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Gaksital aka Bridal Mask Episode 15 Preview

Shunji hears Kang To calling Dan ‘Boon Yi’ in the end of episode 14 and that reminds him of Dan’s letter signed to Gaksital as ‘Boon Yi’ and in the preview, he is shown reeling from the news, trying to put the pieces together. He finally comes face to face with Rie when she is introduced to him as ‘Ueno’s daughter’ and he is shown wearing the Kishokai ring. Rie tells him her father is coming to Joseon soon. What happens next, she says, you know well, right? Damn, exactly what we didn’t need, more baddies in the city! Meanwhile, Kang To is begging someone to help him. Dan and her comrades are planning an attack while Shunji shows Kang To the letter to Gaksital and states-“I’m going to find and kill him!” He is going to clearly see that ‘bastards face’ (Gaksital’s face) and cut his heart out of his chest! Whoa, ever heard of anger management, Shunji?

Check out the written preview translated by happy22qt here at Welcome to Happy’s World.

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