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Gaksital aka Bridal mask Episode 13 Recap

The waters become even murkier for Lee Kang To who’s beginning to slip slightly despite his best efforts to manage being both the bad and the good guy. Shunji digs himself even deeper in the darker parts of his Kimura heritage and doesn’t flinch even when Daddy Kimura is caught in the line of fire. The commemoration event is certainly not what anyone expects yet it is still to be seen whether it rings good or bad for which party-the freedom fighters or the Japanese Imperialists! Episode 11 Recap: While Shunji and Kang To engage in battle, Dan picks up a gun and fires it in the air before pointing it at Shunji. Stunned, Shunji drops his weapon and Kang To leads Dan away. Shunji can do naught but shout in frustration. Kang To and Dan arrive at a clearing. For a long moment, they simply look at each other before Dan movies in for a hug. In voiceover, she thinks to herself, she’s glad she was able to meet him before she left and calls him ‘Young Master’.

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