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Gaksital aka Bridal mask Episode 26 Recap

With just two episodes left, Gaksital is delving into every character and conflict so well. For once, our hero is saved from the clutches of the enemy rather than having him save others. But the relief of knowing her Young Master is alright is soon downed for Dan when tragedy hits, too close to home. As always, losing a loved one gives you grief but more than that, it leads Dan to question her strong belief in giving all for the cause… And this series does what it does best-it shows you reality, and gives you answers…

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Ma Boy Episode 2 Recap

So Ai Rin’s a boy and Gu Rim knows the secret and inadvertently becomes entangled in trying to keep it that way… only, she’s awfully dreadful at it, hehe! Hyun Woo starts to feel that Gu Rim is probably not just another nosy girl as he’d first thought and Tae Jun wakes up from his Ai Rin crush long enough to see the girl behind Gu Rim’s face. All in all, I say, just bring it on! It’s all fluff and fun but it’s a treat to watch! I lament that this is just a three episode drama and because of that, everything is moving so fast so while you see the logic and the fun in all the happenings and hijinks, you don’t truly feel it. Maybe soon, very very soon, we’ll get an extended version in a new drama! *praying*

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Arang and the Magistrate Epiosde 5 Recap

Arang Episode 6 Recap is up at Kap’s! enjoy the recap! here!

Eun Oh’s past opens up more to us and we get glimpses of his mother, which veer from one extreme to another and Arang comes face to face with what seems to be a replica of her past. Yet this time around, her deal with Jades saves her and makes one wonder what else is going on behind the young and cheeky guy’s obvious tactics. Joo Wal’s mystery opens up and we glimpse a lonely, inferiority ridden soul that’s desperate for more. Not to mention, there’s more evil around! *shudders* Onto the recap!

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Gaksital aka Bridal Mask episode 25 Recap

This is a stellar episode-intense and touching. The confrontation finally happens and once again, we see focus on all the characters more than the story. And as always, Gaksital does what it does best-it stuns, it strains your nerves, it breaks your heart and at the end, it still gives you hope… This show is simply DAEBAK!

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Gaksital aka Bridal Mask Episode 26 Preview

No written preview available yet.

Video Preview:

Shunji is torturing Park and shouts “You are also together in this with Lee Kang To! The tailor shop is your hideout, right?” Meanwhile, Deuksu brings Dan to see Kang To who worries if he is alright. Kangto tells her he is okay, “Now I don’t have to worry about being caught and being on the edge.” Yang asks, “Lure?” and meets with Damsari who says in voiceover, “Now let’s play cat and mouse with the Japanese.” He meets with Dan, teary, as if going on a mission again.

Shunji finds the hideout in the tailor shop and rips the Korean flag down. Koiso asks in voiceover were Lee Kang To used to stay and Abe replies, “Maybe in the house on the hill.” Abe is also crying. Koiso perks at that-hill? Shunji finds the cottage and the whole wall covered with the posters and news clippings Kang San collected.

Taro mutters, “Gaksital was indeed Lee Sun’s son!” Baek Gun comes wot meet Kang To with Deuksu and tells him, “From now on, I will follow Young Master everywhere like a shadow!” Shunji and Taro contemplate Kang To’s clippinds and Taro says, “That fellow will definitely come and find me very soon.”

Kang To tells Baek Gun in voiceover, “I have to fight.” He is shown jumping the boundary of Taro’s house and entering the house and a flashback as he says, “It seems the time has come for me to deal with Kimura Taro.”


Ugh, who else is saying a big no to the Taro mission?! It’ll be another confrontation between Kang To and Shunji because they expect him to go after Taro and Shunji is definitely not letting Kang To get away, not when he wants to kill him. Oh dear, my heart needs some rest!

Gaksital aka Bridal Mask Episode 25 Preview

OMG OMG OMG! Prepare for the bitter and deadly confrontation this week! Gaksital has been caught. Yes, I am not joking! T_T Now I’m anxious for Wednesday! Why isn’t it Gaksital day yet?!

Text Preview:

각시탈인 이강토의 교란작전에 속아 국방헌금을 강탈당했음을 알게 된 슌지는
종로시장에서 득수마저 놓치자,
강토와 목단이 함께 사라질 수도 있다는 생각에 경성여관으로 달려가고….

급하게 짐을 꾸리던 목단은 경성여관으로 슌지가 무장순사들과 함께 들이닥치자
다급하게 창문으로 뛰어내리는데…..

슌지에게 자신의 정체가 들통났음을 확실히 알게 된 강토는
만세무장봉기를 위해 제국경찰로서 할 수 있는 마지막 목표를 세우고
긴장한 채 종로경찰서로 향하는데……

Translation: Shunji is tricked by Gaksital Lee Kang To and his attentions diverted so Gaksital could steal the national defense donation money… He also missed Deuksu at Jongno Market. Thinking Kang To and Mok Dan could be in the inn at Kyungsung after disappearing, he went there…

Mok Dan quickly packed her things and jumps out of the window when she sees Shunji and his men at Kyungsung inn…

Kang To is certain that Shunji already knows his identity so he is determined to finish his final mission as an imperial police officer and joins the armed uprising and went to Jongno Police Station looking nervous…

Video Preview:

Kimura Shunji sits in front of Chairman Ueno who shouts at him, “Kimura Shunji! You’re the guy who couldn’t catch Gaksital even though he was in front of your eyes!” Gaksital fights Kinpei-Ueno’s samurai.

Rie and Shunji sit stoically while elsewhere, the briefcase of money is opened and someone says, “If we could get the explosives, the end is imminent!” Meawhile, Shunji and his troops raid the Kyungsung Inn. From there, Dan, Comrade Ahn and the woman comrade are making their getaway but seem to realize the oncoming conflict as they tense up and the woman comrade mutters, “If Kimura Shunji knew, Mok Dan will be in danger.” Shunji storms the inn.

The Count and Countess are presented to Chairman Ueno and both quake in fear. Ueno says to Rie, “The only thing to be believed in this world, is power!” Rie removes blood from her cheek passively while elsewhere, someone (it seems Comrade Ahn) is signing a letter.

Shunji goes to the Tailor shop. Comrade Ahn is about to leave but seemingly hides in time, spotting Shunji. However, Shunji is looking at a mirror and might have spotted him. “Sato Hiroshi comes here often?” Shunji is asking someone.

Freedom fighters from the Dong Jin group light up bottles and send them flying into a building, trying to burn it down. Meanwhile, at night time, Shunji sits in his car, contemplating, “To blow up Chongdook? To blow up Chongdook, they will need weapons.

Dan goes to see Rie at the gisaeng house. Dan tells her, “I have a favor to ask of you.” Rie asks what she means. Shunji and his men meanwhile, approach the Jongno Police Station but with their guns drawn. Someone-a comrade presumably, in voiceover says, “Gaksital has been caught by the police.” Kang To, dressed as Gaksital, is being tied to the cuffs in the interrogation room. Shunji faces him, a tear running down his cheek with an angry expression. Dan asks Rie, “Lee Kang To…. Please save him!” Rie looks shocked.

P.S. Wouldn’t it be awesome if Comrade Ahn were part of the rescue? I so want to see Ahn being more badass! 😀

Arang and the Magistrate Episode 3 Recap

[EDIT] Recap for Episode 4 is up by Kaptain here!

This drama is cute, it’s fun, it’s so engaging and best of all-it leaves you wondering about and wanting more. You get to deal with ghosts, gods and death but in a totally different way. Being dead doesn’t mean a free pass at everything-it’s a battle of survival even as the dead. And even for the dead, facing their fate isn’t an easy task. Arang comes face to face with another truth about herself and the free spirited girl decides to take matters in her own hands, which makes for another adventure while our dear hero Eun Oh starts to fall for the girl… ghost without even realizing it!

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Gaksital aka Bridal Mask Episode 24 Recap

Just one persons loss is so gut wrenching at times! Our hero and allies are getting smarter and more adept at outsmarting the enemy-moreover, they are together as comrades and ready to lay down their lives for the cause. We get to see fighters who are better than the enemy, even when outgunned. We get the satisfaction of seeing the enemy at a loss for once. And we finally get the definite picture of just how much our villain is gone onto the bad side and just how manipulative, how evil he truly is when it comes to taking what he wants.

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