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Gaksital aka Bridal Mask Episode 8 Recap

Kang To plunges even deeper into revenge and becomes an even worse bastard than he was before. Everyone knows he is the infamous Lee Kang To, the man who hates the Joseon and has staunch loyalty for the Japanese; he simply goes one step further into that persona and creates the perfect antithesis of Gaksital and his alibi. Afterall, who would suspect the man who would shoot and beat up his own countrymen without even a hint of remorse. Perfect improvisation!

Episode 8 Recap:

The episode opens with Kang To shaving his face with a determined look in his and preparing for the day. This time, he rips off the name tag on his uniform and changes it to ‘Sato Hiroshi’-the name he was given by the Japanese Empire. He walks over to the office, a new persona indeed.

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