Ma Boy Episode 3 Recap [Final]

This show is cute cute and a lot more cute! I had most fun with episode 1 and episode 3! This episode was such a nice wrap up of things that gives you most of the answers and gives you a good share of the cute couple Gu Rim and Hyun Woo! There’s jealousy at play, but in the same tone as the drama had before and its cute and endearing to watch. There’s misunderstandings and flawed logics that just make you wanna laugh out loud and want even more! There’s so much this drama does but most of all, it leaves you smiling!

Episode 3 Recap:

Gu Rim’s picture with Hyun Woo goes viral, landing her in trouble and she’s asked to explain herself, which she can’t, not without giving up Hyun Woo/Ai Rin’s secret. Both Tae Jun and Hyun Woo see the photo and decide to head over to her side. Meanwhile, seeing as how she can’t explain herself, the teacher is ready to dole out punishment but the principal asks to see the teacher and try to ease things a bit.

Hyun Woo’s leaving his agency just as Manager and lackey walk up. He tells them he’s got to go to Gu Rim’s side but can’t explain the reason so his Manager stops him. Hyun Woo finally bursts out that she’s in trouble because of him and he can’t just leave things be. Manager agrees to go with him.

Outside, the Aku trio  celebrate Gu Rim’s fall from grace-that means their Ai Rin will now be free! Tackle, meanwhile are also celebrating their victory but Hye Ri finds it hard to laugh at Gu Rim’s misfortune and asks her friends why they released the photo without asking her. Just then, Tae Jun runs up and goes straight to Gu Rim’s friend and asks her what’s going on. Her friend tells all she has to say is the guy’s name but she won’t say it. She reckons there must be a reason why Gu Rim isn’t telling and Tae Jun asks if he isn’t from this school?

Turning his attention to Tackle in the back, he guesses outright they were the ones responsible for the issue and tells them this was too thoughtless of them.

Hyun Woo arrives with Manager and lackey and heads straight in where Gu Rim is being asked who the guy is again-threatening her with punishment but she’s still unable to bring herself to tell them. Just then, a voice rings out, “It was me!” And Tae Jun walks forward with Hye Ri as he apologizes for being late and owns up to being the one who was with Gu Rim. Turning to Gu Rim, he admonishes her for not using his name already, stating that she must have been worried he might be caught up in scandal. Lol, and he calls her Ju Rim. Ah, boys will be boys!

The Principal is more than happy that the guy was Tae Jun-crisis averted for Gu Rim, and Hye Ri viciously nods her head confirming it was Tae Jun. Tae Jun goes on to explain his whole heroic act which Gu Rim listens to with a half scowl on her face-he’s still calling her Jang Ju Rim, until the teacher muses, “It doesn’t look like it’s you in the picture!” and Hye Ri pipes up, “Of course it was him! I saw it!” That has Gu Rim’s eyes go wide with surprise. Hehe, Hye Ri plays up her Tackle card, saying everyone knows she’s always following Tae Jun around- “That night too, I followed him around and saw him save Jang Gu Rim!

The principal happily announces the matter settled while the teacher grumbles that Gu Rim should have just said so sooner and Tae Jun turns to wink at Gu Rim who smiles back, relieved at the end but not too excited at her knight in shining armor!

Meanwhile, Hyun Woo as Ai Rin is just walking up when Tae Jun and the others come out. Seeing his crush here, Tae Jun beelines straight for her and guesses she came because she was worried about Gu Rim and tells her there’s no need. “I saved her!” He tells her he was the guy, which has Hyun Woo looking at Gu Rim. Gu Rim nods back at him. His purpose for coming nulled, Hyun Woo walks back away. Gu Rim watches him go with a heavy heart.

As Hyun Woo’s walking away, Tae Jun’s expression turns to puzzlement. He thinks aloud, “Is Ai Rin… angry? Don’t tell me, does she think I really saved Ju Rim and… is jealous?” Haha, the logic of love! And that breaks him into a sheepish smile as he guesses that Ai Rin being jealous means she likes him. Gu Rim turns to Hye Ri and thanks her. Hye Ri gruffly tells her not to misunderstand-she totally didn’t help Gu Rim because she likes her.

Watching Hyun Woo walk away, Gu Rim thanks the two for their help once again and rushes off after him. Once she’s gone, Tae Jun’s like-What? That’s all the thanks he get after he came and saved her like a perfect guy! Shouldn’t she be crying in thanks him? Hye Ri turns to him and sidles up-wasn’t she good today but he brushes her off and heads off.

Gu Rim comes after Hyun Woo but he has already driven off and she laments that she wanted to tell him she was alright. The idiot trio watches her walk away, muttering about Tae Jun saving the day and in their backdrop, stands the reporter, seemingly brushing away tree leaves. Once the trio leaves, he hangs his head thoughtfully and heads off to investigate. Watching the pool side pictures again, he says it doesn’t seem like Tae Jun. He definitely saw Ai Rin heading towards the poolside and wonders, “Where on earth did she go?” He smells something fishy and decides the first thing he needs to do is get his camera.

That night, Gu Rim comes to her room, finds Hyun Woo not in yet and wonders where he went. She can’t sleep and ends up tossing and turning all night, remembering the scene by the poolside and Hyun Woo’s expression just before he walked away in the morning. Finally, she gets up and heads out the window. She finds Hyun Woo on the rooftop. She teases him-did he not come back to the room because he felt sorry towards her? He doesn’t reply but she assures him it was all okay because Tae Jun and Hye Ri were there.

“What if those two weren’t there?” He tells her it would’ve been better if she really just said the truth, saying he feels like hell about it but she tells him not to-he’s the one who truly saved her, Hyun Woo, not Ai Rin. He realizes she knows his name and she’s like-it’s not Hyun Woo? Is it Kyun Woo? That makes them both smile as she muses the real reason he didn’t come back was because he was embarrassed. Telling him she’s in a great mood tonight, she asks him to teach her to dance.

Off to dancing it is where she does some of the most basic moves but so happily while he sits in the back frowning at her dance prowess, finally turning off the music and getting up to instruct her to ‘do it right!’  She reminds him again not to fight with dancing and tells him to just have fun with her tonight. So they both dance away in fun, smiling.

Next day, the reporter goes back for his camera which manager hands over but not before he gets a contract with the guy, although manager’s not too happy about the whole affair. As the reporters leaving, he accidentally runs into Hyun Woo, on his way to see the manager. Seeing the reporter, Hyun Woo immediately backtracks and the reporter wonders if it’s a trainee, musing he looks too much like Ai Rin. “Is it Ai Rin’s oppa?”

At school during lunch break, Tae Jun is sulking. She didn’t even call him! by she, he means Gu Rim. “I saved her!” he tells himself defiantly. Two seconds later, he wonders, “Maybe she doesn’t know my number?” That settles him a bit, of course, she didn’t call because she didn’t know his number. Just then, he spies her walk to her table with her friend. Behind her, tackle just enters the cafeteria. Tae Jun gets up just as Tackle walks up to them, causing Hye Ri to fall back… and back and back… until someone saves her. It’s the main idiot from the Aku trio and Hye Ri wails at having been saved by him, of all people. Told you these guys were perfect for one another! By now, idiot seems to think so too, hehe!

Meanwhile, Gu Rim and her friend are watching Hye Ri and don’t realize there is someone else at their table- Tae Jun in one of his poses. He asks Jang Ju Rim for her phone he still gets her name wrong, hehe. But she tells him she lost it in the water and he goes, “Ah! That’s why you couldn’t call even when you wanted to!” He asks her what she’s doing after school break.

At the bench again, he gives her a new phone and tells her not to feel too burdened about it-he’s always liked giving presents to his friends. She’s happy to hear him refer to her as friends and tells her there’s something he wants to ask her. She guesses its about Ai Rin but he corrects her-he wants to ask something about her.

He held it in for a while, not asking because he thought she might be embarrassed about it- “That mystery boy at the swimming pool, who is he? Your boyfriend?” She immediately denies it and he immediately lights up. Telling her he has to leave, he walks away but does a fist pump with a smile as he walks away. Hehe, someone’s got a new crush!

Except, Hyun Woo’s sitting in their room happily holding a new phone in his hands. He immediately hides it as soon as he hears the door open and pretends to be reading a book. He greets her happily, remarking that she’s late. She was at piano class and she tells him about the phone Tae Jun gave her. He immediately scowls-why’d that guy buy her a phone? Gu Rim tells him Tae Jun’s more thoughtful/attentive than she thought and he tells her-good for you.

She asks why he hates Tae Jun so much-after all, Tae Jun likes him/her. He points out Tae Jun likes Ai Rin, not him. She tells him to just accept a friend’s goodwill and not make such a fuss over it before heading off and he’s left grumbling at his own present until her phone, lying by his side on the table rings.

Quiet discreetly making sure Gu Rim’s gone, he picks it up and reads the message from Tae Jun. Tae Jun’s asking her what does she like in a guy under the excuse that he always asks his female friends that. Hyun Woo grumbles yeah right just as in idea hits him-he should show them what really childish is and begins typing away with a devious smile.

Cue next morning where everyone’s gaping and fainting at the sight of something. Gu Rim and Hyun Woo walk up and the latter does his best to hide a smile. Gu Rim ekes out, “Tae Jun?” and Tae Jun stands there with a new style-hair extensions like a girl on one end. Tae Jun approaches her and Ai Rin and the latter walks away with a smile while Gu Rim wonders what’s gotten in to Tae Jun. He points out she’s the one who said she liked this-in the message last night. That sends her eyes wide as saucers-she did? And scowls at the retreating Hyun Woo. Assuring Tae Jun it’s looking fine, she tells him he looks much better as he usually is and walks away.

Tae Jun stands there puzzling and then asks himself-wait a minute! What is he doing? Why is he doing what he should be doing towards Ai Rin? Could it be… he… towards Jang Ju Rim…?

Later, Gu Rim tries to approach Ai Rin in the library but he bypasses her and she’s caught by the idiot trio who tell her not to bother Ai Rin who’s studying. Meanwhile, Tae Jun approaches Ai Rin, asking if she has time later. Off to the bench it is. Hyun Woo sits there bored while Tae Jun exclaims that his heart is beating faster-that means he likes Ai Rin… But what about Ju Rim? Could it be… he’s a player? Hyun Woo shakes his head as he looks at Tae Jun, his expression clearly reading-IDIOT, hehe!

Tae Jun turns to Hyun Woo and apologizes for wavering and mutters, “What should I do?” Hyun Woo replies in voiceover, “Don’t approach Gu Rim!” Awww, hehe!

From afar, the idiot trio watches, worried that Tae Jun might confess to Ai Rin and catch sight of the reporter lurking around, taking pictures and they accost him for taking the pictures and tell him to visit their fanclub to get pictures instead.

Tae Jun meets Gu Rim and asks if she wants to go see a musical with him while Hyun Woo watches from above-literally. Tae Jun tells her there’s no one else he can go with and asks her to accompany him. before she can give an answer, he catches sight of Hyun Woo/Ai Rin and heads off after her, telling Gu Rim he’ll send her a message.

That night Gu Rim stands outside the washroom waiting for Hyun Woo to come out, scolding him for touching her cell without permission. When the door does open, she and Hyun Woo end up in close proximity and immediately turn away from one another-awkward, hehe. She admonishes him for opening the door just like that and he points out she’s the one who was shouting at him to do it.

They discuss her date for tomorrow-she strongly denies it’s a date and he asks her to call once the musical ends but she gruffly tells him she won’t and will just have loads of fun with Tae Jun before heading in to shower. Poor Hyun Woo looks crushed.

Next day, Gu Rim heads off on her date and runs into lackey on her way out who’s waiting for Ai Rin/Hyun Woo and asks if she’s coming to Hyun Woo’s birthday bash later. She’s surprised to hear it’s Hyun Woo’s birthday and walks towards the musical with a half heart as she remembers how she’d told Hyun Woo she won’t call and will just have fun with Tae Jun. Speaking of the devil, he calls out her name and waves at her with a wink, in classic pose. I just love this guy.

Manager and lackey drop Hyun Woo off later but he brushes off the need for a birthday party, just telling them he’ll rest but manager and lackey persist-at least his room mate’ll be coming but Hyun Woo mutters she doesn’t even know it’s his birthday. Lackey tells him he mentioned it to her earlier when she came out and for a moment, Hyun Woo looks hopeful but then sighs, saying she won’t come. Manager calls after him to call if he changes his mind and they leave.

Except, standing nearby in disguise is the reporter, who pretends to be an old man with a back ache. Uh, that camera hanging from your neck is a dead giveaway sir! Hehe! Anyway, the reporter has heard the whole conversation and mutters, “What was wrong with Ai Rin’s voice?” clearing his ears, muttering, it was a man’s voice.

Tae Jun sits alone at the bench as he remembers Gu Rim telling him she couldn’t go to the musical with him, making the excuse that she forgot it was a friend’s birthday. He’d let her go and told her they could always watch the musical later, muttering the friend must be really special to her. As he sits now, he grumbles, “What friend is more important than a star and idol… Could it be… that mystery boy from the swimming pool?”

Passing by behind him, Hyun Woo catches sight of him and wonders why he’s sitting there. Meanwhile, Gu Rim arrives at the agency and finds no one there so gets to setting up the place, thinking they must have work still left on schedule. She sits on the roof later, imagining surprising Hyun Woo with the cake and leading up to a kiss. Just before they kiss, her mind bubble breaks and she shakes herself, muttering she needs to gather her wits. As she sits there, waiting for everyone, lackey locks the roof door, not knowing she’s up.

Gu Rim finds her phone missing and heads to retrieve it from downstairs where she left her bag to find the door locked. Downstairs, her phone’s vibrating-Hyun Woo’s calling but getting no answer. Her friend texts him that she doesn’t know where Gu Rim is and hasn’t talked to her today. Ah, he did message Tae Jun too! Tae Jun tells him they didn’t go out today since it was her friend’s birthday. Hyun Woo immediately rushes out and arrives at the agency.

On the rooftop, he finds Gu Rim asleep with all the decorations around, cake half eaten. Sighing, he heads over to her and calls her name to wake her up. She’s happy to see him but he grumbles at her-is she an idiot? What is she doing here alone? She wanted to surprise him but he says no one told her to do that! She asks why he’s angry and he bursts out, “Do you know how worried I was?”

Why didn’t she just go on her date with Tae Jun, he asks and now angry, she retorts that she felt his birthday was more important than her date with Tae Jun. Sighing, she apologizes for going overboard and turns to walk away but Hyun Woo grabs her in for a hug. Her eyes go wide and her heartbeat skyrockets.

Hyun Woo tells her, “If you go one step towards Tae Jun now, you’re dead!” hehe. She smiles at that.

Later, he whines that she didn’t even get him a gift and ate the cake all by herself. What else could she do, she retorts-she was hungry! Hyun Woo rumples her hair in response and she asks if there’s anything he wants. “There’s not something I want, but somewhere I want to go.”

Reporter meanwhile takes pictures of Ai Rin the next day as she walks into the women’s bathroom somewhere. Instead of Ai Rin coming out, Hyun Woo comes out, dressed as a guy and reporter snaps photos of him. Uh oh.

Hyun Woo and Gu Rim head for their first date where Hyun Woo keeps losing at the rock paper scissors and gets flicked in the forehead every time. They’ve gone to some kind of play area where at the end, Gu Rim leaves a note tied with several others. Her note says, “Ma Boy ❤  Hyun Woo!

All this while, reporter is still stuck outside the spot he saw Ai Rin head into the bathroom, taking pictures of people coming and going. He’s standing there stiffly, even though he needs to go to the bathroom himself, hehe. So the guy hasn’t figured it out yet!

Hyun Woo and Gu Rim walk to the bus stop and he teases her for talking too much. He tells her he’ll sleep at the agency today after his dance exam finishes and she reminds him not to fight with dance and have fun. Hyun Woo does exactly that, earning him approving looks from his fellow dancers and the examiners there. Watching, Manager and lackey also realize there is something different about Hyun Woo today.

Manager looks on proudly and sighs as he watches Hyun Woo. As they sit together later, he tells her his Ai Rin days are over now-meaning he can now come out as Hyun Woo, his talent has really come out now. His uncle apologizes for making him suffer all this while and promises to look into a new school so he can go out as Hyun Woo now. Won’t that mean he’ll be more comfortable meeting Gu Rim.

Meanwhile, reporter looks through the photographs and realizes Ai Rin is actually Hyun Woo. Crap. Next day, he shows up to meet manager and perks up at finding a bigger catch than just ‘Tae Jun x Hyun Woo!’ he threatens to go public immediately and uncle asks him what he wants just as Hyun Woo walks in by mistake. Seeing the reporter, Hyun Woo turns to leave but reporter asks, “Where are you going, Ai Rin?”

Hyun Woo, Manager and lackey sit later to discuss their options and manager says they have to give up everything now. Lackey wonders if they have to go so far but that’s the only way they can handle it quietly. Hyun Woo is okay with everything else but wants to meet with Gu Rim. Manager says they can’t since it would put Gu Rim into focus-and danger.

At school, everyone reads the news-Ai Rin quit. Gu Rim gets a shock while Aku cries over their loss. The teacher announces the same and Gu Rim reels from the shock. Aku goes to beg lackey for more details-they cannot live in the world without Ai Rin! Just then, reporter walks in and lackey grumbles about him being the root of all problem, calling him paparrazi. The idiot trio realizes they saw him before.

They turn to Tackle-Ai Rin and Tae Jun were being photographed by him which means he blackmailed Ai Rin which is why she left. Tackle thinks Tae Jun is in danger too and they need to protect him. Partnership back on!

Hyun Woo sits in the dark in the dance room, remembering manager’s words and mutters, “Until I can come back to you confidently, wait for me, Gu Rim!” Gu Rim calls him up and gets no answer.

Meanwhile, Tae Jun wails-he wavered only a little towards Jang Ju Rim and she left? Muttering sorry, he shouts out Ai Rin’s name in despair. Poor puppy!

Reporter is rejoicing over his good fortune, watching the pictures in his camera again when Tackle and the idiot trio approach him. And the idiot trio is following Tackle’s walking style , hehe, jjang! He asks why they’re here and they take away his camera accusing him of being a pervert. And then he gets a much deserved headbutting from them.

Tackle and the trio decide to erase the photos without watching them as Hye Ri says seeing Ai Rin and Tae Jun close will only make them sadder. Haha, the head idiot calls her pretty with a clever mind and she smiles back, did he just realize it? The others look on at the two with the expression-are you seriously flirting?! And so they delete all pictures from his computer and camera.

Gu Rim comes to Hyun Woo’s agency and finds it shut down.

A year later…

Gu Rim is in the library where Tae Jun asks her to just date him. Clearly it’s not the first time he’s asking her but she tells him she’s no mind to get hit by his fanclub. As they joke around, Gu Rim’s attention is drawn to a voice and she runs towards the TV which everyone is glued to.

It’s Hyun Woo, making an announcement regarding his upcoming band ‘Ma Boy’ that has a new video coming out soon and asking everyone to support them. She watches dejectedly.

Meanwhile outside, everyone’s gathered around and looking at someone or something excitedly. Hye Ri asks her troupe, “Who’s that? He’s a perfect flower boy!” and Ai Rin’s idiot trio watches on with equal fascination-they’re hearts trembling and ‘feeling it for the first time since Ai Rin’. Standing on the balcony ahead is Hyun Woo.

Gu Rim arrives, stunned to see Hyun Woo who smiles when he sees her and comes down to meet her. He mumbles, “Was I too late?” and takes off with her, leading her away.

They come to a playground and Gu Rim congratulates him on his new video, muttering he must be really busy these days. He agrees-they don’t even have time to sleep. He finally drags her in for a hug again, muttering that he’s sorry for making her wait so long. She smiles at that but then gruffly draws back, asking if he’s joking.

He promises to stick by her side now and moves in for a kiss. She closes her eyes expectantly and inches away from her face, he opens his eyes, tips his head sideways and calls her name, “Jang Gu Rim!” She jerks her  eyes open and with a smile, Hyun Woo kisses her on the forehead. CUTE!



The end was my favorite part-so cute and without any fuss! The whole series was a mashup in just three episodes but it was a mashup that worked. Even though things worked out faster so you don’t really end up feeling it all, you still enjoy and can relate to it. It’s high school, being teenagers and carefree once again and everything is so simplistically harmless that you can’t help but like even the troublesome kids in here.This episode gave more time to Hyun Woo to shine and it was fun watching him be jealous and so scoffing towards Tae Jun. And yes, he really is very pretty in both personas, although he looks better as he is supposed to-as a guy! >_< Tae Jun’s also one of my favorites here-he’s such a darling and a cutie innocent boy torn between his crushes. I’d say the same for every character (except the reporter)-they were totally adorable in their own ways!

This is a must watch in terms of entertainment-It’s not a keeper, I won’t be keeping it either but for three days, it gave me so many smiles I’m glad I followed it! Enjoy! ^^


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  2. ma boy is so beautiful movie….i love hyunwook in movie he is so cute and charming i wish more episode… 🙂

  3. Im so happy to this korean drama im so glad and this is crazy you know because ma boy drama is so very beatiful and behind the scene haha and i so inspired and i wish this drama are madagdagan this episode at least up to 50 episode because so very romantic drama hehe youre number 1 ma boy drama nakaka touch.

  4. Yes, thank you! Your recaps helped to complete the story for me, since I watched it unsubbed :). The characters are are so cute! Yes, I’m glad Hyun Woo does not look at all girly when he is dressed as himself! 🙂 I have no idea why I am a sucker for these types of dramas (when made well with the right mix of cuteness and hilarity)… I think I’ll like this genre of dramas even in my 80s…lol!

    • Hehe, its not jut you , KL! I’m the same-somehow these stories always end up to be my favorite-even if they’re just a good timepass! This is so sweet, innocent and cute that you can’t help but love it! There’s none of the bitter or bad realities in it-you end up smiling and liking everything about it! ^^

  5. Aww so cute!! Laughed all the way through the recap. Thanks for this!

  6. the red-haired dude – i keep thinking kikwang from BEAST!

    a forehead kiss is always sweet. i want one this year! 😉

    • Hehe, I’ve only heard one beast song but loved it – from the ost of Me too Flower! so don’t really know which guy you mean but boy, Tae Jun was hilarious and more so in this episode than ever before with his whole wavering and antics!!

      hehe, I think so too! The forehead kiss is sweet and so emotional at the same time! I hope you get your wish! Someday, maybe me too! 😉

      • Are you sure only one? hahahaha! You’re probably forgetting the Beast’s Hateful Person from the Big OST. I really love that song so much. 🙂

        Anyway, this was one fluffy and cute drama. Although I wish they didn’t do a time skip. It would have been more wonderful to see the fallout and reactions upon knowing Ai Rin and Hyun Woo are one in the same. But then again, that scenario would have been more difficult to pull off. Seeing how the audience is meant for the tweens, I guess what they did was alright.

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