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Gaksital aka Bridal mask Episode 9 Recap

An episode that moves the plot forward  and brings in more stakes-old and new. Damsari is back and so is Gaksital, for all to see. Kang To strengthens his covering persona even more, bringing reality into it and morphing it to his advantage. While before his motto was to live for and with family, now he exhibits the persona of a man who lives in today and delights in it, downplaying his losses with a shrug, or in this case, a reckless smile. Yet step by step, he is coming all the more closer to Gaksital and his old young, idolizing self.

Episode 9 Recap:

So Shunji gets Kenji’s job and becomes senior in rank to Kang To. He pays his respects to Kono who congratulates him while Dad looks nonchalant in the background. Once he walks away, Kono’s face twists into a grimace, none too pleased. Dad warns Shunji not to trust Kang To-he’s Kono’s man and Kono wanted Kang To to have Kenji’s position. Shunji tells Dad he and Kang To are on the same team but Dad cuts him down-Kang To spied on Kimura on Kono’s orders-how can that be the same side?

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