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Gaksital aka Bridal Mask Episode 17 Preview

Here’s the latest preview for Bridal Mask Episode 17! Gosh, I’m dying of curiosity and the fact that we’ll be having just one episode for this week and the next which is so not fair-we need two episodes a week for our Gaksital craze! How are we going to survive?!

So, Shunji tells Dan, more like pleads with her to stay by his side, promising that for her own sake and for her father’s sake he will try to stop the execution-which we know is a sham since he’s the one pursuing it.  Kang To realizes Shunji had Dan moved from the police station to somewhere else and worries who is the one Shunji’s following. I don’t understand the whole discussion between Shunji and Rie but she talks about  the ‘big plan’ and he calls her a ‘pitiful woman’. I love her stricken expression at it-however bad Shunji is, he’s right on that one count-she is pitiful. Dan fights off the soldiers guarding her and finds out (most probably from Kang To himself)  that Kang To is the ‘Young Master’ she has always been waiting for (Yaaayyy!!) Damsari comments that Kang To is also a Joseon person after all and Kang To tells him he can’t do much by himself and begs the location of his comrades. He also spies Kachiyama and Rie together and possibly puts together the connection between the two. Meanwhile, Rie has Kachiyama bring Dan to her, reminding her she said they’d meet again and orders Kachiyama, “Kill her!”

Find the text preview here at Happy’s world! Enjoy the video preview ahead!

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