “How long are you going to let this be?” Jade doesn’t reply.

On the ground, reapers are chasing around ghosts, Mu Young included while Evil Mom goes to her lair and examines her case of swords with a smile. The creepy one, you know, which just foretells bad.

Arang runs up to Eun Oh’s room and crawls back to the hole she made, intending to look inside when the door suddenly opens and she draws back with a gasp, startling Eun Oh. He asks what she’s doing and she makes up the excuse that she was just passing by. She asks him if he wants to go look at these really pretty flowers and he’s like-yeah right, this late at night! She tells him to just come and lighten his mood, leaning forward she smiles at him sweetly and bats her eyelashes. That makes him smile and he agrees. OMO, CUTE! He notices her bloodied clothes and stops.

Later, they both walk down a path, heading to the flowers while she smiles like a little girl with new clothes. When she asks if these were the only clothes he had, he points out she spent three years as a ghost well enough in one suit and now she’s picky about them? She turns back and asks him if he asked Bang Wool to get rid of her. He doesn’t know what she’s talking about and she spots the flowers ahead, running off in anticipation, telling him she got curious since the Young Master told her this morning that he’d bring her here to show them to her.

That miffs him but she’s oblivious and happily goes on, telling him she loves flowers the most. “When I die I want to be reborn as a flower… No, I’m going to be born as a butterfly!” He smiles at her words and she exclaims they’re pretty. He asks if it’s the first time she’s seeing them-wasn’t she a ghost for three years and didn’t she see them then? She tells him she saw them so much she got tired of them.

But it’s the first time I’m seeing them with you! So even though it’s the same view, it looks different!”

That flusters him and he stutters-what is she talking about. She gets close to him, flustering him even more and asks for a peach-since he was like that all day she didn’t even eat anything! Her stomach rumbles to prove her claim and he asks if that’s why she was hovering around his room all day. Of course, she says, why else would she.

As they walk back, she gripes about not having a peach. He tells her they can’t magically appear and she should have asked him beforehand so he could get one. She changes the topic and asks why he’s looking for his mother-she can’t remember her family so cannot understand why he is like that. He explains she disappeared because of him. The mother he remembers was one who was so caught up in revenge she never spared a glance or space in her life for Eun Oh or his father. He used to feel sorry for her and hate the world that made her like this.

But once, he felt hatred for her and was unable to control his hatred and in that moment, realized he had hated her all along. Arang is obviously confused and cannot understand his logic-if someone he hates disappeared, isn’t it a good thing? He simply laughs at himself, wondering why he’s talking of such stuff with her anyway.

As they round a corner ahead, they run into Choi’s henchmen, waiting for them. They demand his purse and with a smirk, Eun Oh throws a coin at their feet, walking by and Arang smirks as she follows him. The leader turns around to attack Eun Oh and clearly expecting it, Eun Oh pushes Arang aside and knocks the guy back, knowing they’re here for a fight. He hands his hat to Arang, telling her to sit tight on a rock behind and heads into the fight.

Of course, he’s good at it and knocks them down one by one, defending Arang as well when one of the assailants makes his way towards her. Then, he draws his fan and fights with it, using it as a weapon. On the sidelines, Mu Young stands watching. Okay, that rap in the back isn’t suitable here. One of the men throws a dagger at Eun Oh but he deflects and it hits the leader who drops dead. When the leader wakes up as a ghost, Arang tsks tsks at him, muttering the reapers will be here soon and wonders why they haven’t come yet.

Just then, the red reapers-uh, evil Mom’s reapers drop in and drag off the ghost. Eun Oh and Arang watch them in puzzlement. They’re not reapers, Arang realizes and heads after them. Mu Young watches her head after them worriedly and heads after her himself.

Haha, I love Mu Young’s scowl when he watches Arang follow the guys and call out to them. Seriously girl, Eun Oh’s right, you’re always landing in trouble everywhere! Arang calls out to the red reapers and tells them they’re not supposed to drag him off like this and tells the ghost so. One of them shoves her away. Eun Oh is still fighting the men off and finally kicks them all down. Choi’s servant, watching from the sidelines, heads away in frustration. Eun Oh looks around and is worried to see Arang gone so calls out her name, “ARANG!” I love how he uses her real name every time she’s in danger! He heads off to look for her, and by coincidence in the direction she went.

Meanwhile, a red reaper holds his sword to Arang who is now flustered and asks the reaper what he is-how can he carry a sword around like that. Now scared, she tells him nothing will happen even if he stabs her and to just take the ghost and leave she won’t say anything. The reaper moves in to stab her anyway which is when Mu Young interferes and draws him off. The other moves in to stab her but Eun Oh steps in and protects her-drawn here by the sound of the swords.

He points out he told her to not move and just sit still, hehe. Mu Young and Eun Oh fight off the reaper-and this time, Eun Oh opens his fan and fights. It’s a white fan but there are drawings at its end. Mu Young stabs his reaper who disappears and Eun oh slashes the throat of the other with his fan-he disappears as well. A surprised Mu Young looks on.

Arang approaches Mu Young and asks what they were and how there could be something like that. Noticing Mu Young looking at her angrily, she tells him his ghost wasn’t stolen thanks to her so he shouldn’t be like that but he says everything was ruined because of her. With that, he walks past Eun Oh and disappears.

Eun Oh turns to Arang finally and grabs her arm, shouting at her with a worried expression, “I told you not to move. When I tell you not to move please just stay still!” She’s surprised at his outburst-he only told her to sit there but he continues, “Don’t make me go around looking for you… Don’t make me go looking for you. Don’t do things that make me worry!

Mom is in her evil lair when the sound of something breaking brings her out of her closed eyes stance. Worriedly, she approaches a wall where two of her vases now lie broken. Ah, so the red reapers are actually dead now. She stands there and whispers angrily, “Mu Young. That guys is getting in my way!” She turns back to glare at a mirror in the corner. Choi’s man gets a handful from his boss at the failure.

In Hell, souls climb steps while Hades’s voice booms out, calling them out on speaking lies and pretending it’s the truth while pretending to believe in gods. Hilariously, while they are an inch in height, he is like the enlarged version of the Hulk compared to them. Knocking his scepter on the ground, he condemns them to hell and they vanish.

Eun Oh and Arang arrive at home, silently and head their separate ways with a single word. Hehe. Once inside her room, Arang goes over his outburst again and wonders, “But I’m the one who’s worried! Why did he say that?!” She covers her cheeks as if blushing and whispers, “It doesn’t seem like anything… but it makes me see him as man!” She wiggles under the covers, shaking herself and trying to forget the moment.

Mu Young comes to see Jade who is fishing but Jade tells him to go and give the ones he caught to Hades so he may have something to calm his anger. When Mu Young’s gone, Hades turns up, announcing he’s here and asks where Mu Young was. Jade says he was after the demons-he probably wanted to go and confirm that person’s identity. Hades points out she moves but they can’t see her and wonders if Mu Young has guessed her identity.

Jade says it must be more nervousness and he would want to confirm. Hades points out Jade can simply sit here and watch it all so what does it matter to him.

“I don’t know that one crucial thing. The human heart!”

Hades tells him to just sit in a judgment seat like him and he’ll know-human hearts are either good, bad… or weird and just to think, is Mu Young the good guy or the bad guy. And then counters his own logic-Mu Young isn’t human anymore so there’s no need to think about it anyway.

Arang comes out of her room the next morning to find Eun Oh standing outside-in his night clothes. Haha. And are those dark circles under his eyes?! Of course, the reason he’s here-to clarify why he said what he said last night. He coughs and clears his throat and starts to say, “I thought about it… Why I said the things I said last night…” She adds that she thought about it too and his eyes widen and panicking inside, he wonders-why did she think about it all night?

It’s because of your mother!” She declares and he starts at that-clearly not the excuse he’d picked but nods, “How’d she know!” She points out there can’t be any other explanation-he needs her to find his mother and he says it’s exactly that which is why he was a bit sensitive yesterday. He goes on, “I thought about it… a way to worry less about you!”

Cue him leading her to a corner and declaring he will teach her self defense. She points out she already learnt it all as a ghost-that was a must for survival! From a distance, Dol Swe watches, wondering what’s going on. Eun Oh tells her he will teach it to her properly now but she asks that he teach her to fight with swords instead-the way he had the fan. But he’s too into his own plan and tells her he’s starting on today’s lesson.

He starts to move in as if hugging her, saying, “If a guy moves on to you like this…” but before he can say more, Arang promptly knocks him down with hit after hit. I love the way she dusts her hands afterward. Watching him on the ground in pain though, she asks him worriedly if she went too strongly. From afar, Dol Swe approves-this would make his young master start disliking the girl! As Eun Oh gets up, Arang reminds him she told him she knows it all already and he tells her they’re just getting started and tells her to turn around.

Once again, he moves in to hug her from behind, “If a guy moves on to you like this…” but she turns around at the last minute-I already know it all, so that they end up face to face in close quarters. He stares at her flustered while she simply blinks at him, unaware of the effect of their close proximity on him. From afar, Dol Swe watches with a baffled expression-what is going on?!

As Eun Oh backs off, Arang asks what’s wrong and flustered, he runs off, telling her it’s only until this today.

Arang comes out of her room and sits on the steps, muttering that it isn’t the time to be worried about others since she’s the one who made all the previous magistrates end up dead. Looking towards heaven, she yells an apology, “I’m sorry. Now that I remember my death, I know how scared you must have been. When I go to the afterlife I will make it up to you!”

Meanwhile, Choi’s minion is beating up a man for going to the Magistrate’s office for help. The man refuses to let them know why he went to the Magistrate and Lord Choi sends his crying son, begging for mercy away.

Just then, Joo Wal walks by and Choi looks on with anger. Remembering how Arang insulted Choi, Joo Wal smiles. Looking at Evil Mom’s lair, he sinks into thought. Choi meanwhile wonders why Evil Mom hasn’t made a move yet and wonders if the two of them are planning something.

Mom is sitting in her room, thinking about Mu Young when Joo Wal comes. He asks her what he’s most curious about-Arang. “How can that girl not die? How can she have that ability? What is her identity? Is she… not human too?” Mom’s not in the mood to dally-she’s not interested in the girl’s identity, there’s only one thing she wants and tells him to go and just do as she has instructed.

Later, once alone, she wonders to herself-how could Arang have that ability? Did they make her that way to catch her? She laughs sarcastically at that.

Arang gazes into the mirror telling herself she’ll accept it. What, girl? She says Seo Rim knew unrequited love and nods her head-Eun Oh was right, there is just the Young Master. What for?!

Eun Oh arrives outside Arang’s room to find Joo Wal already there. Eun Oh wants to know why he wants to see Arang but Joo Wal holds his ground and says Eun Oh has no business to know that. They’re still busy in that discussion-Eun Oh telling him he’s no business coming in and out of a place freely where a woman lives when Arang shows up.

Joo Wal says he came because of their unfinished business yesterday and asks her if she can come with him now. Arang looks past him at Eun Oh who is scowling but tells Joo Wal it’s good he came because she was about to find him. Eun Oh comes over and drags Arang away for a talk-there’s no need to go out. “Don’t go!”

She wonders why he’s being like this and points out that she said she’d do things the way she wanted-he needn’t worry. He rails at her not to do things that make him worry-he’s not at ease when she goes out with Joo Wal and there’s something suspicious about the way he keeps hanging around her. She tells him she’ll go anyway-there’s something she wants to ask him. She’s curious-did he really not know Seo Rim to the point that he can’t even recognize her face or is he simply pretending.

Eun Oh’s left fuming and decides to go after them when Dol Swe comes in to rub salt in the wounds-she was going so happily with Joo Wal, chummily hanging around him. Eun Oh heads after them with a scowl when the little boy, who begged Choi for his father comes and begs him to save his father’s life-Lord Choi’s man is beating him up. Oh, that’s a nice turn. What will Eun Oh do?

The boy gets down on his knees and begs him. Eun Oh decides to send Dol Swe instead and head off after them but Dol Swe stops him-how can he go into a nobleman’s house just like that! The boy hangs at his leg again and begs but Eun Oh tells him, “Little boy, go and ask somewhere else.”

With that, he walks off. But just a few steps ahead, he turns back to look at the boy, conscience stricken.



Oooh, that was a good end! I am so loving this series throughout and it’s nice to see little pieces start putting themselves together like this! Here’s Eun Oh-the man who obviously bypassed whenever he saw an injustice but now, what does he do now? He’s helping Arang and that one gesture-although he started it because of his mother has become a lot more than just that and he can’t simply shrug things off anymore. The way he tells the boy to ask elsewhere, but then just after he looks back and decides to turn back-that has won me over!

Eun Oh’s fan… it’s not just a fan, is it? The way they showed it up close in the shots and the patterns on it, and the way Mu Young reacted, that is definitely another mystery. And obviously, just a normal fan wouldn’t have slashed through a reaper so easily! Also, the way he easily slipped into the fight-there is certainly more to him than just the man who can see ghosts! That reminds me of Dol Swe’s reference to his ‘teacher’ in the mountains-is this somehow related? And all that makes you think-is he a bigger part of the plan than let on? I certainly hope so because that makes it all the more interesting and gripping! Maybe Arang was the one Jade let go because she was to meet Eun Oh and influence him so!

And the way he confesses to Arang-the reason he’s looking for his mother is because she disappeared because of him and yet, this act isn’t out of loyalty or love, rather it’s his way to atone for hating her. I can’t blame him for hating her-she’s been so cold to him as seen from all the flashbacks yet this just gives us another hint that Eun Oh isn’t just a cold person like his mother after all. He’s guilty for being so hateful of his mother-a relation otherwise held in such love that he wants to atone for it and so spent three years looking for her. And this just adds more fuel to my Mom-Eun Oh-Arang angle!

Joo Wal showed some growth, if not a lot in the past two episodes-not leading Arang straight on and questioning Evil Mom, even though he’s still too scared to do more. At this rate, I really wanna see more of him grow out of Mom’s clutches. Show us your humanity! And the way he went over Arang’s words again and again-I loved that! It’s just the opposite of what he strives for-to be someone in this world despite being nobody but Arang’s innocent words bring his mind to something he’d really never given any thought to-death makes the score neutral! There’s no exalted status after that-it’s the same for everyone, whoever you are. I hope he goes down this path more!

Who wouldn’t enjoy watching Eun Oh go crazy like this over Arang-and I love the way she’s all matter of fact because to her, the concept can’t even fathom. Even though she’s back as a person, to her, her time is still numbered and her days not much different from when she was a ghost! And what ghost has the time to fall in love? Her reasoning for Eun Oh’s words was so cute! She literally can’t fathom him falling for her, even though she might have seen him as a man in those short moments. But again-to her, everything is limited so she can’t dwell on things and go too deep. It’s not her nature, nor a luxury she can afford!

And the way she’s happy when he gives her the new clothes and she gets to see the flowers with him-it’s not necessarily a romantic sensation she’s feeling when she’s happy he’s the one sharing the sight with her-rather, he’s like the person who knows what she’s been through-the one who can, if not relate, at least understand to an extent her life and so, the new experience of eating peaches as a human, of seeing flowers excites, even more so when he’s with her because that means she can let out her feelings, tell him how she’s feeling about it all. And I just love that moment because of her eager happiness, open smile and the way she expresses her feelings!

And Dol Swe, you made my day today!!

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