Daily Archives: July 9, 2012

Dropped I Do I Do Recaps

Yup, since I haven’t been getting out the recaps regularly and now not at all, its an indicator that I have indeed dropped the series. I may do an end of series review for it but for now I am discontinuing the recaps since the pace is at times too slow and so many aspects of it are so raw and undeveloped that they cannot help but take the fun out of the rest. What I admired at the beginning were the main characters but now even their charms are being tested and their characters are not that strong and compelling. Overall, it is a fun series and I plan to watch it once its done (Yes, I’ll drop it now and watch it once it is complete) and then, if I can, I will write up a review about it.

For those who still love the story or are following the drama, have fun! I hope it brings a satisfactory ending to the story and when I do watch it again, I can find more pros than cons! 🙂


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