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Gaksital aka Bridal mask Episode 16 Recap

Alliances are made on the basis of faith and while our hero saves the day by actually divulging the truth-or a bit of it and spinning his web so intricately that not even the smartest Shunji can find fault with it. Kang To bleeds but for him, the end results are worth it. While one man further descends down the dark path, Kang To finds himself drawn more and more to righteousness and this time, he’s not walking down that path unknown to all. Damsari finds an unlikely ally in Kang To that surprises even him but its enough to make him tell Dan to trust Kang To. And while she still finds him hateful, she’s stumped to think he harbors other feelings for her. Our hero and villain clash again-for love and for ideology but the hero’s still got a major advantage over the other-he isn’t alone anymore and feels the pain of others. When push comes to shove, Kang To presses forward to achieve the best results but without sacrificing others.

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