I Do I Do Episode 3 Recap

Sorry for the delay in the recaps but I was too busy with other work and things to do here and there that I couldn’t get down to the episodes and watch them. I finally got to it now hope you guys enjoy it! Oh, n may I say, I just adore Kim Sun Ah in this role somehow, even though I’ve not been a huge fan of hers!

Episode 3  Recap:

So Tae Kang has won the competition that Ji An’s company held (How awesome that she’s the one who backed his shoe not knowing it was his, hehe) and she freaks out even more when she hears he is applying for work at the company as well. She confronts him and demands he withdraw his application-he’s got no qualifications anyway but he pays her little heed as he counters-even if he doesn’t have the experience and is so lacking, he’s the only one who’ll be shamed so what’s it to her?

The argument ends up with them in really close quarters and he asks her if she’s got feelings for him or something because of that night? “I thought that night meant nothing to you. Why are you overreacting like I hit a nerve?” Ji An’s silence drops the air temperature even more as there’s sparks flying around them-both of them are fraught with friction in this scene. He asks her to be honest-did that night mean nothing to her, and watches her with adorable puppy eyes. But she regains control and kicks him before storming off, declaring that was her answer.

He ups one on her by following her back to the part and creating a scene where he calls her “Noona” and asks if this is really the end for them? The whole hall watches them as he goes on, sure he’s not worthy enough of her so he shan’t stand in the way of her future and putting something in her hand, walks away with a smirk. What he gives her-a button that fell from her shirt. As he leaves, he’s like, “Who do you think you’re messing with?”

Meanwhile, Na Ri tries her best to get in the good graces of the Chairman’s wife but the other woman shows her little warmth or at times, humanity. The Chairman’s wife is a staunch supporter of Ji An as the future President. Since she can’t get him to quit, Ji An does her best to wreck Tae Kang’s interview after he quotes her saying, “Equal opportunity should be given to those who dream to be creative employees regardless of their academic abilities and work experience”, grilling him with technical questions that he has no answer for, but Na Ri, who heard about Ji An and Tae Kang’s rumors, presses for him to be hired throwing Ji An’s words back at her that professionals are not born but made, means you gather experience rather than being born with it. As they meet for a coffee later, Ji An pays Na Ri for the spa tickets she gave her, relating that, “Even if there are fakes in the world, there are no free lunches!”

Ji An claims she learned it the hard way in life, recounting a story of herself when she was younger and was helped by an Unni after she was kicked out for working at a shoe factory but had belatedly realized even the Unni had ulterior motives in helping her. Na Ri tells her that even though she’s the Chairman’s wife’s favorite, the Chairman is the one who decides the future President so it would be good for Ji An to choose her sides wisely. Ji An doesn’t even blink before replying – the company would long have gone bankrupt if Ji An set to fulfill Madame Jang’s every whim. If she chose a side, did she think that Ji An would be in her shoes as VP by now? Instead of lecturing her, Na Ri should frequent the neighborhood daycare centre and lecture the kids there. With that, she storms off.

Tae Kang is dwelling in his happiness and his father and he celebrate the occasion with Choong Baek. The latter dwells that it really was luck that got Tae Kang the job-all he did was strip the shoe of everything and muses even luck is a talent, hehe. Tae Kang and Dad walk drunkenly and as they come up to their old house, Tae Kang promises Dad he will buy him a new house, apologizing for selling it for the compensation money. Dad tells him it’s okay- “Even if no one in this world believes in you, I believe in you!”

Next morning, at the first day of work, Tae Kang is late and hilariously gets ready while Dad is trying to feed him breakfast (these guys just get more and more adorable!). When he arrives to work, he excitedly greets everyone. He and Ji An end up on the same elevator ride up, with other employees but Ji An gives him the cold shoulder. At the office, he gets to see just how stern and professional she usually is when she lectures a subordinate and then hears the whole office gossiping about her, although one employee, Da In defends Ji An-the same one who’d brought her the excuses of her fellows when Ji An wanted to treat them to dinner. She runs out upset when the other workers inform her that she’s likely to be cut when the newbie aka Tae Kang comes in.

His day doesn’t fare any better but it’s adorable the way he assures dad it is all going well and fun. Except, he doesn’t even know what the numbers on the shoes mean-“What are these numbers ’36, 37,38′? It says one-half on some of them.” Dad’s like- “Those are shoe sizes you moron!” Dad can’t help but scold him for not knowing anything even after working at a shoe store all his life. As soon as he hangs up though, he is accosted by a sunbae who comments on his and Ji An’s close relationship and how she must be watching his back. Tae Kang plays it down telling him Ji An and he have no relationship.

He runs into Ji An in the elevator who asks how his work is going and he tells her it isn’t that hard or different from work in a knockoff shop. She doesn’t give him much credit for his work, telling him any part timer could do it better and quicker but he’s like-I just didn’t wanna show off on my first day. She scoffs at that, telling him his confidence would last him a month since he literally knows nothing. She compares him to a filthy fly and that ruffles his feathers as she tells him even an incredibly long lifespan of a fly is a mere 3 months but he raises his voice at that. She immediately takes him to task for behaving as such with a sunbae at work. He vows to stick close to her like a ‘personal fly’. Hehe, self fulfilling prophecy I’d say! Despite their bickering, when she doubles over because of stomach pains, Tae Kang seem sworried about her but she shakes off his help.

Ji An is going over Tae Kang’s words about that night when she gets a call from a wedding planner-for her and Eun Sung’s wedding. She’s like WHAT? And calls up Eun Sung but he gets his petty revenge by hanging up on her, hehe. Next, she goes to his hospital but he’s already outside waiting for her with a grin on his face. She launches into a tirade before allowing him the chance to speak , “What are you? A stalker? A pervert? A psycho?” He calmly tells her “Your parents came.” Since she pretended to like the arranged date, her parents came to visit him and see their future son in law. Oh, n they already went to the fortune teller and she and Eun Sung were labeled as a ‘match made in heaven’. Hehe. She asks why he never told her.

“You didn’t pick up your phone!”

“You could have texted me!”

She tells him she’ll handle her parents and tell them the truth but he balks at that-what about his reputation? She couldn’t care less about it but when she gets in the car to drive off, he joins her, asking why she can’t simply look forward to a compromise between them? She tries to get rid of him but he sticks. Off they go to her parent’s house. But she can’t bring herself to be outright and say it especially when she sees her parents excitedly greet Eun Sung. At his equally excited response, she grits her teeth and asks him in a low whisper what he thinks he’s doing. “I’m greeting them!”

Also present are dad’s houseguests who compliment dad on the fine son in law. The topic of childbearing comes up and they wonder if Ji An is too old to bear children. Eun Sung says it doesn’t matter as he takes her hand and tells them just being with Ji An makes him happy. Um, can’t Ji An end up with him? When they force the couple to sing a song, Eun Sung is happy to oblige but Ji An doesn’t sing until she notices how happy her father is. Even Mom remarks Dad is happy after so long.

Seeing her father happy and smiling with Eun Sung, she gets careless and cuts her hand so Eun Sung patches it up, telling her mom, “She might seem annoyed but on the inside, she probably already fell for me.” Once mom leaves them, Ji An asks him, “How could you do that? How can you make people laugh so easily?” She vaguely recalls making Dad laugh once, but since then it has become so much harder and no matter how hard she worked, whatever she did, she never saw him laugh. Eun Sung tells her his father is the same-Eun Sung can’t make him laugh. Maybe it’s easier to make strangers laugh?

Tae Kang’s day meanwhile, can’t get any worse. Not only is he an outcast at the welcome party, he hears Na Ri’s phone call to her father in the stairwell-she invited Dad for dinner and seemed eager and wishing for it but Dad declines and she downplays her disappointment. When he spies her sitting alone later, he plops down in front of her, telling her its hard as a newbie but he knows this much: the one name that matters is Yeon Na Ri. Alas he doesn’t realize she is the one in front of him and tells her to get in Na Ri’s good graces-then you can get away with anything. He refers to another employee as the VP and she doesn’t correct his misunderstanding. Things go even more awkward when he takes her on stage to dance! Ahem, yes! It’s only later that he realizes the mistake an apologizes profusely for it but Na Ri also had fun and laughs.

When Ji An drops off Eun Sung, he invites her up for a drink but she declines, although she lingers and mutters, “You can… call me sometime.” He suppresses a smile and asks if she’s proposing but she tells him nah, its an alliance, compromise. In exchange, she doesn’t introduce herself to his family and he can talk marriage all he wants to the two families and … She’s stunned into silence by a kiss from Eun Sung on her cheek.


The story has a nice slow pace to it and the reason its working is because we get to see the emotional ends of the characters instead of just the glossy surface. So far, Eun Sung wins my vote since he is so literally the perfect match for Ji An-he knows her, as in he recognizes what she is and therefore pushes her buttons rather than simply taking her ire. He’s put p with her temper and ignoring him but he’s always riled her up and in doing that, reached her. I so wanna see how these two fare together because for the time being frankly, Tae Kang is too much of a kid in his attitude and all and he has as yet to reach the point where he can equal Ji An. Yes, he manages to strip her facade for those few moments in the office but that was just a little. What he needs to do here on is realize his future before he can plan or go towards one with her. He came from a knockout shop to a design company so he’s at least started on a track. Now he needs to define that track and make it work for him!

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