I Do I Do Episode 4 Recap

Sorry for the delay! Here’s episode 4! I’ll do episode 5 & 6 together as a review since I’m already behind! Hope you guys enjoy the recap!

Episode 4 Recap:

Ji An is taken by surprise at Eun Sung’s peck on the cheek which he claims is an official mark, offering his own cheek in case she finds the arrangement unfair. Ji An asks him, “How many girls fell for this?” Pffttt. Hehe. He says it might have been a dozen or maybe twenty but she words it clearly-‘he’s a player!’ At that, he makes a wry retort about her menopause “It’s not because you’re dried up?” but immediately apologizes and tells her, “But you know something? You look sexy when you get mad.” She tells him this isn’t any fun and can’t get any words out when he gets to the sexy part. He promises to revive her ‘dried up’ dating cells in one month.

Her friend Jun Hee likes Eun Sung, calling his words sweet but Ji An’s not so easily sold-“If you like sugar water too much, you’ll get diabetes.” Jun Hee tells Ji An to simply marry Eun Sung-she’ll be alone in life if she stays like this, money doesn’t fill all the gaps, what’ll happen when her parents aren’t here anymore? Ji An is spared the need to reply because she’s too tired after the exercise and simply heads off. Jun Hee “If you keep doing that, you’ll really become a grandmother!”

Tae Kang arrives at the office very early the next day and all the cleaning staff stares at him, surprised. He gets to work cleaning up their design office but gets scolded by his sunbaes instead. Ji An hears about the events last night-the dance between Tae Kang and Na Ri and is surprised to learn Tae Kang hasn’t been fired yet since Na Ri would have ordinarily done just that.

Madam Jang comes to meet Ji An and tells her she should prepare to be the next President of the Company. Ji An becomes confused-she thought Na Ri was taking that seat? Madam Jang gets straight to the point-she wants to choose a hardworking person who cares for the company rather than Na Ri-who was born with a silver spoon. She tells Ji An to take over the company. She still remembers Ji An said it was her dream to launch her own brand and display her work. “Don’t you think it’s time to make that dream come true?”

Once Madam Jang is gone, Ji An recovers from the shock and squeals to herself in excitement. Outside, Madam Jang runs into Na Ri who has come to meet her and Madam Jang asks if she’s been going around telling people she’ll be the next leader of this company. Stepping in closer, she whispers that she’s afraid Na Ri’s unrefined roots will be disclosed, just like her mother. With that, she walks off, leaving Na Ri fighting back tears.

Tae Kang is given menial tasks like fixing the copier machine, transporting stuff here there, sorting out the pins and is isolated and criticized for everything he does, made fun of and left alone at lunchtime. As he sits alone at the rooftop, eating his lunch n shouting out his frustrations, he sees Na Ri in the corner, trying to hold back tears as she remembers Madam Jang’s words.

When he gets back to the office, the others are still away and Ji An drops a comment about last night-she muses that Na Ri won’t let the issue go easily and he might be headed back home quicker than he realizes. Tae Kang retorts that she’s nice enough, a lot younger than someone else he knows and she’s also the President’s Daughter. That flares her back up n she’s like-he’s too young to even be a good judge of character, switching to baby voice, asking how old he is “Two? Three?” He offers his head and puts her hand behind his ear, telling her to check if he’s wet or not-that is, if he’s old enough or not. In the ensuing struggle as she tries to free her hand, she slips and he catches her, ending on top of her, except that is when everyone walks back in.

Tae Kang runs to the bathroom to escape and runs into Manager Seo. Both go to drinking and the manager sobs that he’d love to quit but his wife is expecting twins again. And that is why, he muses, one should remain single, just like Ji An, dubbed ‘Medusa’. Tae Kang perks up at her mention, especially realizing she also started as a mere intern and an outcast. A flashback shows younger Ji An scolded for speaking up for her design. Confident she could win, Ji An asked to participate in open rounds of judging and bet her job for it. Hilariously, Tae Kang lights up as he snaps his fingers, ‘She succeeded, right?’ Manager Seo shakes his head-she lost and was demoted to customer service.

Another flashback shows her crying in the bathroom and vying that one day, she will definitely bring the design into reality. Present day Ji An stares at that very sketch while she sits in her shoe closet with a soft and fond expression. One thing leads to another-Seo calls her cold blooded and that even her own parents disowned her but Tae Kang speaks up in Ji An’s defense-she’s not that cold hearted and tells Seo not to say such things especially since it would hurt her if she heard such stuff being said about her.

When he storms off, Choong Baek makes apologies for him saying, “A person’s first is always somewhat special.” Uh oh and yeah, double uh oh because Manager Seo understands the exact meaning behind those words. Needless to say, the next day the whole office is abuzz with new rumors. Meanwhile, Ji An decides to have that shoe finally made and sends for a sample to be made. Tae Kang is sent to the factory for it, but only because no one else is willing to go. On his way, he guards it with his life but in one short teensy moment of distraction, it gets swapped and although he runs after the thieves, he can’t catch up and goes to report it to the police, saying everything else is worthless compared to the design because it’s costs more than his life. Hehe, boy knows what might go wrong.

An urgent meeting is called regarding the rumors and Ji An scoffs at them but when Manager Seo is called in for spreading the rumors, he swears he heard it from Tae Kang personally. The President asks Ji An for an explanation and the next thing we see, she’s storming out of the conference room. She runs into Tae Kang in the hallway and gives him an icy glare. In her office, Tae Kang begins to apologize but Ji An slaps him. He meant to apologize for the shoe design but she doesn’t hear the rest of it and accuses him of spreading the news of them sleeping together. “Do you even know what you did to me?! Because of trash like you, why do I have to go through this?” She tells him the alcohol was to blame for that night otherwise she would never have been involved with him if she weren’t drunk. He takes it at face value and asks her “Is that how you really feel?” telling her that it won’t matter if he says he didn’t spread the rumors, she already believes he did.

Because to her, he’s just a piece of trash who was a knock off shoe maker. Yet he refuses to scram, saying even trash like him gets the chance to succeed. Before going, he tells her that although she sees that night as a mistake and wishes it never happened, he doesn’t remember it that way and it was his genuine feelings involved.

The Chairman’s wife meets up with Ji An and tells her she’ll take care of these matters-has already moved an order for the termination of Manager Seo and that internee and tells Ji An not to be let down by such matters. At the office, Tae Kang is still sorting out the beads but his mind is bothered by Ji An’s words so he ends up throwing them off his desk in frustration. On his way home, he runs into Dad who tells him their old house is on sale. With Tae Kang’s prize money, his salary and a bit of loan, they ought to be able to buy it back.

That’s more than Tae Kang can take at the moment so he isn’t that ecstatic to hear about it and his dad clocks his reaction, repeating everything. Tae Kang turns to Dad, “Dad… I…” instead of continuing, he asks another question. “Do you believe in me? Or did you just say that to encourage me?” Dad’s response just about kills me! I love these guys even more! Dad tells him he’s his son and he’s inherited Dad’s skills and is like his other self. “If I can’t believe you, who can I believe?” *Sniff sniff* At that, Tae Kang resolves to buy that house, the future be damned.

At dinner with Eun Sung, Ji An is preoccupied so Eun Sung asks what’s bothering her. “I killed someone.” She tells him, she stood by as two people’s lives were changed forever-no, she’s the one who did it. “Even if I wasn’t a kind person, I never wanted to live as a coward.” He tells her that everyone is a coward when confronted with something they wish to protect and says it must be the same for her. She agrees, but it doesn’t make her feel any better. Hearing that, Eun Sung calls out for the ultimate prescription.

He takes her to the newborn wing at the hospital, terming it Baby Therapy and introduces her to one of the babies there, named Se7en. Ji An worries he might die since he looks so fragile compared to the others but Eun Sung corrects her, although Se7en had a slew of problems in the beginning, he’s now the healthiest. When ji An forwards her finger, Se7en grasps it and Ji An mutters, “Now that I look at him he looks like a healthy and mature boy. He’s strong too.”

Eun Sung adds, “And, he’s good with the ladies.” Pfffttt!!

Ji An excuses herself, saying there’s somewhere she needs to go before she becomes a coward again and goes to see Madam Jang, asking her to revoke the suspension for Manager Seo and Tae Kang. She doesn’t want to reach the top by stepping onto others and they must also have had something they wanted to protect. She should not have been so selfish. Madam Jang agrees but tells her not to be too compassionate.

The next day, Ji An wears her armor, a sexy outfit and comes to the office. When she catches a group gossiping about her, she joins them, If they’re so curious, they can ask her in person. What do they want to know? How they met? The color of her underwear? Her first love? Ji An, I love you! That sends the men scrambling. Then she faces Na Ri and tells her she’s decided she wants the CEO position after all and tells her to play fair rather than backstab. When she runs into Manager Seo, she tells him he wasn’t fired and that in the future, he should concentrate on work more than gossip and he will be able to get somewhere in the company. Seo admits he didn’t hear it from Tae Kang, but rather from Choong Baek.

She finds Tae Kang busy at his odd jobs in the office and tries to approach him but can’t. She calls up Eun Sung and apologizes for being so out of sorts last night. She promises to buy him dinner (at which he does a fist pump in the air) but he invites her to come to his house instead. “Y-your house?” Jun Hee tells her that’s a clear sign of moving to the next level so tells Ji An to get a new set of undies. Although Ji An balks at first, she ends up doing just that. Meanwhile Eun Sung changes shifts with a coworker, offering to cover all the holidays for the rest of the year. His colleague’s like- “Are you dating?” Eun Sung: “I’m getting married!” hehe! To the florist, he’s all, “I don’t want the boring normal ones. They have to be dazzling without being showy but not too simple that they look cheap. Something that has a certain allure.” The florist stares at him like Are you insane?

Ji An finds Tae Kang asleep at his desk and covers him with a jacket, thinking back to his words about his feelings being genuine. She sees his sketches, all childish and immature and smiles at that. Tae Kang wakes up at that moment and straightens at once, scaring them both. He’s all-“What were you doing to me?” After a few moments of awkwardness, Ji An refers to his sketches and tells him he should’ve asked his coworkers if he didn’t know how to draw. He tells her he’s the outcast so there’s no one willing to teach him. At that, she shows him the correct way, in the end, muttering, “I’m sorry!”

Tae Kang is, needless to say, surprised and asks her to repeat it. Again, she mumbles, “I’m sorry.” This time, he smiles and asks, “What?” Looking him straight in the eye, she says, “I’m sorry. I’m sorry! Is that enough? Are you satisfied?” They both share a laugh at that until Ji An asks after her design. Oh boy! Tae Kang takes a moment to brace himself before laughing awkwardly.

Next thing we know, two shrill screams ring throughout the building and Ji An chases Tae Kang around the office until she finally curls by the stairs, doubling over in stomach pain. At his home, Eun Sung prepares a nice dinner, complete with music and a shoe design necklace for her.

Ji An wakes up in the hospital, exclaiming, “My Shoe!” hehe! The doctor approaches her and tells her that although the danger has passed, she should be more careful in the future. Ji An’s like-WHY?

“You’re pregnant.”


So, finally the cat is out of the bag and Ji An knows about the pregnancy. Now I can’t wait for her response to the whole thing and how the guys to find out and what they have to say for it!

Na Ri is terribly lonely and everything she does is simply a plea for some love and understanding from her parents or those around her and that makes her endearing to me! I like Tae Kang-he’s childish, he’s emotional and he’s bright eyed but he’s all the more earnest and that makes him totally adorable! Eun Sung is just as good escept he’s at a whole different level. Where Tae Kang is childish and emotional, Eun Sung is mature and totally composed yet like Tae Kang, he knows just which buttons to push for Ji An. I felt sorry for him at the end, seeing him make all those preparations (especially the shoe necklace, which I must say was a wonderful item, given Ji An and her personality). Still, lets see how things develop hereon!

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