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Gaksital aka Bridal Mask Episode 3 Recap

Here’s a little tidbit from the last episode! If you watch carefully, you will realize that in the close-ups shown of Gaksital when he’s distracting the officers before coming to rescue Dan, the man is not his older brother! When I was first watching the show, I was like-is that Gaksital not the real one and just a distraction? Similarly, the man in the first scene was also different. Is this deliberate or just a mix up?

Episode 2 Recap:

So Kang To begs for another chance and is granted one, although Kimura snickers at him and Kenji objects- Kang To is definitely with Gaksital. Dan tries to ask Gaksital’s name but he doesn’t respond and leaves. Kono reveals the photo to the Kimura duo who are left wide eyed at first but Kimura makes a veiled threat at Kono of the effect, I’m willing to go down but won’t go alone so are you willing to lose all? Kono disregards him at face but when he’s gone, Kono fumes and orders Kang To to definitely capture Gaksital and reveal Kono’s secret.

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