Sungkyunkwan Scandal Episode 1 Recap

Alright folks, here’s the recap for Episode 1 of Sungkyunkwan Scandal under collaboration between me and Raine from Raine’s Dichotomy! The episode recap is in maroon, my comments are in orange and Raine’s comments are in grey. If there’s too much confusion due to the style of writing or color contexts and all, let us know and we’ll try to come up with a better solution for the future recaps! As explained before, Episode 2 and all the other even number episodes will be recapped by Raine and posted on her blog, Raine’s Dichotomy but a link to the recaps will be posted here at Akiko’s once she posts them up! For now, join me and Raine as we delve into the world of the awesome Jalgeun Quartet and find out more about their adventures! 😉

Episode screen-caps credits go to Raine too! 🙂

Episode 1 Recap:

Akiko: The drama opens with a number of aerial views that then lead to Sungkyunkwan where students are going about their day, some exiting the campus grounds to go beyond and into the street. Then we cut to see a person, Kim Yoon Hee, hurrying to someplace. However, she bumps into a street vendor and by accident, drops a notebook.

Raine: Uh-oh. We all know what THAT means.

Akiko: Meanwhile, a bookstore owner is being questioned regarding a specific order and he relates that although it isn’t in yet, it should be on its way. The person freaking out for the manuscript-the book, is a student of Sungkyunkwan and worries that he’ll fail. He turns his attention to a person in the back and asks if he’ll be alright.

Raine: *Squee* This next character is half the reason I wanted to recap this show!

Akiko: Hehe, he’s the reason I picked it up the first time I saw it! 😉 Guy won me over in Will it Snow for Christmas! Aaaahhhh *dreamy eyed*

Raine: I have yet to see that but I totally know that Kim Soo-hyun is in that!

Akiko: Kim Soo Hyun was the life of that drama in the younger role! A must watch, although it got a bit dragged towards the end!

Raine: At least I get to see Song Joong-ki here and being adorable!

Akiko: The other person, a student dressed in fine and colorful robes, Gu Yong Ha isn’t bothered much and simply asks when the next edition for a specific book (An adult book). Hehe.

Raine: How much do I love that he unabashedly reads porn in public? Pfffft. It’s a great character quirk in such an uptight society.

Akiko: Yoon Hee finally reaches but refuses to hand over the manuscript without getting paid. She finally decides to give it but discovers the manuscript missing. Yet, it’s not a problem since she asks for 30 mins more. The student is like, “Are you crazy? What can you do in 30 more minutes?”

Raine: I would react the same way. Plus, he was freaking out so badly, you’d think he’d need the thing THAT second.

Akiko: But lo and behold, without another word, Yoon Hee sits down with a quill, ink and paper and within 30 minutes, recreates it, having memorized the whole thing. Yong Ha and the other student look on in surprise. Yong Ha examines the finished product and proclaims it’s perfect and analyzing Yoon Hee, says, “But it’s totally like a woman.” Yoon Hee quickly lowers her hat, afraid she’s been caught and Yong Ha explains with a mysterious smile, “Your writing, that is.”

Raine: Why do I have a feeling he’s going to be a thorn in her side? He can be a thorn in MY side whenever he wants. That’s the cutest little smirk.

Akiko: That smirk and mysteriousness shows he is such a devil, but the cutesy one and who you’d so want by your side!

Raine: *Le swoon* And he’s already established as the unreachable man. Darn you Gu Yong-ha!

Akiko: He keeps watching her with interest while she changes the subject by asking for her pay.

Elsewhere, some students are studying while others are sleeping or busy in chitchat. The civil service exams are coming up and the hopefuls are looking to gather as much knowledge or luck as they can. Amongst them sits Lee Sun Joon, the upright, no nonsense, principled scholar. Needless to say, he is top of his class, intelligent, confident and hardworking.

Raine: Sounds boring…

Akiko: Still, hats off to those who are still sleeping before that big an exam, hehe!

Raine: I can’t understand that. I’m always so wired before exams.

Akiko: One of his classmates has collected strands of hair from top scholars all over the country and tries to get some of Sun Joon’s.

Raine: He throws and egg at his head. Gross. For serious, dude? Ick.

Akiko: You do know some people say egg is actually good for hair! Maybe that’s the secret behind Sun Joon’s perfect look!

Raine: How scary is that? I was JUST thinking the same thing. Perhaps that’s what he does between studying! Egg baths! So he can look perfect while acting perfect.

Akiko: Sun Joon doesn’t fall for Wang’s trick to get his hair so Wang has to go all out and request them, showing him all the hair he’s already collected. Sun Joon takes the hair he has and lets it fly away with the wind. All the guys with Wang scramble to collect the hair but have little luck and Wang laments he worked so hard for it. Sun Joon tells him. “This isn’t hard work, it’s pure luck! These cheap methods of comfort and sympathy, what can they solve? I don’t care if you hate me. However, I cannot tolerate you telling me I am wrong.”

Raine: Well okay then Mr. Crankypants!

Akiko: Meanwhile, the bookshop owner, for whom Yoon Hee does small jobs, encourages her to take the exams, telling her Sungkyunkwan would welcome her with open arms and wonders why she won’t take them since it clearly means a better future for her.

Yoon Hee deflects by saying she’d rather earn more money. At that, Hwang Ga, the store owner, takes her to the basement of the building. There, transcribers are filling in cheat books and answer sheets. He offers Yoon Hee work here, promising huge wages. Moreover, if she sat in place of someone else for the exam, she could earn 100 nyang in a day-equivalent to three years wages. She refuses; it’s illegal, against her moral code and “not something a man ought to do.”

Raine: Sounds like a certain hair-tossing individual….

Akiko: As she exits the bookstore, she runs into two gisaengs who are waiting for her to show. As soon as they see her coming, they drop a fan, expecting her to pick it up and return it and thereon, fall for one of them. Yoon Hee picks up the fan and returns it, except, she points out it the poem on it is written all wrong and offers to amend it for one nyang.

Raine: HAHA! I love it. Love it. Yoon-hee, babycakes, you need to learn to crossdress better. But still, that reaction made me laugh.

Akiko: Telling the gisaengs to bring it by the bookstore, she heads off, leaving the gisaengs sighing.

Later, when she’s in private, Yoon Hee lets down her hair, changes into women’s clothes and goes back to the real her.

Raine: So pretty as a girl. It’s amazing what a change in attire can do! Although I think she looks like a cross-dressing chick and not like a guy at all…but let’s suspend a little reality and get on with the show.

Akiko: Its K-dramaland, where usually, reality is a fourth dimension on its own, hehe!

Raine: Where short, tiny, thin-waisted, full-lipped, wide-eyed, people with high voices are passable as men. She’s so feminine. The sexual tension is going to be a comedic killer, isn’t it?

Akiko: Clutching medicines, she heads home; except trouble is already there in the form of men who have come to collect their debt.

Yoon Hee faces the men with righteous indignation and the leader immediately looks at her with interest. He lays out his bargain: return the money or sell Yoon Hee.

Raine: Sick-o.

Akiko: Exactly, EWWW, GRANDAD!!! 😐

Raine: That man grosses me out. Can we strike him from the drama?

Akiko: How about hiring Jae Shin for it? He’ll make it worth the watch and so painful for the granddad! 😉

Raine: I’ll take any excuse for more Yoo Ah-in screentime. OR, we can hire Park Shi-hoo and his abs of steel!

Akiko: Let’s list down all our options and when it’s proper time for grand dad to die, let’s choose depending on how bad he is! 😉 The bad he is, the more severe action, you see!

Raine: Readers, ready your ideas of favorite actors, characters and photographs and please submit them. Anything Park Shi-hoo related will automatically jump to the top of my pile.

Akiko: That night, Yeon Hee tells her mother and sick younger brother not to worry about anything-work is picking up and going well so she’ll be paid in advance for a year.

Raine: I seriously love the family dynamic. I wish we got to see more of it. Especially with her brother. He’s so sweet!

Akiko: The next morning, she goes to Hwang and tells him she’ll do it-going to sit in the civil service exams in place of someone else. At Sungkyunkwan meanwhile, a series of rites are carried out in preparation for the new exams.

Raine: Presided over by the student body president Ha In-soo played by Ha Ji-won’s brother Jun Tae-soo.

Akiko: Hwang warns Yoon Hee of the dangers in case she is caught and tells her to be careful but not to worry too much since almost every second guy in there is cheating one way or another.

Raine: Well THAT’S reassuring…Honey, why aren’t you running in the opposite direction yet?

Akiko: Ways to cheat: bribe the officials, take the exams in place of someone else or use cheating methods.

She’s given a drawing of the student she must substitute for. (It’s Wang. Haha, looks like losing the hair made him lose his confidence too!) Except, once inside, she mistakes Sun Joon for Wang.

Raine: Uh-oh. Master of everything upright plus needy poor person who will do anything to care for her family = UH-OH!

Akiko: Unfortunately for her, he also replies in the same style as Wang was supposed to when she relates the code word. So she opens up all about her services and the levels of literary cheats available. Sun Joon has already seen people cheating all around him. He listens to her for a moment before whispering that the award for catching substitute test takers is 50 nyang.

Raine: No…you’re not really one of THOSE holier-than-thous are you? *headdesk* Even though I’ve already seen this once, my reaction to this was the same. Seriously?!

Akiko: Meanwhile, Jung Yak Yong joins Sungkyunkwan as a professor. (He is an old friend of Yoon Hee’s father and close aide to the King). He seems very unconventional in his methods and mannerisms.

In the testing area, Sun Joon holds up his hand, announcing there is cheating going on in the grounds. Yoon Hee begs him not to let out the secret, she has a family to feed and a younger brother to nurse. He tells her she can still turn over a new leaf and stands up announcing the cheating going on. She braces for punishment, except he declares himself and everyone else as the cheater-for pretending nothing is going on, others for cheating.

Raine: Ack! So upright! So holy! He’s blinding my eyes with his righteousness!

Akiko: My first thought: Dude, if this were a real examination hall of today, they’d kick you out for disturbing peace with trying to be the ‘noble’ and ‘upright’ idiot!

Raine: I know! He’s being established as incredibly adherent to what is right so that his growth can be shown throughout, but STILL. Or maybe after watching Eun Shi-kyung, this sort of character will never be the same for me. But Sun-joon is still so adorable because he tries so hard.

Akiko: Oh Eun Shi Kyung *drowning in memories* That was one hell of an EPIC upright and noble character. Seriously, no comparisons… Still, Sun Joon is Yoochun you know! That forgives all! 😛

Raine: The beauty of K-dramaland is that you can love all the k-drama men and characters that you want!

Akiko: At first his words are met with resistance by the inspecting officer who wants him thrown out. However, once the officer hears his real name, he flips 180 degrees and shouts out, “No cheating will be tolerated hereon!” and orders a crackdown on the cheaters and cheating materials.

Raine: Everyone meet the chancellor, Choi Shin-mook, class A butt-kisser.

Akiko: The resulting commotion allows Yoon Hee to slip away.

Sun Joon is the first to finish and takes his work up to the invigilators. Yak Yong checks his work and then remarks, “Is that another way of cheating?” pointing to his robes. Sun Joon looks down to find writing on them. As he reads them, we see a flashback where he was writing on the sheet while Yoon Hee sits behind him and writes on his robes. She wrote:
“A scholar that only knows words and strong righteousness but fails to understand the lives of normal citizens, if those who sell their words for food are considered thieves, then are those who sell their words for power considered as loyal? If such people are allowed to handle to handle a blade, then he would be a knife wielding murderer. I am the biggest thief of all.”


Akiko: For the person who supposedly slipped out during the commotion before the exam, it’s a miracle she wrote that on his robes when he was taking the exam! 😛

Raine: Perhaps she came back for more substituting? Or peeking UNDER the robes….*whistles innocently*

Akiko: Lol, which part of the above is “innocent”, Raine? 😛

Raine: Um…let’s move on with the recap! 😀

Akiko: Oh yes, let’s! 😛

Raine: *peeks under the robe and allows Akiko to continue*

Akiko: The whole examination hall bursts into laughter while an angry Sun Joon turns to leave. He trips on a rope. This is the new cheating tactic being used by the real Wang. Yoon Hee is outside, writing to him and sending it through the rope. He finds her outside and she panics when he says, “Since I received a script from you, I should pay you back, right?” Without a word, she runs away and a chase ensues as he follows her.

Raine: Since you can’t have a high speed car chase in Joseon, I suppose a marketplace foot chase will have to do.

Akiko: As she runs into a street, she barrels straight into Yong Ha who catches her and gives her a quizzical look, up and down. Even as she runs away, he keeps looking back at her.

Raine: His spidey senses are tingling. Must be all that smut he reads.

Akiko: I am enjoying envisioning him as a ventriloquist or a puppeteer! Think of him in all those wonderful colored robes, manipulating all with invisible ropes and a cutesy smile on his face!

Raine: He would be an adorable puppeteer! Aw, buying the most expensive silk strings from China!

Akiko: Sun Joon is detained by other people in the same group, Ha In Soo (the most influential student at SKK). In Soo’s friends rub into Sun Joon for creating a commotion at the exams. Yet Sun Joon stands his ground, asking them if they feel no shame for their behavior. In Soo turns to address him and tells him he may be righteous and upright but this is the last time In Soo will tolerate his rudeness. Sun Joon, equally stubborn, retorts that this is the last time he will tolerate the rudeness of his seniors and heads off to pursue Yoon Hee, sending one of In Soo’s minions crashing into the river below.

Raine: Glorious. I love watching Idiot #1 get a good soaking! His name is Im Byung-choon, by the way. Yes, I’m obsessed with names.

Akiko: And I’m horrible with them *embarrassed*

Akiko: Yong Ha watches the whole exchange with amusement and once he’s gone, stares at his fingers, muttering, “I like him… not the one in the back… the one in the front (Yoon Hee).”

Sun Joon gives chase to Yoon Hee but loses her in the market. He ends up confronting a person wearing a woman’s covering, but the woman slaps him for his rude behavior. He ends up apologizing as she walks away. It is actually Yoon Hee, but he never gives it a second thought since it would never occur to him that Yoon Hee was a girl. He is left staring at the prose she wrote at the back of his robes.

Raine: I love her smirk. Point to the cross dresser.

Akiko: Yak Yong tells the King about Sun Joon and the latter is amused by the tale. Yak Yong advises him to keep his distance since he is a son of a Noron but that is what has the King more interested.

Alone, Yoon Hee sits in a daze, coming to terms with the extreme step she’s taken. She looks at the slips in her hand, musing that she’s rich. But that wipes the smile off her face – she sold her principles for so little.

Akiko: I just love this scene- she’s like *I’ve got 50 nyang! I’m that much richer* in a forced voice but her expression is one of torture-she hates what she had to do and the fact that she had to do it even though it was against all she believed in!

Raine: This will become a theme. What is right and when someone can do what is right versus what they need to do to live. And, how to balance them.

Akiko: Well said! And seriously, how much of right and wrong is actually black and white? The way I see it, it’s all simply shades of grey!

Akiko: When she comes home, she finds people at the front, gossiping about her fate. She assures her mother she will repay the debt but her mother knows the latest stint at the examination hall and scolds her for going so far. She must realize how the world works-she is a girl, she cannot do such things.

Her mother blames herself for not stopping Yoon Hee when she told her mother she would be responsible for her brother, asks her to stop and go back to being the real her-a girl. Yoon Hee objects, promising this won’t happen again and she’ll use her talent for the better but her mother cuts her off, “Yoon Hee, the only women who make money in this world through money are gisaengs! Your writing talent is poison to you!”

Raine: As much as I HATE to hear it, at that time and place, it’s the truth. As her mother, I’m not sure that I’d do any different. She’s protecting her child’s life.

Akiko: Yup, to a parent, her child is what matters most and the social customs dictated a person-especially a woman’s life, her mother couldn’t support her even if she wanted to, knowing it would surely mean doom for her daughter. Parents have it rough.

Akiko: Yoon Hee leaves the room in tears, knowing full well her mother is right and no matter how much she tries, some things are out of her hands because she is a girl. Behind her, her mother also cries silently.

Sun Joon has a portrait of Yoon Hee’s made and claims, “I must find this person. I have a debt that I must repay to this person.” Yoon Hee goes to the man who her family owes, who happens to be In Soo’s father. (In Soo also has a younger sister named Ha Hyo Eun.) Yoon Hee meets the man, claiming she is here to ‘pay her respects’ to her brother’s savior. Thereon, she takes a clever approach, telling him people are bound to point fingers at him for ‘purchasing’ a young girl for personal pleasure through a high interest loan and hopes he may not be caught in such a scandal due to her. She offers the money she already has and promises to pay the rest later.

Raine: Oh girl, you so clever. But a nasty old lecher won’t be put off that easily.

Akiko: Still, points for facing it out and making the enemy back out, even if for a bit! Girl’s got guts and she’s not afraid to stand for herself, however bleak the outcome would seem to be.

Raine: Girl power!

Akiko: The minister understands the meaning behind her words and wonders if they are a threat. She recites an old Chinese war strategy “It is wisest not to fight and keep off misfortune” and the only thing he needs fear is the people.

He laughs at her choice of words, surprised she knows a war strategy and impressed by her words, tells her she has three days to repay the debt before the public realizes what is about. On the fourth day, he’ll send a palanquin. In Soo hears the exchange as well and mocks Yoon Hee’s gall at talking back to his father.

Raine: In-soo needs a vacation from being so uptight 24/7.

Akiko: How about a vacation from the drama overall? That would save us a lot of grief and mean more Jalgeum Quartet time, hehe!

Raine: Jalgeum! Heehee. Saranghae! Wow, mention hot men and I’m distracted…

Akiko: On the way home, Yoon Hee is accosted by a thug who runs away with her purse. She gives chase, which seems to be the point as he traps her in an alley; more men surround her. This is In Soo’s doing.

Raine: In-soo is well on his way onto my “I-don’t-like-you-very-much-” list.

Akiko: He’s making his way from my “I wanna throttle you” list to “Let’s just drown you and then burn you” list, hehe!

Raine: I wonder what other lists he’ll make it onto as the episodes progress. Is it sad that I think he’s kinda cute?

Akiko: Knowing there is no other way, Yoon Hee gets on her knees to beg the men to return her money. The whole commotion awakens a man sleeping nearby who hurls an apple at the leader of the gang and comes forward to face them, muttering that he’d like to sleep in peace. This is Moon Jae Shin, another scholar at Sungkyunkwan.

Raine: And ever MORE, it’s Yoo Ah-in, with his awesome lips and messy mane-of-glory! ASA! So much better than Fashion King hair. What a waste of talent! Moon Jae-shin FTW!

Akiko: Where’d that pond come from and why’s someone swimming in it?? o_0 Oh, It’s Raine, drooling! hehe!

Raine: I totally made the shot of him first sitting up my desktop! (Park Shi-hoo is on my side bar, DON’T WORRY everyone. I’m still sane.)

Akiko: So she claims, hmmm… Weren’t you the one peeking somewhere? 😛

Raine: I peek many places…

Akiko: Jae Shin fights off the thugs with ease and the minister’s man runs away. At the end, he picks up his apple, taking a bit and gives Yoon Hee her purse back. Just then, a man gets up to attack him from behind but in a swift move, Jae Shin kicks up a stick from the ground, covers Yoon Hee’s eyes with one hand and whacks the man in the head with the other.

As he leaves, Yoon Hee thanks him for helping her and offers her handkerchief for his bleeding arm. He tells her not to appear in front of him again if she wants to repay him. “I don’t want to see a dim-witted person like you. Don’t bow your head so easily. And don’t kneel to just anybody. That’ll become a habit, and once that’s a habit, it’s tough to fix.” He begins to hiccup as he walks away and Yoon Hee clutches her pouch close.

Raine: Those hiccups are so cute. He’s a knight-in-scraggly-clothes!

Akiko: They are adorable! I want to see more hiccups!!

Akiko: Sun Joo is unable to find Yoon Hee and his servant tells him to just wait. He’s bound to appear sooner or later but Sun Joon cannot wait and decides to search himself from tomorrow onwards. “If one could stay still after getting such treatment, he is not a scholar.”

Meanwhile, Dad comes to see Sun Joon and the two have a chat over tea. His father advises him to be careful; the world has its eyes on him and is waiting for him to misstep. “The most foolish man in the world is the man who boasts of his wisdom. If the road of a scholar is one that polishes wisdom, going into government service begins with hiding that wisdom.” Sun Joon does not wish to do so especially if it means throwing his principles. Dad tells him that although nothing is wrong with preserving name and principal, one must remember one’s position and heritage.

Raine: Sad thing is, at this point, I agree with dad. Sun-joon needs to knows when to play his cards and when to fold.

Akiko: Yeah, diplomacy is a scary thing and yet a necessity in life!

Akiko: At Sungkyunkwan’s library, In Soo and his gang are plotting how to bring down Sun Joon. In Soo’s minions cannot think of a method that may work and In Soo turns to Yong Ha. Reading comics, Yong Ha turns to them and tells them there is one thing that can be done.

Raine: Again, I love Yong-ha. He’s the outsider who runs interference and delivers commentary. He’s the mystery character.

Akiko: Meanwhile Sun Joon goes to bookstore after bookstore. Hwang recognizes the drawing but pretends not. Yoon Hee sees them looking for her. She goes to Hwang and tells him she needs to earn 100 nyang immediately and offers to go for the substitute test again. Hwang balks because things are even more strict now. Yoon Hee mutters, “That man (referring to Sun Joon), what did I do to him in my past life?”

Raine: The question is, what are YOU going to do to HIM in THIS life. Hee. Hee. Hee.

Akiko: Knowing Hwang won’t cave in easily, she uses reverse psychology, telling him she’s thinking of going to the authorities to turn herself in. Of course, if that happens, he won’t be left unscathed.

Raine: Her face during this part is so epic. Yay Park Min-young and her adorable smile!

Akiko: He caves. 50 nyang up front for delivering a forbidden book.

Yong Ha goes to Hwang and confronts him lightly and realizes he’s using Yoon Hee to deliver a forbidden book. He bribes him to keep his mouth shut and then goes to see Sun Joon, offering help to find Yoon Hee. Sun Joon wonders at the gesture. Why would he help? Yong recites flimsy excuses but tells him they’re not the reason he’s helping. It’s simply because it’s fun. “I want to see how far you would go.”

Raine: I love this character. He’s so refreshingly honest and straightforward. Even when he’s making trouble and being sneaky. Make sense? Does to me…

Akiko: He relates there is one way to find Yoon Hee but it’s dangerous and requires a big sacrifice. Can he do that?

Sun Joon: “It is something I have set out to do. Need I say more?”

At night, Yoon Hee makes her way through the forest, going to deliver the book when it starts to rain and nervously walks ahead, knowing the consequences of getting caught. As she approaches the rendezvous point, she looks around anxiously.

In Soo at that very moment, is bribing a number of royal police guards and sends them into the forest to arrest Sun Joon on the spot when he gets the book.

Yoon Hee arrives at the exchange point and meets Sun Joon, though not face to face. He recites the code words and she replies in affirmative. She starts to give the book but he holds onto her wrist.

Raine: Ah the multitudes of uses for the wrist grab!

Akiko: Seriously, the wrist? Imagine in real life-a guy holding onto a guy by grabbing his wrist… *shudders*

Raine: They always do the shoulder YANK. Have you noticed? They make the other guy turn around so fast it looks like he’ll fall!

Akiko: Thinking this is some sort of retaliation from him, whom she still thinks is Wang, she dashes outside, ready to run away but he stops her. “Do you know how much I’ve been looking for you?” She does, but thinks it was for the purpose of making her life miserable.

Before either can go further, the guards come running up, ready to catch the two. Thinking he was behind the act and was looking to frame her, she slaps him angrily and runs in the opposite direction.

He grabs the book from her and fights off some officers before realizing they are outnumbered. He shoves Yoon Hee down the hill to get her away and runs off, the officers giving pursuit to him.

In their room, In Soo toasts to Sun Joon’s defeat while Yong Ha looks bored, musing he had thought Sun Joon would have put up more of a fight. Still, while the others relish their victory, he doesn’t think it’s that certain an outcome.

Sun Joon manages to ward off his pursuers while Yoon Hee grumbles at his behavior. And I’m thinking she should be more worried about getting caught.

Quickly, Sun Joon clasps a hand over her mouth and pulls her back so that they are both hiding beneath an overhanging boulder while the police scour the forest looking for them. As the leader of the police stands just above the rock, looking around, Sun Joon pulls Yoon Hee closer so they are both out of sight.

Her eyes widen at the close proximity and her heart starts pounding, both from the lurking danger and from the close proximity to Sun Joon, though it’s more of the latter since she tries to draw back. But Sun Joon, ever aware of the trouble above, tightens his hold on her, holding her tightly close to him as the rain steadily falls around them.


Akiko:Hehe, watching a drama the second time around shows you a lot more about the little points in the plot holes that never add up. Not that it takes the pleasure of the series but it does make for a little comical effect. My point – the fact that Yoon Hee continues to believe Sun Joon is Mr. Wang until the end, even though she realizes she’s made a mistake when there’s no mole on his face and she also overhears when the invigilator calls him ‘Lee Sun Joon!’ And moreover, she does help the real Wang cheat by giving him the notes tied to a rope.

Raine: I think that can be explained by the fact that she got used to calling him that. At least that’s what I thought.

Akiko: Overall, we’ve got a nice setting with great characters-the righteous and uptight Sun Joon, the struggling yet ever optimistic Yoon Hee, the fun loving playboy Yong Ha and the mysterious Jae Shin. Quite a quartet! The best part is that the premise allows for enough fun and opportunities in its own setting and does not go over the top by forcing it otherwise-example: Yong Ha’s antics, Yoon Hee’s cross-dressing, Jae Shin’s hiccup problem! And for the story, we’ve got an ages old setting where the heroine is poor and supports her family but the story is in no way boring or predictable. There are enough added elements and new twists that keep you focused!

Needless to say, my favorite moments in this episode were when Jae Shin appeared! Ah, how good to see you, Yoo Ah In! Keep posted for more!!!

Raine: My take on watching this again is that it’s more addictive the second time around! Lee Sun-joon is made the straight-arrow who alienates others due to his rigid beliefs. Yoon-hee is jaded by circumstance. Jae-shin is as well, but he has no family to fall back on and therefore is isolated save for his leech-y friend, Yong-ha. Yong Ha grew up rich and alone who seeks only amusement, nothing more. A fun premise and we get to see them grow. Yong-ha has the most unusual trajectory and I really like it.

This drama is about romance, yes. But it’s also about friendship and figuring out life as a young person. Reminds me of my college days.

Akiko: I’d say it’s more about the friendship than the romance and I find that especially endearing in some stories. Example: Nobuta Wo Produce! I just LOVE that series! Lol, wanna do that next? 😉

Raine: I love Nobuta! I want a Nobuta key chain!

Akiko: Here you go, Raine!! ^^

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  1. thanks for recapping

  2. Oh thanks for your recap. I’m just started watching kdramas but I think I like recaps than watching it. I even like recaps by two persons its like chatting you know? However thank you buddys for your recaps!! 😉

  3. I knew I was forgetting something and sure enough I forgot to comment here -idiot-

    I truly enjoyed the recap and your comments made it more entertaining
    *nobuta power chunyu*

  4. Thanks for the recap, shows SKKS in a different perspective two years after it was shown. Watched this several times I’ve lost count, raw and with subs. Love your convo and side comments. So the madcap duo strikes again but with a different partner.


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