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I Love Italy Episode I Recap

I am terrible with names so please bear with me if I cannot properly identify a character! Overall, this is a fun series because of the little moments of comedy that are instilled by all the characters relationships with one another. Eun Dong’s family, his coach, Tae Ri and her loneliness all are endearing that make the drama speak more simply by the smallest gestures or the slightest dialogue. No one’s feelings are ignorable or underestimated, no matter how young one may seem.

Episode 1 Recap:

Three boys are walking down a street and gape in awe at the long line of women walking around. One of the boys, a geeky glasses boy mutters, “I don’t think I can go” and immediately starts to turn back but Eun Dong stops him and nudges him back forward. They go down the lane, gawking at the ladies, one by one and end up at a school. As it turns out, they’ve come since geeky glasses guys wants to confess to a girl studying there. Ohhh, it’s a noona love! Even though they look are kids and she’s much elder, it’s not as cheeky as it could be since everyone in the class starts to go oooh and aaahh over the gesture and even the teacher teases the girl. Its more like they take it in good spirit. Geek’s two friends help him make a sign heart with their arms and the girl in question makes the same sign as everyone nudges her. Right after, she mouths at him, “You’re Dead!” This too, done playfully. It’s like-hey, it’s a kid’s crush, no need to break his heart mercilessly!

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Music Tracks I

These songs are the latest songs I have been hooked to and needless to say, they are just amazing! I can never say which type of music or songs I prefer, they just click with me, as these did! Hope you’ll find them great too! They are all from the OST of the Taiwanese Drama “Ti Amo Chocolate!” Enjoy n feel free to leave suggestions of songs you guys like so I can check them out too! Let’s share our music! 😉

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I Do I Do episode 2 Recap

Is life complete without friends or a loving family? Does success and fame mean we are happy and have everything? Or is it just another facade for loneliness? We see much more vulnerability yet spine in both characters and the journey just keeps getting more interesting!

Episode 2 Recap:

Tae Kang runs away when he recognizes Ji An-he knows she’s a shoe designer and hence understands her reaction at seeing the shoes but somehow or the other, she catches him or he is caught by the police because in the next scene they are both at the police station. She demands to know who is making and selling those shoes but he gives out a flimsy excuse that he found the bag and picked it up and hence knows nothing. An angry Ji An is ready to strike him but the policeman steps in and points out his ridiculous excuse-did he think he was collecting garbage for recycling?

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