Arang and the Magistrate Episode 7 Recap

Sorry for the late recap folks but things just got lazy for me cause I didn’t get time to do this over the weekend and after that, it just somehow dragged on! Anyway, here’s episode 7’s recap. Hopefully, Episode 9’ll be up soon too (Think: hopefully tomorrow!). Episode 8 might not be up soon though or for some time yet but I’ll update once something is worked out! Till then, enjoy the recap!

Episode 7:

Clutching the cloth he found on the tree, Eun Oh runs back to the grave site. Kneeling by it, he rearranges the talisman’s he found keeping the grave shut and the cloth he found. The four talismans go for North, South, East and West-the major directions. The cloth goes between two. It shapes a five cornered star. Realizing what it means, he runs around once again, now finding more black clothes around-northwest, southwest, southeast.

Meanwhile, Mom leaves her room and is heading somewhere when she turns around and glances back at the mountain just as Eun Oh removes the cloth from the tree, as if sensing something is amiss. In Heaven at the same time, Jade, Hades and Mu Young stand at attention near a crystal ball and it begins to crack. Jade watches it with concentration.

Eun Oh lays down more and more of the clothes, until there is only one left. Elsewhere, mom stops short once again. And the crystal ball in heaven cracks more.

When Eun Oh spots the final talisman cloth, it’s at a Cliffside, tied to a tree. Below them, the river is flowing wildly. Slowly and steadily, Eun Oh reaches out to try and get it. Behind him, the Bang trio arrives just then. They see him at the Cliffside and one of them pipes up-this is the perfect opportunity! All they have to do is push Eun Oh and they won’t even have to worry about the blood or taking care of the body. Haha, finally, they send the head of the trio to do the deed who approaches slowly.

Haha, cut to a shot later where Eun Oh is trying to reach over for the talisman while Bang stands behind him, hands poised for the shove, but unable to convince himself to go forward and do the deed. Eun Oh finally reaches the talisman and grabs it off but that leads him to lose balance on his foot and sends him tumbling down the ground. As soon as the cloth is cut, Evil Mom, who was about to head into a room suddenly huddles over in surprise/shock and trembles. She turns back and looks at the Heavens, muttering, “Has it finally begun?”

Meanwhile in Heaven, the crystal shatters from one end, a piece of it falling away as mist envelops it. Inside the crystal, the grave can be seen. Hades watches it with a smile while Jade mutters that it was finally uncovered and turns to Mu Young-telling him to go and look for any remnants left. Once Mu Young’s gone, Jade mutters that the person will be scrambling, since they uncovered what she’s kept hidden for so long.

He turns to Hades-they’ll be pretty busy now and muses, “What do you think? Humans are useful aren’t they?” Hades gives him a side glare and says ‘that child’ has some skills. Jade simply smiles at it.

The Bang trio is in shock, especially the one who was to do the pushing. The other two commend him for doing the deed but the poor guy keeps swearing he’s not the one who pushed him. The other two are like-Of course, we’re the only ones who know and before Lee Bang can protest more, they hear Arang’s voice ringing across the mountain as she calls out to Eun Oh. They decide to make a run for it, dragging Lee off because he’s still in shock and tries going back to the spot. As they pan out, standing by the cliff and looking down is Mu Young.

Arang arrives at the gravesite, calling out to Eun Oh over and over but gets no answer until she turns back and comes face to face with Mu Young. She freaks out at the sight of him, thinking he’s here after her but he walks past her silently. She breathes a sigh of relief when he does and telling him if possible, they shouldn’t run into each other from now on. Turning away, she continues calling out to Eun Oh and heads away looking for him. At the gravesite, Mu Young looks at her retreating back and then turns to the grave, looking at the talismans. As soon as he touches one, his eyes widen and he looks up, whispering “Mu Yeon… It can’t be… you?” Wait, is Mu Yeon his sister?

Arang runs around, finally coming to the Cliffside, calling out to Eun Oh but gets no response and seems to spot something by the spot where Eun On fell.

Joo Wal comes to see Evil Mom who is already waiting for him outside. He approaches her fearfully, trembling and she points at him in anger and ekes out, “You… because of you…” He drops to his knees and starts rattling off in fear, “I’m sorry! She was dead! I confirmed she wasn’t breathing but didn’t know she would live and run away.” Mom goes stunned as he speaks, eyes widening and asks him, “What did you say? She lived? You killed her but she’s alive?”

Arang looks over the Cliffside and finds Eun Oh lying limp on the ground several feet below. Panicking, she calls out to him again and again-is he dead or alive. She runs back for rope-untying it from the gravesite and turns to ask Mu Young for help but he walks away. Cursing that she knew he would do so, she quickly unties the rope and taking it back, ties it to a tree, calling out to Eun Oh to regain consciousness.

Finally, she starts her own journey downward towards him, slipping and eventually, losing balance and falling. As she falls and screams, Eun Oh suddenly reaches out and grabs her arm, keeping her from falling all the way to the river below. Flinching from the pain since he’s supporting her on his injured arm, Eun Oh asks her, “Were you coming to save me or going to die yourself?”

Pulling her up, they both collapse, him in a fit of coughs too. Arang worriedly asks if he’s okay and he says they both almost wait. “Wait. Oh right. You can’t die. Then I almost died for nothing! So unfair!” She’s a weepy worried mess and asks what he’s doing here anyway. Eun Oh puts the talisman in his sleeve and Arang hurriedly cuts up her skirt, tying his arm. She looks up-the rope she used was old so it cut midway, leaving them stranded.

He pipes up-there’s a way to get out of this mess. She should jump off the ledge and die. But since she’ll come back to life, she can go off n bring help. Without a word of protest, she turns to the ledge, ready to jump off but Eun Oh grabs her arm, “Are you crazy?! Can’t you even tell the difference between a joke or a serious word?!” Aww…

But she’s worried sick and shouts, “Then what do I do?!” he tells her to simply be quiet for now-all he wants is to close his eyes for a little while and he’ll think of something later. Within a moment, his eyes close but Arang presses on him, slapping his face and trying to rouse him-he can’t lose consciousness! But he doesn’t respond and she finally turns to look around for something-anything and spots a crevice in between the rocks.

Lol, meanwhile the Bang Trio sit with each other and practice-did something happen today? One asks and the others reply: Nothing happened! Poor Lee keeps trying to tell them he didn’t do anything but the others brush him off. In the skies, thunder sounds. Dol Swe walks up to them and asks them if Eun Oh hasn’t returned yet. They eke out a yes just as it starts raining and Dol Swe worries why Eun Oh isn’t back yet.

Arang pulls Eun Oh into the cave just in time to escape the rain. She shouts out at the skies, “YOU OLD FOGEY! What is this?!” Eun Oh stirs but Arang notices that he’s still bleeding-there’s fresh blood on her hands. Telling him to wait with a warning “If you die, you’re dead!” she heads more to the inside of the cave and catches sight of something. I love the way she’s mumbling that anything-a ghost or a monster may come out but even like this, she’s Arang! Hehe, Arang is turning out to be my favorite name!

Once again, she’s dragging Eun Oh to the back. Once, she notices he’s not breathing much and wonders if he’s dead but he coughs up and tells her he’s not dead yet. Once they’re inside the bigger cave at the back, he asks her why she brought them here and she retorts, “Because I felt like it!” That wrings a small painful smile from him and he touches his shoulder, not paining more than before. Arang ties the cloth tightly over it, looking around for something to light a fire with since Eun Oh is shivering due to the cold.

Seeing nothing, she envelops him in a hug from behind. That surprises him and he asks what she’s up to. “If I do this, you’ll feel warmer!” she declares and the continues. “Aish, should I have taken off my clothes?” But a breath later bursts out, “No, I can’t bring myself to take off my clothes!” He calls her amnesia but she tells him not to talk and waste his energy but he continues, “You don’t have any warmth. Didn’t you know? It really isn’t the time or place to say this but you have a lot of defects!”

That stuns her into silence for a moment but then she protests, although you can tell she herself isn’t too sure of her words-how can that be true of living people? She sits up, blows into her hands and puts them on her cheek-telling herself it’s alright, it’s healthy. Eun Oh simply sighs and Arang gets up, heading off and telling him she’ll look for something they can use to build a fire. Eun Oh says it would be better if she just stayed still-she’ll get in an accident if she goes around but she’s long gone and doesn’t hear his voice, whisper that it is.

She goes around the cave muttering to himself-isn’t he a fool? How can a person be without warmth? She can’t die sure, but that doesn’t mean the Jade Emperor didn’t make her a person! Meanwhile, Evil Mom and Joo Wal sit together and little bell chimes are heard in the background.

Arang turns around a corner, looking for something to light a fire with but finds nothing. She comes upon a spot where the floor ends and there is a deep fall to the river below. Turning back, she heads in the direction she came from, wondering what to do now. As she’s walking, a person approaches her, asking what she’s doing here. She’s obviously freaked to see him but he tells her not to be scared-he came in to get shelter from the rain. His next words are more curious though but Arang doesn’t realize it, “This isn’t a place for people to walk around in so why did you come in?”

Arang asks him for help-there’s someone hurt. She leads him back to Eun Oh. The man sees that Eun Oh is quite injured and Eun Oh asks the man if it’s still raining outside. The man tells Eun Oh not to talk too much, telling him it’s pouring outside. Arang asks him if he’s got something to light fire with. In a now changed voice, he calls her noisy and shows her grass he’s carrying. “I always carry something to start a fire with! I don’t like raw livers. Cooked liver is the most delicious!

She stares as his voice changes and in a baby like voice, the man mutters, “But I like raw livers!” His other persona comes back and slaps this one, telling him to be quiet. Uh oh!

Arang asks who he is as he advances on her, wondering at his luck to have two livers at the same time. He grabs hold of her and sniffing, says she has a delicious liver “like a newborn baby’s!” He wonders how it could be but moves in for a bite anyway. He’s hit by something to the back of his head. It’s Eun Oh.

Eun Oh’s standing on the man’s walking stick and mutters that he knew something was off the moment a main seeking shelter from the rain walked in totally dry! He points his finger at Arang-“See! You move and it’s an accident!”

He tells the man he can have Arang’s liver all he wants, but not his and turns to punch the man even in his state. He tells Arang to run away but she won’t leave without him and helps him up, leaning him over her and walking away. She complains about his newfound strength and he mutters that it was the spur of the moment-after all, his liver was about to be taken!  She grumbles that he offered hers easily enough. “You’ll have a new one, won’t you?”

But their moveout is cut short by the man who attacks them again, sending Eun Oh tumbling to the ground and punches him a few times. Arang moves in to the rescue, grabbing the man’s arm so he turns his attention to her. He punches in his hand to grab her liver but stops short stunned when nothing happens. Now wide eyed and fearful, he asks her “What are you? You’re not a human! But you’re not a ghost either!” At that, Arang head butts him and as he lies on the ground, she shouts at him, “I’m a human!” Love her spark!

He stares at her and asks for her real identity-she insists she’s human but he suddenly cries out, “You… Perhaps are you… You?” He suddenly goes excited again and shouts out that he can’t believe his luck today and moves in to attack her again. She screams and closes her eyes.

But he stops short a step away from her and turns to look at the new intruder on the side. Mu Young. Aha! Now that ought to be fun! He shrinks back in fear-the head reaper?! How could a reaper know of this place? How could he enter?

Mu Young draws his special sword and the man turns to Arang, muttering crazily. Arang wonders what’s wrong with him and the man says, “If I’m right about you (being it), then you’re in big trouble!” Mu Young slashes him down before he can say any more and grey fog, shaped and unshaped emit from his body. Using his special cane, Mu Young draws the energy in, like the other reapers sucked the ghosts. As he disappears, only his clothes are left.

Arang turns to Mu Young-what was it? “A soul so warped even he doesn’t know what he is. I don’t know how many came out. They were sealed away for a long time.” Wait, is this the souls from 400 years ago-the ones that Hades said went missing and asked Jades to do something about? She wonders how that could be; she’s never heard or seen such a thing! “If you lose yourself, no matter what you are, who you are, you become a demon.” Ah, that rings so true somehow! She misinterprets his words and wonders why someone would seal this place but Mu Young tells her it’s not the place that was sealed.

Before she can ask more, he disappears as fog.  Remembering Eun Oh, she heads over to his side, trying to rise him, asking if he’s dead. He comes to moments later and mutters, “Not yet!”

Joo Wal and Evil Mom are still sitting in the same manner. Lord Choi is sleeping meanwhile.

Dol Swe’s still wondering about his Young Master and asks the Bang Trio to go look for him! They agree to go but once the rain lets down. Dol Swe can’t take it no more and heads off-“Even if Young Master dies, I have to die with him!” hehe.

Mu Young comes to report to Jades and Hade. There was a demon and he showed up where people could see and hear it. He’s now worried what else might show up and where, saying it’s the result of a rift in the seal. Both Hades and Jade are troubled-Hades more so- “When did that person’s strength get so much? Doesn’t it mean he could simply make and call demons at will now?” Jades tells him it may be so but they needn’t worry. “We have that child-our last weapon!”

At that moment, Eun Oh and Arang are still in the cave-him lying on the ground, eyes closed and her sitting by his side. Thanks to the demon Mu Young killed, they now have clothes and grass to burn for fire! As she checks up on him, Arang rails at Eun Oh-what would he have done if she hadn’t come along? Without opening his eyes, Eun Oh asks her if she’s fine where she was stabbed? Arang’s surprised at it-wasn’t he asleep? She’s chattering so much, he retorts, how could sleep even come near him, hehe!

She tells him she’s fine and is more interested in catching the guy who did this to her and he promises to find him, along with Seo Rim’s killer. She lies down next to him and wonders what he thinks of the ‘one who loses himself becomes a demon’. She muses that although demons and spirits seem the same-they aren’t. Demons don’t even blink an eye at taking away someone’s liver like that-that is just evil.

If she went to hell, she tells him, she would never have become such a creature but then  corrects herself-no, she won’t even go to hell. Looking over at him, she asks if he’s sleeping but he gives no answer. As she watches him, she remembers the first night she had slept next to him when he had pretended not to see her. Today too, she looks at his features once again before smiling lightly and whispering, “Sleep well!”

A moment later, with closed eyes, she asks him if Seo Rim’s fiancé came to the funeral-he must’ve come, right? But she was too frantic and didn’t look. Getting no reply again, she opens her eyes and says she should’ve just appeared in front of the young master instead of Eun Oh-would save a whole lot of suffering. Finally, she orders him, “Don’t die!” and closes her eyes.

In the morning she wakes up to find herself alone and calls around for him anxiously. He finally appears behind her and tells her they have to find a way out since the cave part he just came from is starting to collapse. They find their way out to the ledge they got in from and wonder how they’re going to get away from here when a rope drops down on them. It’s Dol Swe to the rescue!

Haha, he makes sure to rant at Eun Oh for being there, saying he looked everywhere all night and turns to send a scowl in Arang’s direction. Hehe, she wonders why he seems to hate her so much. Eun Oh just tells her to go up first but Dol Swe yanks the rope back up-It’s Young Master first, no negotiations!

Eun Oh goes up when Dol Swe won’t allow Arang up first anyway and then starts to pull Arang up. Unfortunately, as he goes up, he keeps muttering scenarios-what if the ledge collapsed and poor Arang tells him to stop saying such stuff and jinxing it. Once up and pulling Arang, he mutters about the rope-it looks like its frayed and will break any minute. Again, Arang protests. Unknown to them, the rope really is tearing down from a point.

She glares at him as he tells her that if it does break, just close her eyes, focus and think good thoughts-it’ll be over in an instant. A moment after he says it, the rope breaks and Arang is thrown backwards-straight over the ledge. Eun Out shouts, “ARAAANG!” She hits a rock at the bottom, dying instantly and falls over into the river.

Dol Swe and Eun Oh watch flabbergasted and Eun Oh rises to hurriedly head off in search of her but two steps ahead, he faints.

Hades and Jade hear the latest happenings from Mu Young and Hades angrily asks why the cave collapsed! Mu Young reasons it must be the escaped energy from the seal collapsing. Jades wants to know if he’s found any trace of who they’re looking for but there hasn’t been anything.

Mu Young feels his cane vibrate and turns to see it flashing brightly green. Hades snaps at him to leave and catch them all. Mu Young bows and leave and Hades turns his temper to Jade who is trying to placate him, “Isn’t it because of you?! Back then didn’t I just tell you to send that person to hell? Why did you have to break the rules and allow this to happen? Whatever the reason is, that person is showing us what happens if we don’t keep our word.”

Jade seems sorry for his part in it but tells Hades that things’ll be fine now that the grave has been uncovered and Arang’s identity has been found out. Hades says it simply means there won’t be unnecessary killings but is it really a good thing?

Mom and Joo Wal sit together and she finally turns to him with a smile. CREEPY ALERT! She tells him Arang needs to be kept alive for now and asks Joo Wal to get close to her. And since they need the magistrate alive to keep the girl here, they will leave him be for the time being. Also, “Find out what that child wants (desires) most!”

She lifts the screen between them and gestures him to come closer, caressing his cheek where she slapped him, asking if it hurt. *DAMN THAT’S FRIGHTENING!*She tells him, “Don’t be suspicious! No matter what anyone says, you are my most precious thing I have, my son!” Telling him to believe her with a smile, she turns him away.

As he walks away, Joo Wal turns back to the house and goes over her words, wondering what she’s thinking.

Evil Mom goes to an underground area-secret lair full of more creepy. Here, there are two jars in front of her and caressing them, she starts speaking-it’s time to come out. “You’ve prepared, right? There’s no one to protect me! I don’t believe humans!”

At that, two shadows emerge from the pots for a few moments before her. They are dressed almost the same as reapers, except their robes are red. When they retreat into their vases, Mom continues about her good luck in happening upon Arang. She knew such a thing existed but never thought she’d come across it. She was worried when the seal broke but it’s opened a better alternative, one she’s totally relishing.

Lord Choi wakes up and his spy comes back with the news that Eun Oh is the Lord’s son, except-he’s also a servant’s son-hence half son although the Lord accepts him as a legitimate son and has quieted all rumors. Spy has also found the reason for Eun Oh coming but Choi is too happy over knowing Eun Oh’s half roots that he’s not much interested anymore. He asks him to gather some strong men.

Joo Wal comes to the Magistrate’s office where the Bang trio assures him Eun Oh is dead and tell Lord Choi not to worry anymore. But that’s not good news for Joo Wal and he asks after Arang-to find out she’s been missing in action since yesterday too. Just then, Dol Swe walks in, carrying an injured and unconscious Eun Oh on his back.

Dol Swe asks for the doctor to be called immediately and to send men to the river-Arang fell down the cliff! Joo Wal takes off running at that while Dol Swe puts Eun Oh in his room-his condition worsened.

Arang lies on the riverside, still unconscious but her broken arm rights itself. The Bang trio hear from the doctor that Eun Oh will be alright although he has lost a lot of blood.

Eun Oh comes to consciousness for a bit and straightaway asks Dol Swe about Arang and hilariously, Dol Swe chatters on, “I’m here! ME! ME!”

Joo Wal goes to the riverside, looking for Arang and finds her washed up on shore. As he approaches her, he remembers the way she had looked when he had stabbed her. Making sure she is breathing, he looks at the cliff she fell from and back at her, wondering how she could have survived that. Just then, Arang coughs and comes to consciousness, recognizing him as the ‘Young Master’. She raises her hand slowly to his cheek and notes that he’s warm. “It’s true. It’s not a dream!”

She drifts back into unconsciousness but he shakes her, asking if she’s alright, making the excuse that he was around for work. She gets up, ready to leave although still not fully conscious and strong so ends up falling where he catches her. She shakes off his help and turns to leave but he walks after her, taking her in his arms and carries her to his horse.

She mutters that she’s alright and he need not go so far. He doesn’t respond and she tells him she’ll impose on him just until the village then. Muttering a sorry, she falls right back into sleep. He rides away with her.

At the Magistrate’s place, Eun Oh wakes up.


Another episode of some more mysteries and more questions!

One thing-I’m not too sure the Gods are talking of Arang every time they say ‘that child!’ Yes, they are referring to Arang when talking about the child who’s identity is known but why not be referring to Eun Oh when calling that cild their ultimate weapon! Won’t it make for more mystery, more arcs, more angles! After all, it is Eun Oh who broke the seal-with his bare hands! For sure, Eun Oh has some powers-not only can he see ghosts, he can also touch them which goes beyond what others do-Arang was surprised when he touched her! As a ghost, if there were people who could touch ghosts, she would have known after three years as one! Plus, Eun Oh and mom are related but he’s not even close to being as heartless and evil as she is. It makes for a much more interesting story if he and not just Arang were the crux of the matter!

And how much more frightening is Mom going to get because seriously, she’s bad enough just when she smiles! 😛 We need no more deep evil to get the point across, hehe!

As always, Jade and Hades, you guys keep things sizzling with interest because of the mysteries between you two! Now I’m wondering what exactly is the deal with the 400 year old rift and Jades role in it! Overall, he’s still my favorite God although I do feel the urge to pinch Hades cheeks every now and then, hehe!

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  1. Aw, it’s unfortunate the collaboration didn’t end well. i know how you’re feeling alice. its a terrible feeling for many graduates. the huge splash of unemployment is scary now in the economy. don’t feel too bad.

    fighting Mari!! are you planning on continuing recapping this series? i think one of the reason why it’s not popular at both sites here is because it’s being recapped at a faster rate in other places. i heard vingles doing live recap now too. too many to be honest.

    whatever you choose, good luck to both of you amazing people. 😀 Mucho love!

    ps. the cbox is overlapping the other pages of the recap. is that normal?i can’t see the box to drop a comment. or maybe my computer is again weird. LOL

  2. Formal apology to dear Mariah here. I don’t think I’m able to continue this collaboration. Things got hectic in real life and I’m feeling drained from watching Kdramas. Writing recap feels like a chore instead of a hobby. 😦

    A big sorry Mari! Like I mentioned in the tweet, I’ll make it up to you one way or another. Fighting with the recaps!! I’ll follow religiously instead of watching!

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