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Gaksital aka Bridal Mask Episode 5 Recap

Heartbreak but more than could have been imagined. We set up for grander loss than we imagined for Kang To and while our hero has finally found his first love, she is long ways from finding him. Yet this seems just the beginning for a longer journey and arcs and twists are born here, preparing us for a rocky future. Onto the Recap!

Episode 5 Recap:

Kenji races up a flight of stairs until he reaches the first story and going to a window on the side, slides it open, hiding close to the wall to avoid being seen. He smirks as he becomes a spectator in the fight ensuing below between the circus workers and Kang To as the former try to assassinate the latter. Kang To easily fights off each and every attacker with ease while Kenji smirks above, hoping to see him crash and burn. A flashback shows that Gye Sook had come and warned him that Kang To’s life was in danger. While she came with the heart of saving him-purely for the monetary award, Kenji could care less and actually hopes to see Kang To finally die.

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