Gaksital aka Bridal mask Episode 26 Recap

With just two episodes left, Gaksital is delving into every character and conflict so well. For once, our hero is saved from the clutches of the enemy rather than having him save others. But the relief of knowing her Young Master is alright is soon downed for Dan when tragedy hits, too close to home. As always, losing a loved one gives you grief but more than that, it leads Dan to question her strong belief in giving all for the cause… And this series does what it does best-it shows you reality, and gives you answers…

Episode 26 Recap:

Gaksital’s comrades-Dong Jin’s men and Ahn and the female Comrade rush into the police station and knock out officers here and there, even using their own tear gas bombs against them. My favorite when it comes to being badass-Ahn! Kang To is locked into the wall chamber and he and Shunji watch each other through its window.

The female comrade and Dong Jin’s men make their way to the interrogation room and easily knock out Koiso and the other officer there. The female comrade unlocks Kang To while Dong Jin’s men beat up Shunji. Taking his mask with her, the comrade helps Kang To away while Dong Jin’s men knock out Shunji.

Outside, they have to help carry Kang To as he is still chained and injured. Midway, Kang To stops them, just remembering that Tailor Park is captured and inside and asks Ahn to get him too. But Ahn points out that it’s already too late-the police station knows of the break-in and they can’t go back in there.

Inside, Koiso stumbles awake and wakens Shunji who immediately heads out, gun in hand and watches the comrades help Kang To into a truck. He opens fire at them. Thankfully, his line of fire is blocked by the gate and a series of trees so his bullets dodge. Kang To stares at his friend as he shoots them. Aww, is that still heartbreak in you?

Shunji and men run after the truck, still firing but it manages to get away and this time, Shunji shouts out, “Lee Kang To!!” Ahhh, still nowhere close to epic, Shunji dear, hehe!

Kang To is asleep at Dong Jin’s headquarters where Song and Dong Jin are overlooking his care. Song tells Dong Jin not to worry too much about Kang To since they gave him painkillers but Dong Jin is also worried about the overall picture, especially now that Park has been captured. He asks about security at the police station and Song sighs-Gaksital escaped, how could the  police let security lie low now? So Dong Jin mutters that they have to bring Yang Baek to safety now.

At the moment, poor tailor Park is being tortured and Shunji moves in to ask him again-it took Kang To one hour to pick designs?! Park’s on the same side as Kang To, isn’t he? The tailor shop is their hideout, right? But Park never responds to any of the questions and angrily, Shunji pulls the man’s head back by grabbing his hair… only, he is dead. Oh no! Shunji is surprised to see him dead but doesn’t look the least bit regretful or sorry.

Koiso confirms the tailor is dead and asks what they should do now-perchance, could it be Park was really just a tailor? After all, even the governor has his suits made by him. Shunji decides to go by the tailor shop.

At the tailor shop, preparations for their moving have been completed and everyone waits in silence till Comrade Ahn comes out and announces that the security outside is even more than last night-the way things are, they can’t make their getaway. Damsari suggests using a bait-he will go outside and draw away the officers. Telling the others to safely escort Yang Baek, Damsari refuses to let anyone else be bait when Jo offers. He claims that he’s already escaped them 8 times, so he can do it.

Baek refuses but Damsari persists, turning to him and reminding him of the time he helped Damsari-when Damsari was nineteen, he had almost starved to death and Baek had been the one to bring him food and saved his life. Thanks to Baek, Damsari has been able to have such a pretty daughter and go so far as to become the leader of the independence movement. He asks Yang Baek to allow it.

Dan worries for her father but he assures her he will be alright-he already escaped eight times and he’ll definitely even make it ten times, just wait and see. She smiles at that and Ahn tells them since the Japanese forces know his face, it would be most believable if he were to escort Damsari. Damsari tells Yang Baek to go first, promising that he will soon join them. Ugh, people, sometimes promises end up to no good and more a death proclamation, you know? Please don’t take them so lightly!

Shunji and his men are on the way to the tailor shop while Damsari dresses as Yang Baek and gives Ahn Park’s car keys, telling him to use them in this situation. Ahn muses things will get a little tough now and Damsari smiles-it’s time to play with the Japanese. They turn to leave when Dan bursts in, involuntarily worried for her father. She hugs him and reminds him of his promise-to return ten times. People, don’t don’t don’t! This is death talk! Don’t you watch dramas?! Damsari assures her he will be fine and tells her to go, since there is someone else waiting for her-since he was tortured so much, his body would be weak and he would need her help.

She asks him to keep his promise to her. He tells her, “Boon ah, I want you to be safe and comfortable. The reason I am fighting to get our country back is for you! because I hope you can live well and happily, you know that, right?” She watches her father leave with tears in her eyes.

Shunji and co just step out of the car when a voice shouts out-it’s Yang Baek and they see the getaway car with Ahn and Baek/Damsari in it. Shunji orders a chase so all officers and soldiers-a truckful of them, follows the car. That leaves the coast clear for Yang Baek, Jo, Dan and the female comrade to get away.

The chase leads up to a tunnel where Shunji keeps firing at the car and blows out one of the tires. Ahn and Damsari move to make a run for it but Damsari gets shot in the leg and tells Ahn to go ahead without him. Ahn doesn’t want to but Damsari reminds him that he must now escort Yang Baek. Unwilling but with no other choice, Ahn leaves Damsari there. Shunji ceases fire and goes ahead to find Damsari beneath the hat.

Damsari laughs and mutters, “Because of you, I had to lie to Boon Ah!” Shunji’s like-what? and Damsari continues-he told her he already escaped the police eight times and would definitely make it ten. Shunji’s in no mood for small talk and simply tells his men to bring him over. As he turns away, Damsari shouts out at him, “If you catch Yang Baek, Dong Jin and Gaksital, you think this will end? On Korean land, there are thousands of Yang Baek’s, Dong Jin’s, and more hidden Gaksital’s than you know. No matter how much you try you won’t be able to do it. On the excuse that you were born like that, why do you live your life so hopelessly?”

Shunji simply ignores his speech with his tongue in his cheek and smirks snidely at the end, “Who says who is living life hopelessly? You guys are the one who are hopeless because you are dying off trying to revive a country that is ruined.

Damsari laughs at his words and tells him, “Live well, you hopeless fellow.”

With that, he shoots himself in the head and dies…

Elsewhere, as Dan and the others make their getaway, she turns back for a second, looking at the horizon behind as if sensing something. It’s a beautiful replica of the way she turned back when Kang To/Gaksital was shot for the first time... And that is why you don’t mess with fates and say such stuff! Why invite death, Damsari?!

Yang Baek and his fellows make their way to Dong Jin’s camp and Dong Jin welcomes Yang Baek with a smile and is grateful to see him well. Yang Baek thanks Dong Jin for his hard work and introduces his entourage-Jo and Dan.

Inside Dong Jin’s cottage, Kang To is sitting restlessly when the door opens and Deuksu brings in Dan. I love the way the smile simply lights up Kang To’s face at once. He moves to get up to approach her but ends up hurting himself so Dan approaches him worriedly, asking if he’s alright. With a smile, Kang To assures her he’s fine.

Behind them, Deuksu smiles at the obvious lie and speaks up, “What fine? He came back from the dead!” Kang To tells him, “Will you get lost?” and Deuksu smiles even wider at that, muttering what a pretender Kang To is. Hehe, is this bromance? Please say yes! Kang To reminds him with a smile that he asked for a favor-ask Yang Baek for some medicine for him since he’s a little hurt. Deuksu says okay, makes a little salute at him and leaves the two.

Dan turns to Kang To: “It’s okay if you let it all out when you are hurt or having a hard time in front of me. Don’t pretend like you aren’t hurt or pretend like you aren’t having a hard time, Young Master! Kang To takes her hand and assures her that he’s really fine- “My body is having a hard time but my heart feels light now. Because I don’t have to live a double life anymore and I don’t have to worry about getting caught.”

He asks about Yang Baek and her father-did they arrive safe and sound? She says Yang Baek has come and “Father will definitely come soon too!” Augh, heartbreak! Kang To hugs her, saying he was really worried they might be caught by Shunji again. And the look in her eyes is one of sadness and pain, as if she realizes she is lying to herself.

Shunji and co arrive at the tailor shop and Shunji tells everyone to search the place well-there has got to be something. The hidden room is discovered within minutes since the door was open and Shunji looks around the place. Coming up to the flags, he remembers Damsari’s words that nothing will change even if he kills Yang Baek, Dong Jin and Gaksital. Shunji fiercely shakes his head to himself, muttering in voiceover, “No, no no! if I just kill the three of them… Gaksital, Yang Baek and Dong Jin… If I just kill those three, it will end!” He starts trashing the place, ripping off the flags and throwing everything away. Soon Koiso and the others also join him.

At Dong Jin’s headquarters, Dong Jin, Baek, Song, Jo and the female comrade sit worrying about Damsari and Ahn. While the others know the task was difficult, Jo tries to reassure them by saying Damsari bragged about how he could do it. Just then, Ahn arrives. He hangs his head when they ask about Damsari and he tells them how Damsari was shot and made him go ahead of him but when he was caught, he shot himself.

Baek is stunned into silence and Jo worries about how they will be able to tell Dan. Just then, she shows up with Kang To. Everyone silently averts their gaze, unable to tell her the truth and Baek cries as he looks at her. Slowly, understanding dawns on her and Kang To.

Unable to do anything else, Kang To holds her close while she cries.

At Ueno’s quarters, Ueno is losing patience with Shunji. Shunji tells Ueno he is already doing his best-to the point of killing himself. Ueno decides to make it easier and gives Kinpei the order but Taro begs his son to ask Ueno for forgiveness. Shunji refuses to do that, earning him a stunned look from Rie-he has done nothing wrong and is doing all he can. Ueno yells that he needs results, not his efforts. Shunji reveals that they found Yang Baek’s hideout so with a little more time, Shunji will know more. Ueno takes his order back and tells Shunji to be sure to pay him back for it.

Later, Shunji is standing alone, thoughtful and is that sad? Rie comes to see him and tells him he’s a really surprising person. What does it take, she asks, to be as brave as him?

It would be good for you and me to give up now. Oh Mok Dan came to see me… that you had arrested Lee Kang To… she kneeled in front of me and begged me to save him… I had told her to run away together with Lee Kang To… I couldn’t understand then why she turned me down but when I saw her kneel in front of me I knew. She doesn’t love just Lee Kang To but Gaksital too. I had only loved Kang To, the Japanese Police officer.

Shunji asks her, “Till the end, what if I can’t catch those two? Yang Baek and Dong Jin? What if I can’t catch those two till the very end?” He cries as he looks at her, telling her he won’t let his life end just like that, vowing more than ever to fulfill his mission “Just wait and see I will destroy them.

At Taro, Yoshio and Shunji’s meeting, Shunji informs them Kang To’s wanted posters are out and a reward will be out soon. Taro believes Yang Baek would have shifted to Dong Jin’s lair. Yoshio puts up the theory that burning the registry offices was for more than just the registries since they also robbed the armory-what are they planning? Taro guesses that it might be Mujang terror and suggests a way to draw Dong Jin and Yang Baek out-by threatening to kill their comrades already in custody until the two turn themselves in. It’s a good threat since the leaders won’t be able to sit well, knowing their people are being killed.

The Count and Countess’s couple friend meets with Taro who tells them of the sad fate the Count and Countess met at the hands of the rebels. Taro gives them the suggestion that they should now help the empire-make enlisting in the military mandatory on every graduating student.

Gye Soon goes to meet her brother who tells her he has to go to the army-it’s mandatory on all students and the officers have already taken their ids and are monitoring them to make sure no one runs away. She’s worried-how can students be sent for war? He has decided against running away and will just go with the army. She tells him he’s the only son in their family-what would happen to the others if he never came back. He promises to come back alive and asks her to take care of everyone till he comes back. Awww, I feel for both of them!

In the marketplace, posters for Kang To have been posted up and the townspeople frown upon it-he even betrayed the Japanese after betraying his own country? Some say they would turn him in for the reward if they knew where he is. Deuksu, standing nearby speaks up for Kang To-he’s not a bad person! And rips up the posters. In the distance, he also catches sight of Sun Hwa and her brother walking away. Oooh, puppy eyes!

He rushes off after her and sees her brother all beat up. She’s literally scared and just wants to go away. Her brother speaks up, telling him to move away and tells him he was beat up at school for not changing his surname. But Deuksu’s like-why are you even sending your brother to school? and exasperatedly says, “Sun Hwa sshi! He’ll just become a Japanese if he goes to a Japanese SchoolHehe, I love the way Deuksu talks to her and her brother. He tells the boy there’s no need to go to school altogether and Sun Hwa’s brother perks up at once, asking for his name and telling his sis he likes him, making her blush. Deuksu takes her brother’s hand and tells her to follow him-Dan wants to meet her.

At the camp, Dan is distributing food to the men when Deuksu and Sun Hwa come over and Dan hurries to meet them, Kang To and Yang Baek watching from a distance. Yang Baek says Dan must be really torn on the inside.

Kang To: “I don’t know how to comfort her. She left her hometown to find her father who was in the independence movement and lost her mom at the age of ten… Now she’s lost her father. If something happens to me too… How will she endure that? Wouldn’t it better for her sake if I left her side?

Ugh, Kang To, talk sense please! You need a happy ending, you know?!

Yang Baek: “What do you think is precious enough for a grown man to put his life on the line to protect?  I think its love. I love my country, my hometown, my mother, my wife, my son. Watching those people I love being persecuted -how could I not be angered? If you really love Mok Dan, you must put your life on the line and stay by her side protecting her and fight the ones who torment her! For my kid and all the young ones on this land, I am fighting like this so I don’t leave them that kind of pain… So how could you say such weak things?”

Yang Baek, thank you! Kang To needed that knock in the head! Kang To apologizes for his words and Yang Baek pats him on the shoulder, smiling at him. He turns back to look at Dan.

Sun Hwa feeds her brother and realizes Dan is crying while eating. When she asks what’s wrong, Dan says its nothing and heads away. Kang To watches her walk away, his heart heavy. He follows her inside where she is crying to herself.

Sitting by her side, he takes her hand and says her own words back to her with a smile, “Please don’t pretend like you aren’t hurt or pretend like you aren’t having a hard time.”She tells him she can’t hold it no matter how many times she tells herself to. I know I shouldn’t do this… But can we really win? Can we really push the enemy out?

Kang To: “Do you know what your father said to me? He said an egg could break a rock. Even though it’s strong the rock will die. Even though it’s weak the egg will live.  After some time the rock will break apart and become sand. But one day there will be a chick inside that egg that will walk upon that sand. Have strength. Booni needs to have strength. You know, because of you, I have the strength to fight the enemy.”

He hugs her and holds her pats her comfortingly.

Meanwhile, Koiso is questioning Abe who is crying and claiming he didn’t know Kang To was Gaksital. Poor Abe. Koiso gives him a few hits and asks where Kang To used to stay. Abe says he used the quarters at the station or at his mountain home. The mountain home is news to Koiso and he also receives reports that Kang To was sighted so tells it to Shunji immediately.

At the mountain house, Baek Gun is packing supplies with Deuksu and they are about to head out when they hear someone approach. Baek Gun immediately opens the window and they escape just as Shunji comes in. He orders his men to follow and turns to look at the place, finding the wall of clippings. He sees each person who was killed by Gaksital on there.

He presents the clippings to his father who muses that Kang To really was Lee Sun’s son and this was all revenge for his father’s death. He says soon, Gaksital will come after him and Shunji wonders why he would come after his father? All Taro says is that Kang To must have guessed what he, Taro, did and Shunji tells his father not to worry-Shunji is on his side.

Dong Jin, Song, Yang Baek and Kang To are in a meeting where the elder two make plans. Dong Jin tells Baek he has about 70,000 men trained in death squads around the country, at the ready. Baek proposes that after the first armed uprising, he’ll go back to Shanghai and gather forces overseas. Kang To tells them, “Just listening to your words, my heart beats faster.” Song looks a little distracted and asks Kang To if they should go out for some air. Baek agrees-he and Dong Jin have something to discuss.

Once alone, Song tells Kang To the reason why he was distracted-Taro’s new plan has come to his ears and he is worried on how to proceed now. If Yang Baek and Dong Jin knew, things would get more serious since they won’t sit still. Kang To: “The time for me to deal with Kimura Taro has come.”

Song wonders how tht will change things-won’t their comrades still be executed but Kang To says Kimura is pulling the strings behind this move-Wada has no guts to go to such lengths. Deuksu shows up with Baek Gun who asks immediately if Kang To is well. Kang To turns to Deuksu and jokingly comments, “You sure did bring him quickly!” hehe, Deuksu replies, tongue in cheek, “At least I brought him!” Baek Gun tells him their quarters were discovered by Shunji so they were chased which is why they had to dodge them and arrive so late. Kang To realizes it means Shunji knows Kang To is actually Lee Young.

Baek points out this means they will be even more moved to kill Kang To. “We have to fight. Whether it’s them or me… this was always a fight to the death!” Baek asks him to just say the word and he will follow Kang To like a shadow. Song also wants to help but Kang To says he will do this alone. People, team work is better!!!

Dan and Jo sit together and muse over old times as she assures him she is alright. He tells her it is alright for her to leave whenever she wants but she says she won’t. There was a time when her father died and she regretted not accepting ‘some woman’s’ offer to go away, thinking that maybe they were fighting a losing battle and she felt that maybe she really should have left. But now, she’s closed up those feelings. Her father went even when he knew he would die. She declares that she will stay firm until the day she dies, even if there is no chance and will do her best. Jo agrees and smiles at her.

Dan and Sun Hwa are peeling vegetables when Deuksu’s mother comes over and tells Sun Hwa she is very pretty and asks for her name. The poor girl is too shy and can’t reply so Deuksu replies just as he draws up to them, “It’s Sun Hwa! Sun Hwa!” he tells his mother and then turns to look at Sun Hwa, “Om Sun Hwa!

Pretty moment aside, he turns to Dan and tells her Kang To is leaving and asks her to stop him-if he goes to Kyungsung now, it will be the end. Dan approaches Kang To and smiles when she sees him, telling him he looks more like “Young Master” now. He tells her he has to go to Kyungsung for a while-there is something he must do. She smiles and tells him with teary eyes to come back safely, she’ll be waiting. He promises he’ll be back soon and she promises to cook his favorite dish for dinner. He promises her he’ll be back by then and kisses her on the forehead.

As he leaves, Dan watches his back.

At the police station, Yoshio remarks that Kang To and Taro’s fate is quite old and Taro whispers that either one of them has to die for the matter to end. Shunji tells him not to worry-two of the best samurai’s are already hidden and all his father has to do is act as normal. Just then, the governor bursts in, wanting to know if its true Yang Baek was holed up at the Tailors. Taro takes the chance to rub it in the governor’s face that he, the governor, visited the tailor quite frequently and yet never caught on.

Taro arrives home and Shunji leaves the station, driving homewards. As Taro sits, the nanny grandmother brings him tea-or is it water? He pours it but doesn’t drink. Outside, Gaksital scales the wall and enters the house through a side door.

Taro seems to realize someone is in the house and draws his sword after he hears a cup fall and break and the nanny’s cry of surprise. Soon, the door opens and Gaksital stands there.

As they face each other, one of the side door opens and the door behind Kang To, revealing two samurai’s who step out to fight. Kang To takes it all in stride and draws out… a small throwing dagger knife? Yet the knife seems able enough, or the samurai’s aren’t able enough since Kang To easily fights and knocks them out with that small dagger. Whoa, reminds me of City Hunter and that spoon!

Taro slowly advances towards the fight while Shunji anxiously drives home. Kang To retrieves the tag dagger from his pouch and comes forward to face Taro, who draws his sword.


Shunji said those two-Yang Baek and Dong Jin when he talked to Rie. Why does that give me hope? >_<

I really hope we get to see Rie’s decision and how she ends up at the very end. I don’t want her to be left as a loose end nor for her not to have a proper ending. More and more, we see her lean away from Kishokai and her ‘power only’ status. The most interesting thing in the whole drama has been her journey because it goes from one extreme to another and makes for interesting swordplay the way she went so away from her roots as a Korean and then is slowly coming back towards them because of Kang To-falling in love with a Korean man.

I like the significance of both Damsari and Kang To to Dan-that she is the reason they are fighting and she is the one who gives them hope and strength when they fight. Freedom is all about fighting for one’s loved ones and this drama takes us through all the phases so well. There are some things one would wish were explored more, some that were left but overall, this drama has truly given us an exciting journey-not only through revenge- Kang To and Kang San’s revenge for their father but also a movement on a bigger spectrum-independence for one’s nation.

With the end so close and Kimura-Kang To showdown already on us, it means the drama will be focusing on the independence movement at the end. It would be befitting because the story of Gaksital is not just about the man who became Gaksital because of revenge, but the man who helped the people around him using that mask and white robes so that he could reduce their suffering and fight for their independence.

Just two more episodes to go folks, but this will definitely be a drama that will remain in our hearts as one of the very best. Gaksital DAEBAK!

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  1. do you know what’s the name of gye soon’s brother?

  2. I am so pumped up about Bridal Mask episode 27. I really want to see if Shunji really has what it takes to actually KILL his (ex) best friend! =S

    Remember – Shunji had so many opportunities to blow Kangto’s brains out, but he seems to keep finding an excuse not to, e.g. “Oh; i want him to lead us to Dongjin and Yang Baek, that’s why i let him live”, or the time when he tried stopping his father from putting Kangto in the nail cage.

    I think, as much as Shunji wants to kill Bridal Mask, a part of him just as strongly wants to keep Kangto alive.Humans (as long as they aren’t remorseless sociopaths like Chief Ueno) are extremely fickle and sentimental creatures, and this is reflected in the fact that Shunji can’t seem to make up his mind on whether to kill Kangto or not.

    Of course by now, Shunji has become an evil homicidal psychopath, someone Kenji would be proud to call his brother. Who knows? Perhaps he will corner Kangto and hesitate just before delivering the coup degrace, or perhaps he will even take a bullet for Kangto. We shall have to wait and see.

    But i think that no matter how cruel, how callous he may get, kind and gentle Schoolmaster Shunji is still somewhere under violent and sadistic Superintendent Kimura, just as Anakin Skywalker is still there, under Darth Vader. Perhaps he will get an epiphany, which will help him recognize his own insanity, and put him back on the path of good again.

  3. Thank you! I’ve finally caught up with Gaksital and can’t wait for the final 2 episodes, but at the same time, also apprehensive about the ending!
    I hope JW and PKW will go on to have even more fantastic roles in the future and would be good if they could reunite for another project in the future! I hope they get lots of awards for their fine work for this drama! They are so great that I’ve read that they have gained new Japanese fans rather than losing them as a result of taking on this drama on such a sensitive subject. Credit to their acting skills, charisma and great team work!
    Incidentally, I checked out 5 fingers ep 5 & 6 (skipped all the preceding episodes) and found that Ueno H, Damsari and Mok Dan are in the drama! So strange to see them in new personas! I’ve also seen photos of Kang San and Rie reading for a new body-swap drama! Sweet!

    • Ah, havent seen Five Fingers but yeah, Rie and Kang San have signed on for Oohlala Spouses! Lets see how that turns out! Truthfully speaking, I’d rather watch Kang San as Kang San for a whole drama! He did the role so well! ^^ N whenever I think of Rie-all I think is-God, she’s so preeeettttyyyyyy!!! ❤

      • Yes, Rie is v pretty. She has been acting for quite a few years now and shame that she has not been noticed much before… Well, this is her chance to continue to shine after Gaksital!

        I may not follow Five Fingers because I normally don’t like this type of family feud drama. I was curious just to see ‘Mok Dan’ and ‘Damsari’ and also Joo Ji Hoon (and his horrible!).

        BTW, do you remember we were discussing what happened to ‘Full House 2’? It seems it will be aired in Japan in Oct (posted in Koala’s playground). The publicity photos are quite frightful… bad costumes and hairstyles. I hope the drama itself will not be as terrible as the photographic evidence…lol! If it turns out to be pants, I hope it will not undo any good work & reputation that PKW has acquired through Gaksital! 🙂

      • I’m not picking any new dramas either hoping that I can get back to my studies more! I need to focus there! I’ve got just 6 months left n I NEED to get back to studies so I prepare well! I’ve alread done most of the subjects-remember when I was studying during CoW? Did most of the matter then but need to catch up on the rest n do a lot better! ^^ *resolving*

        I will watch series in between, maybe pick one to recap but not too much so it doesnt get in the way of studies.

        Ah, PKW is in FH2? I’ll google up the details ASAP! The whole hype on FH2 just died down! Lets hope it really isnt that bad! 😐

        Saw the interview! Poor PKW really needs that rest from the drama! Even he doesn’t like Shunji! 😛 Can’t blame him! 😉

      • Oh yes, I remember when you were preparing for your exams during CoW… how time flies! How long have I been an addict to your blog now?? Lol!

        Yes, I found it very hard to study for my exams and work on the summer project when there were all these kdramas and the Olympic Games going on! I tried to tell myself that when I have achieved a certain milestone, I would be allowed to watch one episode of Gaksital or Ghost…lol! I think you have got it right trying not to pick up a new drama… Once I pick one up, 9 times out of 10, I am a goner! Will end up being addicted! I am going on vacation soon, so I will not be watching dramas for a few weeks. Thus I will not be around to tempt you with any new dramas, if that is any consolation! 🙂 Good luck for your studies!!!

        Yes, I know you are a fan of PKW, that’s why I sent you those clips! I feel sorry for him as it was clear this Shunji character has taken a toll on his psychological welfare. I really think they should give these actors/actresses counselling support when they take on difficult roles like these. Hope he gets a good rest after this and get Shunji out of his system! Will watch FH2 (even if it is bad), just to see him tackle a different role! 🙂

      • Time flies! Soon, it’ll be a year since we got together at the blog! Thanks for being a constant reader here! ^^

        Ah, vacation! I so hope we could also go somewhere on a family trip but doesn’t seem likely in the near future! Maybe one day, hehe! Have fun at your vacation! We’ll bring you up to date on dramaland when you get back, hehe!

        I’ll probably check some episodes too, just for PKW! Wanna see Shunji’s new face! 😛 I hope its a light comedic character for him! That way, even if he doesn’t get any therapy, at least he’ll get a different frame of mind that can distract him and bring him out of the Shunjiness! 🙂 Seen his latest tweet? So cute!! ^^

  4. I’m gonna miss this drama and my weekly dosis of JW,the guy is a great actor. This episode was in a way more slow and emotional but I think it was needed cause the last episodes will surely be a cry-fest and have massive heart attack moments. Arigatou for the recaps!!!

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