I Do I Do Episode 7 Recap

The truth comes all out for some while others take a different trajectory. Ji A’n’s horizon opens more and more regarding her life now that she has decided to keep the baby and how things will change for her. It’s not just like buying or designing a new pair of shoes and being done with it-rather, it’s a responsibility that increases day by day and takes more and more of your life, not necessarily in a bad sense.

Episode 7 Recap:

Eun Sung confronts Ji An-why did she have to include him, tell him about it all? How can he stand to see her again, how can he like her after this? Ji An tells him it’s a good thing-she calls him a nice person and at her parents house, when she saw him with her parents, she had a thought, “If ever, if ever I am to marry, it would be good if the man were him!”

That definitely stuns him and he can’t think of anything to say but she continues-don’t lose time or emotion on her, meet a better woman and be happy. It’s her true feelings. She heads inside and he follows right behind. Once inside, he stops her and kneels before their parents, telling them he can’t go through with the marriage. He feels it won’t be right for her with him and he hasn’t the confidence to make her happy. Both parents are stunned and Dad and mom look at Ji An for a bit.

Tae Kang waits outside Ji An’s apartment building, trying to calm his fast beating heart and takes out a ring from his pocket. It was the ring his father gave him to give the woman he would want to marry one day. As Eun Sung and his parents leave, Eun Sung turns back and bows one last time before leaving. Dad turns to Ji An- was it her? Was she the one who rejected him? She tells Dad it wasn’t so but Dad won’t believe her and tells her to go and talk to Eun Sung again, beg him if she has to but she says she can’t.

Dad takes that answer badly and heads off to do it himself and Ji An tries to stop him. Finally, she mutters that she’s pregnant with someone else’s child and Eun Sung knows about it. Dad thinks she’s lying but she tells him it’s true. Mom almost faints and Ji An explains it was a one night stand. Her mother, crying and wailing starts hitting her. As her own tears fall, Ji An clutches her stomach, taking her mother’s beatings without a word.

Tae Kang dozes off and the ring falls from his hand, rolling away towards another person standing there. The noise wakes him up and Tae Kang hurries to retrieve the ring-from Eun Sung. He sits back down on the steps and waits for Ji An. Eun Sung is there for the same reason. Much later, Eun Sung sits while Tae Kang exercises around. Finally Tae Kang addresses Eun Sung who in return asks the former how long he’s been waiting. Tae Kang tells him he’s been waiting over 2 hours and muses that she must be back at work, having forgotten all about him.

Both launch into a series of words defining their ‘woman’. Tae Kang laughs awkwardly when Eun Sung asks why Tae Kang loves ‘his woman’ and says its not like that-he’s just a little curious, just a little. When Ji An walks up, Eun Sung sees her first and approaches her. She’s tired and not so steady on her feet so he offers to take her up. She says she’s fine and rejects his offer of help but she’s not with the strength to protest much and Eun Sung takes her up to her place. Tae Kang watches them both leave with a heavy heart, himself hidden behind a bush.

Upstairs, Eun Sung tells her that for the first time he could imagine her as someone he wanted to be beside, to eat, smile and cry together. He thought his life would be much more interesting. It wasn’t like he was expecting anything. Ji An tells him she told her parents-more than her father, her mother panicked. It was the first time her mother hit her and in that moment, all she could do was clutch her stomach, hping nothing would go wrong with her child. Eun Sung tells her it’s instinct and she says she has decided to keep the baby. He asks if she’s sure and she nods. He smiles at her decision and tells her to do whatever she wants. With that, he turns to go. Ji An stops him and gives him the necklace he gave her back. He takes it without a word and she shakes his hand. Once he withdraws his hand, her remains in the air for a long while. Once he’s gone, she seemingly tears up.

Tae Kang broods with Choong Baek. Tae Kang tries to tell himself Eun Sung is probably just a friend or a cousin of hers while Choong Baek tsks tsks. Choong Baek doesn’t buy it for a moment-now it’s not even certain Tae Kang is the father and wonders why Tae Kang likes Ji An anyway. Tae kang bursts out, “Who LIKES her?” Mood soured and not even knowing why, he walks out.

Next day at work, he keeps wondering, “Who the hell was that Oppa?” When Ji An walks in, everyone is gone away for work and left Tae Kang behind for answering the phone. In her office, Ji An broods over last night’s events when her father had approached her later. She had apologized and her father had told her she didn’t have to get married. He had sat by her side and called her, “Ji An ah!”, telling her he won’t badger her about it anymore as long as she does not keep the baby. Ouch. And he gives her three days to consider it-if not, she can live the rest of her life without seeing her parents. That stunned her for a moment and she replies that she will think about it. Her father tells her to be more decisive-look at how shocked her mother is.

There’s a knock on her door and Tae Kang brings in some juices and coffee for her as lunch. Before he can say more, she gets a call from Eun Sung who asks her if she’s decided on a hospital yet. She hasn’t and continues the call after telling Tae Kang to leave. He still tries to linger around to hear the conversation. Eun Sung tells her to come over to their hospital but Ji An tells him she’ll think about it.

Na Ri walks down to see Tae Kang stuck to Ji An’s door and imitating him, sticks to the door. He turns away in shock when he sees her and she asks him if he’d like to have lunch with her. Off to the rooftop it is. He grovels at that-he thought they’d be going to eat some steak or lobster. They start chitchatting and once their ages come out, Tae Kang tells her he’s her oppa. She asks what his relationship with Ji An is. He makes an excuse about sticking close to her door and eavesdropping, “There was a situation!”

Ji An goes with Jun Hee to Eun Sung’s hospital for a check up. Today, Eun Sung is in charge of her checkup and although she doesn’t like it much, she goes for it anyway. Yeah, it is that awkward. The CT scan shows healthy results and Ji An wants to listen to the baby’s heartbeat but doesn’t press until asked by Jun Hee. When she does hear it, she thinks it’s strange but Jun Hee assures her it is okay. She turns and seems enamored by the CT scanner while Eun Sung has a bit of a down expression.

That night, she places two new shoes in her closet-for a little girl. It  brings her back to a flashback of the day where her and Jun Hee went for drinks. Tae Kang is at Choong Baek’s place but he’s too busy and lost in his own thoughts until he gets a message from Ji An to bring “Chokbal” in 15 minutes which lights him up and off he goes. He reaches her place just a minute late. She invites him in and he asks if she’s alone. “Do I look like I’m alone?” His face falls and he looks around suspiciously. “You’re with me, aren’t you?” That lights up his face and he sits down with her.

He asks why she’s always calling him for Chokbal and she reminds him he’s the one who lost her design. She starts asking him various questions-“Do you have mysophobia? I hear that’s inheritable. Are you left-handed?!” and he makes an excuse, heading to the bathroom. Hilariously, she studies him head to toe as he walks to the bathroom. Once there, he laughs over the fact that she’s asking him stuff as if she’s interested in him, musing “I’m not just a strange guy, am I?” He puffs a bit of her spray, thinking, this is medusa’s smell, Ah! She cuts his reverie short by asking him to come out. Before more can happen, she gets a phone call from Eun Sung who’s already in the parking and wants to come up. She wonders what to do since he won’t take no for an answer. When Tae Kang emerges, she literally throws him out. As he’s leaving, Tae Kang wonders, “Is she strange because of her pregnancy?”

Nah, she isn’t and that’s what he learns a moment later when he sees Eun Sung walking up. Eun Sung asks him if he met his woman that day and Tae Kang replies yes. After Eun Sung heads in, Tae Kang worries over what’s happening upstairs and his scenario was totally hilarious. Ji An is wearing her sexy lingerie while Eun Sung launches at her like a cat after literally eating and blowing out half a rose. Pfffttt. His worries turn to anger when he notices the lights in her house go off. “Those guys!” He mutters!

The real reason for the lights going off is that Eun Sung has brought her a present-a star projection system and a relaxing sound machine to help her sleep. That brings her memories of her childhood when she’d fall asleep under the open sky in dad’s lap and mum dad would shoo away the mosquitoes. Eun Sung listens in silence as she tears up and blames it on hormones.

As he’s saying his goodbyes, the doorbell rings, followed by a pounding on the door. Eun Sung opens it up to come face to face with an angry and glaring Tae Kang who goes straight in and placing a business card in her hand, tells Ji An-from now on, “buy and eat it” herself. Eun Sung asks her how she knows Tae Kang and she tells him he’s just a coworker and she’d asked him for Chokbal. Eun Sung, however, makes the connection between the two since he remembers Tae Kang and his description of Ji An, the ring he’d carried and how he’d laughed when asked why he loved her. Downstairs, Tae Kang mutters, “Yeah, it’s for the best, everything turned out well, everything turned out very well!” but his expression is heartening since he doesn’t believe it and is trying to convince himself.

Tae Kang comes back and meets Choong Baek with a laugh, telling him he’s free and that Choong Baek was right-Ji An was with Eun Sung. Choong Baek asks why he looks like a downer then but Tae Kang shouts out, “My mood is the best!” and starts drowning in soju, half laughing but his eyes sad. At home, Ji An sits in the dark, looking at the roof and remembering her own times as a kid in her parent’s home when she would sleep outdoors and her parents would fawn over her.  She goes to sleep right there on the sofa and imagines an adult her back in her father’s lap being fawned over like always.

At work the next day, the whole office is in a furor while Tae Kang cleans. There’s rumors circulating around about some famous celebrity coming over whom Tae Kang has never even heard of. Just as he moves to clean the doorway, his mop collides with a person’s shoes. The person squeals “My Shoe!!!!” Moments later, Tae Kang walks out with the pair and runs into Ji An. Ignoring her, he heads in the other direction. In the office, everyone is fawning over the newcomer until Ji An walks in. He’s hilariously seated with his feet on a cushion. Na Ri introduces Jake Han to Ji An-he’s supervising their new project.

Tae Kang gets the introduction to him from Manager Seo. Seo hilariously wonders if he’s linked to “Medusa”. Tae Kang polishes away on the shoes. Na Ri apologizes to Ji An for not informing her earlier whereas Ji An knows it was on purpose. With sarcasm, Ji An says it’s a wonderful honor to be working with Jake Han and leaves Na Ri stumped, giving her a thumbs up.

Na Ri returns to her office . Tae Kang brings the shoes and Jake Han asks him to put those shoes on as well. Na Ri asks him to stop and tells Tae Kang to leave but Tae Kang apologizes and puts those shoes on for him.

Choong Baek arrives at the police station where Daddy is in cuffs after he caught and beat up the guy who conned him. Choong Baek calls Tae Kang but gets no response so ends up calling someone else asking for Tae Kang’s whereabouts. Said guy is at an office party singing away for Ji An while Na Ri watches him. Jake Han asks Ji An to have a glass with him but she declines saying she can’t drink well. Na Ri asks her to just take it. Jake Hanpours her a drink but she declines, asking him to take it as if she drank it. Na Ri presses the point-why can’t she drink. Ji An tells her she’s not in the situation to drink but Na Ri looks down on her still. Ji An finally takes up the glass when goaded and raises it to drink it but Tae Kang cuts in and drinks it instead. Jake Han pours him another. Ji An and Na Ri watch Tae Kang worriedly.

Manager Seo comes up to the club looking for Tae Kang who is still drinking and getting drunker by the moment. Everyone stays silent as Tae Kang makes a fool of himself. Manager Seo arrives in time and drags him away but not before letting it out that Tae Kang’s father is in trouble. Ji An also excuses herself and heads out first. She runs into them in the street and asks Seo what the problem is. He explains and asks for a ride to the police station.

At the police station, she hears the overall story as Choong Baek relates it to Manager Seo and also learns his father is the one who made knockoffs. She remembers the moment he’d made a slip and mentioned his father. Tae Kang, half drunk, stands up suddenly and asks for Hwang Ji An to be called-he’s got something to say. His friend tries to calm him down but he’s far gone. Ji An walks forward and faces him, asking what he wants.

He launches into a rant, “How dare you treat me like a free snack? You toyed with me? You stepped on my sincerity! I even got you a ring…” His father’s eyes widen at that. Tae Kang says he can’t think of a reason at all. He says it might have been nothing for her that night but it was not that way for him, it went straight to his heart. Why? “It was my first time! You were the first woman I…”  he cries out. Wide eyed, she runs to cover his mouth to stop him from saying more.


Heartbroken Tae Kang is so cute! And I love that he’s already begun feeling for her even though he doesn’t realize it and the baby situation just brings him a step closer to her. And the way he’s always being there for her even without her realizing it, I’m sold!

Dad’s resistance to her pregnancy shows jsut another change that has come in her life because of this pregnancy. Although its shocking he would be so adamant, yet it is understandable since a chold out of wedlock would simply ruin Ji An’s prospects of a marriage and a future. Yet, who’s to say that having the baby is not the end of the world? It’s actually helping in the way that she’s beginning to see people around her, understand their lives and coming out of the shell where she was always focused on success. And it also gave her food for thought-to make the choice between her parents and her unborn child. How can one starved for parents approval approach that question-she wants to make her father happy yet this is also a one in a million chance for her thanks to her menopause and whatever decision she makes affects her for life.

I’m anxious to know if Eun Sung’s parents know the truth. After  all, he broke the engagement for the two in front of both parents and yet he is still approaching her and in an earnest way, although at times it isn’t that romantic or right. As for Na Ri-there’s little movement on her end at all which makes it hard to think where she stands. Yes, she had an impression of Tae Kang after he mistakes her but thereon, there’s not much to show she has much romantic interest in him. Every once in a while, we see her but there’s no way to connect with it!

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