Ma Boy Episode 2 Recap

So Ai Rin’s a boy and Gu Rim knows the secret and inadvertently becomes entangled in trying to keep it that way… only, she’s awfully dreadful at it, hehe! Hyun Woo starts to feel that Gu Rim is probably not just another nosy girl as he’d first thought and Tae Jun wakes up from his Ai Rin crush long enough to see the girl behind Gu Rim’s face. All in all, I say, just bring it on! It’s all fluff and fun but it’s a treat to watch! I lament that this is just a three episode drama and because of that, everything is moving so fast so while you see the logic and the fun in all the happenings and hijinks, you don’t truly feel it. Maybe soon, very very soon, we’ll get an extended version in a new drama! *praying*

Episode 2 Recap:

Gu Rim realizes the truth about Hyun Woo aka Ai Rin and almost lets out a scream before Hyun Woo covers her mouth with his hand.  But he’s too sick and tells her he’ll take his hand away but she mustn’t scream. She nods in response. He confirms it for her-“Yeah, I’m a guy!

Much later, after giving him medicine, Gu Rim paces the room, looking at him time and again and going through the whole scenario. She’s still unable to believe it’s not a dream. Her frantic voices wake up Hyun Woo who tells her it really isn’t a dream and at her response, smiles slightly, “Hey, I’m not a monster!” She gets straight to the point-what happened and why. He just tells her there was a situation. “What kind of situation is it that makes a guy pretend to be a girl?!”

He just tells her to bear with it for a while and it’ll be over soon but she can’t-the only reason she hasn’t said anything yet is because he was ill but the next day, she’s definitely going to tell the teachers. He’s in no mood to argue and just tells her to do as she wants before leaving through the window.

Ai Rin is standing in the school courtyard and being confronted by everyone for lying and deceiving them about being a girl and Gu Rim watches with regret as she is treated thus. Suddenly a voice calls out, “..Rim? Jang Gu Rim?” And Gu Rim is jolsted out of the daydream she was having about what would happen if she ratted her roommate out. The teacher asks what she’s been thinking about so hard that she doesn’t even hear someone calling her and Gu Rim mutters, “That Ai Rin… she’s so pretty!”

She’s in a meeting with the principal and her homeroom teacher. The principal seems to be on good terms with her and she promises to do her best. As she walks out, she spies Tae Jun in the music room, playing the piano and singing a song. That flashes her back to the time he’d sung that song at the hospital where she had been admitted-and the principal was also there.

After his performance had ended, he’d called out if someone would like to sing him a song as a present too. One of the young girls piped up, “Of course, Unni here totally loves you!” hehe! Gu Rim had then sung a song for everyone there.

Present day Gu Rim sits in class and ponders her dilemma as she sees Ai Rin’s empty seat.

The teacher comes to class and announces that soon they’ll be having a competition? (I’m not sure about her words) She advises everyone to prepare well since lots of people will be coming.

Gu Rim comes over to Ai Rin’s agency where lackey is busily eating chicken. Hehe. He tells her there are no auditions today but she tells him she’s Ai Rin’s roommate just as Hyun Woo comes out from the adjoining room. Poor guy moves to try and block Gu Rim from seeing Hyun Woo’s face with a plastic bag but Hyun Woo tells him to cool it-she already knows everything.

Manager sits with them all who already heard everything from Hyun Woo and asks her-she hasn’t said anything yet, has she? She affirms it and he tells her that’s a good decision-if she didn’y let everyone know, Ai Rin and Hyun Woo would both be finished. Haha, lackey tells her not to worry about Hyun Woo-girls like her aren’t his ‘style’. Manager whacks him in the back of the head-how would he know Hyun Woo’s style? He asks Gu Rim to keep the secret.

Gu Rim tells him she will. Hyun Woo looks at her, surprised and the manager, now relieved offers her chicken to eat and sets out to leave and Gu Rim adds, “But…” He plops back into the chair in front of her and she tells him she still thinks this a wrong thing to do but she’ll keep the secret. He agrees and rises just as Gu Rim says, “And…” He sits back down and Gu Rim tells the manager there’s a lot she’s uncomfortable about so Hyun Woo has to listen to her from now on. Hyun Woo balks but the manager agrees-perfect!

That night, she draws up a series of rules for their living hereon and turns around to find Hyun Woo walking out of the bathroom in his undershirt. She immediately covers her eyes and he tells her it’s no big deal-they already know the truth so they should just live comfortably. Peeking through her fingers, she’s left gaping at him as he changes into a shirt. Hyun Woo clocks her reaction, “What? Am I more handsome as a guy?” She huffs and puffs as she leaves the room. Once she’s gone, Hyun Woo catches sight of her worn out mp3 player.

Next day, Ai Rin is heading to class and comes across her three fanboys-the Aku, here to share their wonderful news and accomplishments. Gu Rim catches sight of them and panics, approaching Ai Rin and dragging her off with a smile, using the excuse that they’re late for class. She tells Ai Rin, “You can thank me later!” with such a sweet smile! But he’s like-huh?!

Thereon, Gu Rim makes it her rule to follow Ai Rin around and help her out wherever needed. When he heads into the dress room to change, she stands guard outside. When he drinks and his adam’s apple shows, she covers it up using his wig. When he accidentally bumps into another student in the library and his breast pad falls out, she’s the first to rush there and kick it away. Finally, Hyun Woo has had enough and takes her aside-is she going to keep following him around like this?

She’s following him around because she’s worried he’ll be found out but he points out he’s got more chances of being found out the way she keeps following him. Telling her not to go over, he tells her not to overdo it. Meanwhile, Aku watches from the corner, now hell bent on getting revenge from Gu Rim for bothering their beloved Ai Rin. They’re in for a shock though-Taeku stands right behind them and refuse to let them exact their revenge “because we’ve been waiting to do it since before!

Tae Jun and Ai Rin walk around and Tae Jun asks Ai Rin to do a couple dance with him in the upcoming competition. Listening in and enjoying the conversation is the reporter. Lackey stands outside school, waiting for Ai Rin and catches sight of the reporter, dragging him onto the van to talk it out. The reporter makes the excuse that he’s really working as a gardener now since he was fired from his job but lackey discovers his camera just as Ai Rin walks up. It seriously makes me laugh the way everyone, even the reporter goes gaga eyed over her and says, “So pretty!”

That night, Hyun Woo sneaks out of bed when he’s sure Gu Rim is asleep and heads stealthily to the window, wanting to go out. Lo and behold, Gu Rim is standing outside. She holds the list of rules and points to number 5-he ought to be more careful. If he gets found out-Gu Rim will also face the heat because of it. He tells her not to worry since he won’t be found out.

Still, she refuses to let him go and he wrestles to free his arm just as  a guard walks up around the corner. Alerted to the coming guard, they both duck and make their way elsewhere-Gu Rim following Hyun Woo. He takes her along to his practice room where she watches him practice and smiles.

Later that night, they share drinks on the terrace and she asks him what Tae Jun asked him during lunch today. Couple dance at the upcoming school competition. She smiles and says they both really do make the ‘best’ couple, in terms of looks. He clocks her reaction and tells her he’s thinking of doing it just to steal some of Tae Jun’s dance moves (lol, what an ulterior motive) but she tells him not to-think of Tae Jun’s feelings! At that, he turns to her, does she really like the guy that much?!

She tells him Tae Jun is a special person to him and starts recounting her tale of when she was sick, admitted in the hospital due to leukemia and facing treatments every day. That was a painful time and she was afraid but Tae Jun and his music had been her source of inspiration. When he’d come to the hospital to sing for everyone, he’d given her an autograph on his picture and told her to promise she would get better and they would meet again. She made the promise and  thereon wanted to fulfill it so did her best to get well.

Looking at Hyun Woo, she sees him looking at her differently and assures him she’s all well now. Then changing the subject, she asks him why he practices his dance so hard. His response: “Well, just because I wanna be good at it.” She asks, “Not because you like it?” He’s surprised by her question and she tells him, “It didn’t look like you liked it… More like you were fighting with dancing.” That sends him into a contemplative pause-“Fighting with dancing?”

Aku-Ai Rin’s fanclub and Taeku meet up and decide what to do to prevent the dance between Ai Rin and Tae Jun.  hehe, these guys are so hilariously bad at what they do and totally perfect for one another.

At night, Gu Rim comes back to her room to find a new mp3 player on her table and Hyun Woo ahem ahems that he was just throwing it away so might as well throw it at her. She’s surprised and finds her favorite song ‘Twinkle’ in it. She tells him she really likes it and thanks him. He smiles to himself at her reaction. She goes on about the upcoming class trip and tells him she’s so excited, instructing him not to be too lax since partnering with Tae Jun is something she’d love to do. That gives him another idea.

The next morning, Gu Rim’s at the venue when Tae Jun approaches her, happy to be working with her. Gu Rim goes blank-what? And Tae Jun explains he got a message from Ai Rin saying they should back dance to Gu Rim’s song! He’s over the moon since he got the text and tells her he even came up with their name ‘Taegurin’-a mashup of all their names. Since Ai Rin’s busy with her schedule and will be late, Tae Jun tells her, she said to practice with Gu Rim first. Ai Rin squeals over the chance when he’s gone.

And watching it all are Taeku who declare that they need to do something to prevent this major hazard! They get together with Aku but decide their idea-to lock up Gu Rim in a shed somewhere is simply stupid and decide to go their own ways. First, there’s no shed around (So we just gotta start looking around, one member pipes up and the other calls him so smart, hehe)

Instead, Taeku’s leader decides they need to do their own form of punishment and one of them pipes in an idea. Next we know, they are serving Gu Rim an ‘apology’ drink but Gu Rim decides it can’t be anything good and decides to throw it away… except, Tae Jun comes by and downs it before she can stop him. Uh oh.

And he gets hit with a bad bad case of diarrhea which leaves him unable to even stand straight. As he lies on a bed, Gu Rim rubs his stomach with her hand, telling him her mother would always do so for her and asks him to hang in there until he can get to the hospital. Tae Jun turns back to look at her as if seeing her differently.

Meanwhile, Hyun Woo tells manager to cut off his schedule for the evening-he’s got a school event to attend. On the way, he keeps urges lackey to drive faster lest they be late, hehe.

Taeku is enjoying their victory-or what they think is their victory until they get a message from Tae Jun. Hurriedly, they open it and find him asking them for a favor… to be backup dancers to Gu Rim’s song. He heads off to the hospital himself and asks Gu Rim to definitely go on stage-Ai Rin specifically asked him for this favor and he doesn’t want to disappoint her.

Gu Rim goes on stage and her performance rocks, even though poor Taeku (alright, Tackle from hereon) halfheartedly share their dancing prowess with her. As they say later, it was a request from Tae Jun-they couldn’t not fulfill it, hehe! And how one earth is Gu Rim still alright, they wonder? Gu Rim’s happy about her performance but wishes it would’ve been Tae Jun and Ai Rin with her.

Tackle is furious that their plan didn’t succeed and vow to do better next time. Meanwhile, Hye Ri realizes she forgot her new bracelets back in the seminar room and heads over to pick them up. At the same time, Gu Rim gets a message inviting her to a celebratory party at the seminar room-sent by Aku who decide to lock her in there, humiliate her and post it on the school homepage since that ought out to send her scrambling away.

Alas, Hye Ri gets locked inside instead of Gu Rim who arrives promptly in time to rescue her, hehe. Inside the seminar room, the boys scare her with all kinds of spooky noises and appearing as ghosts. By the time Gu Rim gets Hye Ri out, she’s a blubbering mess and too scared to even walk so Gu Rim helps her out, muttering, “If you’re scared this easily, how did you ever manage to pick on other kids so much?” hehe.

Hye Rie balks at her words but by now, there’s no bite behind them and she’s pretty much warmed up to Gu Rim and keeps her manner gruff only for show. Hehe, I’d love for these two to be friends. Gu Rim tells her if her heart were as pretty as her face, she’d be loved by everyone. Hye Ri simply clears her throat and tells Gu Rim not to use this against her.

Later, Gu Rim checks her phone, realizing its late and laments that Ai Rin didn’t even send her a text. She takes her mp3 and heads out for a stroll. Hyun Woo comes back later and finds Gu Rim gone from her room and wonders where she is, since he has to go back almost immediately. Gu Rim is at the swimming pool at the moment where she is thrown in by Tackle’s two other members who realize belatedly that they left their camera behind-they wanted to throw Gu Rim in and take her pictures, hehe! They leave to get the camera just as Hyun Woo catches sight of Gu Rim in the pool.

Gu Rim realizes she’s dropped her mp3 in the pool and looks around searching for it while Hyun Woo makes his way to her. However, her leg cramp starts acting up at that moment, and she’s left flailing for help. Hyun Woo arrives in time and jumps in to pull her out-losing his wig and fake female accessories in the pool.

Helping her out, he asks if she’s alright but that unleashes her tears and she starts crying. Not knowing what else to do, he just holds her and comforts her…. Which is what the other two girls from Tackle see when they get back with their camera and of course, click away! Also catching sight of them is the reporter, who takes a picture even though he can’t really recognize Hyun Woo. Drawing back, Hyun Woo dabs at her tears and tells her not to cry anymore, it’s alright now but Gu Rim’s still shaken.

Not knowing what else to do, Hyun Woo rants at her, “Are you crazy? Why would you go swimming at this hour?” She holds up the mp3-she dropped it and went to find it. Awww…

Much later, they both stand by his van and start a whole game of you go first, you go first with each other, reluctant to part but pretending to be irritated gruffly. When they do part ways, he looks at her walking away with a smile while she tosses and turns all night, remembering the scene by the pool. Hehe.

The next morning, by the time Gu Rim comes down to practice with the others, a message has been going viral all over-a picture of her and Hyun Woo by the pool. She’s immediately called by her teacher to explain herself. Gu Rim thinks that Hyun Woo’s identity has been ousted but is relieved to know no one recognized him. Rather, the issue is the presence of ‘the boy’ since dating isn’t allowed in their school.

She explains that she fell in the swimming pool and was saved by that boy. The teachers are ready to buy her explanation, provided they can verify it with said boy. But Gu Rim can’t reveal it was Hyun Woo and the issue remains. Elsewhere, Tae Jun and Hyun Woo both see the message and realizing the implications, immediately decide to rush back to her side.





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  1. what is the song he played in the hospital ? on the piano ? please it was so amazing i think i heard it somewhere and i really want it !! thank you

  2. saranghe…hyun woo OPPA…

  3. Thanks! It is light and fluffy, but so endearing somehow! 🙂 I find the 3 evil girls and their attempt at sexy saunter amusing! Lol! If I have seen Hyun Woo’s face first, I would not have imagined that he could look so pretty as Ai Rin. Hyun Woo has a cute boyish face, rather than like some male k idol stars who have girly facial features (so one could quite easily imagine they would look pretty as a girl)!

    On another note, I have finally handed in my project. Yahoo!!! So I can spend time catching up on Gaksital and Arang the next few days and read your recaps too! 🙂

    • I actually looked at the poster for the first time and it took me a few mins to register it was the same person in the background! 😛 N I’m liking that Hyun Woo isn’t too pretty! This series was fun!!

      Good luck with the project results! Hope all goes well! Enjoy the recaps! 😉

  4. The boy looks so pretty as a girl and boy, how is that possible? It’s a nice twist from the usual girl turns boy…

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