I Do I Do Episode 5-6 Review

Highlights from Episode 5 & 6 of I Do I Do with comments!

Ji An’s reaction:

Although Ji An can’t believe it at first, the Ultrasound shows that she’s already eight weeks along. She staggers out of the hospital, breathing hard and by the time she reaches home, she’s in a stunned state, trying to distract her thoughts from memories of that night with Tae Kang. The first thought n solution that comes to her, thanks to Jun Hee as well, is to go for the easy way out-an abortion. When she does consult a doctor for it, her nonchalant attitude get her even more on the edge.

Jun Hee confronts her then. Did she even think about going through with the abortion? “By chance are you thinking of having it?!”

Ji An reacts defensively and her friend reminds her, now annoyed that she should choose whether to have it or not soon because time’s running out.

That’s sets Ji An off, “Are you deciding between jjajang and jjamppong? What makes it simple? What makes it so simple?” Jun Hee adores her own daughter, doesn’t she? So what makes this unborn child any different? What wrong did it commit to be regarded so terribly? But Jun Hee comes right back at her, reminding her she was the one who didn’t want kids-can just anyone become a mother? If there ever were a person least suited to having a child, Jun Hee would name Ji An, she declares.

And so Ji An ponders over it, making a list of pros and cons-listing dozens of cons but not one pro, since she can’t think of any. “There’s nothing. There isn’t anything.” Too dazed after this, Ji An ends up late for an important meeting and has to endure a dressing down by Na Ri. Hilariously, Tae Kang witnesses it and credits Ji An’s dazed behavior on her lost design, claiming, “I’ll take responsibility. Because I did it, I’ll be responsible for it ’til the end!” It’s a serious conversation but it’s funny because it has two different meanings where it can be applied – the pregnancy and the shoe design. At the office, Ji An offhandedly asks Team Leader Ma if it is hard raising children?

She goes so far as the front of the hospital, but holds herself from going in because at that moment, she suddenly thought, “Why Me?” She gets another wakeup call when Team Leader Ma wishes to withdraw from a competition, telling Ji An she needs this time to become a part of her sons life again-she’s much ignored him, albeit unintentionally already. As a designer she wants her shoes to become brand name but this opportunity could always come again-she doesn’t have the same luxury as a mother.

What doesn’t help is that Ji An is facing the same with Madam Jang’s offer-a once in a lifetime one, and the pregnancy will indeed not act in her favor for it. What she faces is not just a change in lifestyles or her perspective, what she faces is a change in her whole life-starting from her ambitions, dreams and wants. A baby is not just a small commitment-it’s a lifetime one and she’s slowly opening to the realization that this seemingly small change for now is rather life shaping.

As she polishes shoes to relieve her stress, she shows him a pair of shoes she saw in a shop when she was in grade school and relates how pale and pitiful they seemed to her.

So she dressed them up, thinking how much prettier they’d look afterwards. “That was the beginning. These are the shoes that gave me my dream. I wouldn’t dare put a price on them.”

“Don’t you know the saying, ‘Good shoes will take you to good places?’ At first I thought that meant that pretty shoes will bring you luck but that wasn’t true. Shoes cast a spell on me. So that I can become brave. So that I can feel like the best. So it takes me to place where my heart leads. Where my heart leads. That’s the best place.”

When she tells Jun Hee that she won’t go through with the abortion and watches the latter with her daughter, she cannot help but imagine the future as she and her daughter would be. She admits there was a reason she was so bothered about the abortion but will just have to wait and figure it out. Jun Hee tells her that being a mother is being able to make sense of something that doesn’t make sense. Moreover, “It’ll be a billion times worse than whatever you imagine. But it’ll be a billion times happier.” That night, she mulls over it with her sketchbook and list of pros and cons. “What would make Jun-hee read law books and Team Leader Ma to pass up an opportunity as a designer? What would be on that path? Unless I go there, I’ll probably never know. It’s still complicated, scary and undecided. But I’ve become a bit… just a bit curious.”

She jots down, “I’m curious.” in the pro list. Thereon, she actually redistributes the project amongst the employees so even Team Leader Ma gets to work without much problem.


Tae Kang finds out:

Tae Kang spies the ultrasound picture in Ji An’s car but doesn’t realize what it is until much later when Manager Seo shows him the ultrasound pictures of his wife. And that’s when he realizes Ji An’s outbursts at him “It’s all because of you”, it can be “taken out and the ultrasound picture point to one conclusion-she’s pregnant with his child. He rushes to her house but is unable to face her and tell her he knows about her pregnancy so makes excuses. He turns to his best friend for consultation and  his friends suggested solution-leave the country! Haha! His friend is actually practical about it-does he expect to marry JI An over a drunken mistake?

As he sits with dad, he mulls over it, imagining Ji An as the perfect housewife, welcoming him home with a hot meal but then shakes it out of his mind, “As if a boiled chicken can lay an egg.” What it would rather be: Him cooking and cleaning while Dad takes care of the baby and Ji An works as nonchalantly as ever. He consults Manager Seo about pregnancy symptoms, noting Ji An’s new habits. He worries over the fact that she might have gotten an abortion already but rushes to do her bidding the moment she calls him up and tries his best to get her to confess to the pregnancy.

He joins her in her moment of stress with her favorite pastime-polishing shoes, lending her a shoulder to vent out on, without actually venting it all out. When she falls asleep in the middle of it, he carries her to his bed, watching her sleep and whispers, “You’re pretty.”

In the office, he relieves her of her bag and files, carrying them for her so she isn’t burdened. He even asks her out to dinner but she’s already got one with her parents that evening yet asks him to come around 9 afterward and he readily agrees. He’s like the cute overindulging boy who views the world with shiny starry innocent eyes. When he realizes the truth, while everyone else’s first instinct is to run, his is to face the fire and already prepares for what may lie ahead. And what I like best is that he’s always optimistic about it rather than downing in the misery of Why Me? While Ji An frequesntly asks herself that question in her blue moods, he’s the one who’s always jolly and jovial even when in despair. He’s got a loving father and that’s the future he sees for himself. In the whole drama, him and his dad are my favorite characters!


Eun Sung hears of the pregnancy:

Eun Sung hears  it from Ji An’s lips when he confronts her about standing him up and lying to him.

“8 weeks? Then right before you met me?” He’s stunned and Ji An apologizes.

“What are you sorry about? That you’re pregnant or that you told me that you are?” He retorts, hurt and angry. Ji An tells him she’s feeling outraged and tells him she even went to the front of the hospital, for the abortion and he stares at her in horror. He wants to know if she’s telling him all this to seek comfort or a consultation and she admits not having a right to either-they’re just two people who met on an arranged date.

At that, he looks at her, holding back tears of hurt and giving her the necklace box, storms off, assuring her he’ll talk to the parents. Still, bothered by her words and attitude, Eun Sung breaks down in the middle of a show- “I can’t tell her to erase it or have it because we don’t have the right to choose. The same goes for the baby in the womb. If it wants to live, it can’t say so. If it’s in pain, it can’t say so. The babies who can’t blame anyone and die because of your irresponsible mistakes… what would you do if you were in that baby’s position? Would you say, ‘Yes! I’ll die for my mother’s happiness!’”

However, when he meets her that night at the collective dinner by their parents-neither knew it was collective before hand, he treats her harshly. She confronts him about not informing the parents yet but he cuts her off – why is she doing whatever she wants? What did she do so well? Why does she have to be so arrogant about? “Do you know how I’ve been living after that day? Why did you confide in me? You should have gotten the surgery in secret if you wanted to do it. You know that I’m a gynecologist. If you tell me that, how am I supposed to face you then?”

And finally, with a broken voice, he asks, “How am I supposed to like you anymore? You really are the worst.”

It is actually quite refreshing to see this side of Eun Sung. In this one scene, he goes from being the perfect guy to being the human perfect guy. He’s not the perfect prince who will sweep you off your feet with whatever baggage you have without a moments hesitation. Yet here he is, trying to win over the heart of a lady and suddenly finds out her biggest secret. What irks him the most is that she confides in him but does not even realize all the effort he is putting in in trying to reach out to her. What does she see them as? Strangers who met on a blind date. He’s stunned by the fact that she actually went all the way to the clinic and despite himself, cannot help but be angry at her. I’m still torn between Tae Kang and Eun Sung and both of them have their own points of endearment for me. Hereon, let’s see what works and how! 😉

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