Gaksital aka Bridal Mask Episode 26 Preview

No written preview available yet.

Video Preview:

Shunji is torturing Park and shouts “You are also together in this with Lee Kang To! The tailor shop is your hideout, right?” Meanwhile, Deuksu brings Dan to see Kang To who worries if he is alright. Kangto tells her he is okay, “Now I don’t have to worry about being caught and being on the edge.” Yang asks, “Lure?” and meets with Damsari who says in voiceover, “Now let’s play cat and mouse with the Japanese.” He meets with Dan, teary, as if going on a mission again.

Shunji finds the hideout in the tailor shop and rips the Korean flag down. Koiso asks in voiceover were Lee Kang To used to stay and Abe replies, “Maybe in the house on the hill.” Abe is also crying. Koiso perks at that-hill? Shunji finds the cottage and the whole wall covered with the posters and news clippings Kang San collected.

Taro mutters, “Gaksital was indeed Lee Sun’s son!” Baek Gun comes wot meet Kang To with Deuksu and tells him, “From now on, I will follow Young Master everywhere like a shadow!” Shunji and Taro contemplate Kang To’s clippinds and Taro says, “That fellow will definitely come and find me very soon.”

Kang To tells Baek Gun in voiceover, “I have to fight.” He is shown jumping the boundary of Taro’s house and entering the house and a flashback as he says, “It seems the time has come for me to deal with Kimura Taro.”


Ugh, who else is saying a big no to the Taro mission?! It’ll be another confrontation between Kang To and Shunji because they expect him to go after Taro and Shunji is definitely not letting Kang To get away, not when he wants to kill him. Oh dear, my heart needs some rest!

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  1. I will read your recap …. will sustain me until I have time to watch it with my own eyes! This drama is just tooooo good and hence, v addictive! 🙂
    I read that JW sang a sad ballad for the OST… that sounds v ominous… I don’t know how many people will be left alive at the finale! And if they follow history accurately for the plot, we know the war was still ongoing in the 1930s, so it will not be a happy or completely happy ending :(. Hope I am wrong….

    • Yes, Joo Won tweeted a picture of it if I’m not wrong! Titled ‘사랑 그리고 사랑’ which in my books means Love and Love… 사랑 means love and 그리고 stands for and or as well as…

      We have to be open to a sad or maybe an open ending! Series like these rarely end on a total happy not so its best to be prepared! I truly hope for happy, or at least hopeful! Lets keep our fingers crossed!! ^^ God help us until the end of Gaksital. It really has been one hell of a ride!!

  2. Thanks! As always, I am v naughty. I have not watched ep 25 (lack of time), but I am already curious about ep 26 (and of course the finale next week)! Well, I have to be patient and get my work done first and then this weekend, it can be drama galore… I can watch Gaksital, Arang and anything else I have missed so far! 🙂

    • Hehe, I just finished the recap n went on search for the preview! I’m anxious about tomorrow too and wondering about the finale-who will die? Shunji or Kang To? Or both?! Todays episode was good! You get so much satisfaction on so many things! Imagine-Deuksu is now one of my favorote characters!! ^^ Wait till you see the episode or read the recap! 😉

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