Gaksital aka Bridal mask Episode 10 Recap

I just love this series. Period.

Episode 10 Recap:

The episode opens with Shunji’s meeting with Rie who is hidden behind a screen as he is inducted into the Kishokai. She tells Shunji being a part of Kishokai means pledging his allegiance with his life. And as for the contract-it means to sign ‘ki’ in one’s own blood. Dad smiles and watches as Shunji cuts his palm and then writes the word on the paper with his dripping blood.

Hence, the meeting where he vows to kill Gaksital happens after Shunji has been inducted into Kishokai. He barks out orders at everyone, the last of which is indirectly at Kang To-assigning him and Abe to watch over the circus. In short, he’s taking off the lead detective from the case-much like a demotion. Seems someone still holds a grudge about yesterday. Koiso smirks at the order. Once the meeting is over, Kang To follows Shunji to his office and apologizes for the previous day’s incident-arresting Kimura was just him following his orders, nothing more.

Shunji addresses him as Sato Hiroshi, telling him not to come in as he pleases and takes offense when Kang To calls him ‘Shunji’. Seeing his adverse mood, Kang To apologizes and calls him by rank. Shunji further rails that he’s his superior now. Kang To apologizes for his mistake-bringing personal feelings into work and adds that his boss should also keep personal feelings aside, and not take detectives off cases because of them. That gives Shunji pause but he keeps to his decision-Sato Hiroshi is off the case-he’d better watch the circus 24/7. Kang To reads between the lines-watching the circus 24/7 means don’t bother coming into the office.

Abe and he head off to their new task and Abe wonders what’s up with Shunji and Kang To asks him to drop him off and head off first. He gets off ahead of the Angel club and heads off to have his boots polished. Or so it seems. Hehe, I just love this cover of theirs! Kang To laments Shunji’s passion for getting to Gaksital and mutters, “but he’s the only friend I have”-the person who helped him when hyung was caught. Baek Gun asks if he’ll be okay going against his only friend.

With a sigh, Kang To says, “It’s something I started. I have bring it to end.” At the same moment, Shunji says those very words to his father regarding Gaksital. He tells Dad his plan-set up bait for Gaksital and lie in wait. The reason he’s always gotten away is that they’ve always been chasing him, now they should take it the other way around. Ummm, Shunji, you’re scaring me since you truly look evil.

And then Shunji suggests Bank President Jo as the perfect bait since he has already cheated people out of their money. If the scheme to wipe out the Korean market place goes through-Jo hangs as perfect bait. Gosh, Shunji is way worse than Kenji. Kenji was always following dad while Shunji is one step ahead and leading things. Uh oh!

Jo puts on a disguise with the help of his gisaeng and the plan begins. The people in the market place are fined for receiving stolen goods-the money Gaksital took from Kimura and gave them. That sends everyone into a frenzy and Jo sets up himself as the nice loan shark ready to help people out with loans in their troubled times. Naturally, people fall for it.

Poor Abe gives himself a whole prep talk and a minute to compose before facing the circus people and telling them that starting today, Abe and Kang To are in charge of watching over the circus folk. It gets quite hilarious when he uses the words “take responsibility for” and Dong Nyeo perks up, “Take responsibility?”  She tells him there are loads of pretty girls around here and how can just the two of them take responsibility for them all? Haha, Abe stutters, “That’s not what I meant!” Meanwhile, Boss Jo nods imperceptibly to Dan.

And then Nanda joins them in distracting Abe, asking about his wound on the leg where the boy bit him yesterday, telling him the boy got bit by a rabid dog some while back. Poor Abe panics like never before, falling for their trick and before the rest even know it, he drops his pants, asking them to take a look at the bite, afraid of turning out with rabies! Haha. That allows Boss Jo and Dan to sneak out.

Boss Jo and Dan call up Damsari to stop him from coming over but nobody picks up. They worry he might already be on his way and Dan points out that even if no one else recognizes Damsari, Kang To would. Boss Jo offers to go to the hotel to intercept him but Dan stops him-if he’s missing, everyone will notice so she’ll go instead. Hehe, I bet Kang To wouldn’t bat an eyelash to find him missing but would surely run all over looking for you dear! Can’t wait till he gets here.

Ahem, and he is already on the way. This isn’t going to be what I think it is, is it? *squealing in anticipation* Yup, it’s what I think. As Dan walks downhill with a bundle of clothes, she runs into Kang To. She stops in her tracks when she sees him, frowning worriedly. But he just approaches her and asks where she’s going with that bundle of clothes. She assures him she’s not running away and turns to pass him but he stops her again, doesn’t she know he’s to watch the circus people? Where is she going? She tells him it’s laundry day and her turn so she’s going there.

He grabs the bundle from her hands, takes her by the wrist and walks her all the way. She frees her wrist and argues with him to let her go, she has to go quickly and finish her work. He grabs her wrist again, smiles and tells her fine, go, didn’t you hear I have to watch you 24/7? She doesn’t know what to say to that and simply grabs her bundle back, heading off. And of course, he follows. When she runs, he runs, when she walks, he walks. So Cute!

At the hotel, the manager’s jaw drops when he sees Kang To with Dan and begins to address him but Kang To simply snarls at him threateningly. Hehe. Dan addresses the manager and tells him not to worry. It’s because Gaksital reappeared that she’s under watch. She asks about the soldiers and hears that they’ve gone out so she asks him to let her know when they arrive. Once Dan is gone, Kang To huddles the manager closer and warns him not to overreact, hehe!

He then watches Dan doing her laundry with a smile on his face, catching sight of her knife. He remembers the last time she had come here for it. Remembering his times with Boon Yi/Dan brings tears to his eyes and he watches her washing clothes with a pained expression. Dan clocks his expression but he recovers and tells her to wash quickly. She starts scrubbing faster but he moves in and grabs the clothes-why is she washing them one at a time and throwing them in the tub, proceeds to wash them for her. Dan watches him in stunned surprise.

At the Club, Tasha gets a message from a man and finds a blank paper inside. She instructs the man to be brought to the VIP room. She walks in to meet Damsari and his lady friend. She gives him a package for someone names Yang Baek. She’s been waiting to give it for a long time. The present is a fancy cane and inside it are blueprints-for the police station? Damsari thanks her and asks after Kang To, rendering if he still frequents the place. Once they’re gone, Tasha’s helper wonders, “It can’t be… They’re not thinking of killing Lee Kang To, are they?” Tasha wonders if that’s Kang To’s destiny. Okay, this had better not be premonition writers! I know it’s bound to be a tragedy but hey, there’s many ways for tragedy!

Kang To watches as Dan hangs the clothes on a line outside with a smile on his face. More than anything else, he’s watching her face actually, hehe as he remembers the times when they were kids and played together. Dan watches him out of the corner of her eye, surprised until Shunji walks up to her.

Shunji walks all the way up to Dan but then shouts at Kang To/Sato Hiroshi to watch her 24/7 until they catch Gaksital. And then he turns to leave, unable to keep up the hateful persona much. Dan watches him leave and Kang To watches her. In his car, Shunji turns to look at her, the same boy in love look he’d always have around her but when she turns to him, he turns away and she wipes her tears before going back to work. Kang To follows her inside.

Inside, she tells the manager there is somewhere she definitely has to go before sunset and Kang To walks in to overhear it. When the trio of soldiers walk in, she thinks quickly and shouts at Kang To-is he really going to follow her 24/7? The men nod in acknowledgement before heading up but the smarty pants Kang To realizes what must be and calls out for them to stop, clocking her nervous reaction. Before he can ask more, Dan runs off. Hehe, I love how she improvised. Kang To follows her out but then lets her run away. He knows where she’s going anyway.

She heads to the forest as Kang To goes into Gaksital mode. She runs up to the tree to find her note still hanging there and deflates, thinking he hasn’t seen it yet. But he surprises her by galloping in just then. He comes face to face with her and she asks if he’s okay, if he’s not hurt anywhere. He’s drawn to tears and she continues, thanking him for being alive-she wanted to thank him for saving her life so many times and was worried she’d never get the chance.

She went into the river after him, trying to find him and found her knife. He turns to leave but she stops him-she doesn’t care whether he is her ‘Young Master’ or not, whoever he is, “The Joseon people, and I… because of you, because of Gaksital… we find the strength to keep on living. Thank you.”

She tells him her father wants to meet him and he’s an independence fighter and needs his help. Can’t he meet her father-just once? She tells him he can reach him at the Asoka Hotel under Choi Tae Gun. He mounts his horse and she pleads with him again-please, just once, help her father. Holding back his own tears, Kang To/Gaksital rides away.

That night at the cottage, when Baek Gun arrives, Kang To is in a corner, lost in thought, his food untouched. Baek Gun wisely lets him be and Kang To sits there, dazed and lost in thought, wondering what to do. Damsari and his fellows wonder if Dan would be able to get away from Kang To enough to be able to meet Gaksital. Even if she does meet him, will he be willing to help them? Gosh, I love that Kang To is so badass at what he does that everyone’s worried!

The phone rings-it’s Dan, making the call under a sleeping Abe’s watch-she tells him she met Gaksital and gave him the message. Damsari looks over the police station blueprints and lays out the plan—if Gaksital can keep the cops distracted, they can sneak into the armory and get what they need. The plan is to set off an explosion during the big anniversary event to celebrate the colonization.

Late that night, Kang To is still in the same spot, remembering Dan’s words and wondering what to do. He heads outside, staring at the stars in the sky, still torn.

Kimura brings Rie the plans for the Korean marketplace takeover and she’s pleased that both things are within grasp-taking over the market, and killing Gaksital. They’re interrupted by a call from Ueno and she excitedly tells him about the marketplace but he blows up at her instead-she’s been there so long and there’s no good results nor has she caught Gaksital yet. Ueno warns her that if she fails, she will have to go back to being Chae Hong Joo. That scares her and wide eyed, she firmly replies, “Until the day I die, no even if I die and become bone dust, I am your daughter, Ueno Rie.”

Kimura watches all with a surprised expression and Ueno smirks at the other end. His minion asks him if he had to scare her to that extent and Ueno tells him that in order to control a person, you need to hold on to their weakness. Ueno’s weakness is her Korean heritage.

The renewed bank president Jo gives loans to people left and right and in return for their loans, holds their land deeds as collateral. Aha, so that’s the plan! People have little choice but to take it. One by one, Jo crosses off the houses on a map as he receives their deeds. Just then a man wearing a large straw hat comes up. Jo snaps at him as he takes the map from him but it turns out to be Kang To. Dude, you look too cute!

He wonders what Jo’s doing with all these Joseon people coming in and out all day, and then muses that he feels an itch to call Kimura and tell him about their secret meeting if he doesn’t start talking. Jo quickly changes his mind and whispers the scheme into Kang To’s ear. His expression grows grim and silently, he fumes.

Outside, Koiso, Shunji and a number of other people are watching Jo’s place. Shunji spies Kang To coming out of the area but doesn’t recognize him under the straw hat until a car sends him straight in front of him. Fuming, Shunji draws up to him.

He asks why Kang To is here instead of watching Dan and the circus like Shunji instructed. Kang To scoffs at that-doesn’t Shunji know how much Kang To wanted to catch Gaksital? He wants back on the case- does Shunji really think he can catch Gaksital? Him, whose been on the job less than a week? Kang To is the one who has chased after Gaksital longer than anyone else.

Shunji agrees that he also thought Kang To would be the best one to catch Gaksital but that was before he realized Kang To was Kono’s man and plotting against his father. He says he finally understands now why Kenji accused him of putting a knife to Dad’s throat when he sided with Kang To .

Kang To sighs resignedly at that. “Yeah. Perhaps you and I were always, from the beginning, unable to be friends. If that moment comes when I put a knife to your father’s throat… don’t hesitate.” Shunji stares at his retreating back in shock.

Tae Gun meets up with the Count and Countess, gifting them some wild ginseng he dug up at his mine along with the news that he’s shutting down the mine to open a school. He asks them for a favor-an invite to the Colonization Anniversary Party so they may pay their respects to the governor general.

Kang To meanwhile walks into hotel Asuka and seats himself in the line of the notice board, watching as Damsari comes and checks the notice board, hoping to see a message but finding none. He sits there for a long while after Damsari is gone, holding a note in his hand, contemplating whether to post it or not. He pockets it when Damsari comes by to check again. Seeing nothing yet again, Damsari’s face falls.

Just then Abe walks in and calls out to Kang To. Alarmed, Damsari steals away and Kang To shuts his eyes resignedly. Abe walks up to him, telling him the whole police force is being taken out tonight-except for them. It’s for a dinner at the gisaengs house. That piques Kang To’s interest and sending Abe away, he calls up Jo’s gisaengs, asking for a date. She tells him she’s busy tonight and lays out the details. because Jo has collected all of the shopkeepers’ deeds, Kimura is coming to throw him a dinner. “Bingo.” I just love the sound of it now!

Shunji meanwhile is preparing for his big op to catch Gaksital. He asks Koiso if he spread the word and Gye Soon comes to report that she told everyone Jo and the loanshark are one and the same and that everyone will lose their shops. In other words, the invitation to Gaksital is sent since outside, the people are lamenting their loss. Koiso assures Shunji they’re prepared for every situation and the men are in position.

Kimura, Shunji and Jo have dinner and Jo asks for his promised reward-sanctuary in Japan. Kimura tells Jo not to worry-everything will be arranged and Jo heads off to get the contracts. It’s quite unnerving how stoically Shunji sits there. He’s not even the least bit bothered with using a person as bait and putting his life in danger. *shudder*

Jo heads to get the deeds from his room and turns around to find himself face to face with Gaksital. Meanwhile, Kimura nods to Shunji who heads out as well, with an expression of foreboding. Gaksital points out he already saved his life once and he still continued his deeds.  A drunk Jo immediately drops to his knees and offers the deeds in exchange for his life. Gaksital points his stick at Jo and scoffs that he already spared his life once. “I am here to punish you for your evil deeds!”

He strikes Jo down with a single blow. Pocketing the deeds, he makes a run for it. Outside, he is ambushed by the officers in black but is able to make his getaway easily.

Yet it’s not the end since he is accosted by Shunji who leaps straight at him. Shunji smiles at him as their weapons lock together. “It’s been a long while, Gaksital.”


The thing I loved most about this episode? Kang To smiling at Dan! hehe, seriously! I’ve been waiting for him to take the initiative and he does it-in pure Kang To style but he looks so happy and content because of it that I can’t help but smile and giggle as it all unfolds!

Both Kang To and Shunji are changed people now-not completely but undergoing the transformation little by little. While Kang To is being absorbed into the Gaksital persona, facing ideologies and a cause he has long shunned, Shunji is going the opposite way by abandoning his principles of righteousness and empathy to adopt a sterner and colder persona. He’s letting revenge, or is it to save Dan?, cloud his older self. And watching him in the end scene is like deja vu-he looks so much just like Kenji and his father-bloodthirsty to a fault. In his case, the years of being soft mannered and caring for others have vanished and all that now remains and is dominant is the Kimura persona-a cold calculating person. He’s way scarier and way more dangerous than Kenji since he’s not totally Dad’s puppet but is rather the brains himself. It was his idea to use Jo as bait and to the end, he didn’t care whether Jo survived as long as he got to eliminate Gaksital.

I like that for Kang To, the line between him and Gaksital is slowly thinning down-evident in the way he reacts to Dan’s words and the way he is torn between helping or not helping Damsari. For Kang To, if he so much as sniffed Damsari, he’d have him in jail and hanged before anyone could even blink but this time, now that he is seeing the world through Gaksital’s eyes and watching the Joseon movement with a new perspective, he’s torn between his old beliefs and how to change and whether to change. The scene where he goes over Dan’s words the whole night show how torn he is between everything. I suspect that even now, he doesn’t understand what exactly the Joseon ideals mean and how patriotism is worth all sacrifice but his guilt towards hyung is keeping him from completely dismissing the idea and hence he’s opening up to it, actually finding himself bent towards it. He’s not the people’s hero, he’s not Gaksital but listening to Dan’s words and  the sincerity behind them makes him pause and wonder. Before his life was all about family and now that he has lost that, he is exploring the world again and almost like a newborn.

He’s not the true hero for the people yet. He still can’t sympathize with or feel for the pain of others nor can he truly understand their devotion to a cause but he’s beginning to open his eyes and mind to the world he’s always shunned and shut out. Not only that, step by step, he is coming closer to it, closer to becoming Gaksital. The fact that he lets Damsari go and almost approaches him are witness to the fact that the line between Kang To and Gaksital is thinning down.

SPOILER ALERT: I loved the new episode preview and hated it as well! 😦 I loved it because of Kang To-he’s happy and singing and hopping around in it! I so want to see him like that! Yet hated it because Rie is about to become big trouble for Kang To and Dan. She learns that Kang To loves Dan and goes into a fit. I shudder to think of what she might do! I so want Kang To and Dan to connect more and for him to get the chance at redeeming himself in her eyes! At least let us have a lot of lovey dovey moments for Kang To before the witch crashes the party, eh writers?

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  1. So many cute moments, I m in lala land ^.^

    So the episodes begin with Shunji cutting his palm/hand and in the next scene there is no sign of bandage, what are you cousin to Wolverine or something.

    How can i even forget that Shunji is a Kimura. He is angry because Kang To handcuffed his father, SOMEBODY tell him it was HIS brother who killed Kand To’s mom, I so want to see his reaction.
    Kang To even apologized, it was not his fault to begin with. Poor guy wants to maintain the friendship.

    Me likes the spy game.
    Kang To: but he is the only friend I have
    me: why do you break my heart in each and every episode, just break it once will ya.

    Shunji changed so much true enough he is a Kimura and so I got the reason to hate him .

    Abe cracks me up, he is a nice guy and loyal to Kang To so no reason to hate him (yet, I hope he never changes please)

    Mok Dan trying to be smart and runs into the truly smart guy aka Kang To.
    kdramas and their wrist grabbing but I love this one, Kang To smiles, what is this the reason not enough?
    I was literally bouncing at this scene

    Kang To and Mok Dan had one thing in common in that particular scene, they both were in furrow mode. The FURROW COUPLE.

    The manager’s face when he saw Kang To -priceless- and then Kang To’s facial expression -me replaying the whole scene nth time-

    Me dont like Kang To’s hurt expression when he was watching Mok Dan, just tell her already, so you wont have to suffer.

    Unexpected people are siding with Damsari.
    Dont you dare kill Kang To drama, dont you dare, I m saying it again DONT YOU DARE.

    Mok Dan is like why is he smiling at me and Kang To is all like smiley smiley which automatically tells me to pause the video.

    Shunji first I thought you were deaf and I think you are blind as well, he actually comes all the way and yells at Kang To to watch Mok Dan, as you cant see dear, he is already doing that and you had to interrupt. GET LOST I HATE YOU

    Mok Dan actually shouted when the three guys entered, anybody would think somethings not right and above all in front of Kang To, and running like that will confirm his suspicions.
    I love how he stopped and was like lets meet again, you as Boon Yi and me as Gaksital.

    When she was thanking him, he was standing and staring at her, all the things she mentioned was done by his hyung. Poor guy is at loss he was never the part of the independence thing and never thought about it, all of a sudden he is in the middle of everything.

    Love the scene where Baek Gun silently leaves Kang To to consider, if he would help whether it be for guilt or has he truly started to feel the pain of Joseon people.

    So Rie is there to catch Gaksital? thats what the police is doing, what other motives do you have girl? (except for getting Kang To)

    Seriously Kang To looks so sweet and cute in that hat, me wants to pinch his cheeks. ^.^

    Truly love the threat that Kang To made to Shunji.

    Abe you are such a nice guy but sometimes I really want to hit you, even Kang To was like: this idiot.

    Let me say one more time SHUNJI -I HATE YOU-
    For a split second I thought it was Kenji, seriously that smilrk he had in the end send shivers down my spine.

    oh horrors, Kang To change your fighting style its Shunji OHMYGOD


    about the preview: somebody is in love and somebody is not liking it. Is it wednesday yet.

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