Gaksital aka Bridal Mask Episode 22 Preview

Episode 21 Recap is done but without screencaps and comments so it’ll be up tomorrow! As soon as I’m done with it, I’ll work on Arang!

There’s no text preview out yet and only the video preview as shown at the end of the episode. Here goes the translation!

Shunji corners Rie and asks her, “Ueno Rie, this is the last time I am asking you. Lee Kang To is Gaksital, isn’t he?” She defers and doesn’t answer, trying to get away and Shunji shouts at her, “How did you confirm it?” Kang To and Baek Gun sit together and Kang To tells the other man, “There is no way to find teacher Dong Jin!” That’s the guy mentioned in the pamphlets, I think! Shunji spies Kang To looking through records and whispers, “Lee Kang To… Dong Jin? The Dong Jin who wants to meet Yang Baek?

Tomoe walks in on Madam Tasha and the husband sitting together- the husband from the new couple introduced today in episode 21. He seems drunk as he confronts the guy, “Who are you? What is the relationship between you two?” Awww, does someone have a crush on Tasha? The guy easily knocks Tomoe out with a single well placed hit.

Kang To faces someone and asks, “What did you say?” and mutters something about Dong Jin. Kang To and Dan sit together, holding hands and she promises to find out something while Kang To wonders it might be dangerous.

Dan and Sun Hwa head somewhere when Gye Soon follows them and Dan picks up on their trail, realizing Gye Soon is spying on them for Shunji. She tells Gye Soon to sober up-does she think Shunji is a good person? “Why don’t you realize that you will get in trouble too?” Gye Soon walks away begrudginlgy but her expression shows she is bothered by Dan’s words and the possible truth in them.

Meanwhile, Shunji goes to see Chairman Ueno. Ueno asks what he needs his help in.

Shunji: “Is it okay if I kill your daughter?” He is shown drinking in Angel Club and then going somewhere as the narration of what he says to Ueno continues, “I will need your help for that! For this, I will put my life on the line!


Less than 24 hours to go now and we’ll be seeing the episode! Seriously, I can’t wait because this preview has promised me everything I have been wishing for and a whole lot more on Dan, Rie and Kang To! I’ll comment more on it along with my comments for the episode 21 in Episode 21’s recap post which will be posted tomorrow so keep watch to check them out!

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  1. Thanks for putting no spoilers here guys! I’m just heading over to check out n recap episode 22! 🙂

  2. Give me a hug and your shoulder too, I want to cry, my internet stopped working suddenly on tuesday and we had to complain and they said they will send someone in two days. My reaction TWO DAYS, ITS LESS THAN 24 HOURS TO GAKSITAAAAAAALLLLL DAY and so I was angry and my bro did something to convince the guys to do it quickly because if not now we have to wait till 26, yup Eid holidays. So here I m internet is working fine and I love my bro.

    Jo hota hai achey key liyeh hota hai shukar hai maine haami nahi bari Arang key recap ki, tumne sochna tha kidar mar gayi hai.

    I still havent watched ep 21 and the preview is amazing. Kang To your identity is almost out in every episode WHY

    • NOoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
      This cant be happening.
      In case you are wondering if I have really lost my mind, so no I m talking about the ending of ep 22

      • I just read what happened… oh my goodness!!! Shock, horror! I have to watch 21-22 tonight, back to back!

  3. thanks for the transalation, i’m excited too

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