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I Do I Do Episode 8 Recap

I just love the shot above-it’s such a perfect portrait of the way things are. Tae Kang is always there, one step behind her, helping her out with a smile or a push, whatever it is she needs. As the saying goes, it’s the little gestures that matter, hehe!

Episode 8:

Tae Kang is woken up the officers and now in a much more somber state, he looks around and asks Choong Baek, “What trouble did I get into again?” Choong Baek points to Dad. As soon as they’re out of the police station, dad starts questioning him-what’s his relationship with Ji An? What was with all those words? Is he dating her? Tae Kang tells Dad that’s not the problem right now. He turns on Choong Baek and asks how he could’ve kept silent about all this but Choong Baek has had a difficult time himself, plus Dad forbid him from saying anything. Dad suggests they return home for now and Tae Kang go to work.

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I Do I Do Episode 7 Recap

The truth comes all out for some while others take a different trajectory. Ji A’n’s horizon opens more and more regarding her life now that she has decided to keep the baby and how things will change for her. It’s not just like buying or designing a new pair of shoes and being done with it-rather, it’s a responsibility that increases day by day and takes more and more of your life, not necessarily in a bad sense.

Episode 7 Recap:

Eun Sung confronts Ji An-why did she have to include him, tell him about it all? How can he stand to see her again, how can he like her after this? Ji An tells him it’s a good thing-she calls him a nice person and at her parents house, when she saw him with her parents, she had a thought, “If ever, if ever I am to marry, it would be good if the man were him!”

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