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Gaksital aka Bridal Mask Episode 27 Recap

Gaksital has come to avenge his personal vendetta against Kimura Taro and to help the cause of his comrades as well. Shunji finally faces Kang To once more but as always, their past and their feelings are too much for wither to ignore and neither of the two can truly bring themselves to deliver the final blow. In many aspects, Shunji is the hero of this episode as he surprises and stuns you when you thought that day might never come. He still may not be redeemable, but he’s not too far gone either! One wonders if this really is the happy ending for our long suffering hero or is this just the calm before the actual storm? Is there really no way for a freedom fighter to find happiness along with a cause? Must Kang To and Dan lose their everything-and each other for the sake of their cause?

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Gaksital aka Bridal Mask Episode 28 Preview

Alright, there’s no video preview out yet but here’s the text preview! Enjoy!

양백의 주례로 강토와 목단의 결혼식이 진행되는 가운데
제국경찰과 군인들을 이끌고 동진의 아지트까지 진격해 온 슌지는
결혼식을 마치고 행복하게 웃고 있는 강토와 목단을 눈앞에서 보게 되는데……
각시탈이 이강토라는 사실을 끝내 숨겼던 홍주를
용서할 수 없는 우에노회장은 긴페이에게 최후의 명령을 내리고……
긴페이가 홍주를 향해 칼을 빼들고 다가가는 순간
가츠야마가 그 칼을 막아내는데……


Yang Baek is in the midst of officiating Kang To and Mok Dan’s wedding

The Japanese Imperial Police Force, soldiers  and Shunji march up to Dong Jin’s hideout

Shunji sees Mok Dan and Kang To smiling at each other and happy after the wedding…

Hong Joo, who hid Gaksital ‘Lee Kang To’s’ identity till the end

Ueno, unable to forgive her for it gives Kinpei the order…

Kinpei draws his sword at Hong Joo and attacks but Kachiyama steps in and is cut by the sword….

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