I Do I Do episode 2 Recap

Is life complete without friends or a loving family? Does success and fame mean we are happy and have everything? Or is it just another facade for loneliness? We see much more vulnerability yet spine in both characters and the journey just keeps getting more interesting!

Episode 2 Recap:

Tae Kang runs away when he recognizes Ji An-he knows she’s a shoe designer and hence understands her reaction at seeing the shoes but somehow or the other, she catches him or he is caught by the police because in the next scene they are both at the police station. She demands to know who is making and selling those shoes but he gives out a flimsy excuse that he found the bag and picked it up and hence knows nothing. An angry Ji An is ready to strike him but the policeman steps in and points out his ridiculous excuse-did he think he was collecting garbage for recycling?

Dad is at his friend Chang Baek’s restaurtant and is worried why Tae Kang hasn’t shown up yet. His friends tells dad not to worry, he’ll be coming by in a bit, he won’t have gotten caught. Dad agrees verbally but looks troubled. Ji An realizes Tae Kang will be taking the fall for the counterfeiting unless he tells the truth and asks to speak with him. He tells her he did alone, all of it himself, having no other choice to live and eat and asks her to let it slide this one time since they both know each other. Ji An angrily points out these shoes were made by someone with experience-at least 20 years of experience. She takes his hands, pointing out they’re not the hands of someone who’s been making shoes. You can see it in her manner that although she’s concerned with finding the counterfeiter, she’s more worried for him. She asks him to tell the truth-if not for himself then for his father, how much would he have to suffer if Tae Kang were to keep like this?

But those are the wrong words to say at that time, especially since he’s already doing it for his father. Coldly, he tells her to stop worrying about other’s families and worry about her own more-he can understand how hard must it have been for her parents to bring up such a cold and heartless daughter. That angers her and she calls him trash. He agrees and asks what she is to be associating to such trash? She tells him everyone is working hard in their own ways and all she wanted was to protect her creations-it’s more than just herself at stake here. She leaves but turns to look back when she’s outside.

Dad sees the news flash about Tae Kang having been caught. He goes to the police station and confesses to the crime, letting Tae Kang be released. Dad tells Tae Kang to go home. He cries out that his father has done nothing as his dad is led away. Coming home, he finds a table of food prepared and a note from his father, saying he’s okay, not to worry and eat well. Tae Kang wipes his tears as he remembers his dad’s words.

Yeom Na Ri arrives in Korea after 15 years and heads to the office of the President Yeom, calling him uncle adoringly and asks to work in a different department-she doesn’t like the one now. Ji An’s office is cleaned and she is moved out-the office will go to Na Ri. The first encounter between the two women is not at all pleasant and there on, they become sworn enemies. Na Ri extends her hand to Ji An for a handshake and intro while Ji An points out she is holding a box full of her stuff-her hands are occupied but still puts it down to shake Na Ri’s hand. Na Ri apologizes for taking Ji An’s office, it must be an inconvenience. The other replies that inconvenience is the lesser of the problem, what’s worse is she feels like shit. As Ji An walks away, a brochure drops from her box and Na Ri picks it up, reading aloud the topic-a guide for delaying menopause. Ji An lies that it’s for her mom, but Na Ri points out that the brochure has Ji An’s name on it. She hands it back to Ji An and laughs that Ji An is clearly aging quickly. When Ji An gets to her new office, she mumbles that Na Ri is like a desert fox, just as her phone rings-it’s mom.

Unlike what Ji An wanted, Eun Song has actually praised her for the matseon and wants to see her again. He described her as “boring, bad tempered, not sexy, looks like a woman who can’t get married” which makes Ji An chuckle happily until her mother tells her he still liked her and wants to continue meeting. Angrily, Ji An calls Eun Sung up who tells her this was simply because they both share the same goals. If he’d said no, he would’ve been forced to go on more dates, which he hates and neither does she want to be coerced into it anymore so they should both pretend to like each other and keep up appearances. Ji An calls him out on the sneaky tactic to try and stay in touch with her but he’s like, has she got a princess disease that she thinks he’s interested in her? Or is it her menopause? In the same breath, he asks her out to dinner, telling her tofu would be good for her. Ji An yells at him and then hangs up.

Dad gets released from prison and Tae Kang waits for him outside. He paid the compensation money by selling Beyonce and their house. Now they’ve no place to sleep so they head to the jjimjalbang. Tae Kang tells dad not to worry, he’ll earn money and get dad a house ten times better than the last one, announcing he’s the eldest son in the family so dad should just relax and enjoy his food. Awww. Thereon, he goes on a series of part time jobs, each ending up earlier than the last for one reason or another. The artist he poses for becomes too ‘handsy’, he can’t wash the windows for a high rise since he’s afraid of heights so goes to a stable and ends up cleaning the stalls and washing the horses. Finally, he goes to the morgue to dress a dead body and freaks out when he imagines the dead body suddenly opening its eyes.

JI An and Na Ri go at it again when the former realizes some shoes have been put on discount by the decision of Na Ri-the new VP. Ji An confronts her-the shoes were for charity and publicity but Na Ri tells her they had extra inventory and mocks her for doing the same thing year over year. More than anything, Ji An argues that people’s livelihood is at stake here so before any changes she makes, Na Ri should consider that. Meanwhile, it’s a weekend and the design team is working, grumbling about Ji An for being a hard taskmaster and making them work late. One worker speaks up for Ji An-clearly its in their best interest too since they can work harder and improve their talent but the others keep to their own tune. Ji An overhears the exchange and goes in to dismiss them for the day. It’s telling how she feels angry at their outburst and yet the loneliness is visible in her eyes, especially when for working so hard, she invites them all to dinner.

Once she’s out of the room, she has to take in deep breaths to try and calm herself. She heads over to the restaurant, makes preparations and orders up a little, waiting for everyone to come. Much later, no one has shown up yet and she tells herself, “Korean time! They’re on Korean time! Just 37 minutes late!” Finally, one employee, the one who stood up for her comes running in and tells Ji An the others couldn’t make it, rattling off their excuses from a number of notes in her hands. Ji An knows the words are all lies but composes herself and asks the messenger to have a seat, they two can eat together. The employee wants to, but it’s her mother’s birthday and she has to go.

Ji An walks the street later and looks around at all the couples and people hanging out together. Friends, families, lovers-there is no one around her. As she sits on a bench lost in thought, she finally calls up a friend but she’s too busy. The tears in Ji An’s eyes threaten to fall. She scrolls through her contacts, but there’s no one else she can call. She ends up heading to Choong Baek’s restaurant for drinks. Already there is Tae Kang, wondering how to go ahead in life-he’s already tried part time gigs and  doesn’t know how or what to do hereon. His friend suggests going into a certain profession. When Ji An walks in, Tae Kang turns away, trying to sneak out. Halfway, he changes his mind and sits down across from her.

Ji An looks up in surprise but Tae Kang just stares back at her, asking what she’s doing here? She snerks back that she’s clearly not here to see him. Tae Kang is in a spiteful mood so when Choong Baek walks out with food, Tae Kang lies that he brought Ji An here last time to get her drunk and mess with her, hoping to piss her off. Choong Baek tries to explain that’s not true but Ji An calmly cuts him off, addressing Tae Kang, “So What?”

Did he expect her to be angry once she heard that? How naive is he? He must still be upset that she turned him into the police. She points out some people channel their anger and frustration into being productive with their lives and suggests he do the same. When Ji An gets up to leave, Tae Kang stops her by asking if she thinks her life is successful? So she has money and a career, but her parents aren’t happy with her and she has no friends so she’s here eating alone. The way he sees it, she’s more pitiful than he is. Ji An has no one around her, all she has are her shoes. However many, shoes are simply shoes. All that makes her a failure in his eyes. Ji An turns back to him for a final glance, teary red but stubborn eyes. Tae Kang looks bad about what he said as he watches her leave.

Ji An comes home to an empty apartment, untidy apartment. There isn’t much to eat in her fridge and what is has already fallen prey to fungus. She sits alone with a bowl of instant ramen as she replays Tae Kang’s words in her mind, her eyes watering. At last tears fall. She goes to sleep in her shoe closet. Meanwhile, Tae Kang also broods her words. He looks at his father’s hands, evidence of his hardwork etched in them in the form of scars and wounds. He can’t help but cry and mumbles, “Why’d you work so hard?” He covers up his dad then lies down next to him, placing his hand over dads.

At work, Ji An gives a presentation about a new promotional design contest they are about to hold. When asked whose idea it was, the President is told Na Ri is assisting with Ji An’s project. Later, the two ladies run into each other in the bathroom and Ji An remarks Na Ri has transformed from the ice princess to a lovely little thing. To be spiteful, Na Ri gives Ji An a spa certificate, telling her to keep herself ‘young’ but Ji An’s practical about it and keeps it.

Tae Kang applies at many places but keeps getting rejected at interviews. Finally he spots an ad for the design competition at Jinny Kim (the company where Ji An works) with a big cash reward and promise of employment. While Dad doesn’t think Tae Kang can win, Tae Kang pursues it anyway and a bit angrily tells his dad he’ll not share his reward money with dad if he wins. When Tae Kang is feeling dejected later, trying his best to come up with s solution but unable to, his father relates a story about when Tae Kang was a teenager and had screwed up badly. It had caused his father great grief to the extent where he wanted to kill himself. At the last moment his father had remembered that Tae Kang had a school outing the next day, so he’d climbed off the bridge and gone to buy groceries to make kimbap for him. Dad tells him not to lose heart and that he’d better win the competition. Tae Kang witnesses Ji An at the office and ducks out of sight so he isn’t seen.

Ji An puts the spa certificate to use along with her friends. She tells her friend about Eun Sung, even though she’d been cold to him, the guy still contacts her, sending her three texts every day at 8, 12 and 6 o clock. She also ends up feeling nauseous and like throwing up when she has a drink at the spa. Uh oh, troubles brewing! Eun Sung is at his job when Ji An’s parents come to see him. Dad comes straight out and asks Eun Song to consider changing his job. Hehe! Poor Eun Sung is like, WHAAA? But becomes courteous and cordial when he finds out it is Ji An’s parents, immediately getting up to bow. He takes them out to dinner. He calls Ji An but she hangs up on him before listening to anything he has to say. Eun Sung smiles at her guts and decides against calling her back, but with a smile.

When the decision is being made about the best shoe in the competition, Ji An and Na Ri again come to blows. Na Ri picks one but Ji An contradicts it, picking a much simpler one and points out the reason-this one has all the basics down. Na Ri tries to exert her authority to pick bu Ji An reminds her she already told the Chairman that Ji An was the project leader and tells her experience must be learned and isn’t a  god given talent. Choong Baek takes the call from the company and tells Tae Kang he has passed. Dad, son and friend all hop around with happiness. Not only does it mean a cash award, it also means Tae Kang has finally gotten a job!

When Ji An and Na Ri arrive at work the next day, gossip is running amok about their verbal sparring at the office over the final result. Tae Kang also arrives for the award ceremony and mid wait, goes for a drink. When the machine jams, he starts hitting and kicking it, cursing it to dispense the drink. Ji An walks by and witnesses the spectacle. Going over, she asks him to stop, only to be hit in the face with the drink all over. They both get a good look at each other then and she’s surprised to see him while he just smiles and awkwardly says, “We meet again!” Hehe.



I love the characters and how realistic they are. More than the impending pregnancy twist, the whole setup at the moment is enough to keep the drama going if it wants-it has that much potential. But I guess the pregnancy twist will make it even better and certainly hope so! We’ve got two polar opposites-Ji An, the woman who has it all-money, success and fame yet she is the loneliest person if one were to look beneath her outer shell. She feels vulnerable as much as the next person, maybe even more but she’s so closed up in her own circle and has been so for so long that she can’t even let it out like other people. Tae Kang is right-all she has are her shoes but that’s what they are-shoes and nothing more. She has no friends and no one she can turn to.

Tae Kang-the idealistic person who’d like nothing better than to play around with ‘Beyonce’ yet when the circumstances arise, he’s as compassionate as one can be. While he may smile and lash out at his father every now and then, his words are simply words, no real meaning itnended. Instead, when the time comes, he stands up to the task of trying to be the better person for his father even though he has no idea how and where to take his life now-there is no specific goal in mind, he’s wandering aimlessly, but for his dad, he’s ready to take up any and every chance and see how things work out. While both him and Ji An have obvious parent issues, they are both doing their best to deal with them in their own way, him much better than her! That is like one point in common between the two of them.

Its like watching an interesting journey of life at two different points- a thirty something who has it all yet it has made her the loneliest person and a twenty something who may not have it all but is trying his best to get through things whatever way he can. It’s both a story of growing and maturing while also learning that some things do not fill the void for others. Let’s cheer Ji An and Tae Kang on and see where this journey leads them! 😉


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  1. Hello! Thanks for recaps! I finally got round to watching IDID after previewing other new dramas. For me, Kim Sun-Ah is the reason for checking this out, as she is always very natural and convincing in all the roles I have seen thus far. I like her here and the clothes and shoes too! 🙂 The story is good so far, but I personally am not too sure about the young actor playing TK…. some of his facial expressions and actions are a bit iffy and not very natural nor funny for me. I hope he will improve in his craft over the series. At this point, I prefer ES with Ji An, although I guess she is meant to be with TK. We’ll see how this unfolds the next few episodes! 🙂

  2. Great recap!!! Loved ur comment “It’s both a story of growing and maturing while also learning that some things do not fill the void for others”…You are completely right, looking forward to this drama.

  3. That was an excellent assessment of the episode! The show so far is interesting, not must-see, can’t miss interesting. I have watched a lot of Kim Sun-Ah, can’t say I’ve liked everything but generally she gives a good performance, the male lead I am totally unfamiliar with but will give him a change as well as the drama, when time permits.

    • I’m unfamiliar with the male lead as well and your right, its cant miss interesting and while not the awesome kind of entertaining, its one of the good dramas that leave a nice aftertaste! At least thats what the first two epi did to me! Hehe, have yet to get to 3/4! 😐

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