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Story I – Chapter III [Part II]

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Continued from Story I Chapter III [Part I]:


His grandfather was seated outside on the terrace when Elijah and Will finally walked up to the house. Although Will stopped at sight of his grandfather and dipped in a bow, Elijah remained passive as he bypassed Will and headed towards the door. He wasn’t in the mood for lectures or reprieves, nor was he in the mood for a fight.

“What happened today?” His grandfather’s question didn’t give him pause. Intending to ignore it and him, Elijah kept walking forward until Daniel came in front of him and lightly put a hand on his arm. Elijah was about to shrug it off when Daniel bent forward and whispered in his ear. “He is worried! Please!”

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Gaksital aka Bridal mask Episode 12 Recap

Kang To isn’t just Kang To anymore and wearing the mask proves to be more than he can comprehend but today’s episode helps him open his eyes to the price he may unwittingly pay to keep the masked retribution going. He gets a glimpse and pure, selfless loyalty and makes decisions, shaping his own ideals and morals. All the while, Shunji falls deeper and deeper into the abyss and has a gun shoved in his face as consequence for his actions. Rie enters the puzzle to make her mark but Dan isn’t left that behind either. This is simply an episode that brings us more and more conflict, more demons and more decisions. It’s a reversal of dynamics-where episodes ago Shunji had saved Dan from Kang To, Kang To now races to save Dan from definite cruelty and torture at Shunji’s hands. This drama truly walks the lines of grey for each and every character. Onto the recap!

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Gaksital aka Bridal mask Episode 11 Recap

Yaaay to clever Kang To. He’s come a long way from the younger brother with whom all had no expectations to the guy who’s got everyone fearful. Yes it has the bad effect of having even all the good guys railing to kill you but hey, Kang To can hold his ground well enough! But there’s angst in this episode where characters try to make choices and end up facing the consequences-from guilt and regret to anger and heartbreak. Most of all its the emotional drama that Kang To now has to face as he makes choices and finds himself helpless in the worst of situations-wanting to do something else but forced into committing acts that wrench his gut with even more guilt.

Episode 11 Recap:

Gaksital confronts Jo when he comes to retrieve the land deeds and striking him down, makes his getaway with the deeds. He’s confronted with Shunji’s men but easily shrugs them all off. As he’s about to get away, Shunji leaps out at him, his eyes screaming vengeance and blood, “It’s been a while, Gaksital!”

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