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The soldier who served his King (Part I)

This post will be featured as a number of parts. It goes through the overall storyline of Eun Shi Kyung in ‘The King 2 Hearts‘ and an analysis of his character. Since he’s one of the best characters ever, and half the life of the drama, I just had to make this post. It’s like a form of closure for the drama itself. Hands down, King 2 Hearts is one of the best Korean series I have ever seen! I like it that that that much! 🙂

Eun Shi Kyung is son to the Secretary of the King and a soldier. His character is simple minded, forward, always optimistic and one who takes everything at face value because he’s that earnest. And the best trait of all is his loyalty. He’s the man who’ll pledge his loyalty to you and then till the moment he dies, you will be the one person he will be willing to lay down it all for. And to Eun Shi Kyung, that one person is Lee Jae Ha.

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I Do I Do episode 1 Recap

Light, upbeat, a simple yet convincing storyline and nice developments! I’ll follow this show, if only to get my fix of a Noona romance! 😉

Episode 1 Recap:

We open to see Hwang Ji An running away from something and as she races down the stairs, her shoe comes off. Next, she’s holding both shoes in her hands and runs out the building-only to scowl at the sun since its shining so brightly. Elsewhere in a bank, Park Tae Kang is being dragged in by his father, and by his ear, haha! At the bank, dad hands over his identity card and father demands they remove his name.

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Gaksital aka Bridal Mask Episode 2 Recap

It just gets better and better!! Add in a hero who is not at all heroic and so much the villain, a heroine who knows how to and does fight her own battles, family love above all else and there is nothing left wanting!

Episode 2 Recap:

Like we saw before, the Gaksital behind Kang To is not the real deal. We see the real one on a rooftop behind and he throws a dart at the fake Gaksital, knocking the gun out of his hand. Kang To uses that opportunity to turn back and fight. Having lost advantage and control, fake Gaksital runs off. Kang To gives pursuit, but loses him. Fake Gaksital reports to Kenji: the assassination was disrupted because Gaksital intervened. The assassin wonders, why would Gaksital protect Kang To? That gets Kenji’s mind rolling and he’s like, “Ah, that’s why he has risen so well in ranks.” Yeah, I’m sure it had nothing to do with his skill and ambition. But a villain seems dimwitted if he can’t even recognize that bit! Kenji looks practically stewing all the time! 😛

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