Arang and the Magistrate Epiosde 5 Recap

Arang Episode 6 Recap is up at Kap’s! enjoy the recap! here!

Eun Oh’s past opens up more to us and we get glimpses of his mother, which veer from one extreme to another and Arang comes face to face with what seems to be a replica of her past. Yet this time around, her deal with Jades saves her and makes one wonder what else is going on behind the young and cheeky guy’s obvious tactics. Joo Wal’s mystery opens up and we glimpse a lonely, inferiority ridden soul that’s desperate for more. Not to mention, there’s more evil around! *shudders* Onto the recap!

Episode 5:

Eun Oh’s walking around town, after having lost Arang and thinks back to Joo Wal’s reaction, wondering if the guy recognized his fiancée or not. Finally he decides it wasn’t a look of recognition so thinks he mustn’t have recognized her. Only to start all over again-maybe he recognized her a little? He’s brought out of his reverie by Dol Swe who tells him he ought to at least pay attention until the end if he was going to watch the funeral. He tells Dol Swe he has something he needs to do so Dol Swe can come back after making sure all is well.

That is not what Dol Swe wants and he balks at it. He goes ballistic when Eun Oh says they’re staying here for a while more- “Is it because of that woman?” He relays a series of questions about him and Arang and wants to know what else Eun Oh is hiding from him. Eun Oh denies it’s what Dol Swe thinks but he’s not bought. When he’s finished his rant, Eun Oh asks him if he’s done and then tells him with a cheeky smile-finish the funeral well and then come back, before running off in the other direction himself.

Meanwhile Joo Wal walks away, contemplating his dilemma-his reaction to Arang’s smile and the fact that his ring shone brightly.

Eun Oh runs back to the Magistrate’s office and finds Arang inside, sitting demurely and ladylike. She turns slightly when the door opens, not breaking posture and murmurs meekly, “You’ve come?” Eun Oh isn’t fooled and says he specifically told her not to come! She feigns surprise-what is he talking about? And bats her eyelashes at him. Omg, I’m dying of laughter here!

Eun Oh calls her out on dressing as a guard and coming so starts looking around frantically for the clothes, getting all handsy and looking beneath her sitting cushion as well. Finally, he lifts her skirt thinking she might still be wearing them underneath… only to find her bare legs. In reflex, she screams and slaps him.

Both reel from it for a moment until she realizes her slap has left an imprint on his face and mutters, “I’m sorry!” Poor Eun Oh is still reeling from having seen her bare legs, more than the slap itself and awkwardly mumbles, “I’m… something similar too…

They skirt the issue and get back to their previous discussion-finding the truth about her death. He asks for the hairpin but she left it in the afterlife-she came here naked. She muses that it’s not important, “That was a ghost’s belonging. I’m a human now!” He fumes that she came back without it and says, “To me, that hairpin is far more important than a demon like you!

Ooof. She starts at that and looks at him with pained eyes, “Demon?” Her voice shakes as she continues, “How many times do I have to tell you I came back as a human!” Eun Oh’s not bought and too angry to notice her hurt,“So what if your shell is a person. Do you know a person’s heart?” In a shaking voice, she claims she does although her expression is still lost. Eun Oh continues-she knows, does she? He mocks her fake heart beating at seeing Joo Wal.

She’s had enough and stands up, calling him an awful bastard and then continues, “You were an awful bastard to your mother too, weren’t you?” At that, he rises in silent fury and tells her to shut up. But she’s too far gone to care and continues to hit him at that spot-congratulating him on his sharp wit and hurtful tongue-“Truthfully, you’re mother didn’t really go missing, did she? She left because she didn’t want to see you face!”

He shouts at her-how dare she, how dare she… but is too strung to continue and leaves immediately. Behind him, Arang still shakes from the argument and closes her eyes, tears falling. Eun Oh unleashes his anger by taking a run through the forest and finally stops upon reaching a tree, banging his fist against it. He gets flashbacks of his life with his mother-when he’d first argued that he didn’t want to leave her and live with his father but she hadn’t spared him even a glance as he cried and was carried away. Then to the last time when he saw her and shouted that it would’ve been better if he’d never had a mother in the first place. His mother sits stoically on both occasions but her expressions are of grief as well. Hmm, that’s interesting.

As he stands there in the forest, Arang’s words cut him as the flashbacks prove her point-his hurtful words and slumps against the tree, crying as his hand bleeds from where he knocked it against the tree.

Till nightfall, Arang sits in her room as well, still hurting and holding back tears. Meanwhile Joo Wal holds a drawing of Arang as the soldier. Eun Oh is still at the Cliffside where he’d stopped earlier during the day after their argument. Come next morning, he’s still there. Joo Wal opens a box to reveal black garments inside. Uh, not a good sign.

Eun Oh stands outside Arang’s room for a long while before sighing and heading inside. Inside, he finds Arang sitting up, as if in meditation. He clears his throat so she turns back to look at him, giving him a start. He wonders what’s wrong with her eyes-she’s got dark circles under them and she wonders if this is what happens when you’re human and don’t sleep. He can’t help but laugh at her.

She tells him she went too far last night and he’s like, “Good that you know!” She points out that he’s equally to blame and that they should be saying I’m sorry to each other but he tells her, sitting with his back turned to her that he doesn’t say words like I am sorry. She suggests they both just bury it in their hearts then!

They both sit in silence for a while until Eun Oh pipes up, “That… was my mother’s hairpin.” She’s surprised and wonders why she had it with her then but can’t remember. Eun Oh points out that’s why she’s amnesia-because she can’t remember. She muses it could be a coincidence that she had it but he thinks maybe his mother gave it to her so the answer is in her memory. She realizes that was the reason he helped her-to find his own mother.

She’s not convinced both aspects can work together-Eun Oh wants to find his mother, can he really help uncover her killer? Eun Oh believes they can do it if they work together. Arang’s not feeling too happy about his hidden intentions so when he asks how much time she has, she doesn’t reply and turns to leave. He tells her, “I told you that I might be brave, but I’m not warm-hearted. Don’t go around saying you know how to read people anymore.

Outside, she scoffs at his words, wondering if she can even trust him. Inside, Eun Oh sits in a dazed silence, still sad.

The Bang Trio are laughing over their good luck since their days of being caught between the Magistrate and Lord Choi are over. Hehe, I love these three! They are happily congratulating each other and muttering about all the hard work they’ve put in when Arang passes by them. They stop her and demand to know who she is-as in what’s she doing in the magistrate’s area. I love the way she answers, “Arang!” and when they ask who gave her permission to walk around here she’s like, “The Magistrate! Magistrate! And why do I need permission to go somewhere with my own two feet?” She even sticks out her foot for added effect, hehe! Telling them to just do their work well, she heads off her own way.

She approaches her own room. Meanwhile, Dol Swe is totally freaking out. Eun Oh tells him they’ll be staying in town for a while and he totally flips his lid- why, what, why? Didn’t he say they would leave, didn’t he? Eun Oh tells him to just bear with it for a bit but the poor guy bursts out, “It’s that woman, isn’t it? It’s all because of that woman, isn’t it? How could that woman be more important than ME?!” hehe. Eun Oh just tsks tsks at him in response. Spying on them in the background is the Bang Trio and they cry to realize Eun Oh is staying on for now. Hehe.

Eun Oh convenes the Bang trio and tells them he’ll be staying on as Magistrate and also living with them would be his Teacher’s daughter. Dol Swe looks at him sharply at that-what teacher’s daughter and then thinks back-there’s only one teacher of Eun Oh and that too from the mountains so asks Eun Oh if it’s that one, reminding him of all the troubles he went through to find him up there after a year. Eun Oh says-well, he learned martial arts, didn’t he!

But Dol Swe’s like-She’s the daughter of THAT guy?! Huffing, he declares, “Young Master. Do-what-you-want!” and storms off!

Lord Choi gets the news and sends his spy to find out why Eun Oh has come to town and what he’s planning.

Bang Wool walks through the town, dazed until she spies Dol Swe coming from the other end, shouting out his plea about being let down because of a woman. She clocks on him and tells herself-till the day her shaman powers come, she’ll make her living this way. She follows Dol Swe as he drinks his sorrows. She sits by him and repeats what he said, except she says it as if she can feel his problems, you know, the supernatural way.

He looks at her, totally bought over, especially when she says, “A woman is the problem.” He asks her how she knows and she goes on about how she had the same problem some time ago-they said they’d go but they came back every time. Hehe, is she referring to Arang? Dol Swe grabs her hand anxiously-he’s facing the same problem!

She asks him for money and tells him her powers are at her best since it’s a full moon. He hands over money and she reads her own palm as if calculating something and tells him, “Don’t worry! That person, when he/she goes now, he/she won’t be able to come back!” He perks up-really?! And thinks his master will probably leave town soon except, she laughs and tells him-that person doesn’t have long to live and asks him if he doesn’t feel great. At that, he grabs her, shouting out, “WHO DIES? My master?!” Realizing she’s messed up, she makes a run for it.

That night, Arang sits in her room, contemplating Eun Oh’s words, especially the fact that he only helped her to find his mother and scoffs at it. Turning, she opens her box and gazes at the mirror. She tells herself it’s a good deal since she needs to find out the truth about herself too and Eun oh’s help will be better since he’s the Magistrate. She asks herself in the mirror, “Is that okay, Lee Seo Rim?” and smiles at herself in response.

Heading out, she finds Eun Oh pacing in the courtyard. She approaches him and tells him she’ll agree to the deal. He’s definitely happy to hear that but covers it up by acting gruff-I knew it would be so and to seal their partnership, takes out a pair of peaches from his sleeves. She instinctively shrinks back in fear and tells him to put them away.

He reminds her she’s human now and to try eating it. She slowly reaches out her hand and closes her eyes, as if bracing herself for pain but when it touches the peach, nothing happens. She opens her eyes in surprise and grabs the peach, holding it in both hands to make sure. She totally lights up and mutters happily, “It’s real, it’s real! I’ve really become a person!” Eun Oh tsks tsks at her harmlessly, muttering how he ever believed her when she didn’t believe herself.

Slowly, she takes a bite from the peach and smiles at the delicious taste. Watching her reactions, Eun Oh smiles just as he raises the peach to take a bite himself. But Arang’s next words stop him midway- “How long have you been a mo-mo-dong-ja?” She says he’s always saying, “Mother, mother!” like an overgrown baby. He barely reacts in his shock and yells “HEY” but she simply excuses herself and heads away. Once she’s gone, Eun Oh’s expression softens a bit.

That night, Joo Wal stands in front of the cottage he came to last time. The door opens and the gisaengs sitting inside asks him-have you prepared? He agrees and she tells him she’ll be waiting to see whoever he has prepared this time. Ugh, what do they think they are doing? Sacrifice? Is this the stone age? Joo Wal picks a knife from the ground and creepy music runs in the background. We pan over to see Arang asleep in her bed. Uh oh.

Eun Oh is pacing outside his room, restlessly thinking over Arang’s words about being a mama’s boy. A flashback shows the time he went to see his mother one day and she said it was the memorial day of her entire family’s death. As always, she sat there stoically without expression.

She said that they-his grandfather, grandmother, young uncle and old uncle all died together, all except her died that one day, because of “that person.” She swears that one day, she’ll definitely get her revenge, and destroy him. After her outburst, she’d gone unconscious. Remembering it now tears up Eun Oh.

The full moon is adorning the night sky! Suddenly, a man dressed in black jumps over the wall and heads to the inside of the magistrate’s quarters, straight to Arang’s room. It’s definitely Joo Wal and he approaches Arang’s side, taking out his knife and raises it, prepared to stab. Suddenly, Arang turns in her sleep, muttering something and for a moment, Joo Wal hesitates.

Outside, Eun Oh is heading back to his quarters. Suddenly, Joo Wal takes the plunge and stabs Arang in the chest and what seems the heart. Arang jolts awake with a cry and Eun Oh turns just before entering his room, as if realizing something is wrong.

Joo Wal draws the knife back and Arang turns her head to see him hazily. Whimpering in pain once, she falls unconscious. Joo Wal pockets the knife and picks her up, pressing a Talisman to her neck. The talisman immediately glows and dissolves, as if going into her skin.

In heaven, Jade is playing music on an instrument and suddenly stops. He tells Hades “It has finally begun.” And Hades mutters he doesn’t know whether they did a good thing or the not. Jade doesn’t reply, an anxious and worried look on his face while Hades, aware of the mood, turns to a book.

Eun Oh walks over to Arang’s quarters and sees the door open. Inside, he finds her missing and wonders where she went at this time of the night. “Does she think she’s still a ghost or what?” He’s about to leave and turn away when he spies red on her bed. Going in closer, he removes her covers and finds the blood. Rushing out, he sees the trail of blood on the ground and runs after it.

Joo Wal is carrying Arang away on his horse and Eun Oh runs out of the trail where Joo Wal got onto his horse and looking around frantically, Eun Oh screams her name he gave her, “Amnesia!”

Joo Wal arrives somewhere in the forest where a black cloth is hung on a tree and carries Arang towards the cottage ahead. For many moments, he simply stands there. Inside, he lays her don over a mat and finally removes his mask. He looks at her and kneels by her side, reaching out to touch her face but draws back after some hesitation and leaves. On the wall behind, there is a black cloth draped in red patterns.

As Joo Wal stands outside, flashbacks show his youth where he was approached by a woman who gave him the ring and told him-from now on, your name is Choi Joo Wal. She tells him to bring her a girl with a pure soul every full moon and he wonders how he will know what a pure soul is. She tells him the ring will guide him. And so, every time, he would take a girl out to that area. Dude, so not cool! How many did you kill that way?! *Shudders*

Standing there now, the woman approaches him from behind and asks if he brought her. The woman finally lifts her veil and it really is Eun Oh’s mum. And she’s damn creepy! *shivers* The woman looks to the skies and says she’s waited for this moment for a long while now and asks if it really is a woman with the face of the one who was already born. Joo Wal seems to hesitate slightly before answering and his expression one of sadness. He remembers Arang’s smiling face from the time he helped her get away from Eun Oh at the funeral and tells Eun Oh’s mom yes. Mom heads in to the cottage, Joo Wal following behind with a worried expression.

Inside, Arang lies unconscious. Outside, the two approach from the distance. Joo Wal opens the door to the cottage-it is also draped with similar patterns all over and Mom’s face goes from smiling to angry. Following her line of vision, Joo Wal look inside and gets a shock-the place he left Arang-the kind of altar is empty. THANK GOD! Heartbeat at 200!

We cut to see Arang clutching her chest and panting for breath as she runs through the forest. Flashback shows us a moment later when she’d suddenly woken up, gasping for breath and in pain.

Mom approaches the altar and asks with a scary look what happened. Joo Wal stutters-he really did kill her. Hmm, interesting since I’m also sure he stabbed her in the heart. He runs outside to look around and look for her while mom looks on with an evil expression. Joo Wal looks through the forest, wondering how she could have gone missing, muttering, “It can’t be, it can’t be, I killed her, this CAN’T happen!” I’d say the scared look on his face is less from Arang disappearing and more from fear of the evil lady he left back there.

Arang runs away, falling off a hill in her haste and finally makes it to the village where she runs around, stopping for breath when suddenly, someone puts a hand on her mouth and pulls her back. Instinctively, she starts screaming, hysterical and frightened to death. God, even I’m trembling here! However, it’s Eun Oh and he calls to her again and again, not letting his hand loose, “Amnesia! Amnesia!”

She finally realizes it is Eun Oh’s voice and turns to look at him. He too looks frightened as he’s seeing her like that. Calming down slightly turns to him, still gasping and calls him “Magistrate!” He asks her what happened and if she’s okay. Arang collapses to the ground, Eun Oh holding her arms to keep her up and she stammers, “Someone stabbed me… I thought I had died… left me in the mountains… I ran away… I ran away… I ran… I ran… ran…” She faints.

Eun Oh carries her back to his room and lies her down on his bed. Looking at her disheveled state and bloody clothes, he wonders aloud-what on earth happened to her.

Joo Wal bursts back into the cottage as Eun Oh’s mom (I’d say hereon, Lady Evil-?)is turning a ring on her hand inside. Joo Wal mutters that she’s gone and mom slaps him-her ring cutting his face. She repeats, “She isn’t there?” and Joo Wal stammers, trembling in his boots-he really did kill her. “I killed her! She was dead…” but Lady Evil slaps him again-what about her soul? What about the soul she must consume tonight?!

Soul eater, huh? Lady, it may not be direct cannibalism, but it’s equally gross and terrifying! Poor Eun Oh! Joo Wal stammers it won’t happen again but Lady Evil isn’t having any of it-she already gave him everything-riches and life in the world, allowing him to ‘live like a person’. She calls him golbi danji and asks him if he wants to return to that. That stuns him and as she calls him a useless bastard he collapses to his knees.

As she leaves, he has another flashback to when he was a kid and would eat out of troughs of livestock where other kids made fun of him and called him golbi danji. So, poor and insecure kid it is. At present, he sits by himself and reels from the events of the night.

In the morning, Eun Oh wakes up, having slept by Arang’s side and comes forward to check on her. Removing her collar slightly, he finds her wound healed over and stares at her stunned, whispering, “What are you?” So Joo Wal really did kill her with that blow! Arang’s got luck on her hands… and two gods… whatever you wanna pick, hehe!

Bang Wool walks through town once again, telling herself she will definitely have better luck today and sets up a stall in the market. Dol Swe meanwhile, after having drunk his sorrows the day before spends the night at the inn and runs straight into Bang Wool cause her stall is just opposite. He corners her and asks her if it’s true-what she said yesterday. She tires to make her getaway just as the innkeeper accidently throws water all over Dol Swe. Thereon commences a slow motion scene as Dol Swe shakes his head to shake off the water and Bang Wool watches, mesmerized and visibly swallowing, hehe. When he leaves without a word thereafter, Bang Wool watches him go with puppy eyes.

The Bang Trio brings Eun Oh female clothes from when there used to be women police around since those are the only women’s clothes they have lying around. Eun Oh points out the mountain in the distance and asks them about it. Following his line of vision, they tell him it’s called the Abandoned Mountain because its famous that ghosts live there so people never go there.

Eun Oh comes back to the room to find Arang still asleep and leaves the clothes there for her. Gathering her shoes, he takes them out and places them on the steps, turning around only to draw back in surprise. Dol Swe is there, staring at him and his gaze moves back and forward between the shoes, the room and his master. Haha. Eun Oh tries to deflect the topic-where was Dol Swe all night but Dol Swe shoves him aside and heads inside to check for himself before Eun Oh can stop him.

And yes, Dol Swe opens the door to find his worst suspicion confirmed-Arang sleeping in his master’s bed. I love his gasp of surprise. Eun Oh literally has to drag him out, mouth covered to keep him quiet. Outside, the poor servant blubbers, “Why… why… why is that teacher’s daughter in that room… Did you sleep together?” Eun Oh decides better than to argue and grunts, “Yes!” and Dol Swe gaaaaasssssps in horror! *rewinding to listen to his reaction again*

Dol Swe snaps at him that he’s returning home this instant and going to tell on Eun Oh. Eun Oh just turns to him and tells him to follow him.

They go up the mountain where Arang said she woke up and Eun oh looks around for clues. Dol Swe’s still stuck on the Arang issue and asks Eun Oh how what he’s going to do with Arang. Eun Oh says they have to go to the end together and Dol Swe snaps that his father would never accept a teacher’s daughter as his daughter in law so marriage is out of question. Eun Oh just glares at him and doesn’t bother to correct him, snapping at him to look around and tell if he finds anything suspicious.

Dol Swe catches sight of the cottage in the distance and points it out to Eun Oh, wondering, “Do people live there or do ghosts live there?” He then follows Eun Oh to the cottage, a haze surrounding the place. Eun Oh enters and finds the altar and the marks on the wall, looking at the fresh blood stains on the altar, confirming Arang’s claim. Poor Dol Swe comes in and begs him to leave the place, sure that ghosts would be crawling around.

Eun oh shakes his head, “That’s what’s strange. There are no ghosts!”

Okay, that’s double triple creepy! Dol Swe, not realizing Eun Oh’s power to see ghosts thinks Eun Oh means ghosts don’t exist at all and starts to argue on that topic, hehe. Eun Oh moves around to look at the patterns and looks at the patterns all around on the walls. Dol Swe exits the house and sits on the step outside, wondering what’s gotten into Eun Oh. “Has he already forgotten he came to find his mother… And how long do I have to do this?”

Inside, Eun Oh thinks about it-everything is strange about the place and wonders why Arang was attacked, since she doesn’t have any bonds with anyone in the town and quickly dismisses the idea that someone may have recognized her-no one would believe someone dead came back to life anyway. As he’s leaving, something catches his eye and he goes over to retrieve something wedged between a cabinet on the ground-it’s his mother’s hairpin and he wonders, “Why is this… why?


Okay, first of all, I love that ending tune and words! *goes to check Arang OST*

*Back… Its too slow for my liking but love that second part that comes in the drama*

I guess Mom’s being evil, or at least supernatural would explain why Eun Oh can see ghosts and it raises a lot of questions-is mom a born soul eater person aka non human or demon, or in reality a human who just went crazy over time with her revenge and all, going to such extremes? Why did she give up Eun On as a kid and why, after being with him all these years did she disappear just three years ago? What significant thing changed three years ago? If Joo Wal was a kid when she got him to do her bidding, it means she was plenty evil back then.

And it gives a whole new perspective to Eun Oh’s character-with a mother like that, how did he end up not evil? I don’t think he’s hidden evil and trying to overcome his dark side or anything. What we’ve seen of his character so far is far more interesting than that. He doesn’t even pretend to care about others or be sympathetic or caring-he’s told Arang already that he isn’t warm hearted. Yet whatever he says, we’ve seen him be warm hearted to her, no matter what he claims. He isn’t as indifferent as he’d like to pretend and that means of all things, he isn’t unfeeling.

And his quest for his mother is laced with mystery itself-why is he still too determined to find her even after she has snubbed him most his life? And now that we see the flashback of her obsessing over her dead family, vowing revenge-how does that affect Eun Oh? Does he know his family history-whatever it is? And does he wonder or know why he can see ghosts? And why is she this evil persona who eats/consumes sould and if revenge was so important to her-why didn’t she involve Eun Oh in it? He has enough special powers-not everyone can see and touch ghosts so what was with keeping him away?

His need to find his mother makes things even more interesting because if she really is the true evil around here, then it becomes a question of choosing between the two-his mother or Arang. And that is an arc I’d love to take on-without the unneeded angst and in the so far awesome Arang style, that is!

Joo Wal-thank God he’s not a werewolf! And I dig the fact that he’s human, not some evil demon or something but a rather simple human who’s seen too much of the lowest form of life that he’s greedy enough for more which makes him evil. Yet it was the acting or the character today when he brought Arang and the way he hesitated and remembered her smile, the way he looked regretful and sad when he led Lady Evil in that makes me curious about him. It would be no fun to have him all evil and fall for the girl-shades of grays are much more interesting than simple black and white! And I love how falling for the girl ALWAYS complicates things!

I like the concept of Arang’s new life-that she can’t die. I suspect that in these three months she was given, nothing can take her life since that time was guaranteed to her by Jade and Hades. That’s such an interesting twist and I love the way it threw Joo Wal off guard. Oh and I missed not seeing Jade and Hades for a longer span in this episode, hehe!

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  1. hmmm so far the actor for Joo wal has been doing quite a stoic job. the times when he showed his hesitation im not sure whether the acting came out just righth. i couldn’t feel for his character so i can’t pity him either. he has been killing for years….is he….NUMB?

    anyways, a random question for you and kap, do you guys read other people’s recap of arang?

    • I liked Joo Wal in Ojakgyo Brothers but then again, the role there wasn’t so demanding! I hope he gets better with time although I’m not finding him such a bother here! I’m too busy drooling over Arang and Eun Oh!

      Yup, I’ve heard its being recapped a lot but I read DB’s recaps for it and Gaksital after I’ve seen the episodes! Why, are there any interesting views or comments out there? You following others?

    • I didn’t watch OB so I don’t know about the actor but I’m sure I have seen him somewhere though.

      Frea, I know it’s being recapped by DB and many others but when I recap a drama, I don’t read other people’s recaps. I want to form my own voice that way. =D

      • Hehe, good choice Kap! Reading your comment makes me think maybe I should give up on series I’m watching too… I don’t read recaps of a drama I am watching before I see the episode or it ruins the fun for me! N for dramas I am recapping, I don’t read them until I’ve done my recap and then too, to try and see what I missed out on or made mistakes on! [Good way to improve on your korean language ;)]

  2. Ughhhhhhhh the scene where she licked her lip in anticipation of the SOUL eating!!

    im still surprised Joowal is a human. was he desperate enough to kill for the sake of living in riches but a totally unhappy life? HOW? sigh. people back then and people now puzzles me.

    thanks mari for the quick recap. 😀

    • Seriously, I was like-LADY! ARE YOU NUTS?! and two minutes later- OMG! YOU REALLY ARE NUTS!! *shudders*

      Hehe, people will always be a puzzle we cannot solve frea! It’s surprising how many lengths one can go to for the sake of something they want! Maybe Joo Wal didn’t really realize what he was getting into when Evil Mom recruited him… After all, he was a little kid… and then when he did realize what he was a part of, he might have been too scared of Evil Mom to back out or maybe even scared of going back to being the way he as-helpless and hopeless on the streets-worse than a beggar! Then again, who knows! I’m sure we’ll get to see more of him and his history in the coming episodes! 😉

  3. Seriously, Mariah! You’re a BEAST!!! 2 recaps back-to-back!!! =D

    I can’t get over Jae Emperor’s ajuhmma hair. The creepiness is high in this episode but his hair keeps me laughing every single minute…….. 😛 His hair is the typical hairstyle of old women in Chinese series.

    Very surprising fact. Joo Wal is not a wolf (or any beings we thought he was) but that means the mother would the big bad MAMA! Poor Eun Oh, just wait till you found out. You’d wish you never knew. The actress playing his mother has the natural evil look down to the bone. Now I know why they cast her because any other kind-looking actress wouldn’t do the evil creepy tone as well as her.

    Thanks for the hard work Mariah! ^^

    • hehe, I just went ballistic Kap and did almost four recaps in two days! 😀 Now I’ll spend the next many days relaxing!

      hehe, I haven’t seen the hair in Chinese series but yes, even I laughed at his hair! Not that it’s bad or anything, but it really did seem like a woman’s style! 😛

      And oooh, i seriously had goosebumps when Mama Evil came on! She is terrifying! Can’t blame Joo Wal for being scared so much!

      Waiting for your recap on Episode 6, although I plan to marathon it tonight if I can! Suspense suspense! I can’t handle it anymore! 😉

      • Don’t know how you do it, Mariah. I can’t even form one sentence. I need to start watching this week’s episodes instead of just reading recap from you. XD

        Old women in Chinese dramas usually have their hair whipped circularly around their heads. I can’t take the image out of my head. Too funny. 😛

        I need to see this creepy mama that is the talk of town around here!!

        p.s I LOVE CREEPY Stuff! yay me! 🙂

      • Hehe, you’ll love Episode 6 cause its way more creepy! I bet it’ll keep getting more like this so you’ll have plenty to be glad about! Although I’ve been quite creeped out by Mama Eun! 😐 This is more dark than I expected!

        Take your time with the recap-no rush! I actually did mine early so I’d get a good rest over the weekend otherwise I’d be doing it now! Besides, after the coming week, Ill be left with just Arang on Wednesday so itll be quicker by itself!

        Enjoy episode 6! Will be waiting to read the recap! 🙂

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