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Gaksital aka Bridal mask Episode 10 Recap

I just love this series. Period.

Episode 10 Recap:

The episode opens with Shunji’s meeting with Rie who is hidden behind a screen as he is inducted into the Kishokai. She tells Shunji being a part of Kishokai means pledging his allegiance with his life. And as for the contract-it means to sign ‘ki’ in one’s own blood. Dad smiles and watches as Shunji cuts his palm and then writes the word on the paper with his dripping blood.

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Gaksital aka Bridal mask Episode 9 Recap

An episode that moves the plot forward  and brings in more stakes-old and new. Damsari is back and so is Gaksital, for all to see. Kang To strengthens his covering persona even more, bringing reality into it and morphing it to his advantage. While before his motto was to live for and with family, now he exhibits the persona of a man who lives in today and delights in it, downplaying his losses with a shrug, or in this case, a reckless smile. Yet step by step, he is coming all the more closer to Gaksital and his old young, idolizing self.

Episode 9 Recap:

So Shunji gets Kenji’s job and becomes senior in rank to Kang To. He pays his respects to Kono who congratulates him while Dad looks nonchalant in the background. Once he walks away, Kono’s face twists into a grimace, none too pleased. Dad warns Shunji not to trust Kang To-he’s Kono’s man and Kono wanted Kang To to have Kenji’s position. Shunji tells Dad he and Kang To are on the same team but Dad cuts him down-Kang To spied on Kimura on Kono’s orders-how can that be the same side?

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I Do I Do Episode 5-6 Review

Highlights from Episode 5 & 6 of I Do I Do with comments!

Ji An’s reaction:

Although Ji An can’t believe it at first, the Ultrasound shows that she’s already eight weeks along. She staggers out of the hospital, breathing hard and by the time she reaches home, she’s in a stunned state, trying to distract her thoughts from memories of that night with Tae Kang. The first thought n solution that comes to her, thanks to Jun Hee as well, is to go for the easy way out-an abortion. When she does consult a doctor for it, her nonchalant attitude get her even more on the edge.

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Gaksital aka Bridal Mask Episode 8 Recap

Kang To plunges even deeper into revenge and becomes an even worse bastard than he was before. Everyone knows he is the infamous Lee Kang To, the man who hates the Joseon and has staunch loyalty for the Japanese; he simply goes one step further into that persona and creates the perfect antithesis of Gaksital and his alibi. Afterall, who would suspect the man who would shoot and beat up his own countrymen without even a hint of remorse. Perfect improvisation!

Episode 8 Recap:

The episode opens with Kang To shaving his face with a determined look in his and preparing for the day. This time, he rips off the name tag on his uniform and changes it to ‘Sato Hiroshi’-the name he was given by the Japanese Empire. He walks over to the office, a new persona indeed.

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Gaksital aka Bridal Mask Episode 7 Recap

Kang To’s world crashed down in the last episode and although he gets his revenge, it still leaves him in the middle of nowhere since he’s lost the one source of comfort and joy he had. He fights his own inner demons while the world tries to make sense of Gaksital and wonder if he is alive or not. Kang To gets a little glimpse of Gaksital-who, what, why and how, but cannot find the answers that satisfy him just yet. It’s the beginning of a new journey, plagued by guilt and remorse and he faces the fact that he is now truly left alone. Every episode gets better and better for Gaksital and you are left bleeding your heart out for more!

Episode 7 Recap:

Kang To sits by his brother’s grave after the funeral, staring at the mask. Crying, he turns to his brother’s grave and remembers the time his brother had saved him and the moment when he had shot him. It’s heartbreaking as he cries-how could hyung let his own brother kill him? He should have said something, should have done something. “How am I going to live now? How CAN I live now?” Turning back to the mask with hatred in his eyes, Kang To addresses hyung, “What is this? Was it that important? More than our family? Who appreciates it? Who appreciates it if HYUNG did THAT?” Baek Gun stands at a distance, tearing up at Kang To’s sorrow.

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Gaksital aka Bridal Mask Episode 6 Recap

Heartbreak x Infinity! Kang To faces loss in unbelievable proportions and finally dons white, except, there is still a long way for him to go before he understands the true meaning of the white clothes his brother died for and the mask he adorned. A journey is one step at a time and Uri Kang To takes that first step. So satisfying to see him wear that mask and fight just the way his brother did! Gaksital lives!

Episode 6 Recap:

So Kenji confronts Kang San about being Gaksital-as per his calculations and nothing more, threatening to kill Mom. When Kang San moves to come forward, mom holds him back, looking him in the eye and tells him, “Don’t be afraid. You are the eldest son of this Lee family. Your mother is so proud of you.” He shakes his head at her almost imperceptibly but mom shakes her head back. She doesn’t want him to reveal himself. And so he stands there, tears trickling down his cheeks, rooted to the spot, his face expressionless but his eyes shouting out with helplessness and guilt.

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I Do I Do Episode 4 Recap

Sorry for the delay! Here’s episode 4! I’ll do episode 5 & 6 together as a review since I’m already behind! Hope you guys enjoy the recap!

Episode 4 Recap:

Ji An is taken by surprise at Eun Sung’s peck on the cheek which he claims is an official mark, offering his own cheek in case she finds the arrangement unfair. Ji An asks him, “How many girls fell for this?” Pffttt. Hehe. He says it might have been a dozen or maybe twenty but she words it clearly-‘he’s a player!’ At that, he makes a wry retort about her menopause “It’s not because you’re dried up?” but immediately apologizes and tells her, “But you know something? You look sexy when you get mad.” She tells him this isn’t any fun and can’t get any words out when he gets to the sexy part. He promises to revive her ‘dried up’ dating cells in one month.

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Gaksital aka Bridal Mask Episode 5 Recap

Heartbreak but more than could have been imagined. We set up for grander loss than we imagined for Kang To and while our hero has finally found his first love, she is long ways from finding him. Yet this seems just the beginning for a longer journey and arcs and twists are born here, preparing us for a rocky future. Onto the Recap!

Episode 5 Recap:

Kenji races up a flight of stairs until he reaches the first story and going to a window on the side, slides it open, hiding close to the wall to avoid being seen. He smirks as he becomes a spectator in the fight ensuing below between the circus workers and Kang To as the former try to assassinate the latter. Kang To easily fights off each and every attacker with ease while Kenji smirks above, hoping to see him crash and burn. A flashback shows that Gye Sook had come and warned him that Kang To’s life was in danger. While she came with the heart of saving him-purely for the monetary award, Kenji could care less and actually hopes to see Kang To finally die.

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