I Do I Do Episode 8 Recap

I just love the shot above-it’s such a perfect portrait of the way things are. Tae Kang is always there, one step behind her, helping her out with a smile or a push, whatever it is she needs. As the saying goes, it’s the little gestures that matter, hehe!

Episode 8:

Tae Kang is woken up the officers and now in a much more somber state, he looks around and asks Choong Baek, “What trouble did I get into again?” Choong Baek points to Dad. As soon as they’re out of the police station, dad starts questioning him-what’s his relationship with Ji An? What was with all those words? Is he dating her? Tae Kang tells Dad that’s not the problem right now. He turns on Choong Baek and asks how he could’ve kept silent about all this but Choong Baek has had a difficult time himself, plus Dad forbid him from saying anything. Dad suggests they return home for now and Tae Kang go to work.

Tae Kang is still angry at Dad and asks why he never told him-“But you should have told me anyway! You said you could trust me. You said that I was the only one in the world you could trust! How can you say we’re family when you hide stuff like this!” As he stalks off, Choong Baek heads to go after him but Dad stops him. Ji An is driving back with Manager Seo and Seo relates stories of Tae Kang to her-even the fact that he’s currently living in a sauna. That reminds Ji An of the time she had apprehended Tae Kang for the knockoffs and he had taken all the blame on himself. Boy does show maturity at the bestest of times. Manager Seo asks her if she’s alright, after all the talk last night. She deflects it by asking him to focus on driving.

Tae Kang can’t bring himself to go into the office since this morning, Choong Baek related the events of the night to him and all he said. Haha! At the hospital, Eun Sung hears a guest is waiting for him in front of the hospital in a café. He arrives to find Ji An’s father. Ji An’s father apologizes for the situation with Ji An and asks for a favor-couldn’t Eun-sung persuade her to rid herself of the baby? Eun Sung apologizes and tells her father he thinks differently. Her father understands his meaning and does not take offense but apologizes for inconveniencing him. As he’s leaving, Eun Sung tells him the truth-Ji An may never be able to have more children. Her menopause is already on her so they should all treat this as the first and last chance Ji An will ever have to have a child. Her father almost collapses when he hears that.

Madam Jang comes to see Ji An and Na Ri watches her go into Ji An’s office. As she’s passing Na Ri’s office, she flicks a glance her way. Na Ri turns to  Jake sitting there in her office telling him they need to beat Ji An’s designs. He’s busy in a game but tells her not to worry too much. Na Ri tells him they can’t underestimate Ji An. Ji An comes out of her office to find Tae Kang missing and her workers tell her he hasn’t shown up today nor is he answering his calls. Although she appears nonchalant to her workers, once she’s in the office, she worries about Tae Kang.

Scenario in her mind-he’s standing at a bridge and slowly, takes off his shoes and throws his coat as he remembers her words when she’d critiscised him and told him to get lost, calling him trash. He gets up on the bridge and finally jumps. She shakes her head to get the thought out and ends up calling her secretary, asking of her schedule for the day. And so she ends up at Choong Baek’s restaurant, spying around, telling her baby this is all for him/her and turns back just to run into Daddy Kang, who is needless to say, not so happy to see her.

Inside, daddy drinks his frustration off before asking how Tae Kang met her. She tells Choong Baek to relate the story. Trembling, Choong Baek does but when he reveals that Ji An caused his and Tae Kang’s arrest, she kicks him to shut him off. Nevertheless, dad has heard enough to connect the pieces. He starts on her relating what bad luck has fallen on them ever since but she doesn’t listen to much and tells Dad not to be so sure of his son. What is so great about him? Does Dad know what his work at the company is? Fixing the copying machine, bringing coffee, sorting out documents. Why? “Because he can’t do anything else.”

With that, she tells him to find Tae Kang and tell him he’d better show up for work tomorrow. As it is, he should already have been fired but he has till tomorrow-if he doesn’t show, he’s fired. As she’s leaving, dad tells her she shouldn’t be so quick to judge his son either. There’s no person in the world more kind than Tae Kang. He grew up without a mother. Even when he was in the police station, he protected his father. That strikes a nerve in her. Dad asks Ji An what she’s done that’s so great anyway. When she walks out, she turns back in a huff for a last look, muttering, “Why is he making me out to be the bad guy when he’s the one not raising his kid properly?”

Tae Kang is wandering the streets or sitting around like a lost boy until he spots a shoe stall. From there, his eyes fall on an advertisement. Ji An returns to her office to find her stuff being packed and none of the employees deign to answer her queries as to why? She finally gets her answer-Na Ri happened.  The office goes to Tae Kang-all pretty and primped up-the new chief designer. Huh?

And Ji An wakes up! Haha, it was just a dream! She’s still at work and comes out her office to run into Tae Kang who is just coming in. He doesn’t answer when she asks where he was and simply starts packing his things-he’ll be fired sooner or later so he should just quit. She puts her bag down and addresses him-he said he’d take responsibility for her design, remember? She names a figure he balks at but she cuts him down to size. What’s too much about it? Does he think life and work is so laughable that he can just give up like that? This is not fair to his father who believes in his son, she tells him.

Leaving, she turns back for a second-however he views that night doesn’t matter to her. To her, he’s never been a guy and hereon it will also be that way. Tears form in Tae Kang’s eyes once she’s gone. Outside in the hallway, Ji An is also bothered and teary about what she said but keeps going. As he rides home in a bus, her words ring in his mind and he tries to shutter his hurt but can’t.

At home, dad mulls over a photo of his and Tae Kang’s, hiding it and pretending to be asleep when Tae Kang comes back. Choong Baek has arranged for a small storeroom for them to stay in and Tae Kang thanks his friend. As Tae Kang settles in, Dad turns to talk to him, telling him he doesn’t like Ji An and he shouldn’t go out with her. Dad tells him life has no meaning if he gives up his pride as a man. Tae Kang argues-Dad taught him that pride is more useless than a wad of spat out gum. Awww, I love Tae Kang’s view. He is such a softie and nice hearted.

The next day he shows up for work and finds everyone in the middle of work, panicking and not paying the least bit of attention to him. In her office, Ji An is the same and at first ignores the call from her doctor, not realizing who it is. He wants to discuss her condition with her but she’s like-is it necessary? I’m busy! He swallows a retort and continues-alright, when can she find time and come over then? And Ji An tells him that she’s too busy so he should just email her! The doctor returns the documents to Eun Sung, claiming he can’t deal with Ji An! Eun Sung asks him to give it one more chance but his friend is like, “EMAIL? EMAIL?”

At work, there is a meeting regarding the collaboration of designs and Jake Han wants to see everyone’s. He specifically says he’s disappointed with Ji An’s work. Na Ri makes a veiled barb at her-is she going through a slump? and tells everyone else to work well. Tae Kang watches the whole exchange. Jake pops in and suggests that they break into two teams and whichever concept is better will be featured in the collaboration. Na Ri appoints Jake and Ji An to be team leaders, leaving the other members to decide whose team they want to join. After the meeting, everyone gossips about the proceedings while Tae Kang listens in from afar.

He walks around later and feels for Ji An-she can’t even say its because she’s pregnant. He runs into Jake outside with Na Ri who asks him to come over to their team. Na Ri tells Jake she wants to talk to Tae Kang so he goes in first. She makes the same offer, referring to him as her friend. He’s surprised but relates it to Manager Seo. Seo wows at his prowess-he’s been here so long and hasn’t even been able to win over his  but Tae Kang already got the president’s daughter. Seo asks him to ask for him to be promoted first. Tae Kang decides this calls for a party and calls up Dad too!

In her office, Ji An stews. When the time comes, four of the employees go to Na Ri and later on, the maknae joins in too. Ji An waits and no one shows up. Tae Kang watches  going in and asks her how everyone can just leave Ji An to work alone. Na Ri waits for Tae Kang to show up but he goes to Ji An. Soon, sounds from the other room of everyone laughing and having fun come over to their office. Tae Kang proposes they should laugh too but Ji An is too tense to do anything and she tells him to leave.

As he’s leaving, he offers to go and buy her chokbal but she refuses it. When he exits the office, he sees everyone having fun in Na Ri’s office and tsks at them. Much later, Ji An sits at her desk, wondering why not even one person came to her. Her gaze falls on the painting Madam Jang bought her. She exits her office later to find the area empty and heads to the meeting table. Once there however, she begins to feel an itch and looking around to make sure no one’s around, takes off her bra before doing a few relaxing poses. Pffttt. And who should walk in midway but Tae Kang! Hehe! She freaks out when she sees him and he’s like-is this a changing room or what?

She tells him to leave but he tells her they’re on the same team so she should let him help her with work. She backtracks into the office and Tae Kang hilariously . Eun Sung comes down to meet her and heads up to run into Tae Kang at the elevator. Tae Kang takes her to see Ji An. She asks Tae Kang to bring them some juice. Tae Kang’s like, “I have to bring that guy juice?!” hehe! In the office, Ji An asks why he’s come without warning. He brings up the email thing and asks her how she’s going to keep going about it. He’s brought her a small guidebook and asks her to read it well and start taking specific precautions.

She can’t believe what he’s at, especially when he tells her to stop wearing heels. He points out she’s a woman with a baby now-she has to consider that foremost. He then tells her about her father coming to meet him and that he told him about Ji An’s menopause. She snaps at that, “How could you tell him that?” Just then, Tae Kang brings in the juice and refreshments and notices the book on the table. Understanding the meaning, Eun Sung stands up to introduce himself to Tae Kang as a gynaecologist, taking the book out of his sight.

Once he’s gone, Ji An breaks down and turns to Eun Sung-how could he do this to her? Is she supposed to let go of everything and anything she wants to do? Eun Sung asks her to calm down-it’s not good for both of them, her and the child and offers to take her to the hospital but she wants to be left alone. Eun Sung storms out of the office, the building and rides away in his car.

In her office, Ji An breaks down and cries. Tae Kang stands outside her door, listening to the sounds of her weeping, wanting to go in but unable to find the courage to. He gets a call from Dad, asking where he is-remember his party? Tae Kang tells them he’ll be on his way soon and knocks on Ji An’s door and tells her he’ll be leaving. She mumbles a yes so he leaves but then comes back telling her he’s going to eat and she should come along, telling her she needs to consider her ‘body’. She rejects all offers and tells him to just leave so he says okay. Muttering an apology, he grabs her bag and tells her to follow quickly.

She follows him all the way out and asks him to return her bag but he refuses. A taxi comes up and he tells her to get in-they’re just going to have dinner! He takes her hand and guides her to the taxi. Almost smiling now, she gets in. Yeah, that’s why you guys suit. Eun Sung buys some medicine for Ji An but when he returns to the office, she’s gone. He calls her up to find she forgot her phone behind. In the parking lot, he notices her car.

And so it is that Tae Kang brings Ji An to dinner. Dad and Manager Seo grumble about him bringing Ji An which sours her mood and she turns to leave but he won’t have any of it, she came here all the way anyway. Dad calls out to her-yeah she came so she should eat before going. Hehe, Tae Kang even gives her his own coat to keep her ‘body’ warm! While the others eat, she simply sits there. Dad gestures to Tae Kang to get her to eat. Since she won’t eat otherwise, Tae Kang wraps up meat in lettuce for her and gives it to her while Dad grumbles behind awkwardly.

Eun Sung comes to her house but gets no response. At the dinner party, dad wants Ji An to have a drink but Tae Kang panics, no she can’t have it. He gives her a bottle of water to drink from. She finds his responses somewhat strange but being there and listening to them sing and have fun improves her mood. Soon though, she has to use the restroo and nudges Tae Kang asking for the washroom. Turns out, it’s downstairs and a little far. Tae Kang immediately rushes off and brings a cart to carry her down on. Hehe!

When he’s carrying her back on the way up the hill, he calls her, “Princess!” She comments that the night sky view is amazing here. She asks him something she’s curious about- why did he come to her team? Does he find her pitiful? He brushes off her words, saying the scariest teachers have always been the best. At that, she asks him-should she properly teach him? He immediately turns back at that and gazes at her with a smile. She tells him it’ll be harsh training and he’ll follow her around for a month and he’s willing to take it all. With a smile, he turns back and pulls them back up the hill.

He escorts her back home and as he’s leaving she asks him why he stopped her from drinking alcohol-it was the same at the office party. He makes an excuse that she seems like she didn’t want to drink it. She begins to tell him that the picture he saw last time and he braces himself for the news… but the exchange is cut short by Eun Sung calling out to Ji An.


Okay, bad timing Eun Sung. Like really really reaaaallllyy bad timing. I was trying to forgive you for the stunt with the book and Tae Kang but now-NOW WAY! When Ji An began to say it, I braced myself, just like Tae Kang, wanting for him to find out now and knowing how amazingly happy he would be but Damn, you just had to crash the party, didn’t you?

Overall, things have been stagnant for a while now. Tae Kang knows but yet he doesn’t truly know, Eun Sung knows about Tae kang but he can’t be sure, Ji An knows but won’t set the record straight. I can understand it from her point-she’s always had her own life and suddenly, she’s already dealing with a pregnancy and doesn’t want to bring more chaos, more change-it’s frightening to her but gosh, move things forward. I almost feel sorry for Na Ri and Jake Han and the other side characters who all pop up like additives. I appreciate the show a lot-I’m loving the family dynamics, the character depths in the leads, the realistic touches but half the life is being sucked out due to the slow pace and weak links. Here’s to hoping it will change, sometime very soon, like yesterday!


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