Gaksital aka Bridal mask Episode 13 Recap

The waters become even murkier for Lee Kang To who’s beginning to slip slightly despite his best efforts to manage being both the bad and the good guy. Shunji digs himself even deeper in the darker parts of his Kimura heritage and doesn’t flinch even when Daddy Kimura is caught in the line of fire. The commemoration event is certainly not what anyone expects yet it is still to be seen whether it rings good or bad for which party-the freedom fighters or the Japanese Imperialists! Episode 11 Recap: While Shunji and Kang To engage in battle, Dan picks up a gun and fires it in the air before pointing it at Shunji. Stunned, Shunji drops his weapon and Kang To leads Dan away. Shunji can do naught but shout in frustration. Kang To and Dan arrive at a clearing. For a long moment, they simply look at each other before Dan movies in for a hug. In voiceover, she thinks to herself, she’s glad she was able to meet him before she left and calls him ‘Young Master’.

His own tears falling, Kang To hugs her back. Awww, I need a hug too! She has to leave because of her father but she will always keep praying that one day, they can meet again and when that dy comes, she can see his face. At the same time, in voiceover, Kang To also addresses her asking her to just stay alive. “Just stay alive, whatever you do, wherever you are, I’ll definitely find you. I’ll find you and always protect you!” Make that two hugs! At that he draws back and with one final look, turns to leave but she holds onto his arm. He turns back and cradles her face, his own tears falling freely now. He places a lingering kiss on her forehead and walks away. Dan keeps her eyes closed as he leaves, the moment still in her mind. When she hears his riding away, she runs after him, watching him go and Kang To turns back, watching her stand there. In his office, Shunji fumes as he contemplates the letter he found and remembers the moment she turned the gun on him. Seriously, you still can’t believe it? When he remembers the way Gaksital killed his hyung, he cannot help but fume even more and crumples the letter in his fist. Koiso walks in-how on earth would Gaksital know to find Dan there? Shunji asks after Sato Hiroshi and Koiso tells him no one’s seen him since earlier. Oh, and by the way, he lied about going to Angel Club earlier and had actually met Dan, Koiso tells him. Shunji remembers the time Kang To came in late, saying he was at Angel’s. Shunji hurries out, heading to Angels Club. Koiso smirks as he watches him go. At the club, drowning his sorrows in alcohol and his new persona is Kang To. Rie spies him from afar and walks up to him, taking a seat by his side. He thanks her-his life was saved thanks to her. She tells him-no need since now she owes him nothing. He’s surprised at her words and she reminds him of what he forgot-he saved her life once. She half mutters that she was unable to forget her ever since she first saw him and that triggers his memory-she was the gisaeng he saved that night. Shunji arrives and Kang To hears him being announced. Rie turns to apologize for bothering him and leave but Kang To stops her, holding her back suddenly. Aha, he’s about to use her, is he? He tells her he’s curious about her. Shunji asks the club madam Tasha if Kang To came today but she tells him he didn’t come today and points him to where Kang To currently is. Shunji makes his way toward him. Watching him come, Kang To turns on the charm at Rie. When Shunji comes, he asks Rie to step aside but Kang To holds on to her, asking him to say whatever he wants. Rie picks up that Kang To is using her and looks none too pleased. Shunji asks him what became of his order to go to the about capturing Dan. Kang To’s like-you didn’t catch her? I thought you’d do the deed but Shunji barks at him-how could he over go his order like that? Kang To apologizes, admitting he should have reported. Shunji tells him there’s more he has to report-why did he lie about being at Angel’s when he went to meet Dan? For a moment, Kang To seems unable to reply and Rie watches him before speaking up-maybe she’s Kang To’s hidden lover? Kang To tells her to stay quiet but she goes on-since he’s angry, she really might be so since he hid it from Shunji too. Shunji looks confused but Kang To jerks on Rie-he told her to shut it, didn’t he? How dare he put her together with that nobody girl Dan. “I’m Sato Hiroshi,” he reminds her. Shunji meanwhile, remembers Koiso’s words and the last time he saw Dan with Kang To at the circus and Kang To’s hurt expression. Shunji asks to see him outside-alone and stalks off. Kang To takes Rie by her chin- from now on, just use her beautiful lips to sing. “What? My hidden lover?” he retorts, “Don’t mess with me!” Oooh yeah! He jerks her face away and walks out. Outside, he begins to tell Shunji he’s misunderstood but Shunji tells him he’s yet to reply-why did he meet Dan and hide it from him? Kang To tells him that day he thought he saw Damsari at the club and wanted to investigate. Immediately sold, Shunji asks why he hid that important fact and lied about going to Angel’s but Kang To cuts him off-she’s the woman Shunji loves. How could he report it when he wasn’t even sure and cause him worry? Shunji tells him there’s no more reason to hide anything from him regarding Dan-she’s the woman in Gaksital’s heart-the man who killed his brother. He tells Kang To not to hide anything from him anymore-once more and he won’t forgive it. Kang To watches him as he walks away. Gosh, gotta give Kang To credit for having good brains. The guy never even panics, unless, of course, Dan is in danger like last episode, hehe!! At the police station, Kono addresses his men-today’s a special day and he’s already on edge knowing something might happen. Kimura exudes his usual self confidence and looks as nonchalant as ever-have the terrorists ever even succeeded? That isn’t enough to calm Kono who tells them the day had better be eventless in terms of terror acts or else-. Back in his office, the Kimura duo sit together and Dad laughs at Kono’s words. He asks Shunji if there’s been any progress but Shunji apologizes and tells Dad not to worry, they’re prepared and they already know who the enemy is. Just then, Koiso bursts in-the armory is empty! Daddy and Son go to check it out immediately. From afar, Kang To watches. Kimura shouts at Koiso-how on earth could this happen? Koiso relates that the only person who came in yesterday was a post man and that immediately gets Daddy’s attention as he remembers accosting that man. Uh oh, you had better not smell the trouble ahead! And just then, Dad’s memory clicks-that was Damsari. Uh oh! Damsari and Co. are meanwhile sorting through the armor from the armory and preparing for the big celebration ahead, planting explosives into their accessories like hats and the gifts they shall bear. Meanwhile, Kang To sits at his desk with a troubled expression. Koiso bursts in, asking Abe for Damsari’s picture. Kang To watches him take it to report to Kimura. Putting the pieces together, Kang To realizes they must have realized the person behind the stealing was Damsari. Shunji shares his suspicions with Dad about Gakistal’s saving act on the man who tried to kill Kang To-Gaksital knew each and every nook and corner of the police station. But, there’s only one Korean Police Officer on the force-“Lee Kang To” Taro spits out. Dad worries if Kang To was in cahoots with Damsari but Shunji doesn’t believe so although he promises to keep an eye out. And it’s telling that his faith in Kang To is no longer staunch. As a precaution, they decide to keep the armory raid a secret from everyone, including and especially Kang To. Meanwhile, Kang To asks Abe for the list of VIP members for the function. In it, he recognizes Damsari’s alias-Choi Tae Gun and calls up the Governor’s office-how did they end up on the invite list and is there a contact number for them? Just as he hangs up, Shunji comes up and sees Kang To with the list. Shunji then calls up a meeting and goes over security for tonight, stationing teams at every exit. He warns that rebels may disguise themselves as VIPs and puts himself on VIP watch but Kang To speaks up- he wants to take the responsibility for recognizing and catching Damsari since he knows his face best. Shunji seems suspicious of the decision but agrees, warning Kang To that if anyone he clears causes trouble, Kang To hangs for it. When he calls an end to the meeting, Kang To wonders why there wasn’t anything said about the armory. He watches Shunji in his office, his frown telling us he probably realizes something is off. Meanwhile, Shunji ponders the list. Tae Gun and his ‘wife’ arrive at the party with their ‘secretary’-Dan, all dressed up. The Countess is all primped up as well while the Count is still in his robes. Does he even wear anything else, ever? And that laugh is really annoying! Anyway, Tae Gun and his ‘wife’ lay on the compliments, one after the other. As Dan stands outside, a little worried, a car drives up behind her. She turns to see who it is just as the man behind the wheel sees her. It’s Kang To. Her eyes widen at recognizing him and he stays silent, staring at her for a while before getting out. Dan hurriedly hides herself in the car. Awww. Kang To passes the car without a glance her way, pretending he didn’t see her at all. Dan still frets, Kang To would recognize her father even in his disguise-he knows her face. The man with her tells her to wait and see and wonders if Kang To didn’t recognize her. She scoffs-if he did recognize her, he wouldn’t have walked away so easily. Oh dearie, you are so wrong! Inside, Kang To is taken to see the Count and his wife. Tae Gun and his wife immediately look away while Kang To is here to announce that there are extra precautions being taken to capture Damsari whom they believe will show up tonight. Oooh lala! Amazing, warn the enemy without appearing to warn them. The Count frets-first Gaksital, now Damsari, but his wife shuts him up. Meanwhile, Tae Gun wonders-did he really not recognize me? Kang To sits down and lays out the security plan. Gosh, please don’t tell me the plan will be wrong! Aahh, why am I fretting so much? Anyway, Tae Gun smirks to be privy to the knowledge about the security. The Countess asks him why he’s showing them special favor by telling them this. Kang To makes a silky speech about protecting the two of them, who were important figures in this glorious Korean-Japanese union. As he walks out, he whispers to himself in voiceover, hoping Damsari has understood and will abandon the plan. Outside, Dan is totally worried by now and finally exits the car, hoping to head in when she spies Kang To coming out and sits back in, averting her face as he passes by. He leaves with a last glance towards her through the car. Once he’s gone, the Count heads to change, dragged away by the Countess to prepare and behind them, Tae Gun and his cohort worry-Does Kang To know about their plan? Tae Gun thinks not-would he simply have left if he did? She’s scared now but covers it up with a smile. Tae Gun tells her to leave with Boon Yi. He’ll go ahead and do it. She exchanges her box of explosives for the Countess’s and tells Damsari-they’re Joseon people, him and her, they put their lives on the line. She holds back her tears and tells him to her she’s happy she gets to be with him. Damsari heads out to send Dan away. She meets her father in relief who tells her Kang To did not recognize him. He gives the orders for her to leave first but she balks-they were going to leave together, no? She wonders if Kang To did recognize him but he tells her he came to warn the Countess and Count about the impending danger. He tells her not to worry about him and have faith-she’s Damsari’s daughter! And so the Count’s family and Damsari head for the party. Meanwhile, Baek Gun worries about the new turn of events and assures Kang To Damsari will show up-he’s a freedom fighter and won’t let this chance get away, laying down his life for the plan. Kang To says, he’d wished success for the revolt, but now all he can do is hope that they abandon their plan since they’re bound to be caught. He decides to keep a closer eye when they arrive and confiscate any weapons they may have-“That is the only way to save Damsari.” Baek Gun argues-what if he gets caught? Kang To won’t have it-he can’t have Damsari dying on him. “Even if I am caught, I can’t just leave Damsari to die.” Baek Gun returns, “And I cannot leave you to die either, young master.” Okay people, enough dying talk. It is so not good! Kang To ya! By the way, does it mean we get to see Baek Gun in action too? At the academy, the police run over the place for security while the guests mingle and enjoy themselves. Everyone takes their place while Kang To stands at the entry point, looking for Damsari or cohort. His eyes meet Damsari’s once but Damsari looks away immediately. When the Countess gives her bag for inspection, Damsari’s lady tenses up but the woman in charge doesn’t check the Countess’s bag-well, she does have the reputation of being Japanese all the way, who would suspect a thing? Damsari watches her make her way in with a smile. Meanwhile at his end, all seems to be going well under Kang To. Uh oh, trouble’s on way. Shunji walks out as Damsari stands there and catching sight of the man holds up the picture, suspicious of him. Kang To sees him through the corner of his eye. Damsari keeps conversation going with the Count in a loud voice. In a hurry and desperate to find the weapons and confiscate them to avoid trouble, Kang To searches their gift. He hands it back to Damsari with his card just as Shunji walks up. Kang To addresses Shunji, telling him there is nothing strange as of yet. Damsari makes an excuse about his shoelace and hunches down to tie it while Shunji turns to him and asks to see his card again. This time, he’s saved by the Count when Shunji places his demand. Damsari laughs it off and hands over his card. Shunji compares it with the photo he has of Damsari and it is not similar since his identification photo is somewhat different without being suspicious. Shunji calls him Choi Tae Gun and apologizes for the trouble, handing the identification tag back. At that Kang To looks away and Damsari turns to see him, thinking to himself, “Kang To should know about Choi Tae Gun!” He’s remembering the note Kang To left at Asuka Hotel for him. Ooh, please tell me you’ll put the pieces together! Surprised at Kang To’s inaction at his name, Tae Gun/Damsari simply walks away. Kang To lets out a sigh of relief. Dan refuses to leave without her father and tells her Comrade she wishes to help her father. He says her presence only endangers her father and informs her of the other comrades who are stationed with their own missions. Furthermore, Damsari’s planned getaway has already been plenty compromised with the death of Comrade Park. She reels from the news but argues-she wants to help her father and lay her life down just like him. She offers to do the job originally meant for Comrade Park and the man finally relents. The governor general arrives and the celebration goes underway. After his speech, everyone stands for a round of ‘Banzai’ before Rie is called up to sing the anthem for Japan-everyone sings it with them. Shunji meanwhile, watches Kang To who has his eyes on Damsari. Following his gaze, Shunji’s eyes narrow as he sees Damsari take his hat from the table in a suspicious manner. As he draws a grenade, Shunji launches to attack him. Kang To also runs forward. The grenade falls out of Damsari’s hand when Shunji cuts his arm and then removes his glasses before moving in to punch him, again and again. Kang To watches it unfold with wide and unbelieving eyes. Shunji goes on beating the man again and again while Kang To watches, his face a mask of disbelief and pain. He catches sight of his cohort leaving and a soldier following her. He heads out to pursue them. The woman cannot hold back her tears once outside and walks away crying. The soldier follows him but just as she turns around the corner, Kang To knocks him out. He heads back into the hall to find Damsari, bloodied and Shunji orders him to find the woman with Damsari. Kang To looks around the hall, asking the Count and Countess but they’re so in shock they’ve no idea. Kang To curses as if frustrated at it and heads out while Kimura watches the Count and Countess. Dan and her two accomplices sit outside; growing worried at the silence until a car drives by them with soldiers. Yup, not good news. Meanwhile back at the party, all is now back in order, if not in the same jovial spirits. Kono sits silent while the governor general worries what to do and Rie motions to him to make another toast. That brings people up in spirits until the governor general’s glass shatters. Aha, just what I was waiting for! And enters Gaksital as everyone gasps in horror and fright! Everyone scatters around for a hiding place as Gaksital stands before them on the platform. Ah, what glory! What remaining soldiers are left rush forward to attach Gaksital. Kimura watches with wide eyes and Takayama also stands in the background. Hilariously, the governor rushes to Rie’s side and grabs her back towards safety. Haha! Against all the soldiers there, Gaksital easily holds his own until Kimura takes the gun and starts shooting. Gaksital is still too fast for him and other guests of the party end up caught in the line of fire instead. Awesome Gaksital! As Shunji walks his men down, people run down, shouting, it’s Gaksital and Shunji heads back in, ordering Damsari taken away. Takayama moves in to fight but Rie stops him. “Wait. While we’re here, let’s see how skilled the empire’s police are.” Whoa and Wow! Gaksital makes his way towards Kimura who is still shooting at him! So Badass! He reaches him, dodging bullets and soldiers and a fistfight breaks out between the two. Kimura grabs a sword but Gaksital knocks that away easily. He knocks the elder Kimura down and heads to slice down the commemoration banner. Finally, he holds the elder Kimura at the point of the sword. Just then, Shunji bursts in. He cocks at gun at Gaksital, holding his father hostage. Rie watches it from afar with a smirk. Dad tells Shunji to shoot-don’t worry about your father and just shoot. As Kang To watches, Shunji shoots. ; Comments: Oh my God! What an episode and what a cliffhanger ending! I totally didn’t think Shunji would shoot yet knowing his character, you cannot put it past him. He’s already shown he’s not much for humanity and all such sentiments when in the face of ambition. The way he beats up Damsari here-cold, calculating and ever so calm. This reminds me of Lee Kang To of yore yet also highlights the difference between the two even more! While Kang To was just as ambitious in the past, it was in the name of family-all he did was for them and he wouldn’t put his hyung or his mum in the line of fire. He’d put others through pain without hesitation but not family. The one incident where he did (beating hyung in the marketplace) was out of rage and even that was not without remorse. Whereas, Shunji showed a perfect picture of ambition by cocking that gun at Gaksital while his father was in the line of fire. Out of the two Kimura brothers, he is definitely the worse one. In this same scenario, Kenji would have given up, worried for his father or probably out of lack of confidence in his own ability but Shunji takes the Kimura lineage ten steps further. Dude, your father is in the line of fire-whatever he says, shouldn’t you place family above revenge? And the way his Dad kept firing without even batting an eyelash at the collateral damage he was causing-no wonder it runs in the family! Okay, otherwise speaking, there is something definitely satisfying about watching Kimura at the other end of the blade in Kang To’s hands. And that expression on Taro’s face is doubly satisfying! He’s always been the one who is crass and crude to Kang To, looking down on him but Kang To does such a complete reversal by bringing him down on his knees literally as his other persona Gaksital. For the elder Kimura, losing Gaksital wouldn’t be as shameful as being helpless at the hands of Gaksital would. And that’s what makes his humiliating moment even more endearing. ; I love the other step Kang To has taken forward in this episode in not wanting Damsari to die. And so he’s willing to face the toughest odds himself if it means saving the other man. You’ve got to love a guy who’s quick on his feet and knows what he’s about even when he’s in a pinch. However, it’s worrying that his escapes are becoming all the more tight now and the pieces aren’t falling as neatly as Kang To would like them to. It’s not that he’s being careless, but things are fast moving out of his control. With Shunji in charge, it isn’t so easy to evade the watchful eyes. Especially now that Shunji has his suspicions about Kang To which I’m afraid will only get worse and stronger after this event. It won’t be long before Kimura boy pieces the puzzle together and realizes Kang To is Gaksital. And how easily does our hero Kang To warn the enemy without warning him in the hopes that it would put off the inevitable bloodshed that would definitely happen if Damsari went through with the plan. I hope Damsari can put the pieces together in light of what he has seen today-at least to the point where he stops trying to kill Kang To when he survives-somehow I feel sure he will. He may not be able to make the Gaksital connection but he has enough reason to believe Kang To has deliberately let him go. That one action, from the man who’d never have done so in the past, should be enough to at least put the seeds of doubt in him and from him, probably Dan too. After all, he did the same for her in this episode and he has also given her a useful warning in the past that ought to click. And the ending sequence where Damsari is caught and Kang To can do naught but watch as the man gets beaten up. As he stands there watching, the expressions of agony and confusion are evident on his face-what should he do? What would be right to do? How does he step in? It’s an even better moment in the sense that Kang To knows Damsari knew there was a greater possibility that he would get caught rather than succeeding in his mission. And yet the man chose to come.That goes so starkly with what Kang To stands for himself. He doesn’t know what ideals are, why a person would give them their life or how can a person live for the sake of one goal. The reason he dons the Gaksital persona is payback to his brother and thanks a little to his own better sense coming forward but the world isn’t that easy for him to see and figure out. He wanted Damsari to succeed and agreed to help him but that isn’t necessarily because he understands their drive or need for it. This is why I love that he’s not totally alone and however slight his role, Baek Gun is there to guide him and help him out. The whole episode gives Kang To greater trouble between maintaining his two personas – Kang To and Gaksital. And it doesn’t help that Shunji is already suspicious and suspects at least a bit of the truth. Little lies of his were caught and although he wheeled his way out of them like always, it didn’t all clear away without a doubt in Shunji’s mind. If anything, today’s event will make it even worse as now Kang To would have a lot to answer for-letting Damsari through. Most of all, I love his promise to Dan at the beginning-its a perfect mirror of what he once promised her and shows the different Lee Kang To he has become-closer to the person he once was in the past- caring and selfless.It’s not just about redeeming himself for his brother’s death and the wrongs he’s done in the past-its also a journey of finding a better ‘him’ aka Lee Kang To!

Most of all, our hero is totally human and hence eer more endearing and someone we can feel for! Example: the fight with Takayama and the fact that his carefully constructed web of secrets is not so tightly bound and protected anymore! He’s all to human so he is inadvertently endig up making mistaked or being sloppy which is allowing shunji to get closerr to his turth! And the fight with Takayama shows us he’s not invincible either and he’s yet to be able to rise above every adversary and be a master of fighting which evidently Takayama excels at! Kang To and Shunji are evenly matched at that while Takayama’s skills go one step up! I seriously cant wait to see Kang To best Takayama one day!

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  1. I was thinking what if Gaksital removes his mask or Mok Dan removes the mask, what will happen. She hates Kang To as much as she loves Gaksital. But nothing happened except the longing in their eyes and the hug and a kiss.

    Why Koiso is not telling Shunji that Kenji killed Kang To’s mom, he’s reporting everything but this, bastard.

    Kang To using Lala AWESOME and the way he treated her double AWESOME then the expression on her face triple AWESOME.

    Shunji is getting suspicious DAMMIT

    Kang To why you had to take the responsibility. This is not good.

    Why was Mok Dan dressed so pretty, was that her disguise SERIOUSLY, one can clearly see who she is and Kang To pretending like she not even there to begin with HAHAHA.

    Kang To telling their plan before so they are warned EPIC

    Shunji has the long history of arriving at-the not-so-good-moment DAMN.

    Oh please Damsari be the smartest one and connect the dots that Kang To IS Gaksital hurry.

    Mok Dan please stay where you are, Kang To’s hands are full as it is and you are saying you want to help by killing him.

    DAMN, Shunji knows who Damsari is, Mok Dan’s father and still….. somebody is going to get much hatred now -count me in too for hating that someone-

    Thank God there were no security cameras yet, Kang To knocked the police officer, lady you should watch your back too arent you a spy. I was so hoping she would see Kang To and would know that he IS Gaksital. -nothing is going as planned-

    EPIC Gaksital’s entrance, just look at that stance.

    Governor is worried about Lala’s safety HAHAHA, somebody tell him about her kick ass bodyguard.

    So many officers and no one can even scratch him and Taro shooting him aimlessly, wasnt he the chief of some police station how can he not shoot, well thanks to him Gaksital was safe.

    Gaksital slashing the banner EPIC + AWESOME + SO COOL+ BAD ASS = GAKSITAL

    Taro telling his son to shoot, seriously you dont know what you did earlier, well go ahead and shoot your dad or someone else as you are a Kimura, I m not worried.

    AWESOME episode, Kang To was having a hard time when Shunji kept asking questions about his whereabouts. Shunji will be suspicious more and more when Kang To will be missing and Gaksital would be there. Please anyone pose as Gaksital once or twice in front of Shunji and Kang To.

    • Lol, the governor general coming forward for Rie was the silliest thing and made me laugh out loud! Somebody really should tell him about her bodyguard or that she’s not as helpless as she appears! I love the way Gaksital approaches Taro and takes him down, then slashes that banner and finally holds the elder Kimura at gunpoint! Awesome awesome! Taro had that coming for a long time now! And the moment Kang To told Rie, “Keep those lips just to singing” I was like *fist in the air* Oooooh Yeaaaah, Go Kang To!! hehe! 😀

  2. Yei!!!! Hwaiting Kang To!!!

  3. OMG!!!! This drama is getting so good…can’t wait for today’s episode!!!!

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