Gaksital aka Bridal Mask Episode 19 Preview

Yeeiiii, it’s here guys- the preview for episode 19! And like I said, Ueno’s being in town means things are going to get a lot spicier! As usual, Shunji is cold and ruthless while Kang To is back to his whites-but on the Japanese police end. Oh, n he’s sporting quite a nice haircut! Let’s hope this week’s episodes bring us lots more Gaksitaaaaalllll!!! Finally, we’ll be back to two episodes per week again! *fist pump*

Text Preview:

각시탈의 자폭으로 아수라장이 되어버린 공개처형장!
가까스로 정신을 차린 슌지의 눈앞에 새로운 각시탈이 등장하고,
각시탈이 제국경찰들을 제압하며 담사리를 성공적으로 구출해 달아나자
슌지는 돌아버릴 지경인데……

공개처형의 실패로 파면의 위기에 놓인 슌지 앞에
사흘 만에 강토가 나타나자 슌지는 분노의 주먹을 날려버리고……

한편, 종로서로 복귀한 강토는
키쇼카이의 정체를 알아내기 위해 라라를 찾아가
자신을 조직원으로 받아달라고 말하는데….


At the public execution, Gaksital self destructs. Shunji becomes conscious again only to find a new Gaksital along with a Comrade, overpowers the Japanese Empire’s Police and manages to rescue Damsari and run away. Shunji is about to go crazy…

Shunji is dismissed due to the failure of the public execution and placed in custody. Appearing after three days, Kang To is hit by Shunji…

Meanwhile, the returning Kang To seeks out Lala to discover the true face of Kishokai and nominates himself as a member…

Ooooohhhh, the plot just thickens and Kang To steps further and further into danger! Whoa, this will be another nerve wrecking week! (Please forgive any mistakes, my Korean isn’t perfect…yet! The translation isn’t word to word but rather a general idea because there are some words I had trouble placing!)

Video Preview:

A bloody Shunji approaches the burnt body of Gaksital, muttering, “Was it you?” until someone in the crowd shouts out, “It’s Gaksital!” The crowd cheers as Gaksital knocks down soldier after soldier. Shunji is left shouting “Gaksital” in frustrated anger and shooting after him blindly as Gaksital makes his getaway (with Damsari, I’m sure) in a police truck! (That’s epic by the way, using your enemy’s resources for your own getawaty and I’m sure that’ll make Shunji even madder!) The woman comrade, however, is caught.

Kang To asks Shunji if he’s hurt a lot and SHunji takes out his anger and frustration on him by punching him and ranting, “Are you kidding me? Do I look that easy? This situation is laughable?” Koiso meanwhile, is as frustrated it seems, judging by his rant in the background! Dan pauses at the door of the room where she was praying, her cross in her hand. While Daddy Kimura begs Ueno for something regarding Shunji, Ueno gives his minion-the sour faced assassin an order.

Next we know, Kono is at the other end of the blade wielded by the assassin. Kono immediately calls out “Sato Hiroshi!!” and Kang To, who was heading inside the building, stops in his tracks. A jailed Shunji turns to Kang To, “What to do?” [I’m having trouble remembering the next word!]

Kang To says the assassin definitely has something to do with him (More like, he knows the assassin from somewhere and uh, does that mean Kono’s dead?) He tells Shunji , it seems, that he will catch the criminal with his own hands…

See you Wednesday/Thursday with the latest episode n recap! Till then, enjoy! 🙂

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  3. Shush dont tell anybody that I m crazy about watching Kdramas or else you know who I am -GLARES-
    First I started watching anime then somehow I jumped into Jdramas, Hana Yori Dango was one of the first dramas that I saw and then again somehow I jumped into Kdramas and I m happy here.
    Somehow I sound scary well I m actually scary -evil laugh- HAHAHAHAHAHAA

    I have yet to see this weeks Sher e Zaat too. The character of Hamza and naani is not there in the novel and the whole sculpture thing too and Salman’s character is a bit different as well, other than that the story is closely following the novel. The novel is not lengthy at all if you want to you can read in 2 hours.

    YAY Amna said yes for the proposal not in this weeks episode but in the preview for the next one and she shocked everybody by saying that. and I just love the ost.

    In CYHMH the male lead is deaf not by birth like Urooj but becomes after the accident, and the bromance is so cute and who can forget the angst. All in all CYHMH is a drama that I super liked.

    Mom was switching channels yesterday and Bilqees Kaur was airing, I dont know which episode number it was but Bilquees agrees that she would attend her daughter’s marriage. and so I have decided that I will watch this drama too, I just cant resist the Punjabi though I cant understand some of the words and have to ask amma iss lafz ka kya matlab hai?

  4. I was completely sane until mom came to wake me up at 3 for asar prayers yesterday and told me we are having guests again (yes,3rd day) and I was like NOoooooooooooooo mom pleaseeeeeeeeee and I was so angry and had to suppress, in case I broke something or SOMEONE. Khair everything end well.
    I still have to write comments on ep 19 and 20 *hope no one comes today or I swear I will kill them* – yes, me is evil and dont you dare take me to the hospital- sending evil glares-

    Me too I always have my fone with me, I only use laptop to watch dramas if not then my fone zindabad.

    I hope its a happy end or an end that I will like whatever it will be Gaksital has taken the place for the most memorable drama for me.

    Yay I am watching Sher e zaat ( I have read the novel too) that was the scene that you mentioned where she is rubbing mud on her, was done so beautifully that I decided to watch the drama and I am watching Merey dard ko jo zuban miley too love love love the drama and love the character Urooj whos deaf and mute. (I think it well help me to control the desire to watch CYHMH *Can You Hear My Heart* again). Not watching Bilquees Kaur (wish I could, may be in the future) but catching bits and pieces and enjoying the Punjabi.

    • Haha, how come no one’s tried to stop you from watching Kdramas, seeing as how crazy you get about them? 😛 Also, how’d you first come into Kdramas? Good to know everyTHING and everyONE was safe from you! 😛 I have the number of the hospital on speed dial just in case! 😉 Muhuhahahaha!

      Phone’s like out mini laptop-I do everything from reading books to social networking on it! Thank God for it! ^^

      N yeah, whatever the ending, this is such a wonderful n memorable drama! It’s overtaken The King 2 Hearts n become my ALL TIME FAVORITE! K2H comes second now!

      Acha, what is the story of the novel? I’m curious! didn’t get to see this week;s episodes for either of the three! N yes, Urooj is a really nice character! I so hope uski aur Amna ki hojai apas mae! 🙂 I haven’t seen CYHMH. How was it? Ah, n do watch BK, you’ll love Bushra Ansari there! We all do!

  5. No, guys you are in a hurry. I was having fits as I told you I wont be able to watch ep 20. I m perfectly fine I DONT WANT TO GO TO THE HOSPITAL, see I m calm CALM.

    What I did on the iftari table : as everybody was sitting on the table for aftari I waited for them to start and grabbed my mobile so I can check whats going on and my sister saw that and went tsk tsk tsk and so I had to postpone the plan – sigh-

    Today I have guests too so I wont be able to comment on ep 19 (its sehri time here) so if I decide to write a comment I need at least 2 hours and I m sleepy.

    yaar did you check my comment on ep 18, I put some points in there which are ominous. I DONT WANT KANG TO TO DIE , but i think he will -cries in a corner, join me when this happens, sobs-

    • Lol, if that is you CALM, Sara, we’d all hate to see you in a panic, hehe! 😛 How’d the two days with the guests go? Have you driven them crazy or have they turned you sane again? 😉

      Haha, I do the same on the iftari table although no one tsks tsks me! 😀 I’m usually chatting with Aye/KL on twitter or Whatsapp at that time n checking the blog for updates on comments n site stats through the wordpress apps! IPhones make life so much simpler n easier! I don’t have to turn on my laptop every time I wanna send an email or google anything or even comment on the blog!

      Ah, as for your comment on episode 18, you mean the Gaksital can’t die, right? Truthfully, I’m also hoping for a happy ending but we must be prepared for the worst because this drama does everything by going the whole mile and such genres usually, more often than not end in a tragedy! However, until the last episode, there’s always hope so let’s cling to that! Who knows, Kang To may not die. After all, he isn’t alone anymore and almost has the freedom fighters by his side! And after seeing so much of the series i.e. 20 episodes, I think we can rest easy knowing that whatever ending the writer(s) do come up with, it will be well thought out justified and well worth it, whether happy or tragic! So, until episode 28, step out of that corner and enjoy every moment of what’s left! 😉

  6. Hi Kl, thanks for enjoying our conversation.
    Oh I wish, for that I will have to tell them the whole story so they would be quiet when I m watching, I dont like interruptions when I m watching my favorite drama.

    On to the preview
    Will Rie tell everybody, I dont think so, there are 8 more episodes to go and she is falling for him too. Rie is korean may be she will help Kang To. May be her “father” killed her parents and she will know that and will help Kang To to destroy the Kishokai. and why is Kang To’s cheek bruised dont tell me Shunji hit him that hard in ep 19.
    arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh * yup I m having a fit again*

    • Lol, not to be overly dramatic, but maybe Rie might turn the table on Ueno without having to know he killed her family-which he may or may not have done! 😛 She just needs the right amount of Kang To to persuade her! I so hope to see that happen! 😉 P.S. Maybe we should send you to the hospital for a few weeks, your having too many fits! Ah, n cut your TV access there! Would be the perfect cure, ne? Muhuhahahaha 😉

      • Yes, Sara should go to hospital for having too many fits. I will accompany her, but I will just need to be seen in the outpatient clinic (not as severe as her condition yet) for therapy regarding obsessive-compulsive behaviour over Gaksital! 🙂

      • Haha, I bet Sara’ll hatch a plan to make sure you go as the in patient while she’ll break free on the first chance she gets! And if we do happen to make sure she gets in the hospital, she’ll probably hound and drive everyone mad until they beg her to leave! 😉 Haha!

  7. hehehehe in all the screaming I forgot that Kang To and Mok Dan are holding hands in the end *sweet*

    • Lol, I thought you’d be jealous those two are still holding hands! 😛 Aren’t you making a move yet?! Haha 😀 By the way, any new bhabhi stories or you’re getting to watch the dramas in peace? 😉

      • hehehe you yourself told me to wish them a happy marriage uh..uh… I mean happiness besides that I got a new target from whom I m jealous, yup the scene between Kang To and Rie in ep 19 and I was chanting that bhabhi should not enter at this moment as I was melting. HAHAHAAHA

      • Haha, glad to see your targeting someone other than Kang To n Dan! Lol, if your bhabhi saw you, she’d have sent you straight to the ER!

        Acha, are you following Shehre Zaat, Mere Dard ko jo Zubaan Mile n Bilquees Kor? I saw a few scenes in between of the first two but I follow BK n I totally love it! I liked that one promo of SZ where Mahira sees that homeless guy n his broken shelter n dirty water pond n gets angry when some of it spills on her. She’s also shown talking to him n mocks him, “zameen pe jannat?” n he replies, “tumne bhi tou zameen pe apni jannat banai hui hae” n then sometime later, she comes to that very pond at night-dont know when exactly, n starts rubbing that water all over herself, crying, “mughe zaat ki talb hae! Mughe zaat ki talb hae!” Spiritually, that is a very very amazing scene!

    • arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
      I m literally screaming
      NOooooooooooooooooo Rie knows, she knows, Rie knows and everybody else is suspicious of him and thinking Kang To is Gaksital arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

      I dont think I will be able to watch tomorrow’s episode until saturday Eekkkkkkkk because of guests WHY OH WHY I have guests on both days thursday and friday WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY
      I will do anything to watch ep 19. Dear sleep I dont know who you are.

      • Hi Sara, I sometimes read the to and fro comments and conversation between you and Akiko… makes me laugh! Thank you for keeping me entertained when there were no new episodes of Gaksital to keep me occupied!

        Lol! Yes, I had a heart attack when I saw the trailer too. I could not resist sending it directly to Akiko and to everyone else I know who is watching! Too stressful! I can’t watch ep19 and 20 until the weekend due to my project work… sob! But I could not help checking out the previews. Curiosity gets the better of me!

        Hmmm…. could you get your visitors addicted to Gaksital too? Then they can watch it with you… Lol!

      • Careful before you go all obsessive like Shunji and just to watch Gaksital, end up going on a ‘clean up’ spree! 😛

        Damn, that was an intense preview! Somehow, I can’t wait to see what happens when Rie does find out, although the way I see it, she probably won’t give him up just yet… Still, let’s hope for the best!

    • Thanks KL! Gosh, what a preview! I can’t wait to see what happens when Rie does find out! 😉

      Hehe, it’s a good thing I steered clear of WordPress yesterday or Sara would’ve let the cat out of the bag! 😛

  8. Thank you 🙂

  9. This is so intense
    Me likes Kang To’s new hairstyle (Ah, may be he was busy styling his hair for two days, another excuse. How about that, still he gets punched)
    I think the baldy scary looking dude is the one who tried to kill Rie when Kang To saved her.(need to check on the baldy dude)
    Dont tell me Kono dies.

    • Yup, baldy is the one whom Kang To fought to save Rie. Thats probably why he remembers him… Kishokai is in town n now things will heat up even more! -_- I just hope Kang To n Dan come out of it alright at the end! 🙂

      • Thanks! Woke up to all these goodies regarding Gaksital! Fabulous!
        You know, the latter part where you had difficulty catching what Shunji was saying to Kang To (coming out of the prison cell), the translation from the Baidu website was something like ‘What are you going to do now that you have lost your supporter?’. So does this mean Kono is dead for sure?? Shame… I quite like Kono, he is also funny in a few of the BTS clips and photos.

      • Yup, Kono’s dead for sure! Gives Kang To more freedom to align himself with Kishokai n Rie! N yeah, we’ll miss the guy! He was not the bad bad guy n helped Kang To so many times! Ah, yes, if my guess was correct, the word Shunji used contains the meaning of ‘falling/fell’ so he was most probably referring to Kono having fallen/died…

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