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Gaksital aka Bridal mask Episode 15 Recap

Stakes get higher and truths get more messed up so that it’s harder for Kang To to stay below the radar while Shunji finds it easier to connect the dots once his mind settles on a suspicion and he knows Kang To is Gaksital. He’s ruthless, calculating and hard pressed when it comes to achieving a goal and sets the perfect trap to catch Gaksital, aka Kang To and Kang To seems to fall straight into the trap… or does he?

Episode 15 Recap:

Shunji is walking in thought when he hears Kang To begging Damsari to reveal Dan’s location. Damsari cannot understand Kang To’s reasons for being worried for Dan and Kang To grabs his shoulder, begging him, “I’m saying your daughter is in danger! Boon Yi… Boon Yi is in danger! ”

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