I Do I Do episode 1 Recap

Light, upbeat, a simple yet convincing storyline and nice developments! I’ll follow this show, if only to get my fix of a Noona romance! 😉

Episode 1 Recap:

We open to see Hwang Ji An running away from something and as she races down the stairs, her shoe comes off. Next, she’s holding both shoes in her hands and runs out the building-only to scowl at the sun since its shining so brightly. Elsewhere in a bank, Park Tae Kang is being dragged in by his father, and by his ear, haha! At the bank, dad hands over his identity card and father demands they remove his name.

Going one step further, Tae Kang says, “No, cut this ahjusshi off from my card!” Moments later, they’re walking out together and Dad gripes about him going off and buying a motorbike with his tuition money. Does he even know what kind of money that was? Whatever dad tries to say, Tae Kang laughs it off, finally asking, “Are you doing a scene?” Dad kicks his bike before walking away, who by the way is named ‘Beyonce’!

He’s driving off and around in fun later until he almost collides with Ji An in the road. They both bicker a bit about who’s at fault. He’s more concerned about ‘Beyonce’ and calls her ahjumma, wondering if she is one of the people who does this deliberately. Ji An has no time and wants to make a getaway, except, traffic is at a standstill and turning back to Tae Kang-who is crying over his hurt Beyonce, has an idea. She backs up, offers to pay for the damages and needs a ride in exchange.

They’re driving fast as hell through lanes and small streets and roads, Tae Kang all calm as you please but Ji An screaming her head off. Elsewhere, a fashion show is underway and backstage, some assistants are being scolded for bringing the wrong shoe size for one of the models. Outside, Ji An and Tae Kang reach. She’s holding onto him tightly and he has to jerk her awake to tell her they’re here. She dashes off inside with the helmet still on her head and has a hard time take it off once she does realize her mistake. Next, she takes her employees-who were getting the scolding earlier, to task for not bringing the right size.

Ji An makes a split second decision, cutting up an employee’s skirt, holding up the pieces to another for making a bow. She cuts open the show, removes the heel, redesigns the whole thing, applies the bow and then has the model try it on. The person in charge however already has a secondary company’s shoes ready for the show and doesn’t want to go with Ji An’s shoes so Ji An tells her she’ll take all responsibility so she should use her shoes. The woman refuses so Ji An tells her minions, take the shoes off all the models and the racks and throw them out.

Her minions run to do her bidding while the woman gapes. They try to stop it but Ji An’s minions fear their boss more and hence fight harder. The woman threatens to report her to the police. Ji An’s like, “I’ve nothing to lose, it’s like going in and then coming back out.” A staff member announces the last minute to the opening. Ji An asks what she wants to do now. The Fashion show features her shoes.

Ji An runs back into the hall she had dashed out of earlier where staff members are now clearing everything away. She asks a staff member where they went. Calling up her mother, she asks what happened. It was her father’s 70th birthday. Her father is angry at her for ditching and shuts off the phone. Since her parents are at the train station, Ji An wants to head over there. Once again, she finds and makes use of Tae Kang downstairs.

At the train station, she confronts her parents and Dad unleashes his temper. Tae Kang, having chased her, witnesses the encounter. Dad tells Ji An he doesn’t care about her money or the fancy party she threw him. Does she think that’s why dad came? He came to see her face. He hands her a seal and tells her to stop sending money home and never visit again. He even threatens to strike her down from the family registry. She’s left stunned in his wake as both parents board the train and leave.

She walks around aimlessly, Tae Kang silently following her. Her father’s threat is not more than a temper tantrum but it still hurts to be rebuked so harshly, especially when you can see how much she cares for her family. He offers her a handkerchief, and just when you think it was a good gesture, Ji An wipes her tears and realizes there’s something written on the handkerchief-payment for the exact damages. Haha! She hands him the money and he turns to leave but turning back to lighten her mood, he also tells her not to worry about being disowned; his dad already tried it but failed. She wonders if her father really went as far as he’s saying and can’t help but laugh at it.

Off to drink! Tae Kang toasts the children who are thrown away by their parents. Ji An is still upset over missing her father’s birthday like that. He asks what she does and she replies, “Just an office worker.” And when he tells her he’s looking to establish a business, she laughs at it. He tells her to just wait and see, he’ll  make it big! Haha. The store cook comes over to explain the specials of the day, mistaking Tae Kang and Ji An for dating but they clear it up soon enough. Much later and quite drunk, he tells her she shouldn’t be so rough and that’s the reason she can’t find dates. She clarifies, “It’s not because I can’t date, it’s because I won’t!” When he continues with his scolding, she calls him out on not being a filial son to his father either.

She’s the drunker one and he tries his best to get her home but she’s too drunk and keeps hitting him half the time. Finally, he deposits her in a taxi and is ready to run off but she just keeps relating her parent’s address out of town to get there. He has to stop her from rushing onto oncoming traffic and she says, “I want to go and ask. What did I do so wrong? What did I do so wrong?” When it starts raining, Tae Kang has had enough and with a sad face, sits down by her side, mutters an apology, hands back her purse and heads off. She tells his retreating back, “Yeah, go ahead and leave. After all, we’re all alone in life.” Much later, she notices the rain isn’t falling on her anymore and finds Tae Kang standing there with an umbrella he’s definitely stolen from some store. And off they head together, singing drunkenly.

Next morning, they both find each other in bed together. Tae Kang seems to have woken earlier and come to grips with the situation. She tells him she can’t remember a single thing-he claims the same and laughs it off while grabbing his head. She asks him to head off first and hilarity ensues as Tae Kang tries to leave without incident. She grabs her head only after he’s long gone. Tae Kang heads straight to the store they drank at last night while Ji An goes about her usual routine, primping herself up, spending the longest time selecting her shoes.

When she arrives, her employees try to apologize for the incident last night and she rather asks what happened to their current work-which isn’t finished yet. Within moments, they scramble to get it done and she hands a card to the girl whose skirt she tore yesterday, telling her to buy herself a skirt. The store owner catches up that Tae Kang spent the night with Ji An and can’t stop laughing at him. Tae Kang heads home and tries to sneak in but is accosted by dad at the gate. Dad asks who he was drinking with last night and Tae Kang says, “Just someone I know!”

Ji An is having a bad day because people are copying their brand shoes and selling them for lower. One of the woman in the shop makes things worse by mumbling about how it would be better to buy fakes rather than these shoes. Ji An tells her not to bother with them then and has the woman tossed out of the shop, flying into a rage when the woman throws her shoes on the ground. Her employees have to stop her from going after her. I love the way she picks up the shoes and scrubbing them lightly, mutters, “You were surprised, weren’t you?” Its kind of heartbreaking the way she talks to them as if they were her friends. Knowing her personality, I’d be surprised if she did have friends. And its moments like these where she looks and feels so lonely.

Tae Kang tells his father they should stop their knockout shoes business but dad doesn’t worry as he does. His friend from the bar comes by and shows him a book with Ji An’s picture and that she’s a top brand shoes designer. He looks through the book that night as he thinks back to his whole encounter with her, especially how she’d looked on the verge of tears most of the time. “Just an office worker, huh?” he whispers. Ji An meanwhile, prepares to launch an attack against the knockoff workers. She also gets in touch with her doctor who wants her to go for a surgery but she panics and says she can’t-there’s so much she has to do. She shares the info with her friend. Apparently she’ll be going into menopause in a year or two but she says it doesn’t matter.

Ji An has to go on a date set up by her parents as a means to pacify her father and yawns throughout it while the guy- Jo Eun Sung, doesn’t seem so put off by her behavior. And he keeps saying ‘Uri Mammy- My Mommy’ says this and that. And that he’s always wanted to marry a woman like his mother. She tells him she’ll be going into menopause soon and hence unable to have kids and that she’s barely like his mother and she’s got no desire to get married. She asks him to reject her. He laughs at that and tells her he has no desire to get married either-hence the whole mama boy concept. He reveals one of his other ‘getting rid’ of his dates technique was telling them he wore makeup, hence the mascara he carries as proof! Haha!

Tae Kang and his father pack up-having been warned patrol will be on its way soon enough. Ji An is enjoying her date thereon as the guy tells her all the moves he uses to dissuade the women he has to meet for dates. As they say goodbyes, she tells him she’s happy to have seen him today and asks him to reject her, like she asked. He however wants to keep seeing her as a friend. She tells him he’s a nice person but their fate it seems must only be till here. And off she goes. Eun Sung watches her leave.

Dad and Tae Kang make a run for it while Ji An patrols the street, looking for the place they sell knockoffs. Tae Kang runs into her and his bag of goodies drops. She sees her shoe design and they finally recognize one another. He runs off while she tries to take off her heel and follow him.


I like Ji An, I like her vulnerability, her emotions and the way she carries herself. It’s the little subtler gestures that show us how lonely and feeling she really is as compared to the cold hard person she appears on the surface. Let’s see how the one night stand ends up changing her life and persona. She doesn’t want kids, marriage, anything-but that will all change and for all that to work, she needs to change herself. It would be nice to see her not so lonely anymore. from this episode, my favorite moment was when she picks up the shoe and scrubs it lightly, her eyes bursting with hurt and loneliness, as if the world couldn’t understand her.

Tae Kang-I was surprised by the character when he looked at the book and thought back to his encounter with Ji An. Contrary to what he reads, he sees her true vulnerable persona. I hope we can see more of this caring side of him. And yes, he is a big baby in most of his actions! Can’t wait to hear him call Ji An ‘Noona!’ Hehe!

Anyways, keeping my fingers crossed for good entertainment! 🙂

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  1. love this show !!!

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